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  • Stela and Eric

    Stela and Eric


    Auristela Allisya Gadis yang masih bersekolah dan duduk di bangku SMA kelas 2, biasa di kenal dengan nama Stela dan All yang harus menerima kenyataan bahwa dia harus menikah akibat perjodohan orang tuanya yang sangat tidak zaman lagi menurut Stela. Eric FransisscoSeorang guru fisika yang di kenal killer dan juga dingin harus menikah dengan gadis yang masih kecil kalau kata Eric seperti menjaga anak kecil dan menjaga adik bagi nya.Apa kah mereka berdua akan bahagia?? Atau malah sebaliknya??Yuk langsung baca!

  • Mage Eric

    Mage Eric


    A world of vast kingdoms, endless dynasties and innumerable gods. Here lies the story of a Mage, motivated by his own goals. --------------------------------- If you are looking for a pushover, weak, simp kinda mc, then please turn back. Chapters: 3chaps/week.

  • ERIC 

    ERIC @ 28

  • The Travels of Eric

    The Travels of Eric

  • Diario de Eric

    Diario de Eric

  • The Legacy System

    The Legacy System



    What would happen if someday, someone gave humans the opportunity to have the power of the legends? Total Chaos! That's the answer to that, people started killing, r*ping, extorting and torturing, to become the strongest. In such a world, a nerd like Eric became one of the strongest. With the resolve of a better life for his family, his loved ones, he managed to flip his destiny around, and become the strongest, and built his Empire. He went so far, that he was close to ascending to the Immortal World, that world of dreams. His story looks like one of a fairytale, but a fairytale it's not. Just as he was about to ascend, he was betrayed and killed, by his closest friends, and his half-brother. At the death's door, he learned about his brother's atrocities, but his time had finished. If only he had another chance! If only he could have another shot at life! He would definitely live differently! But could he!? . . . At that moment his soul was transferred into a black space!

  • THE AMPHIBIOUS : The Eric Lancaster's Story

    THE AMPHIBIOUS : The Eric Lancaster's Story

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE

    Kate's life suddenly turn upside down when her husband's friend from college invited them to a reunion party.. after that she is dragged around the web life of Eric Lancaster.

a story of Amy and Eric

    SEA APART YOU AND ME a story of Amy and Eric

  • Malia alexis Jay bj Eric romeo

    Malia alexis Jay bj Eric romeo

  • The life and travels of Eric, throughout the infinite multiverses

    The life and travels of Eric, throughout the infinite multiverses


    This is the story of Eric and his unfortunate death and then more fortunate chance to reincarnate into the world of Harry Potter, read as he has adventures with the iconic characters from the Harry Potter series and battles with magical and mystical beasts and stands off against some of the most powerful wizards in the whole series, and watch as his actions set off major and minor changes that will leave you always wanting more.Further on Eric might even travel to different worlds and do different things like learning to walk on water in Naruto, hunting after the one piece with a crew of pirates and much much more. This is a fanfic.This is my first time doing something like this so don’t expect to much from it, at first my writing skill will probably be quite bad but hopefully over time my writing will get better, as for a schedule for chapter uploads let’s just say I don’t have one it will be all to do with how I am feeling about writing that day I could write 15 chapters one day and then none on another I can’t be on this 24/7 I will have other things to do. I will try my hardest to keep the story as interesting and entertaining as possible but I will not change my writing to soot your needs I will however accept constructive criticism as that will be very helpful especially in the beginning but don’t go over the top with it I’m doing this for fun and to see if I’m any good at it so I don’t want people over criticising my work.Now for a little bit about myself, hello my name is jack I’m fourteen my hobbies are reading listening to music sleeping and watch anime or tv shows that interest me.Now without further ado, hope you enjoy.

  • Anarchy Heroine Erice

    Anarchy Heroine Erice

  • BL-The fight for Eric's love

    BL-The fight for Eric's love

  • The Tyrant Prince and His Succubus

    The Tyrant Prince and His Succubus



    All she wanted was to love and be loved, but what she kept getting was either fake love or nothing at all. Seraphine has the power to seduce people. She unwillingly makes men fall for her and breaks their hearts. To avoid that, she often disguises herself as plain and boring. The only ones who can resist her charms are those who are truly in love – As well as the cold-hearted Crown Prince who seems to be an exemption. "You? A dangerous huntress? You’re mistaken, milady. Nothing's more dangerous than a man who's been seduced - not even a succubus." Despite his handsome looks, impressive accomplishments, and overflowing charisma, Eric wasn't interested in anything other than the throne. Love didn't exist in his world. He's a tyrant in the making and an untamable beast. But now, His Highness has a new target other than the throne. "Wanna see who's more dangerous? An inexperienced succubus who really can't seduce a man if it's not for her power or a predator who's raring to devour his prey at this very second?" Seraphine thinks that Eric can be quite a beast indeed, especially with that hungry gaze of his that keeps brimming with wants and needs. --- Story Synopsis --- Seraphine is secretly a succubus who already lived two lifetimes. During her first life, she lived in the modern world as this lonely orphan whose love was always unrequited. In her second one, she was a Count's adopted daughter who had an unrivaled beauty that made the Duke fall for her. While she died feeling unloved in her first life, she was killed by a deadly form of love in her second one. Because she used to thirst for affection before, she allowed the abusive and obsessive Duke to lock her up until the day she died - Without her knowing that he was cheating on her, that all the people she trusted had betrayed her, and that the love she was receiving the whole time was not genuine after all. When she and everyone else found out that she was actually a succubus, they burnt her to death while she was still locked up. They thought that she was a demoness who deceived them into thinking that she was a goddess. Now that Seraphine woke up to her third life, she won't crave for love anymore. She won’t pursue anyone’s affection again. Instead, she wants to learn how to love herself more. That's until Seraphine met the unattractive and shabby-looking Eric one day who turned out to be the Crown Prince in disguise. --- Succubus - a demon or supernatural entity in female form that appears in dreams to seduce men. [Warning: Mature Content] (Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the original artist)- Follow me on Instagram (acieetin)- DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)

  • Good day to all of you. My name is Eric Czar M Regis.

    Good day to all of you. My name is Eric Czar M Regis.

  • Humanity Online: World Sanctuary

    Humanity Online: World Sanctuary



    After an accident leaves pro-gamer Eric Lieu both mentally and physically scarred, he’s forced to leave the pro circuit and any chance he’d ever have at being the “best.” In real life, socially-awkward loners whose facial muscles only seem to recognize “surly frown” and “smug-ass smirk” as expressions don’t get to rule the world. But then eccentric genius Zhao Jianyu launches Viren’s Refuge, the first full-immersion VRMMORPG, and Eric decides to join this game of Gods and monsters to rise from the ashes even stronger than before. Citing his belief that “Games belong to the Gamers,” Zhao Jianyu refuses corporate investments and offers an unbelievable deal to hardcore gamers: Play for Shares! The first 10,000 players to buy the insanely expensive VR gear and game subscription will receive stock in Zhao Jianyu’s private company. Furthermore, once the initial 9 Mythic Realms of the game are defeated, the Final Player Rankings will determine who inherits the company. Zhao Jianyu does all he can to make the playing field equal against the corporations determined to exploit his game, but it will be up to the gamers themselves to prove that those who enjoy the game the most will always be the ultimate winners. With the help from a quirky cast of friends Eric definitely didn’t ask for (and can’t understand why they keep sticking around), Eric is determined to win the game for the gamers and help Zhao Jianyu realize his dream of a world safe for all types of people—even the loser loners. But with so many real-world stakes, will Eric be able to survive long enough to prove the true worth of a gamer?

  • She and He and Him Box Set

    She and He and Him Box Set

    In these steamy erotic romances, strong and sassy women know what they like in bed, and find themselves given the chance of a lifetime when they take on two men at once between the sheets. This book gathers together four of Shawna Jeanne’s best-selling MMF bisexual ménage stories in one red hot collection.<br><br>Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>For Pete’s Sake</strong>: Sheila has always known her husband Pete is bisexual -- his attraction to guys is part of what attracts her to him in the first place. But since they've been together, he hasn't been with anyone other than her, male or female. She wants to reward him for being so loving and faithful ... and she'd be lying if she didn't admit that the idea of watching her husband have sex with another man turns her.<br><br><strong>She Said Yes!</strong>: Marianne falls for Ben, but he's gay and introduces her to his hot best friend, Johnny. The two guys share everything, and before long, Ben wants to join Johnny and Marianne in bed. Johnny is afraid to ask, though. What if the thought of a threesome scares her away? It looks like she’ll have to take matters into her own hands if she wants both men between the sheets.<br><br><strong>Swing Both Ways</strong>: The only guy Jenny is interested in is her coworker Eric, but even though he seems interested in her, he’s in a committed relationship with Mike. The way he flirts with her only makes matters worse. Does he like her, or is he only being nice? When they invite her along to a Halloween party, will she be a third wheel, or will she discover the guys swing both ways?<br><br><strong>Turning Thirty</strong>: Lisa is turning thirty, and knows her youth is fading. So when her boyfriend Nick asks what she’d like for her birthday, she says a threesome. She knows he and his best friend Ray have experimented in the past, so getting them together again with her in the middle won’t be a problem. Nick treats her like a princess, but things heat up royally when Ray joins them in the bedroom.

  • " Our Cursed Fate"

    " Our Cursed Fate"



    WARNING : MATURE CONTENTS !!!!NOTE : This is the first addition of "FATE" Series. There will be other books adapting the characters from here in the near future. ~~~~ Our Cursed Fate ~~~~~{Book 1} ( Falling in love was our cursed fate) [NOVEL FEATURES MATURE CONTENTS] Let's roam around into the parallel world of modern vampires and werewolves where they were living peacefully maintaining their own rules and regulations decided by the both mighty kings from two clans. But the cold war between werewolves and vampires still existed silently. What if a forbidden desire arouses from two different creatures? But their reunion will only shatter the peace between two clans.. Lilianah Winston, the most beautiful, childish, reckless, precious princess of the werewolf's clan who had always a crush on the dashing, cold blooded, handsome hunk Vampire Crown Prince Eric Salazar since her childhood!! Growing up into an young beautiful lady, she couldn't control herself from falling for this vampire prince more and more. Even getting all the harsh warnings from her sorrounding people, she couldn't stop herself to chase the man she desires, treasures always.. Indeed Love is too blind to follow any damn logic. But how is it possible?? Being born as each others sworn enemy, will it be possible ever to love each others wholeheartedly? Once someone said that "Beauty is poison" even this goes same to Lilianah.Being an undeniable beauty she is still unknown about the mysteries,dark sides of her own life. What will happen when their dark secrets will come out in front of each others leading to a disaster? Can love overcome the hate & revenge? Will Lilianah and Eric ever be together or the blame on their cursed fate for being born in enemies clan will remain forever?? Was it really their cursed fate to fall in love?? Find out the forbidden love story... {Note: Book isn't entirely edited. Only few chapters have been edited and will upload the edited version soon. Current editor and proofreader @Aurora Hiya} * * * Cover image credit goes to the original artist or owner.It was taken from Google. Cover is edited by @Ghayyoor Ahmad. * * * ********** Instagram : anamika_author Discord : Anamika_ana #5922 mail :

  • ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons.

    ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons.



    Fire... beautiful isn't it? It can burn, destroy, breach, but what if it's superiorly charged? Bestowed upon a human being at a rate that's incomparable even against the toughest Fire Blasters of history?Young Eric has been blessed with such ability, he has been blessed with the title of an Electus!Which apart from Fire, brings 7 more powers, making him one of a kind.Perfect timing, as Demons from another dimension are flocking the sea and land, looking to shred the world, aiming to destroy all 13 continents.Yet there is hope! Black Fire, yes... that's the cure. It can dismantle portals, ultimately slowing down the invasions.But to generate such Fire it demands for Eric to reach a level that's seen as impossible, even for an Electus!He has to become a level 7 Fire Blaster!That's the only solution, that's the goal the Electus' group will chase. These "peaceful demons" have to be banished back to the satanic dimension they call home.Will Eric be able to do it though? This journey has been bestowed to him as if from the holy, although he's just a 15 year old boy!_______________________________________________________Side note, spoiler!Eric is a sweet, loving boy by nature, hero by heart. And the main thing that will be building his character development are the Inner Demons that strike an Electus once unlocking a new power.These Inner Demons aim to change the young boy for the worst and can even make him go crazy just by altering how he comprehends reality.Join Eric's Journey towards mental peace as well as world peace._______________________________________________________Novel's discord server including maps and city budgets:

  • Rebirth In Unknown Lands.

    Rebirth In Unknown Lands.



    Eric was not the luckiest of guys around... He lived most of his life strapped to machines; in constant peril. A shining ray of hope graced him and his family in the form of an operation... Even that didn't work out for him Although on his deathbed, a smile still decorated his face. He closed his weary eyes, holding on to his most two important people; his parents. Alas, it seems fate had other plans for Eric. Suddenly opening his eyes to a new body— to a new world. A world of fantasy, and of swords and magic beasts. Read on as Eric swears to make use of this second chance to its fullest. A journey of happiness, struggle, and fulfilment awaits him. --------------------- -If you want to chat with me or share your ideas with other readers, you can hit up this discord server: -Cover is not mine. If you are the artist, or want me to take it down. You can contact me and I'll do it.



    lets get one thing straight I'm no hero nor villain, I do what I want, when I want.Eric Lycan is a 29 year old man who was born with extraordinary abilities. These abilities caused him to have a horrible childhood with so many people after him key amongst them was the government. After years of running Eric is tired of it all and decides it is time he stops running, it is time he fights back after all he has nothing left to loose.