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  • Dark faery

    Dark faery

  • Faery Gold

    Faery Gold

  • The Mage and the Faery

    The Mage and the Faery

    Fantasy TRAGEDY

    A strange man lives in an old forest called Ríornathnír yearning for his death until a faery reached out to him..

  • Demonic Faery Tales

    Demonic Faery Tales


    A anthology of Short Stories that are retelling of old tales and myths. What is humane and what is demonic? Not all humans are humane and not all demons are demonic. "The way his smile grew made me wonder if he baited me into saying those words. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around me to lift me. The movement surprised me and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders." -Demonic Rose "I turned my head to look at him, right as he licked my lips. I must have turned as red as my cloak. "Thank you for taking care of me. I must find a way to repay the favor someday."" - Demonic Moon

  • First Born: A Faery Tale

    First Born: A Faery Tale


    When Cara makes a bargain to save her mother, her new mission turns into wooing the Fae she bargained with. But he's tough to crack, insisting human and Fae don't intermingle. As her persistence increases, Kailan can't help but wonder why she tries so hard. Who would even agree to a deal like that to begin with? And something's different about Cara. She's unlike any human he's known.

  • the last full blooded faery

    the last full blooded faery

  • Faery Land: The Defeat of The Dark Lord

    Faery Land: The Defeat of The Dark Lord

    In Faery Land, a courageous girl embarks on a quest to defeat The Dark Lord. Abandoned by friends, mocked by enemies, is searching the pages of history for the answer truly the way? Only time and chance will tell... Ride with Cheryl on this dangerous expedition and banish evil once and for all!

  • My Faeries Hubby

    My Faeries Hubby

    Qionglin menyadari bahwa dirinya telah berpindah ke sebuah desa di zaman kuno. Tapi bukan itu intinya. Tubuh yang kini ia tempati sebenarnya diketahui telah bunuh diri karena dipaksa oleh keluarganya untuk menikah dengan orang dari jenis yang sama, benar, seorang laki-laki. Belum lagi, pria yang menjadi calon suaminya sebenarnya juga dikenal sebagai idiot, bodoh, dan tampaknya berhenti pada usia sepuluh tahun. Tetapi begitu Qionglin mengusap kepala calon suaminya, mata cerah yang berbinar dan senyum konyol pihak lain segera membuatnya takluk di tempat. Bagaimana bisa hati lembutnya menolak malaikat berkulit manusia ini? Tidak mungkin![Warning : Mengandung Boys Love, dan mature content. Disarankan untuk hati-hati memilih konten bacaan, jangan masuk jika kamu tidak terbiasa dengan BL dan Mature content. Thank you.]

  • Faerie World

    Faerie World

    Magical Realism MAGIC SUPERPOWERS

    Nobody believes that faeries, otherwise known as fairies, exist. They are just mythical creatures part of an urban legend used for story telling to children. That was what Lila Maple thought , along with everyone else in the human world. Little did she know that after an encounter with a faerie during a camping trip with her friends, she would find herself looking at the world from a different perspective as a faerie herself. The world of faeries. Lila discovers and learns about the new circumstances she has to adapt to, but will she be able to protect her friends from the danger of her new world?NOTE: This book has been entered into the writing prompt contest #96, so please vote power stones if you've enjoyed the book, support is appreciated, thank you!

  • Faerie Cop

    Faerie Cop

    In the year 1992, an extra-terrestrial race dubbed the 'Faeries' accidentally landed on Earth in Britain, causing the very first contact between aliens and humans. However, this contact was kept a tight secret by the British Government. They spent time on Earth and before they left, they gave humanity a parting gift; their genetic code. They hoped humanity would use it to create a brighter future for themselves by uniting as a race.The British government used the genes to create supernatural humans with experiments that lasted several long years. After eventually increasing their success rate, more and more superhumans were produced, but their powers were kept secret.The powers they got? Stronger bodies and minds, to summarize a few. But most importantly, they could connect and communicate with a form of sentient energy named as 'Spirits'. There were also intelligent versions, named as 'Greater Spirits'. The new superhumans could control spirits to manipulate nature, or even persuade a Greater Spirit to help them do so.In the futuristic society of 2056, a young man, the last of the Faerie Superhuman successes and an experienced detective, has been transferred to the London Police to solve an uprising crime that specifically requires his assistance. His partner? A sassy no-nonsense detective with a great record to go with her feminine charms. The catch? She doesn't believe Faeries or Superhumans exist. Join these two in their journey of uncovering the truth behind a dark conspiracy centered around the bustling city of London, as well as dealing with personal problems along the way.Warning: This story will contain some mature content, like swearing, gore, etc. so avoid reading if that bothers you. Cover art is not made by me.Be sure to leave a power stone below if you like the story!P.S. This is my first original work that is not a fan-fic, so please bear with me as I take a long time to get things together for each chapter.

  • The Luna Faerie

    The Luna Faerie

    Fantasy MAGIC ANGST

    When Finn's home burns down due to an unfortunate natural disaster, he set out on his own to help his colony locate a new spot.However, things quickly go south as he finds himself trapped, and put on display in an Alchemist's shop.Needless to say, his first encounter with humanity isn't going very well-----This takes place in a fantasy AU where humans discovered faeries and instead of being like "woah cool! new friends!" They were like "oh hey look rare insects that make good ingredients in potions" so the fae tend to hide from them and live secluded as best as possible.This story is going to be darker and probably a bit shorter than The Sugar ThiefContent Warnings:-Kidnapping / character being held/sold against their will / mentions of being kept as a pet-Treating the character like an item/animal, calling them 'it', etc,-Inflicted injury on the helpless character and (talked about) body horror/mutilation-Utter fear and mistrust of everyone around the character.Cover art by Chamomile-g-tea on tumblr!

  • The World of the Faeries

    The World of the Faeries

    An innocent trip to a beautiful spot deep in the forest quickly turns into something else when Keith and Francesca ran into an elf. They entered another world full of dark secrets and alarming dangers. Soon, trouble rammed into the picture, leaving chaos behind their paths. Let us follow Keith and Francesca while they enter an amazing adventure, into the World of the Faeries.

  • The Unlit Faerie

    The Unlit Faerie


    ~I'm not sure I'll be welcomed back at the light realm, and I really don't think I want to be there. And there's this mystery that I fucking want to solve and my heart suggests that I will be able to unriddle it here. If this will be my end, then let be it. They say every life has purpose but there's none for me or maybe I was born to make my own. Sometimes I wondered if it's possible that I'm not living, but just existing. Something inside me tells me I don't belong, not only to the light realm but on both.~ Sheen Natalia is a second-born child that lives in a realm where someone like her are almost deemed useless. Every guy in the domain can only produce one off-spring that possess special powers, that's why first-borns are given more affection than the second-borns. Will Natalia be able to bear with all the first-borns surrounding her? Or the first-borns would not be able to bear her?




    Xevyana Gwenn found herself in the otome game "EPIC OF YVALYETTE THEMYANA: THE SONGS OF THE VALLENCIA'S FAERIES" as a protagonist sub character, Vallencia the Fairy of the Malt Field of Eslovandia.

  • Mortals vs Faeries

    Mortals vs Faeries

    A princess. A monster. An innkeeper. An Empress. Prophecy. Fate. Treason. Nepotism. Alcoholism. In a land divided by fear of the unknown, a young sorceress must fight to keep peace among two impossibly different worlds.But this isn't about her.---Princess Sabrina (non-sorceress) was not made for the castle life. So, like a rational teenager, she runs away.Surviving on her own is impossible, so she intrudes on the lives of an innkeeper and a morally ambiguous monster.Sabrina doubts she can keep her identity secret forever. What will happen when they find out they're harbouring a runaway princess?Just sit back with a bag of popcorn (or the era's equivalent), and watch as the sky is split open and hell is unleashed on Earth. Who knew the apocalypse would be so entertaining?CONTENT WARNING: gore, swears, absurdist humour, British spelling, mild to severe levels of gayness, werewolves maybe

  • Through Faerie's Doorway

    Through Faerie's Doorway


    When Seraphina strays from a path from picking herbs, she comes across a portal between the humans and faeries. She is exposed a whole different world and secrets rise to the surface. Which is the truth and which are lies?

  • Pure Being: A Faerie Story

    Pure Being: A Faerie Story


    Raised by human parents but none like them.Blossom is a girl who's always wondered why she's different than everyone else around her. She grew up not very close to her mum and far from her dad. She has no one who'll answer all her questions until she meets Nori, the one girl who seems to be like her. Maybe now all her questions shall be answered.

  • The Rituals Trilogy

    The Rituals Trilogy

    Catherine Green, haunted by a sudden tragedy on her beloved Ireland, falls into the clutches of vengeance as she is swept away with a handsome stranger on an unexpected journey to rid the world of the evil madman who wants to kill her. Entwining her fate with peril, she’ll do whatever it takes. Are you ready for a Faerie civil war? To connect Catherine and Bowen to their ancestors and the sacred place where they marry, a key item must be chosen for the ritual. The oathing stone. But soon, strange and sudden events unfold. Blood mingles with fire, and Catherine’s magic becomes unstable. The mysterious Faerie Kings send a Fae spy to witness Catherine’s magic which disrupts all and her best friend Bella when she becomes his sudden obsession. Just after Bella goes missing, it is only the beginning of problems as Catherine finds they’re embroiled in the middle of a Faerie civil war. The Rituals Trilogy is created by J.Z.N. McCauley, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • The Hidden Realm

    The Hidden Realm

    Eleand Altierra considers himself the luckiest man alive. He is a young multi-billionaire business tycoon from a well-known family, and he is married to a hot supermodel.But a series of unfortunate events happen in his life—it involves him in a vehicular accident with his sister. When he regains consciousness, he is in a strange place. The creatures he sees around are not entirely human—their beauties are ethereal; some have wings and deadly weapons!He is in Erganiv. A hidden realm wherein distinct races of faeries live.Eleand needs to come back home because he is just a lowly human unfit to stay in their world.But he discovers the dark secrets lurking in his blood, and his quest for survival begins.Will he abandon his humanity? Because in this magical world, he found his mate…

  • Beyond Desert Sands

    Beyond Desert Sands


    My name is Sandy Davies. I’m a half-breed Faery living in a pack of Werewolves. My mate, Sean, is a Second in the Candlewood pack triumvirate. With my older sister as Candlewood pack’s Luna, I wonder what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Pretty normal, all things considered. Then a strange disaster takes Sean and me back to his childhood home in Desert pack, and everything gets turned on end, starting the minute that I meet Dorian McEttigan. His sexual intensity draws me like a magnet, and it stirs the possessive Were inside Sean to biting ire. Because the Moon Goddess Arianrhod doesn’t gift a Were more than one mate. She certainly doesn’t gift the same mate to brothers. Or does she? This story contains adult themes and language, mild violence and sexual content.