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  • Family Drama

    Family Drama


    It's all about drama.

  • The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute.

    The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute.

    Contemporary Romance TRANSMIGRATION IMPOSTER


    A woman from ancient times falls in love with her soulmate. Chu Luo is the most powerful High Priestess. She is like a celestial being, able to peer into the secrets of heaven and sever life and death. Her skills in medicine and poison are the best in the world. One day sudden death greets her and she is reborn in the body of a problematic girl who was about to graduate from high school and had planned to commit suicide by jumping off a building because of a failed confession. Her parents did not love her; her biological sister bullied her, and her classmates were violent… The corners of Chu Luo's lips curls up into a cold arc. 'Very good, anyone who dares to bully me will be killed without mercy!' … Later… The priest is only passionate about three things: 1. Being first place wins all kinds of certificate awards. 2. Specialize in all kinds of things and never admit defeat. 3. Act cute to Li Yan. … Li Yan is the king of the business empire. He is cold-blooded, heartless, and has a violent temperament. He disregards his family and is called the Devil in private. Legend has it that a few years ago, he burned away half of his family with a fire. Because of this, he was cursed and his legs became disabled. … Later on… Everyone is horrified to discover that the Devil and the Demoness are together! The Devil has even become a crazy wife-doting demon! Scenes: Master Li: "My Luoluo's body is delicate and expensive. If anyone dares to bully her, I'll send them to hell." The group of experts who have been beaten up by Chu Luo into a sorry pulp: "Master Li, are you blind?" Master Li: "My Luoluo doesn't like studying. Please be more forgiving." Teachers from various professions: "Could it be that the person who thrashed our class's top student is someone else?"

  • Family Cultivation: I Can Store My Ability To Understand

    Family Cultivation: I Can Store My Ability To Understand



    After reincarnating to being a small-fry cultivate on a dying cultivation family on Double River Island, Chen Daoxuan thought that his life and future would be dim. Until the day when he turned 16, he discovered that he could actually store and accumulate his ability to understand knowledge...

  • Family Of Ghosts

    Family Of Ghosts



    After a car accident, Cen Pan lost every loved one aside from her younger brother, who was lying in the ICU. Feeling that she was on the verge of suffocating from the burden of medical fees right after graduation, she was visited by her grandmother in her dream. "Darling, I had a friend who really loves the clothes you design. Would you burn one of them for him? He will pay you handsomely." Cen Pan simply found it surreal, but did so anyway so that she could be at ease. The next night, her grandmother gave her an address and a password in her dream. "Here, this is the password of the safe, and his payment is in there." Skeptical, Cen Pan looked for the safe at the address, and found a diamond worth a hundred grand in the safe! After that, her deceased family members kept appearing in her dreams. "Darling, it's going to rain tomorrow—so bring an umbrella." "Darling, I met a hacker who had been dead for a hundred years, and he’s asking if you want to inherit his lost art." "Darling, do you have a boyfriend? I just made a friend who really wants you to marry his grandson!" Marry? Cen Pan immediately shook her head, but was stunned when her grandfather showed the grandson's photo. Why did he resemble her new boss so much?!

  • Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains

    Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN FAMILY


    When I woke up, my father was a nouveau riche whom everyone despised, and I had five great brothers: a black actor in the entertainment industry, a useless lawyer in the field of law, a sickly quack in the medical field, a plagiarizing dog in the design industry, and a school bully. Everyone was waiting to see her make a fool of herself. They wanted to see how she would face this villainous and vulgar family. Instead, Lu An licked her lips in satisfaction. 'This is so exciting!' However, before she was ready, Big Brother won Best Actor, Second Brother was presented with silk banners, Third Brother was known as the Ghost Doctor, Fourth Brother refused to be a top celebrity, and Fifth Brother became her web manager and film editor. At the same time, they said that only their little sister could employ their services. A confused Lu An: "Is this the hellish model I wanted???" The nouveau riche father who doted on her: "Daughter, do you want to be born into a prestigious family?" A D-list celebrity who rushed over after hearing the news: "An, your brother can be salty and sweet. He can sing and dance well. He can pout and act cute. He's surprising and exciting all the time. You can experience it first before signing the receipt. There's also a perfect after-sales service, eh? [crazy blinking peach blossom eyes~]" My family is the best. Not only do they give me love, they give me endless possibilities.

  • Mo family's daughter-in-law

    Mo family's daughter-in-law

    A story about..... Yun Xi, an orphan but beautiful, suave and smart to the core.And,Mo Shan, rich, handsome but cold.*****After the death of his elder brother and sister-in-law, Mo Shan decided to adopt his 5 years old nephew. His only goal was to raise his nephew properly and make him his heir.Being an orphan, Yun Xi's only wish was to have a stable life and a peaceful, happy family. But, after being pregnant out of wedlock, her life took a sharp turn.What will happen when these two meet and what sparks will it create in their life? ******EXCERPT:"Careful! You will hurt my child", Mo Shan shouted."I thought the child was mine?", Yun Xi mumbled."But you both are mine now.", he replied hearing her mumbling.'But I was just bending to pick up the file. How will I hurt the child?', she thought in her mind.****NO RAPE OR ANY MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING****

  • Alisher- A Family Drama.

    Alisher- A Family Drama.

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY BETRAYAL

    A young man's world crumbled into pieces the day he lost his mother. Two weeks later, in addition to his grief, he had to deal with a future step-mother and maybe evil step-siblings

  • The Kim Family Drama: Youngest Troublemaker

    The Kim Family Drama: Youngest Troublemaker

    Book 1 out of 3Being the youngest of the family, Kim Nayoon was raised as a pampered princess. Whether it be shoes, bags, limited edition cars or even private jets. Whatever she desired was always handed to her on a silver platter. Well that was so until she met Kang Ji‐hun. A smart but introverted man in his late twenties. He also happened to be her brother's business partner. Together they built Broken Glass – a record label.One incident after another, the two were deeply intertwined in each other's life.***p.s No RAPE. No huge misunderstanding.

  • The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

    The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!


    Yun Jiu was an ace special agent, but after escaping from her organization, she ended up transmigrating into the body of a girl called Yun Chujiu. And she was... the weirdest girl in Ye City... Useless, ugly, trash who can't cultivate, ungrateful wretch who backstabbed her adopted family for the enemy family. But excuse me, I'm ugly?! I'll turn into a butterfly and blind all of you with my beauty! I'm TRASH?! I have celestial lightning in my hands! I'll roast all of you to a crisp! I'll walk across the lands with my sharp tongue as my weapon, and you can all fawn over me! But a certain supreme lord just held his weapons and cut down all of the people who admire her... And a certain girl just smiled. "If you cut down my admirers, I'll destroy your admires. We're both evil wretches, if we're together, aren't we just a match made in hell?"   

  • Level Up Family

    Level Up Family



    Marius Edgewick is a seemingly ordinary office worker. He is a father of two married to a gorgeous and mysterious wife. Yet, their family though small and poor, are far from the ordinary, each born with a unique ability to see stats and level up, blessed with even a special skill that is unable to be utilized in the current world. After losing his only job, Marius thought he had lost all hope of achieving his single wish: to protect and provide his family with a suitable lifestyle. However, this all changed when both he and his entire family encountered a strange phenomenon, hurling them into the depths of a unique fantasy world. "Father look, I found a strange fire breathing rodent." "Kill it and give it to your mother, we will be eating it for dinner." "Yes, father!" With the rodent of fire, and fresh air of the pure wilds wafting through the wind, thus, began the adventure of the world's most powerful family. ____ Note: Ypu can find out more details of the 'rewritten brand new version' of this novel in the final chapter's Author Thoughts. Or visit my Patreon, Twitter, and other socials to ask me questions, do take care now. ____ Author Contact: ____ ===Subscribe to my Mailing Lists====

  • To Be or Not To Be A Family

    To Be or Not To Be A Family



    [NOTICE: THE STORY IS COMPLETED] Ashma never knew her father. Her mother and maternal granddad are the only family she knows. She hates her father as he left her mother after she became pregnant out of wedlock. But her mother made sure that she grows up into an independent woman. She is a world-renowned fashion designer. Suddenly she gets news of another family of her fathers as her half-sister seeks her out. Everyone in the new family loves her except her paternal grandfather. He hates her as she is an illegitimate child and would cause a scandal if the word of her existence comes out. She hates him as he destroyed her mother’s life, and he ordered his son to leave her mother forever. They go toe to toe at every turn. Who will win the familial war? Will they ever learn to love each other? Will Ashma accept her new family or reject their love?

  • The Cursed Family: The Villainous Daughter

    The Cursed Family: The Villainous Daughter


    Annie Chu suddenly announced to her three daughters that she would remarry. The three daughters took it as a bad thing, since all men who tried to marry their mother either had life-threatening accidents or died directly. Due to their three consecutive father’s deaths, their family was called a cursed family. No one said it out loud in front of their faces though, unless they wanted to suffer the wrath of this powerful and cursed family. However, because of this, her three beautiful daughters from three different fathers grew up with a rather distorted worldview and tastes. Her eldest, Jang Shin Ye, who preferred to be called by her English name Alliana, was hatefully touted by many women as… A bitch, a slut, a witch, a succubus. She was a villainous woman that was easy to hate. Alliana, the subject of such criticism, simply gave it a shrug, because she knew it herself that she was not a good person. Until one day, a man came to the creepy Chu mansion. ** excerpt** Alliana wearing a sexy and almost transparent lingerie leaned on the railings and looked downstairs. "Are you our new father?" Her seductive eyes looked up and down the tall and handsome man who appeared to be in his late twenties. The man furrowed his brows at her revealing clothes and looked away. "No, I am running an errand for my brother." After leaving the gifts and the bouquet of roses for his brother's stepdaughters on the table, the man turned around to leave. "Hold on." Alliana came down the stairs and stared at the handsome man with appreciation openly. "You look nice. Would you like to spend the night with me?" The man's face turned inky dark. "Miss, do you flirt with any man you see?" Alliana blinked innocently. Her playful smile was still on her face. "No, it depends on the face." The man smirked. "What a coincidence. Same here. I flirt back ‘depending on the face’." He then turned around and left decisively. "..." Alliana was stunned. So she was not pretty enough for his taste? The woman whom the rest of the womenfolk considered as a villainess suddenly laughed loudly. How amusing. A man actually refused her. Her eyes flashed mischievously. Her inner bitch was coming out. She was turned on. It seemed like she found her next victim. ******** This is one of the series I am working on. But you can read it as a stand-off. Please check out my other novel as well: *To Love You Again *Liam Drelavine: No Regrets!

  • My Crazy Rich Family : Running From My Psycho Father

    My Crazy Rich Family : Running From My Psycho Father



    What happens when three powerful families are thrown into the mix together? You get chaos, betrayal and fight till the weaker family gives up. Meet Kara Hope Yagazie; years ago she was just a kid in an orphanage with no identity until one of the most powerful families in Africa adopted her. Kara starts life as an heiress to an empire, armed with the truth from her biological mother who hid her but kept an eye on her. Kara now knows that her biological mother and her are on the run from her psycho father, whose plan is to hunt down and kill them. One powerful family is enough to drive Kara crazy, what happens when she wakes up one day to find out she is now somehow related to three of the most powerful families in the Continent and in Canada. Can Kara survive her new family? Follow the Yagazie’s, the Donna's, The Spencer's and The Anene's as the figure out how to be a family despite the bad blood that went generation long. And while they try to outsmart each other, will they pause when one of them is in trouble? Having a Crazy Rich Family as an enemy might be more than Kane Brown, Kara's psycho father bargained for.*****excerptNaya's eyes flew open instantly. Someone was inside the duplex and was moving in her house. Naya jumped right to the ground and pulled out the .45 gun under her bed. She checked for bullets. Not enough to protect Kara and herself.Crap! Kara!Naya knew she had to get to her daughter before her crazy ex husband finds her. She was wearing just shorts and singlet. She had no time to change into another appropriate dress.It took all her savings but she was able to build the crawl space that connected her room to Kara's. Naya pressed the secret button just hidden behind the night stand and the steel door opened.She forced herself inside and for someone that was claustrophobic; she was taking it rather well. Soon, she was in Kara's room. Naya first opened the wardrobe and took out Kara's go-to bag. She pulled out a gown from the wardrobe and she heard Kara stir on the bed."Mama?" Kara sounded confused.Naya tapped on the hidden compartment inside the wardrobe and moved out another gun. Kara was on her feet now."Mama, what is going on?"Naya threw the gown at her and Kara saw the gun. Any normal child would flinch but Not Kara. She had seen enough guns in the house to be comfortable around one. Her mother even got a stun gun for her in case of emergence."Kara, it is time baby. You are going to Nigeria"Kara grabbed the gown and pulled it over her head. She opened her drawer and took her stun gun and placed it inside her go-to bag pack."He found us, didn't he?" she asked. P.s the cover is not mine. if you are the owner and wants me to take it down, contact me on discord

  • Confessions of a Drama Queen

    Confessions of a Drama Queen


    It had never crossed her mind, that Mandy Gilbert, would live in her imaginary life when the boy she had a crush on since primary school, Justin Bedington, chose her to be his wife. Mandy knew Justin for as long as she remembered. She was only able to look at him through an untouchable wall known as ‘reality’. Justin is crazy rich, the son of a CEO in a multi-billion company in the U.S. Being surrounded by countless pretty girls, selected as head of the Student Council, brilliant, a social butterfly, and a highly dedicated person he was, didn’t make Justin got easily overwhelmed by that. Though he lived in a world full of loving gaze in any where he went, he gave zero care in it—even when almost half of the girls on this planet were head over heels in him. But who knew, his final choice was Mandy. Since their dramatic and ridiculous meeting, Justin thought that girl is amusing, funny, and known as a trouble maker girl who often gets over-dramatic at school. Justin first encountered her at a party, and from then on, he knew that this girl is one of a kind, so he chose her to be his wife. But who thought Mandy would live her new life in peace? The Drama Queen faced countless dilemmas revolving around Justin; from his sexy assistant, a gorgeous widow next to their house, and also, an obsessed teenager. Mandy couldn’t stand all the girls’ hysteria every time they were around him. Adding to that, the trust that was given by Justin, made Mandy feel as if she was ignored and invisible. In Mandy’s little mind, marrying someone of her dream would lead her to a life full of happiness—as seen in fairy tales. However, marriage life wasn’t as good as she thought. Problems after problems appeared unexpectedly. Starting from Justin’s anger toward Mandy who ruined the most important event in his life, being shunned by her best friend due to misunderstanding, to the revenge carried out by her school friends that put Mandy in danger. Mandy only had her journal—the only thing she could write her feelings, lies, and all the secrets. So, how did the drama queen overcome the problems she faced and admitted all the biggest secrets that separated Mandy from her loved ones?

  • His Drama Queen

    His Drama Queen

    My name is Julencia. I am 19 year olds old and I live in Suriname. My hobbies are writing, reading, and watching movies. I’m a college student and I’m majoring in Advanced Management. Nicole Vargas. Spoiled, rich, smart, and melodramatic. She graduated Fashion Design in Brazil and was the daughter of a well known artist and the CEO of 'The Vargas' hotel and casino chains. She could get anything she wants at just the snap of her fingers. Even her career. But she didn't. And she wouldn't take advantage of her parents position in society. In fact, she wanted to be successful on her own. But her father didn't want to let her go all the way to New York where she could fulfill her dreams. For him, she was still a little girl. Ethan Gray. Insanely handsome and a mouthwatering specimen. Ethan Gray graduated Business Administration at the London Business School in England. After he graduated he took over his uncle's business and instantly became the richest and youngest CEO in England. After so many years he returned back to Brazil to visit his parents and attend the yearly elite ball. After that he would go to New York to expand his business and would stay there for a year. But, things turned a little bit different. He didn't went to New York alone. Instead, he had the daughter of Santiago Vargas with him. The most annoying, dramatic, but absolutely beautiful girl he had ever met. He couldn't stand her tantrums and drama. And she wasn't willing to change just for him. After all, he was just the guy that was suppose to watch over her. A hot, sexy as sin guy.

  • Drama, Drama, Drama

    Drama, Drama, Drama

  • Reborn Just To Be a Big Shot Family Freeloader

    Reborn Just To Be a Big Shot Family Freeloader

    Contemporary Romance FAMILY REBIRTH BIGSHOT


    After a huge fire that broke out at home, Yan Qixun had inexplicably regained memories of her past life as a scientist. Then, she realized her whole family had coincidentally regained memories of their past lives as well. After that, she found out her family members all used to be some big shot or another. Her father was the oldest mythical dragon, her mother was a deity, her oldest brother was a crown prince, her older sister was the best physician in history, her younger sister was a plant spirit, and her second brother was an immortal. This made Yan Qixun constantly feel like she did not belong among her family because of how insignificant she was in comparison. That was alright, though, because while her family was great at humbling others, they had to depend on her when it came to farming and building infrastructure. The scholar proclaims that she quite enjoys the life of a freeloader.

  • The Family's Problematic Chariman

    The Family's Problematic Chariman


    "My pants are already off. Stopping now would be a bit redundant, don't you think?" Everyone knew the cool, aristocratic Chairman Li was sick, but only Rong Yan knew the man was problematic and sick in the head. That day, she was accosted at the bedroom entrance. Long arms held her against her will as the man leaned into her ear and whispered, "Marry me." Rong Yan struggled to no avail. Frustrated, she said, "I have a boyfriend of five years." "You mean my son is your boyfriend?" For her baby boy, she was willing to secretly marry this billionaire chairman. From then on, he held the knife for her kills, and poured the gasoline as she set fires. Everyone knew the chairman was possessive and paranoid—and Rong Yan was his bottom line. The five-year-old Li Duidui was at a loss. When Daddy and Mommy fought, was he supposed to help clear up the misunderstanding or close the door on them...

  • Business Tycoon vs. Drama Queen Star

    Business Tycoon vs. Drama Queen Star


    Luo Tiantian sacrifices herself to save Bai Yueguang, only to wake up in the novel her best friend had written as a prank. The best friend of the original owner of this body has gotten plastic surgery to take her place, snatching everything she had. She has even been imprisoned for ten years! To avoid a tragic end, Luo Tiantian clings on to the greatest boss in the novel. After she shoots to fame overnight, the internet is teeming with curses toward her, claiming how she had undergone plastic surgery, was one to put on airs, and was being kept as a mistress… She doesn’t even have any time to respond before the female lead’s lackeys suddenly change their stances. Her eldest brother, a CEO: “She has the Luo Corporation backing her. Miss Luo doesn’t need a sugar daddy.” Luo Tiantian’s expression darkens. “Scram! Don’t provoke me!” Her second brother, a forensic pathologist: “As someone working in forensics, I can confirm that my younger sister is a natural beauty. She’s never had any plastic surgery done.” Luo Tiantian sneered. “Who are you?” The movie star: “Tiantian, you’re my fiancée. How could you live with another man?” Luo Tiantian stares at that stupid face. “You?” - The moment she returns home, Luo Tiantian tones down immediately. Her boss glances at Luo Tiantian with what seems like a smile. “An orphan?” Luo Tiantian nods innocently. “Yes, my entire family’s dead. I’m the only one left.” Her boss raises his eyebrow. “A fiancé?” Luo Tiantian quickly shakes her head. “No, no. That’s nothing more than a rumor. You’re the only one in my heart!” - From then on, the big boss undergoes a drastic change and becomes henpecked. He gazes at her affectionately. “Little friend, you’re toxic, but you’re my antidote.”

  • The Profligate Madam of the Family

    The Profligate Madam of the Family


    Leng Rongrong is the eldest daughter of the Leng Family, yet she is abandoned to the countryside when she's little. As she reaches a certain age, her father and his stepmother trick her into returingn home just to marry her to Mo Linyuan, the Fourth Master of the Mo Family who is supposed to be crippled, poor and ugly. When Leng Rongrong marries Mo Linyuan, she finds that Mo Linyuan is actually a very handsome man seated in a wheelchair. So she decides to take good care of him by becoming an actress to support the family. However, Mo Linyuan is simply pretending to be crippled for the moment, because he is investigating some peculiar affairs happening to his family. Yet as he spends time with Leng Rongrong, he finds her quite interesting and fun, and gradually develops feelings towards her. In the meanwhile, Leng Rongrong also defends herself against other undesirable trouble that keeps coming towards her whilst trying to find out the past of her supposedly deceased mother.