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  • The Famous Millionaire

    The Famous Millionaire


    Miracles don't come walking your way by themselves.It is your decisions and will that determine these.A story of a man who created miracles.**Munpia Novels**------The previous chapters were mistakenly released under 《Remember The Name》. It's finally fixed.

  • I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

    I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce


    She was born into an affluent family, but she was swapped at birth and got a different life. She grew up in a village. Just as she got the opportunity to transform her life, it got taken from her, and she was forced into a marriage to trade for a marriage for her mentally-challenged big brother. In the end, she died tragically. Gu Yan thought that if she could be reborn, she would make those who had bullied and insulted her regret everything! After being reborn with a superpower, her life became quite different. “With both the medical skill and the superpower, wastrels, shiver for me!” “Also you, handsome boy, I saved your life; shouldn’t you pledge to marry me?” Lu Ye smiled naughtily. “Of course. Just tell me, Yanyan, how many times do you want me to pledge per night?”

  • Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist

    Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist



    "Set up all of these hundred items for tomorrow's auction." The lady ordered as she took a seat on her golden throne. "But Miss Li, why do you want to auction off so many things?" "What kind of stupid question is that? Isn't it obvious? I need more money, so auction them all and help me get more money." The Lady said with a shrug. "But Master, you are already a Billionaire. Why you need more money?" The Little Furball asked in confusion. "When you have an entire army of sups, needy familiars and spirit beasts, thousands of disciples and most importantly FIVE SOULMATES AND A BOND MATE to feed and provide for, you will know the answer." "But...b-but all your mates are rich too! They can easily provide for you and others." The furball tried to get through his master's firm decision. "So? I want to be richer and provide for them. Do you have any problem?" "Of course not master!" ****** She, a 21st-century woman, was the leader of a Supernatural Clan and also one of the most important members of the Supernatural Council. Only at the age of 28, she was one of the most powerful mages in the world. But on a mission against rogue vampires, she died and woke up in the body of an orphan who had a body of trash. She realized that she transmigrated in an ancient world where people cultivated some sort of spiritual energy. In this world power meant everything. So, she decided to get powerful and due to some miracle, she was still able to use her magic. It's a journey of a female mage who shocked everyone with her talents and unseen & unheard powers. But just like every story, this one also had a fun part which came in the name of Five hot as hell male leads...! ********** This story is meant to be a Reverse Harem Transmigration romance with mature content. If you guys don't like such things then you can ignore this one. Happy reading!! ********** The credits for the book cover go to its original owner. I just downloaded it from Pinterest and edited it...!! *** My other ongoing novels: #The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers #The Vampire Empress: Blood Queen & Her Kings #Farm Cultivation: I got reincarnated as the wife of two ghosts

  • The Famous Painter is the CEO's Wife

    The Famous Painter is the CEO's Wife



    If you ask me of her, I could not encapsulate her being with just mere words; As if words could describe the beauty that is Wu Mei Li, the woman that epitomizes love,Her brown eyes like the color of the sun’s kisses which fills me with undiluted warmth,Her red lips like those seductive thorny Roses passionate enough to draw me in, Her sultry voice like the teasing cool breeze amidst the summer heat beguiling me for more,Her smooth skin like the iridescent sheen of a pearl that baits my greedy hands to touch,and her tantalizing tenderness paired with her spine of kryptonite defeated my Superman heart of steel. Only she could play my heart into pieces and still make me ask for more. You, Wu Mei Li, have conquered this tyrant CEO and thus you shall become no one else’s but mine.—————————————Wu Mei Li had lived for 26 years with only little colors splashed unto her boring black and white orphan life. Until fate decided to break her heart and lead her to him- Zhao Yang, 24th head of Zhao Conglomerate, said to be the most ruthless businessman to live and the unattainable brother of her best friend, and he who had also avoided her presence for almost 10 years due to his parents’ scheming them together. Set on Modern Day, follow the Yandere Zhao Yang and the Eccentric Wu Mei Li’s journey from acquaintances in the early days of their meeting, to how Yang courted the consistently in denial Mei Li, then how their lives progress as a couple in the limelight, and how their road always end with each other. This Novel is mainly about the trials of a couple; from their beginning as strangers to their lives as a married couple. It will show a man courting a lady, a lady’s struggle to accept love, their cute interactions when falling in love, their path to being engaged, rescuing the lady from her past, teaching each other greater morals, and growing old together. Although, a bit of mystery and action is added to spice things up.

  • Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle

    Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle


    The headlines bring shocking and mind-boggling news. "Ling Sheng boarded Movie King Huo Ci's sports car, and the duo are suspected to be dating!" "Huo Ci and Ling Sheng entered and left the same condominium. They are confirmed to be staying together." "Screw off, these blind bastards. He's my biological father!" Third Master Jun, likewise, reacts with a similar reaction. He spits. "Whoever posted these will be blacklisted, never to be seen again in the media industry! I shall see who else has the guts to spread rumors about my wife and father-in-law." Third Master Jun is the most affluent man on earth and this places him at the apex of the world order. However, he is troubled by the fact that the Movie King Huo Ci, despite only being a few years older than him, is his father-in-law.

  • The Famous

    The Famous

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE COMEDY

    Kisah tentang para remaja yang tergila-gila menjadi terkenal di sekolah bahkan di sosial media

  • Road to be Famous

    Road to be Famous


    My name is Luis White, 29 years old and almost thirty and I'm an orphan whose always bullied. In the day of my birthday I reincarnated as a young boy?!What will happen to me now?!What? I HAVE A FIANCE?! WAIT... Oh no.. What should I do?!

  • The Famous Girl

    The Famous Girl

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE COMEDY

    Aku adalah perempuan ala kadarnya..Yang tak percaya kata Cinta dan sebagainya.. Semua orang merasa aku lah yang salah.. Tak ada cinta yang tak bertuan.. .Duniaku penuh dengan dusta.. penuh dengan seseorang yang berkorban..itu semua karena Cinta..segalanya mengatas-namakan Cinta...Cinta.. Cinta.. dan Cinta.. mengapa mereka terlalu percaya dengan satu kata? mengapa membuang kewarasan yang ada? mengapa mencoba membuat sesuatu yang berharga? Toh ujung-ujungnya hanya tidak berdaya.. .ya.. aku tahu, pasti kalian bertanya kenapa aku bisa tahu? padahal aku sama sekali tidak percaya dengan kata itu.. .aku hanya seorang perempuan ala kadarnya yang tak pernah percaya dengan cinta dan sebagainya..tapi, sejak dia datangntah mengapa ada sesuatu yang membuatku harus berpikir dua kali untuk "cinta"..dia yang membuatku percaya dengan cinta..

  • Famous?... No Thanks

    Famous?... No Thanks


    Due to A Forbidden Love. False Promises. And a Affair. Young Ellie is force to dress as man and become Edward. And from the moment she could see, trained to be the heir of a million dollar company. However, being a illegitimate child of a maid, she is treated worst than dog and her life is in constant chaos with danger lurking in every corner, she can't trust no one. Yet, through tears and blood maintenance her position.But her world is thrown upside down. As the first wife give birth to her first male. Now with a proper heir. Edward is disowned and thrown to the street with some cash. Abononed. Homeless. ANd Alone. What awaits Edward?. ________________________________________________________________________________________Blinking Edward lifts his watering eyes towards the sky. His majestic figure seems to glow to all around him, looking at him some poeple wondered if he was praying. And pitted that such a young man was in misery. Unbeknowst, to them Edwards thoughts are far from praying, no, she's dreaming. A dream greater than anyone could image. She was free. Finally her years a suffering where over. The hell, she didn't care for being disowned by that rotten family. Or losing her hard earned company. The company could burn, for all she cared.No, Edward's mind focused on her noble pursuit. Her dream. " From today, I will no longer be hold down by the chains of society. Today, I will be swear, I will follow my dream" {I will become the world's greatest Screen Writer and Director, this world has ever seen} - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -~ Hi munchkins ~ It's Crazy Lolipop, here to begin you a new story. This is a original story.

  • Famous Killers

    Famous Killers

    Famous Killers and psychos

  • kidnapped famous

    kidnapped famous

  • The Blonde and The Famous

    The Blonde and The Famous

    Alisha meets Carter, the famous male model for 'Just', when he climbs through her bedroom window, and takes her favourite pair of Lacey black panties. He then jumps out the window and runs out onto the pavement, yelling to her 'I know you'll miss me baby, but you'll be OK' What would you do if you were in that situation? well you tell me

  • A Famous in disguise

    A Famous in disguise

  • Famous Detective

    Famous Detective


    Angela was now a freshman from the Pharmacy at Smart University after believing that she would be failing the test to the detective department at the Intelligence University for a particular reason. But becoming a detective like Sherlock Holmes was her dream; thus, she also worked as the assistant of Ben David. A detective consultant. There would always be the students’ orientation period as a freshman she was. The orientation did not hinder her from keeping working for Ben. There she met Gery, her senior who claimed that he is the smartest detective in the world. Then, Gery gave the challenge. Angela could beat that challenge. After that, Angela became famous. Many people asked her for help in detective including the rector on her campus but Angela refused to help on her campus. What it would be next?

  • The famous king

    The famous king

    A king is a mortall god in the world unto whom live in living god hath lent his own name as god

  • The Protagonist

    The Protagonist

    How would you know if the true protagonist is ms. Zache

  • Not the Protagonist

    Not the Protagonist

    Fantasy ISEKAI

  • White Online

    White Online



    [WPC #246 - Silver Place Winner!] Since he was a child, Isaac was unable to improve his strength no matter how much he tried, like he was cursed by the Gods. One day, a massive snowstorm struck the peaceful city of Snowstar, wreaking havoc in a peaceful community. Young Isaac was wandering alone in the forest when the snowstorm struck, seeking adventures and excitement, but instead, he found something else that completely changed him and his future. Several years later, Isaac suffered an incident caused by his jealous classmates, which bedridden him for several months, but after the traumatizing experience, doctors thought that it would take him years before he could overcome his trauma, but against all odds... He overcame it in 2 weeks! Being heavily sheltered and protected by his family after the incident, Isaac's life seemed dull and kind of boring, but then... The highly anticipated VRMMORPG White Online was released. Without thinking twice, Isaac bought the cheapest VR Helmet available and entered the new world with almost zero expectations, but excited nonetheless. This is the story of Isaac Whitelock, who will rise from being a protected and weak individual to being one of the sole hopes of the entire Human race. [Connecting...] [Welcome to White Online!] [Legacies awaits you!] [Do you want to be a Legacy Carrier or Casual Player who history won't remember?] __________________ Disclaimer: Cover owned by me, made by Dini Marlina Tags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Video Games - Slice of Life - No Harem - R-18 - Yandere - VRMMORPG - Martial Arts - Comedy - Genius Protagonist - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Clingy Lover - Weak to Strong - Gods - Loved MC - Calm Protagonist - Rich Protagonist - Legacies - Historical - Famous Protagonist

  • Billionaire's Famous Wife

    Billionaire's Famous Wife


    She and he came together only for their own personal purposes. Five years of meeting again, who thought they would forever be strangers, are now bonded to each other by the lovely child they created five years ago. He warns her not to get close to him but he becomes more and more attracted to her and has feelings for her, and of course she does too. When she was turned away by the whole society, only he stood up to protect and trust her. Coldly announced to everyone. "This girl is mine, if you dare to make her cry, I will kill you" And when she and he made love in bed, she looked him straight in the eye and solemnly declared: "All mine is yours, eyes, nose and mouth, this whole body is yours."

  • Famous Millionaire

    Famous Millionaire

    The great epic of a poor and undereducated young named Hyunwoo, who makes a miracle by overcoming deep-rooted social prejudices and rebuilding his family, which was poverty- stricken due to the failure of his father's business. For him, a miracle isn't something he is just waiting for, but something he is actively making.