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  • Yandere Imposter x Reader

    Yandere Imposter x Reader

    Sci-fi Romance SMUT YANDERE

    There is two imposters among us. 5 Of your crewmates have been killed and there is only 5 of you left. You (white), Black, Red, Cyan and Purple. You are good friends with all 4 of them, but you know one of them is the killer. Who do you trust?

  • Where the Heart Chooses

    Where the Heart Chooses

    Portia Sebring was born into a family that’s considered royalty in the intelligence community, and the fact that she’s a woman doesn’t preclude her from joining the “family business.” A linguistic genius, she’s recruited by her older brother to decipher Russian codes for the Venona Project. While at Arlington Hall, she meets Nigel Mann, a CIA officer known as Mr. Freeze, who’s been vetted to the NSA. Unbeknownst to Portia, her father is behind the meeting. Rumor has it that Portia, called the ice princess, is also a lesbian, and at this time in America -- the late ’50s -- it could negate any veracity to the codes she deciphers. A match with an equally cold man who won’t distract her from her work seems the ideal solution in her father’s eyes.<br><br>Things don’t go quite according to plan, as both Portia and Nigel develop strong feelings for each other. They marry and eventually start a family. However, the lifetime together they anticipate is cut short when Nigel’s jet crashes on New Year’s Day, 1978. Devastated, but with a thirteen-year-old son depending on her, Portia has no choice but to go on after Nigel’s death.<br><br>When Quinton, her son, is approached to join the US Equestrian Team for the 1980 Summer Olympics, she’s pleased and proud, but those plans are dashed due to the government’s boycott of the Games. To distract him, Portia takes him to France on a wine-buying trip, and it’s there that Quinton first feels an attraction for someone of his own sex. Portia, a wise mother, is aware, but since she herself had a same-sex affair in her early twenties, she’s very accepting of this.<br><br>Along with Gregor, her trusted bodyguard and devoted family friend, she watches as Quinton follows in his father's and her footsteps in the "family business," and finally finds a partner worthy of him, WBIS agent Mark Vincent. She’s happy for them, but sure that she won’t love again, since Sebrings have their “one” and she's lost hers, but is she right?

  • Back on the Back of a Horse

    Back on the Back of a Horse

    At one point in time, Hailey Love was both a competitor and a trainer in the equestrian world. She was a veteran in the all-around show circuit, which included both Western and English disciplines, but new to training and showing her own horses in those competitions.After an unfortunate jumping accident at a high-level show jumping competition that resulted in the death of her beloved horse and partner and what could have been (and quite possibly escalate to be) a life-changing injury, she vowed to never show in that area of competition again. For a little more than seven months, Hailey completely disappeared from the eyes of the equestrian world, as both a trainer and a competitor. Eventually, Hailey returned to her home town, and home barn, to try to start over and heal from what remains of the wounds she suffered, whether they be physical or not. But what will occur when someone shocking appears before her, asking for her to train him for the upcoming show season?

  • The Eclipse Beyond

    The Eclipse Beyond

    In a village of Korpus, lived a boy who wisely believes on the saviour of his village, the warrior & queen, Mayora, also known as the Equestrian Eclipse Queen One day, an eclipse had happened. She showed herself beautiful & the boy almost laid eyes on her. Despite this, she came back to rest on Earth to avoid her glory duties.What happened or what did the queen do...?Find out about the origins to cover, mysteries to be solved, & the adventures of the boy, whose name appears to be Jake, & the queen. Together, they solve SOMEthing. They have a love for each other at the end of the day....Release of first chapter: N\A (around May)Socials:YT - JAY Vlogs :>

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