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  • The Darkness I fathom

    The Darkness I fathom

  • Below the Fathoms

    Below the Fathoms


    Two sisters are born. Ursula and Morgana. One beloved (Not really). And the other ignored and not taken seriously. Living at the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in an empire led by their mother, they each had their role to play. You would think being the daughters of the most feared empress in all the oceans would be fun. But alas, it wasn't always like that. They are trained to hurt and kill since childhood. But for the two sisters, it's normal. Just another chore to do. They weren't really evil.Living in the Kingdom of Atlantica has its perks. For Triton, it was meeting a certain beautiful redhead. The non-perks would be getting captured and tortured by eight-armed freaks to be used as slaves, and then having their bodies dumped in front of their kingdom. (Oh, and don't forget being abandoned since birth and dealing with a snobby purple-haired mermaid.)You think you know the story?Evil witch tricks a stupid teenager into running off with a stranger and then gets shishkabobed? Then the crazy witch's sister appears after more than 15 years later to avenge and copy her sister who tried to rule all the oceans and then tricks another stupid teenager into robbing her grandpa before getting turned into an ice cube? Ha! Fool. This is the story beyond the fathoms you think you know.I don't own many of these characters, all credit goes to the people who helped put this movie together, like Pat Caroll , Samuel E. Wright, Jodi Benson, Jason Marin, Howard Ashman, John Musker, etc. I am not an expert in marine creatures, so I'm sorry if I get things wrong. (There is violence because this is the story of two of the most infamous Disney villains, so caution is advised there could be some potentially triggering content in here. And there's some cringe on the way I'm a noob)

  • Trapped With The Condom CEO

    Trapped With The Condom CEO


    I'm Trapped With this condom CEO! He is My Boss and He's such a Jerk! I love-hate him. He is a thorn in my flesh but still, i find it difficult to stop working for him. The reason was something I couldn't fathom. I'm just so confused. Is this love? Is this hate? Or love-hate? If you want to know, just follow my story and let me know what you think about what I feel for him on the comment section.

  • What It Cost For Bewitching Him

    What It Cost For Bewitching Him

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY URBAN


    This story is about a beautiful and charming girl; Aleina Kallis who is fun, smart, bold, studious and very determined in making a name for herself. She belonged to a rich family that was famous for running a well-known Real estate company - The Kallis Estate. Everybody envied Aleina for having it all; ethereal beauty, loving parents and perfect siblings but what you see is not always true. Her father was very abusive, always venting out his frustration on Aleina for reason; nobody could even fathom. Her elder brother was the adored son of the family. Her elder sister was always jealous of Aleina for her beauty and intelligence which is why she kept degrading her in front of their parents. Distressed and filled with bruises hidden underneath her clothes, the 16 year old Aleina decided to accept the invitation of her cousin to go with her to her husband's company celebration. Aleina didn't know that by going to that celebration party her fate would be sealed. The Underworld King of Country D, Alex Rodriguez, famous for being the devil incarnate himself and being devilishly handsome, was mesmerized by Aleina's beauty and decided then and there to hunt his prey slowly by breaking her down completely and making her surrender to him. Aleina's life turned for the worse after the party and she felt like her beauty was curse. She soon realized, in a painstaking way - What It Cost for Bewitching Him. ------------------- Hello my beautiful creatures! This is my first novel so please go easy on me. There lots of twists and turns and it will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Please give this novel a chance and i promise you won't regret it. Please vote for me as well. Thank you!

  • Her Minds Instinct

    Her Minds Instinct

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION MAFIA


    "It was wild to think that maybe I could be normal, wild to think that maybe I had left this dangerous lifestyle," I murmured, taking a shot as I turned around only to find the gun pointed to my head. "You should know by now, love. No one ever escapes..." he said. I once believed that I was his and he was mine but now look at him, a fool with no conscience. Or maybe I had lost mine... "You better aim right and not miss because if you don't... I will kill you myself." I whispered, taking a seat and watching him with a teasing smile. I knew for a fact that I would never miss. A young woman on the rise, living a life that most can only dream of. Having no one but her colleagues from childhood. Dreams can only fathom reality until a taste of desire and love changes the rise. Having been betrayed, broken, rejected, and lost. Unico finds her purity stained with blood but no regret. In cuffs but no denial. Being sentenced, to tell the truth, therapy may be the only redemption. Unico Thora hopes to find a balance between the past and the present as she figures out the lead to her downfall.

  • The Alpha's Mermaid

    The Alpha's Mermaid


    **THE COVER PHOTO DOESN'T BELONG TO ME. TAKEN FROM PINTEREST** "Fuck fate, I want only you. I will fight the world to be with you because I know, every drop of blood I shed will be worth every kiss you reward me with. You are my salvation, love." ══════════════════ Lucian Rexton is the ruthless Alpha who is overprotective of his pack but is just and well respected. His forest green eyes are mesmerizing and have broken many hearts. When he comes of age, though, he had to leave his playboy ways to be true to his mate, Mia. He loves his mate dearly and feels that he finally has everything he can ask for. Esmeray is a mermaid. Mated to the sea prince, Triton, she is happier than ever and is excited to be the future Queen of the sea. She loves him with all her heart and Triton makes her happy in ways she can't fathom. But one mistake causes her to get lost in a land she has never seen before. She meets Lucian and when she does, she knew that nothing will ever be the same again. And why does Lucian finds himself wanting to kiss the strange girl he had rescued from the sea? They shouldn't feel this way because they aren't mates. But then, why does this feel so right? ══════════════════ ***CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT*** ***NO RAPE*** ***NO SELF-HARM*** .

  • Infallible Oathbreaker

    Infallible Oathbreaker


    Every day for six years straight, from the time he was twelve, Darius Omen hit an anvil with a hammer ten thousand times a day without stopping. He did not know the reason why he needed to, all he knew was that he had to. Little did he know that hit by hit, strike by strike, his originally meek body was being refined into something that had never been seen before in the history of mankind. In the war against spirits, mankind had little to be proud of. Yet one day a young man entered the battlefield. He dazzled millions and killed even more, all with merely a rusty old hammer than no one could hold or fathom.

  • Living Life As A Game: Through And Through

    Living Life As A Game: Through And Through



    A seemingly random instance of character creation on the deep dark web changes the life of a socially inept and insufferable game addict, Adrian, in more ways than he could ever have fathomed.A transformation and pact with a Goddess force him out of his comfortable lifestyle as the wastrel son of billionaire parents.Entered in the Cataclysm, an apocalyptic battle royale for the Chosen of Sponsor Gods and Goddess, with his life effectively changed into that of a game character, Adrian has to confront underground Secret Societies, Magic, Cultivation, and change dramatically if he is to have the slightest chance of survival.With Book 2 done, here comes the shamelessness...Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19948943Paypal: paypal.me/VermillionYormsky

  • Blows from her vows

    Blows from her vows

    Contemporary Romance R18

    This romance does not only take the readership on an erotic roller-coaster ride of romance but also brew genuine sex feelings as they fathom the goings-on in it. Blows from her vows encompass uncountable sex scenes that will leave the readership gasping for more. It also has the propensity to help and stimulate the sensual moods of whoever shall lay hands on it owing to its extraordinary plot of well-orchestrated threads of hot romantic scenes. BLURB • Title: Blows from her vows • Author: Harry Elvis Mushonga • Genre: Romance/Erotic • Language: English • Rating: +18 Blows from her vows is an intriguing romance that has the propensity to take the readership on a telepathic and electrifying erotic adventure with its well-orchestrated explicit scenes. Jillian is not only a graduate road construction artisan but also a very intelligent boss, a lady with a knack for seducing men of her taste with the artistry of a veteran. Her seductive bait captures the unsuspecting married Jason leading to a scenario of high-sounding promises that blinded the latter to end up neglecting and betraying the trust of his otherwise faithful wife, Delia. Jilian does not only restrict her erotic exploits and grand pledges to nearby Jason but also stretches them to James and Jordan. It so happened that she decided to exchange vows with Jordan and what transpired in the aftermath of this holy matrimony is theatrical and unfortunate. All those sweet and say promises that she makes to her lost lovers would turn out to be ashy and trashy to invite backlash blows left, right, and centre. An out and out, adult-reading-only, romance that will not only intrigue readers but also invoke sexual feelings as if they watching a blue movie. A must-read.

  • Super Ordinary

    Super Ordinary

    What if you live in a world where cataclysmic clashes of superpowers are nothing but the norm? What if you are born different from them all? Yet despite this, everyone who knows about you seems to be looking for you for some strange reason you do not know about. Could it be that you hold a special ability which no one, even those with superpowers could ever fathom? Could it be that you are the key to something greater than you can imagine?Welcome to Verdona's world, a world where celestial beings, superheroes and fairytale creatures congregate and come to life; a world where the super-ordinary becomes ordinary. Can the ordinary be super-ordinary after all?



    Contemporary Romance R18

    Lone Errands is an urban plotted romance that sensationally brings out retrospective and posthumous scenes through an assertive proliferation of erotic and touching events concocted with a heavy dosage of strategized corruption in elite circles where bribery-hinged impunity often triumphs over prosecution. The readership is poised to fathom Anable’s sophisticated romantic maze synonymous with secretive egocentric sexual indulgence, let alone the secret-gold digging that made her lay her body on the line under the nose of his equally cheating billionaire boyfriend Trey. She is portrayed as an adamant survivor of a barrage of onslaughts engendered by destiny and self-driven subjectivity. The irresistible and solo-going Anable plays a hyperbole-powered role that sees atonement overcoming her egoistic and intransigent sex contrabands synonymous with running upmarket brothel operations. The anti-climax plotted novel’s comic resolution has the propensity to make people wake up to the reality that all roads eventually lead back home. Yes! After all the chicken-like skits, there comes a time to roost as she eventually tied the knot with longtime cohabitant Trey thereby eventually coiling her scandalous tail

  • My boss-baby-daddy-crush

    My boss-baby-daddy-crush



    "I used to help him keep his secret, the next thing I know I became the secret he kept.” As soon as Lizeth Francisco reached 18, misfortune came to their family and she had to postpone college and started working at the lowest position in the clothing industry. That way she could pursue her studies as a working student. Lizeth knew at that age she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. She pied courters after courters but when she met her philanderous boss, her life had changed utterly. Xander Callens was the boss that seemed like a father to her if talking about the age gap. He was also the kind of man she never dreamed to be in a relationship with, two-faced, double-crossing, and chameleon-like. The kind of man she hated in general. However, she never anticipated that she could fall into his charm. How can she love a man morally unfit for her? A few months ago she knew she never would, but at this moment, she didn’t know herself anymore. What truly made her fall in love with Xander was more than people could fathom. But she saw something in him that only she knew and they didn’t. A story of a young working girl who got a crush on her married boss. The situation sucked for them when they started to fall in love.

  • Information Grid as a Cheat

    Information Grid as a Cheat


    This guy is a friendly neighborhood intergalactic spy. Unfortunately, his life is in jeopardy due to his career choice, but his enemies are too wide and too galactic he cannot evade them. So he goes nuclear. To start over, he kills his old life but wakes up in an android. Moreover, he also hatches a brilliant plan to make his former life completely disappear, so that he may be considered well and truly dead. It's a deadly plan with very low chances of survival but it's all he's got. Will he make it, and more importantly, what kind of new life will he make for himself? This is a journey of love, war, and magic. You will also find plenty of Kingdom building going on. A new world and a new lease of life, with nightmares he cannot even begin to fathom. However, the man quickly realizes that with his power he had more to offer than just espionage. With his strength, he might just be powerful enough to save the universe.

  • The Hot Bully and His Nerdy Pet

    The Hot Bully and His Nerdy Pet


    Brandon saved Brianna from the numerous bullies in her school and took the position of bullying her instead. She was a nerd and she hated him with passion. Bullying was just for fun until his feelings changed. He found himself deriving not only pleasure but also happiness from having her close. He realized his feelings had changed, but he couldn't fathom what it was all about. Until he discovered he was about to lose her.

  • Crazed Apex

    Crazed Apex


    Fate, who was born with a cracked mana core was quickly disposed of by his parents which was throwing him inside the sephtis abyss which was known to be the most gruesome, horrifying, murderous place where demons and other dark beings roam. The Elven continent, the Human continent, The Dwarven continent and the Demi-Human continent couldn't hold a candle to the beings inside the abyss so no continent went near the place. The child who was a waste who was surely to die in this hell was taken in by the most powerful being that ruled the abyss. Fate, who was raised by this being, saw her as his mother figure and followed her lead as what to do, which was hunt, train, eat, sleep, and sleep and especially sleep. One day, Fate's mother healed his broken mana core and sent him out of the abyss. "Fate, my dear child, this abyss is no place for a human... go enjoy the world." Fate, who stepped foot outside of the abyss for the first time in his 22 years of life couldn't help but fathom the difference. "Why are all of the monsters so weak..." "Why is everyone so shit at fighting?" "Damn... its so bright." "Why is no one hunting?" "Why is everyone's mana so weak?" The whole world did not realize that a 'monster' just emerged from the abyss, a being which can easily crush an entire army and ruin a continent. Read about Fate's journey outside of the abyss where he will gain enemies, allies, lovers, and even being recognized by the royal families of each continent and even running into his biological parents who threw him away when he was an infant. -------------- 1 chapter every day please show some support and leave a power stone! Picture cover is not mine. [A/N: Before you start reading, please understand that this is fiction, anything resembling anything offensive is a mere coincidence, I have no intention of offending any kind of group, this is just a novel I'm writing for fun] I hope you enjoy the story!

  • The secrets of lost city

    The secrets of lost city



    In order for a mediocre person to defeat a genius, one has to become a demon.Past never dies....I am in love with a fairy tale even if it hurts,I don't care if I lose my mind cause I am already cursed.If I die, all of you may live.If I don’t, you should all forget about even thinking that you can walk out of here alive. "You're crazy.""Only for you.""Don't leave me." She blurted out without thinking."I won't, not even if you beg me to. You're mine until death do us apart, and even when it does, I will seek you out in our next life." He declared, his arms tightening around her. He was sure of it. Nothing in this world could separate him from her. He was too deeply in love with her to even fathom the idea of leaving her.There are things I want to protect and there are things I must protect and thus this gives me strength to go on.“I fear most that all of you would forget about me if I disappear from this world one day. I wish that all of you could remember me forever. That way, it would prove that I didn’t lead my life for nothing.”Liking someone only needs a single glance, but loving someone requires an entire lifetime. A journey of a person who end up doing a thing that no one would forget for ages. “Live because of you, die because of you!”History are made by those who go beyond fear..Death I don't fear death because death fear's from me.“I want you. I don’t know if I love you but I know that I like you a lot. I like your smile, I like looking at you and I don’t wish to see you sad. The reason I’m doing all this is all because of you. If someone were to lay their hands on you, I won’t allow it, no matter who they are. Is my desire to monopolize too strong? I’m only afraid that you’ll feel aggrieved if you were to be with me.”

  • the abomination

    the abomination


    When alice moved into Chainville with her aunt, she did not expect to find trouble. Being the cursed wolf definitely meant that trouble would follow her everywhere, but not in that hot mess of an Alpha. It was hate at first sight. She detested him the first time her eyes fell on him. She hated the way he appeared, acted as though he carried the entire world on his shoulders. Ryder's name was a norm, a taboo, and an abomination..it had always been so..He had always enjoyed bathing in the suit of fame... Alice hated his meticulous character, she did not need to know much about the most feared bad boy in Chainville, to fathom that his ties were linked to the underground werewolf community. As for Ryder Black, Alice Bennet was nothing more than the conquest he needed to prove his dominance and assertion with. The only one that dared talk back, dared stand up against him. he hated her for everything she was worth, the beautiful plus size girl did not appeal to Ryder black. Their first meeting is one filled with chaos and violence. where one crosses the boundary and another pushes back. but were Sparks meant to fly? was there really an expectation for The Fire that ignited between those two souls to connect in such a dignified way? These two rivals never saw it coming. that no matter how hard they tried to fight destiny, the moon goddess always had a plan to bring soul mates together. She was not only a werewolf but cursed with numerous supernatural abilities.. Will love thrive where betrayal stands? What happens, if Alice Bennet woos the heart of the stubborn Alpha Werewolf...

  • Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world (Hiatus)

    Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world (Hiatus)


    Face flawless as a model, looks delicate as feathers, eyes innocent as child- Arsenio Ishiko, the Almighty Big Boss, the fathomable leader of the nationwide mafia group, finds a girl that catches his interest at the first sight.But wait...She is not exactly what she looks like.Huh?How did the man that offended her ended up dead with his whole family?How did the girl who picked up on her is now crippled and broke?But wait again...Their royal and regal Almighty Big Boss who NEVER EVER spares a glance to fairer sex is suddenly interested in talking to that little fox?And he, who treats women like viruses, just patted that little fox head to encourage her?Something is fishy."Who exactly is she? Is Angeline even her real name?" Status: Currently passed. Not dropped.

  • Elven Swordsman

    Elven Swordsman


    With the fall of the heroes, just the religion made by people remain. Even after the races were united by them, they still have discontent. A boy who can't still fathom the world is sent out in the conflicts. Even after knowing his incompatibility with the world, he still tries to survive.

  • The Price of Life

    The Price of Life

    Humans roam the earth all in search of something, but never realize that their living comes at a price. A price that they cannot even begin to fathom.