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  • Feminism's influence

    Feminism's influence


    Inspired by influencers, authors and speakers, Anita ponders the idea of feminism while familiarizing herself the consequences and the struggles of serving the community while also preserve her image towards her old fashioned and conservative family, while living with a double-faced personality she stumbles upon a family history that explains her older sister's disappearance and having her own urges to meet the same fate.

  • Lilith's Feminism "(Woman's Demand For Gender Equality)"

    Lilith's Feminism "(Woman's Demand For Gender Equality)"


    Lilith is a feminist who demanded independence. She rebelled against the man, Adan and her creator Theo, demanding equality with man in authority. Her Audacity inspired the angels in Nirvana and caused them to rebel against their creator, Theo. The revolt broke out in Nirvana and the angels alongside their guardian, Phosporos were banished by Theo from Nirvana They met Lilith mourning southward of Elysian Plain where she dwells. So, Phosporos made a league with her and caused her to abandon her husband, Adan. Adan was left mourning and pleading for her return but Theo created a new female, Eva out of the ribs of Adan. Lilith broke the league with Phosporos after he was trapped in Hell. Lilith remembered home, Elysian Plain and returned to her husband but found him with a new wife, Eva. She pretended to have love for her so that she might reconcile with Adan and find a place to live. Indeed, Adan welcomed her as his preserver but later beguiled them to eat of the forbidden fruit and Theo banished them into mortal realm, Midgard but Lilith remained Immortal but a wandering vagabond. Lilith saw the happiness of Adan and Eva was jealous of them and she afflicted Adan with wet dreams and so that he may lose romantic interest for sexual intercourse with his wife and her plot prevailed. Eva boiled in anger against Lilith and she rebuked her. Michael came down and marries Lilith. She gave birth to gigantic gods and the goddesses. She repented from her immoral behavior against Adan and Eva and they enjoyed their romantic relationship and produced children and generations of Midgard which is earth. Lilith demanded her own realm and Theo built Abraham’s Bosom and Lilith settled therein with her children. Her children explored Hell and were trapped in Hades and they were transformed and became the most powerful devils who worked to afflict Humanity but others escaped to their mother. Theo caused Lilith to be reborn in a form of a woman and she gave birth to the messiah who died at his early age and went to hell to fight Phosporos and his host. He prevailed and abolished Abraham’s bosom. Then took all that was in Abraham’s Bosom back to Elysian Plain. The Holy spirit came to live in humankind, and he was the help in all that they needed. Therefore, we saw the rise of the Christianity and Democracy was established.

  • Anemones



    "A story about the editorial world of a men's magazine... 'Anemones' is a love story with elements of betrayal or a story of betrayal with elements of love. All this in the scenery of the high society we long for; additionally packed with culinary and automotive trips. Anemones slightly feminizes reality and it is a thing that should attract many readers - men and women equally. It's about men! But written in the author's optics, so all readers will find their fascinations fulfilled.”

  • Killer Stilettos

    Killer Stilettos


    (Editing/Re-writing) Scarlett Jones. One of the world's top supermodels, fashion guru, style creator, designer and business icon is a hard-minded feminist who had to crawl her way from the bottom, right to the very top of the food chain. Feminism doesn't define men as useless, but Scarlett's principles definitely labels them as such. But when on a hot, Friday afternoon in Rome, the Pantheon seems to reveal more secrets than Apollodorus hid in its tombs and obelisk's and Jean Haverton springs up from nowhere, Scarlett is sent spiraling down a past long forgotten-or not? Secrets are out in the air, danger looms fervently and even more secrets brew. But also, something long dead is awakened and it doesn't seem to want to go back to being dead. Love. Will Scarlett believe Jean's ambiguous explanations? Or will she fly right back to Paris and bury that meeting along with Raphael's remains underneath his tomb?

  • The Gender Bending System

    The Gender Bending System

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 SYSTEM

    A young man named Daniel suddenly experiences a "magical adventure" one day and is cursed with a "Gender Bending System" of sorts. Every night he is to receive two random transformations that slowly make him a girl, all the while he must try to complete system quests to mitigate these transformations.This is my first smut work, though it isn't my first novel. I know that gender-bending is somewhat niche but realize that it's the threat of said feminization that drives things, not its actual occurrence. Most of the story will take place with him as a guy, though he will become a girl eventually.TF tags: MtF, Slow, Mental ChangesR-18 tags: MF, FF, F-selfCover Artist: Karutamo

  • A Fulfilled Promise of Mr. CEO

    A Fulfilled Promise of Mr. CEO

    Mary Ann Anderson is a kind hearted woman who lost her feminity at the age of nineteen just because she helped a stranger who was under the influence of a drug. Desperate that things may go astray, she sacrificed her body for the man and as a sign of overwhleming gratitude, the man decides to promise to take responsibility of what he had done to her.John Lopez, a man who loves to wander to eacape his troubled family finds himself meeting the same woman after five years passing. Due to circumstances, their fate led them to meeting and discovering each other's real identity and as John remembers his past promise, will it be too late for him to fulfill it now?After five years passing, can he finally fulfill his promise?

  • The weapon of words

    The weapon of words


    Girl power Army Power In loveDiscoveringFeminism

  • I am a Girl

    I am a Girl

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Although no two women are the same, we're all equally marvelous.This is a book for short poems, articles, stories, feelings based on woman and womanhood. Feminism with a bit of spice and feels of being a female. Stories of today's world and ancient world.

  • The Blackbellied President's Beloved Housewife

    The Blackbellied President's Beloved Housewife


    From her father's house to her husband's, she has never had to work a day in her life. Trained since young, she was groomed to become the best wife. But how many would appreciate the value of a housewife in the modern world? It's the era of a dual income family, feminism, etc. etc. "Men want women with goals." "Do something real with your life. It's embarrassing that women are still wasting their lives and education on menial unfulfilling child care tasks. No educated women should be doing this--save it for the hired help. I have no respect for women who leech off of their husbands." After three years of marriage, her husband ran away with another woman; a vivacious career woman. Divorced and unemployed, what man can afford to marry a full-time housewife? Luckily, a certain blackbellied president has a job only she can do. "Be my wife." [Amamiya Anna, Housewife Lvl. 999] [Skills include: Cooking. Cleaning. Sewing. The Four Arts. Befriending her in-laws. Fighting against women in love with her husband, and his ex-wife. Taming her blackbellied husband and his sons.]

  • Masculinism



    In another dimension or universe where women are powerful than men. It's where women look down on men. They rule over the world where you can say feminism got out of hand. But that's not the true meaning of feminism-- ANYWAY our protagonist Griffin Conway is going to change the world. How? you ,me and anyone doesn't know so why don't you join this entertaining roller coaster ride of Griffin's in a place where women's mighty weapon are words. They attack mentally, emotionally and almost physically..."Women nowadays are scary..." -my friend

  • The Legend of Fei Wanrou

    The Legend of Fei Wanrou


    Fei Wanrou meets the deepest point of her life because of that fateful night she had no choice but to create a fiery path on her own and that is going to WAR! As she learns how to fight off the enemies the more she want her skin to be hardened¹ and with that she officially became a soldier. Fei Wanrou ventured herself from different places to protect the country's border, enemies piles up one after another. As her name spread throughout the country, let's join her in her journey as she reach the pinnacle of life and becoming a renowned Youngest Female General of the military."A girl is no femine when she has a sword" — Fei Wanrou¹: A strong soldier

  • Happy 1-Wheel Valentine's

    Happy 1-Wheel Valentine's

    The world has changed. We talked about male-dominance, we talked about humanity and equality, we talked about feminism and now we're talking about female-dominance. Sounded strange to you? The organization AELGA or All Earth Ladies and Girls Association has made it possible. Forget about Illuminati and Hydra, fear the AELGA. It's the never-ending thirst of power, of dominance, of love, of dependency and overall of existence. Feel the change around you. Fake domestic violence and rape cases, gender-based reservation, sexism, politics, Emotional Atyachaar are the games now. You are a prisoner!

  • A Woman Slave Traider In Another World

    A Woman Slave Traider In Another World


    Isaki Toromi a boy who had femine features was on his way home from school, but as he was getting on the subway he was pulled back and the local gangsters mistaking him for a girl raped and abused him killing him in the end, "Why, why did that happend to me, yeah i look like a girl but still." "It's okay my child I shall give you another chance in a new world."Isaki opened his eyes, he looked around him, he was in an ally way he only had a towel on and was bruised all over, he looked down."Where, where am I!"Isaki who had become a girl with Androphobia, in this new world, how will hi- her life go from now on.

  • Dragon Age: The Born Queen (Vol.1)

    Dragon Age: The Born Queen (Vol.1)

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC DRAGON

    This is the story of a teen girl who lives in the time of Mammoths and sabre tooth tigers. After thousands of years, lies have been spread about the dragons that attack her village. But when Lian begins to notice that the dragons never harm her, she starts wondering if her life has been a lie.Follow her on her adventure as she meets new friends; an over-confident talking dragon, a sabre tooth tiger Alpha, who also happens to be a young gentleman, and many more.Follow her as she tries to bring peace to the dragons and men, and tries to figure out which of the two Clans does she really belong to.Friendships, mysterys, betrayals, deaths, discoveries, feminism and survival, this is the story of Dragon Age.-Cover by KittyCatzy on Wattpad-

  • Destiny of Sold Woman

    Destiny of Sold Woman


    In today's era where the issue of feminism is on it's peak, there are still many places on this earth , which are out of reach of this modern world and treat the woman as their asset. One such place is the island of Barico in the center of Indian ocean. They have their own rule, regulations and lifestyles. They consider their God as the supreme authority, so they sell their daughters and other virgin girl children directly to the priests of temples, so the girls can serve the God.In the name of serving God, the girls are treated as slaves and their lives are miserable. Since, the girls have no helper or hope as everyone is blind towards their sufferings in the name of blind faith. But, finally God listens to them and sends his messiah for them, but, completely to perform things on his will only.What will happen to those people and their believes when Victor - a time traveler from the parallel universe will land to the estranged island of Barico and find the practices happening there are completely different from his beliefs and principles.Would he stay there and make the conscience of people living there aware or return to his world leaving it as it is?

  • Maybe this wasn't such a bad world after all...

    Maybe this wasn't such a bad world after all...

    Don't read itIt just some ideas....I was planning to make this girl who become a boy when she reincarnated in game like world to receive a cheat "perfect loot". It means that she can get all the loot that could possibly get when you kill the monster.Then she thought she might as well go travelling and see the world while doing quest since money is not a problem anymore she could just sell the rare equipment in an auction house.Thennnnnn two years has passed, at a certain town she caught the attention of teachers from prestigious school. They offered her and she accepted cause she wants the knowledge in the library of the school. However since 2 years have passed everyone already started school so when she comes everyone was curious furthermore they found out she was a commoner but she dress lavishly like a noble. His outside appearance completely look like noble not like a commoner at all.At first everyone was "she just pretend to be a noble" later on she face slap those people with her wealth and also because of the service that she made "she could get any loot if requested" a year ago a lot of high upper nobles already acquainted with him. Because of this service too she had to learn how nobles etiquette and such but because she was once a girl eventhough she learns the boy etiquette, she exert a certain charm from feminity and masculinity so everyone was more attaracted to her. Unexpectedly(not really lol) she got the attention of the 5 princes of the school, each and everyone of them have high status(here comes the cliche) but the main reason is they were told to keep an eye on her from their parents cause indirectly she helped the 5 princes' parent getting the rare loot even one of the loot are being used by the princes at that time. So they agreed and tried to get closer to her.However, they really didn't expect they would get charmed to the extent that they would pull her into their circle. At first everyone was on guard because she have a lot of secrets even when they investigate her not much coming out since she comes from a smaller town and when she got her adventurer licence she lied about her name so they couldn't found where she belongs to. Even the rare loot she got doesn't have any explanation. Later on these secret intrigue them to find out more about her but more secrets comes out instead so they just keep her close by convincing themselves they were just curious and all that they "totally" didn't have any feelings for her.Unfortunately she didn't planned to stay long, so after a year passed she already got all the knowledge she's curious about, she left leaving the school behind. The 5 princes were stunned then they found out that the teacher who offer her to go to their school already make a deal with her, she said she would only leave after a year and if she decided to stay then it's up to her decision only. The 5 princes felt lost from the sudden dissapearance of her so they decided to chase after her under the excuse "they were out to gain experiences" since their school permitted that as long as it didn't exceed a year dissapearance.While she was about to get onto the ship, she got caught from one of the princes. At this point they were all went to yandere mode saying "You can't leave me behind" "Where do you think you're going" so all them ended up going to an island where she planned to go since there is a special festival going there. Since they were afraid that she would suddenly run away again they forced her to sign a contract using magic it's nothing harmful using the contract they be able to tell her location.And then... I got no ideas left... Hmmm actually about the 5 princes i was planning to meet them when she is still travelling/adventuring in those 2 years. She was wearing a mask and she got into a party of 5 princes so without knowing who she is, they got charmed. After that they got separated for awhile then they would meet at school so yeah that's it lol

  • A Fulfilled Promise of Mr CEO

    A Fulfilled Promise of Mr CEO

    Mary Ann Anderson, a kind hearted girl who lost her feminity at the age of nineteen to help a stranger, who ask for her help, and promise to be responsible to her, John Lopez, a man who love wanderings due to escaping the trouble of his family, why it's too late for him to keep his promise to a young girl who help him five years ago,

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