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  • [BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?

    [BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?



    Jia Hyson finds he has hit the jackpot after he dies. He's got a system! He's a transmigrator! So cool! System: "Please help us fix the plot." Jia Hyson: "Of course!" System: "Firstly there are too many love interests." Jia Hyson: "Okay." System: "The main character is too annoying." Jia Hyson: "Um." System: "Needs more world building." Jia Hyson: "..." Oi, is he fixing the plot or is he rewriting the whole damn thing?! (This is not omegaverse, beta stands for beta reader) (This is bl/yaoi/danmei btw. 1v1, 2v1, 3+v1) Lovely Cover by my fanart empress @noc

  • The Unsurpassed Maiden

    The Unsurpassed Maiden

    Fantasy Romance R18 MAGIC CULTIVATION


    "In a world where your magic determines where you stand in life, comes a girl who will prove everyone that weaklings can become strong too.” Kang Mi Young is a simple young girl who dreamt of entering the most prestigious and well reputed academy where well-known and powerful Mages used to study. In their country, your potential in using magic is very important because it determines where you stand in the hierarchy. As a daughter of an Intermediate Mage with the Hydro element, many people doubt that she could even pass the entrance exam. However, during her journey in order to prove everyone wrong, Mi Young displayed many formidable talents that no one could top; thus she was called "The Unsurpassed Maiden". However, despite having a simple goal which is to make the whole kingdom know that even the weakest Mage can rise to the top, she discovers more adventures and secrets that will make her whole world go upside down. (Fanart not mine. Found it on Pinterest. Credits to the true owner.)

  • Ecchi Domination System

    Ecchi Domination System


    A nymphomaniac beauty Tan Chen is lazying around, while a big fat cock in her mouth, while, another two reserving her pussy and ass. her eyes were rolled in ecstasy, but the today the pleasure overwhelmed her, as she ended up dying in the pose. what can you expect from a cheap whore, even after transmigration in a new body she will begin her lustfull life as a... This cover is not mine i got it from daviant fanart, aziz fanart warning!! HENTAI tags - slut, mind control, slave, domination, netori, netorase, orgy. just some faping material, don't take it seriously. enjoy..

  • Uncanny Obsession

    Uncanny Obsession


    Genshin Fanfic English aint my first language so have mercy Starting in InazumaCover aint mine Just a fanart

  • a vida é assim

    a vida é assim

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    Esta é a historia de de amor entre meninos.a fanart não é minha, caso o autor queira sua remoção entre em contato comigo

  • 光

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY

    This story is dropped.It's story about Ame and Yuki who grown up.. If u want to know more updated u can follow me Instagram 'cuteroo77' (This novel is fanart , and it didn't copy the right of original.. All rights belong to Author.)

  • Mother of Learning

    Mother of Learning


    Zorian is a teenage mage of humble birth and slightly above-average skill, attending his third year of education at Cyoria's magical academy. He is a driven and irritable young man, consumed by a desire to ensure his own future and free himself of the influence of his family, whom he resents for favoring his brothers over him. Consequently, he has no time for pointless distractions or paying attention to other people's problems. As it happens, time is something he is about to get plenty of. On the eve of the Cyoria's annual summer festival, he is killed and brought back to the beginning of the month, just before he was about to take a train to Cyoria. Suddenly trapped in a time loop with no clear end or exit, Zorian will have to look both within and without to unravel the mystery before him. And he does have to unravel it, for the time loop hadn't been made for his sake and dangers lurk everywhere... Repetition is the mother of learning, but Zorian will have to first make sure he survives to try again - in a world of magic, even a time traveler isn't safe from those who wish him ill.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Patreon: Art Credit: I am not in anyway related to the creator nobody103, just a fan who wants to gain popularity for the novel)

  • Primordial Versatile Grandmaster

    Primordial Versatile Grandmaster



    In primordial times, grandmaster Troan discovered the process of rebirth. He's versatile and has known all the job class since. He will rebirth as a prince of surviving humanity and rebuild everything. He was eager to learn all the job classes he knew. With that in mind, his first life was as a Necromancer. The next life was as a Paladin, the next was as a Lycan, Druid, Chaos Knight, Holy Knight, Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, and last, a Swordsman. It was all fine, but he felt that his rebirth would end. He infused his soul with his mana to survive the next rebirth, protecting it from the cycle of life. A problem has arisen now that his soul was rejecting it. It was then his last. He was tasked by the God of Hermia to save humanity from the demons that plagued the lands.  He died while defending the barrier that hinders Demon gods from entering humanity's world and was reborn again.With humanity almost extinct, he will be on a journey to bring back his immortality, gathering all the tribes and job classes on the way. His path will be deemed perilous, but he will build his kingdom out of a village. Now his last life begins, or was it even his last? It depends as he will shape his fate with his own hands. Disclaimer: There is no copyright infringement intended. I give credits to the real owner and I am not the real owner of the cover. If the owner wants to take down the cover just let me know. Credits to the fanart of Viego in League of Legends.

  • dope story bro

    dope story bro


    Gonna be a comidic gay romance.Alex is a young girl who works at a bookstore. she and her roomate josh are looking for two others to rent an appartment with. By chance could she have recruited her soulmate or is it just another along the way?For fanart email me @ or use the #speddyreaderQ on instagram for a shoutout.

  • Kalar´s Continent

    Kalar´s Continent



    "The road of Magic is rocky and steep, but I will rise to the top, you will see!" "The nature of magic is shape- and colorless, impervious to the naked eye, but with the right gift, it can be tamed." "The demons will taste my wrath, eventually!" *** Meet Teo, a young boy with a gift for Arcane Magic and follow him on his quest for wisdom, power, and the lost secrets of an ancient era. With a rare magical bloodline and an ancient Golem by his side, he is quickly recognized for his talent and forges ahead a path for himself through wit, relentlessness, and a good portion of luck. From a nobody, born in a remote village, to a talented Apprentice. From useless assistant to respected Enchanter. From boy to man. From mortal to Magician. This is his story. *** "What? You call that defense? Let me blast that apart for you!" "You dare to lay your dirty hands on my friends? Let me teach you a lesson that you won't forget!" *** The nature of magic will show its true colors soon enough, the secrets of the world laid bare, but will he be satisfied with the answers he may find? ********** Greetings from the author! The release schedule will be (Whenever I have time and am not in danger of failing all my exams) ch/week until further notice. Feedback, fanart, comments, and reviews are heavily appreciated!

  • Bane Child

    Bane Child


    (Looking for FanArt cover) Qing Shan is an existence that goes against the laws of nature. He is raised thinking of himself as useless trash, when his life is suddenly flipped on its head. Will he be able to adapt to situation and overcome all obstacles, turning them into stepping stones, or will he fall at the hands of the people who killed his parents? This is an Eastern fantasy Novel being written by a young amateur. I hope that you all can Help and Support me on my journey to becoming an Author NOTE: You should actually read this, it is good (Title and Cover are temporary)

  • Reaper from Another World

    Reaper from Another World


    Transmigrated into the body of a boy from another universe, Raven will embark on a magical journey no one knows what the end will be. Equipped with experience from his past life, he'll shake the lands of Arcadia and wreak havoc to those who dares touch him and the ones he cherished. *Story note* I personally edited the cover but the art wasn't mine. Fanart of Sephiroth: An entry of Mayura_chan from zerochan *Readers warning* This story includes cussing and some stuff that will be deemed improper for audience below 18 years of age. Proper guidance is advised. All rights reserved.

  • Black Breaker

    Black Breaker

    Ketika manusia mampu melakukan sesuatu lebih dari batas kemampuannya, saat itulah batas dari kekuatan manusia hancur. Merekalah yang dinamakan Breaker. Meski begitu tidak semua manusia adalah Breaker, jumlahnya bahkan lebih sedikit dibandingkan manusia normal. Namun, seorang Breaker bagaikan one man army, mereka ditakuti dan diwaspadai oleh manusia biasa. Dean adalah pekerja paruh waktu di Bro'z Bakery menjalani kehidupan normalnya setelah memilih hidup tanpa bantuan orang tuanya. Akan tetapi, di malam hari, dia bukanlah pemuda normal pada umumnya. Melainkan seorang pemburu, Breaker yang siap menumbalkan dirinya untuk uang. Di satu sisi polisi yang bekerja sebagai aparat keamanan tidaklah tinggal diam, beberapa tahun belakangan mereka cukup aktif merekrut Breaker sebagai anggota. Bahkan membentuk divisi khusus untuk menangani Breaker, yaitu S.D.P atau Special Detachment Police. Original Picture Aldnoah Zero fanart by moemoe3345

  • Cursed Soul (Vol. 1)

    Cursed Soul (Vol. 1)

    Fantasy Romance MYSTERY

    WARNING: This story is the book version of my W.I.P. (Work In Progress) comic with same name, Cursed Soul. THESE ARE MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO OWN THIS CHARACTERS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION but you can ship them, do fanart or fanfic about them, or even create an AU! Don't be afraid of using your imagination, I'd love to see things like that. ;)This story is about a girl named Melody finds her alternative-self Andrew from another dimension. Turns out her altternate-self is an AU jumper and after a week, Melody has a curse on her. They try to find where this curse came from and try to stop it from making danger for themselves. This is the story of the Cursed Soul.

  • An Inferno's Blaze

    An Inferno's Blaze

    Historical Romance ROMANCE DARK VILLAIN

    Diamante. She's the beautiful daughter of Mariaisabelle and Emerenziano Stanzolio. This young lady, the girl with silver-like eyes that shimmers and shines, is going on a journey to create her legacy. Follow the destructive path of this woman and her associate/s as she begins to gain a hefty reputation. Soon, people will tremble at her feet and beg for mercy. Everyone and everything will be in her possession with a flick of her wrist. But sadly, people are willing to end her—the reign of the Diamond is being compromised. However, she will rise to the ashes and soar to the top. But what goes up, must come down. (Original photo:

  • Monster Soverign (cancelled)

    Monster Soverign (cancelled)


    A boy named Rain wanders the world to figure out who he is and why he was created. He has the power of the gods, but he doesn't know why. In the mean time, while he tries to found out these mysteries, he might as well make the best of this life. However, this is a rough world to live in, and if he wants to live, he has to fight for it. He will make a stand in this world and prove he deserves to live.Art is not mine. Here is the link to the artist. is my first work, but I have some experience in writing stories as a DM for DnD. If there is any grammatical mistakes or honest criticism, please comment.

  • My Domineering Husband

    My Domineering Husband



    Since high school, Jin, a billionaire CEO, has neglected all the other women in his life in order to pursue Eunji, his dream girl. In his dreams, she wove an exciting future for them. But he was afraid to confess to her how he felt. Even though she had no feelings for him, Eunji, a cheerful young lady, agreed to date him. But he was too reserved for her. "He isn't my kind of guy" She gave up hope of ever seeing him again. Jin had plenty of time to catch her, but he let her slip through his grasp. In the end, he was left with nothing. Is this going to be the last chapter? Or is this the culmination of a fresh start that is about to begin?If he is shy, then why the Novel named 'Domineering Husband'? Find out reading the novel.MINE BOOK SERIES★ My Playboy Is a Prince★ My Domineering Husband★ My Wicked Male Lead═══════════════════════════POINTS TO BE NOTED• [GOLD TIER WINNER in WFP#23]• No smut scenes uptill Chapter 10.• Read the auxiliary chapter if you are a New Reader.• This Novel features Mature and R-18 contents, however, no rape.• Join the author's server to discuss This Novel and get fanarts.• Any comments that are baseless and not meant for the novel will be Deleted.• Thanks for reading.═══════════════════════════Contact:•Discord - Tisha#6746•Join my server -•Instagram - @imaginetishad , @tishad.arts , @mistress_of_leoSUPPORT ME:•• More═══════════════════════════IF YOU ARE NOT READING THIS BOOK ON THEN THIS BOOK IS STOLEN BY THAT SITE. THE AUTHOR ONLY PUBLISH ON WEBNOVEL.

  • To Hell and Back, People of Semel: Volume 1

    To Hell and Back, People of Semel: Volume 1


    Hop into the complicated world of Zenith and follow the adventures of Gregory, a interesting boy hunting for his sister. Hear as he thinks, and no more, in this unorthodox writing style while he meets new people, fights, and explores the continent of Semel. An off-brand version of fantasy that has some races we know with new twists, and even adding some new races. Experience a completely new magic system as you read our character use it, and open your mind to characters that view things a little differently than most of us.My first public work, hoping to keep a SuTuThu 12:00EST weekly update schedule (at least), but might pause during stressful times in college. Do enjoy the read, I might open a discord server for this project later, depending on how well it does. I don't have any cover art, so fanart is always appreciated.

  • Seven Archon Blessing This Wonderful World

    Seven Archon Blessing This Wonderful World


    The usual adventurous life of Kazuma, doing quest, get drunk, having fun with his party members, and goes on.One day when he accepted the high difficulty quest, it takes an unexpected turns, he get himself killed 'again' from that quest.When he thought that he can meet the goddess Eris, he found himself drowning at the bottom of the sea rather than the usual dark room with the goddess.He meets a traveler and a mascot (?) and that is the beginning of their adventure in Tevyat, The world that ruled by the 7 Archon.---------------------------------------This is the first time I write a story and fanfiction. I just writing this fanfic for fun. The characters are not mine and owned by the respectful owner, Kadokawa and Mihoyo. I don't own the cover, I just edit the 2 image into one, credit to the fanart artist.If you found some mistake in my grammar, I'm sorry, English isn't my first language, it was like my 3rd or 4th language.

  • Mischief Young Master

    Mischief Young Master


    If you are looking for an MC with a badass, aloof, and somewhat smut-like personality then you should give this novel a try. He's neither a hero nor a villain, he does what he likes. Also, It's my first time writing a novel but I'll do my best to improve the reading experience as I go.Its a story of an 18 year old Elise stein. Who gets transmigrated into an another world with op abilities, which he doesn't know how to use. With that bring said there are alot of mysteries related to his life. Have fun with Elise and his companions on his journey in this new fantasy world.My current pacing will be a minimum of 7-8 CHs per week. Everything else depends on the support and reviews I get. I am not a native English speaker so if you find any mistakes or have any suggestions, please mention them in the comments. Also there may be some dark and r18 scenes later on in the novel.Note: Book cover is not mine, It's just a fanart I found that goes with my book. If you are the owner and want me to change it, feel free to contact me, I'll do it ASAP.