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  • Farming Space Makes Me Rich

    Farming Space Makes Me Rich



    After Xiao Lingyu was betrayed by her boyfriend, she had the scumbag underneath her feet and along with the slut. Then, she used the spatial jade pendant to return to her hometown and began planting. She planted, planted, and planted before selling, selling, and selling. After that, she built, built, and built. She went on a frenzied path of establishing her farm kingdom, running further and further away! Until one day, under the peach blossom tree in Tao Yuan Village… A cute little toddler who was about four or five years old tried his best to raise his head. When he finally raised his head, he straightened up. Uh, his neck was starting to hurt from him raising it, but he still stubbornly maintained this posture. His big round black eyes narrowed slightly, and he asked curiously, "Who are you? Why do you look so much like me?" The man peered at the cute child who looked exactly like him when he was young. The man was tall, handsome, and exuded an extraordinary aura. He narrowed his eyes and asked coldly, "Who are you?" In his heart, he was trying to guess which bold woman was behind this. If she dared to do it, she must pay the price! However, before he could make the woman pay the price, this cute little toddler came over and held his hand. With a longing gaze, he said, "Uncle, I'm lost. Can you bring me home?" As the man held the little boy's hand and led him to a farmhouse in an unexpected turn of events, he heard the little boy's excited voice. "Mommy, you can get married now! I've finally found a man who looks like me!" Everyone, "…" This child really went nuts in his quest to find himself a stepfather! In short, this was a story of a white-collar worker who was reborn in the city. After getting set up by someone and obtaining a spatial tool by accident, she returned to the countryside, farmed, and raised her son. She was also cared for by the man her son brought back and transformed into a rich lady.

  • Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

    Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home



    # familyfeud #daughterofamistress #koi Qiao Xuan, daughter of a county magistrate, supposedly had a fiance that everyone envied. But then her father’s legal wife schemed against her, and married her into a farmer’s family. On the night of her wedding, after seeing how shabby her room was, Qiao Xuan hung herself. When she opened her eyes again, a different Qiao Xuan had transmigrated onto this body. The new Qiao Xuan stared at her husband and frowned after seeing how shabby the house looked. “Don’t worry. I know that you didn’t want to marry me, so I won’t touch you. I’ll apply for a divorce tomorrow and give you back your freedom.” But wait, Qiao Xuan hadn’t figured out what was going on yet! She couldn’t get a divorce, or else her father’s legal wife wouldn’t forgive her. Also, she was a woman of a different world and possessed special powers. Couldn’t she just build a business from here? So it was decided. Qiao Xuan began assisting her husband and slapped the faces of all who wronged them. They kept leveling up, and went from being a poor farmer’s family to becoming the richest family in the area. Those who bullied her regretted their actions, and her husband had regrets too. “I never said I wanted to divorce you.” Qiao Xuan was perplexed when he was pressing her down on the bed. Why did he suddenly decide against getting a divorce?

  • The AFK Farming Software: I Became Invincible Without Knowing It

    The AFK Farming Software: I Became Invincible Without Knowing It



    Qi Ming woke up to find that he had transmigrated. He had become a disciple of the Green Cloud Peak, one of the twelve peaks of the Heaven Enlightenment Sect. Fortunately, the "AFK Farming Software" was activated and changed his life. "Ding!" "You had been AFK Farming for seven days in the game dungeon 'Shu Mountain Ancient Path'. You have cleared the game dungeon seven times. You have obtained: 1 Seven Star Sword, 1 Sword Kinesis Technique, 1 Top-Grade Foundation Establishment Pill, and 630 Low-Grade Spirit Stones." ... "Ding!" "The Green Cloud Qi Refinement Art has been cultivated for a day. Your cultivation progress has increased. You will break through to the next level after 10 days of AFK Farming." ... Qi Ming was tired of cultivating. It was too dangerous out there, so he could only cultivate through the AFK Farming Software every day in the sect. Eventually, Qi Ming reached Foundation Establishment, followed by Golden Core, and subsequently Nascent Soul. He... became invincible?

  • God-tier Farm

    God-tier Farm



    At a low point in his life, Xia Ruofei discovered that a scroll that was passed down in his family had a hidden secret: it contained its own independent world. In the space, there was a spiritual pond that enhanced the growth of plants. There were mysterious spiritual flowers that could cure illnesses. Time in the independent world flowed at a pace ten times that of the outside world. Everything he planted there was of supreme grade and grew at a rapid pace. Everything he raised gained sentience. From that day forth, Xia Ruofei began a different, brilliant life of planting succulent plants and vegetables, raising animals and flirting with beauties.

  • My Doomsday farming truck

    My Doomsday farming truck



    Nova is a planet with technology similar to the Earth, due to an unknown virus the planet is struck with a hellish apocalypse. With the rising of dead from tombs and the mutation of plants and animals humanity is facing a crisis far more dangerous than survival. Arther is a common college student who after surviving for 3 years in the apocalypse has died. Or he thought so...

  • Farming Tycoon

    Farming Tycoon

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION

    Have you ever wonder how farming works? how the simple job could become the rise and downfall of a country? If you ever wonder, follow Ken in his journey to build his Farming Empire. People will stop his rise by hook or crook, plotting, scheming, and assassination. He will learn how to adapt, to counter and strike back. Making friends, enemies and meeting the love of his life in his journey. Watch how Ken will stike down his enemies from their pedestal and crush their arrogance to protect his loved ones, friends, family and the woman he loved.

  • Urban farming

    Urban farming

  • Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon)

    Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon)



    What if in the era where awakener hunt in the dungeon, the weakest awakener suddenly gain an ability as a Dungeon-Master?A story about Ray, an orphan who strived in the era of awakening to help his orphanage.In this era of awakening, humanity had gained the power to fight against numerous monsters and dungeons that suddenly appeared in the world. Ray, our protagonist, suddenly gains the power of a dungeon master. However, without him knowing, the system has a special plan for him. Follow his journey to make the strongest farm inside the dungeon and gaining beautiful women along the way!The Netori and harem part will be on the later chapter, about 20 or later, and the Netori will come slowly not like my other story. So please stay tuned ^_^Additional tag: action, rudeyoungmaster, no netorare, mature woman, No R-18, evolution, chickens, money-grubbing protagonist, dense protagonist, love interest fall in love first, beautiful female lead, rich office ladies, netori specialist.Discord:

  • Farming lord

    Farming lord

    Leo lived a good life. But he was old and didn’t want to die. He has a family and for the first time this year he won’t be farming. You see Leo is an inventor and a farmer. He found a way to get robots to do all the farming!! Who needs chemicals when mechanics will do it while leaving the plants chemical free!! He will now be free to do what ever he wants. Unfortunately the kingdom of Altranis has a big problem! They are ALL starving, except for the nobles. You see the nobles have sworn a covenant to not control the peasants as long as the peasants provide food. So the nobles simply ask for 95% of all food produced in return they don’t mess with the peasants with force. This covenant was sworn under the God of Neutrality. Just one problem Altranis isn’t from earth and Leo is... also i don’t feel inclined to tell either them!?

  • Chilly farming

    Chilly farming

  • Organic Farming

    Organic Farming

  • God of Farming

    God of Farming

  • Divine Farming System

    Divine Farming System



    Feng Shaotian was a depressed person living in earth, he had attempted lots of things that might end his life but was futile. The only way he found to escape his hard life was novels. A normal day comes when he went to his bed to take rest when something happened that was beyond belief. [Completed Story on Goodnovel]

  • Farming For Gold

    Farming For Gold



    When given a chance to join one of the top guilds of the VRMMO Otherworld Winston jumps at the chance. However, he soon finds out that when they hired him as a guild farmer they weren't talking about killing goblins. Forced into working fields for the next three months Winston decides to make the most of it. Watch as he becomes the greatest farmer in Otherworld.AN: I'm looking at 1 update a week. My chapters are long. Usually in the 3-5k word range. I should be able to keep the chapter quality up at that rate, without tossing in a bunch of pointless filler while I figure out how I want to move the story along.

  • Farming Empire System

    Farming Empire System

    Every person have is own dreams, to be a superhero maybe to be the richest person in the world but have you ever thought that our dreams were born with us. If someone follows his dream everything in the world will help him achieve it, but if he just chases it in his dreams then don’t ever dream about achieving it.Our MC is looking to follow his dream, runs towards it and see if the world will help him or be against him.This is my first time writing a story and I hope it will be to your liking. I read a lot of novels and I was like why should I not try to write one.

  • Picked Up A Husband For Farming

    Picked Up A Husband For Farming



    The miracle doctor, Xu Qing, accidentally fell into the water and died. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself having transmigrated into a farming novel. Then, she felt excruciating pain in the lower half of her body. Xu Qing looked down in disbelief. As a thirty-year-old unmarried single woman, she was in the midst of giving birth to a child! Staring at the three babies who were barely breathing, Xu Qing almost went mad. Why did she suddenly become a mother of three? Her father exclaimed, “How dare you give birth to b*stard children before getting married?! We don’t have a daughter like you. Scram!” Before Xu Qing could even catch her breath after bearing children, she was chased out of the house by her father. Fortunately, her mother pitied her and secretly gave her an acre of land to aid in her survival. With no options left, Xu Qing picked up a hoe and started farming. ‘Hey, that unconscious mister over there, please die somewhere else! Don’t dirty my corn field!’ After dragging the unconscious man to a side, Xu Qing suddenly remembered that she needed help taking care of her children. This man would do! Later on, Qiao Yanhui knelt down before his angry wife with an aggrieved look on his charming face. He had one child on each arm, and another clinging to his head. He looked up at Xu Qing pitifully. “Honey, it’s the effect of my family genes. I can’t control my genes from producing so many babies…” “Out! Get out now!” Xu Qing kicked him aside. Who knew that the man she picked up turned out to be the father of her children. Had she known, she would’ve left him to die in the corn field.

  • Farming Hero

    Farming Hero

    Farmers have been excluded as a trash class, but when a young man named Seok Nankang stumbles on the first god ranked class. What will happen to Seok Nankang?edit 1: wow I'm having serious writer's block, is this how writers feel when they having it?

  • EXP Farming Simulator

    EXP Farming Simulator

    Eastern Fantasy COMEDY CULTIVATION


    Where you get EXP.

  • Gold farming

    Gold farming

  • Farming badge

    Farming badge