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  • King of Film

    King of Film



    Jiang Cheng a screenwriter is reincarnated to 2001, into the seventeen-year-old body of another Jiang Cheng. Clutching onto the dreams of his previous life he attempts to succeed where he previously failed. He starts from scratch, as a small-time screenwriter writing television shows and movie scripts. Filled with dreams of becoming a generational entertainment legend and establishing an entertainment empire he takes the road to become the King of Film._____________________________________________*Discord: not try my other books: Angel of Death and Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant

  • Film Director

    Film Director


    Vikas Kumar died in a terrorist attack on his way to the premiere of his first commercial film.He was reborn on parallel Earth-69, where Entertainment industry is devoted towards Adult industry in need to increase population.'Great Entertainment System' was the gold finger he received after rebirth.He wants to recreate all the blockbusters on earth in this world.

  • Film master

    Film master

    Some people say that he is a young genius, and some people say that he is an arrogant fool. Some people say that he is a playboy, and some people say that he is a peerless man... The film critics love him, the fans are crazy for him, the female stars want to approach him, the theater owners are more like him as God... look at his The list of works, both Oscar-level literary classics and phenomena-level commercial writing, he always leads the trend of the film. A Chinese-American devotee who studied in Harvard West Lake Middle School, wakes up in time and embarks on a glorious thorn road to save his family and pursue his dreams. Ye Wei, a film master is on the rise.

  • Menjadi Istri Sang Bintang Film

    Menjadi Istri Sang Bintang Film

    Jiang Tingxu adalah seorang dokter yang pernah bertugas di medan peran. Ia magang di sebuah rumah sakit. Ia dikenal sebagai seorang dokter sangat berbakat dan disukai rekan sejawatnya. Sebagai istri dari seorang aktor terkenal, Mo Boyuan, ia merahasiakan identitasnya kepada rekan-rekannya yang juga penggemar fanatik sang suami. Karena tidak tahan dengan situasi tersebut, ia berencana menceraikan suaminya. Namun, ia harus mengambil hati putranya terlebih dahulu.

  • Chain of Film

    Chain of Film

    In every life, there is death. But what if in every death there's an important film will play? What if behind those smirks are the saddest smile you didn't expect, behind those sincere smile are the most cruel laugh you'll ever heard?

  • Film God

    Film God


  • Film Writer

    Film Writer

  • Film Out

    Film Out

    In my dreams, I only see you. In my memories, I only can touch you...

  • Film KKN di Desa Penari yang saat ini sedang booming adalah film yang

    Film KKN di Desa Penari yang saat ini sedang booming adalah film yang

  • A Film for a Few Friends

    A Film for a Few Friends

  • The Film Prince Husband [BL]

    The Film Prince Husband [BL]


    Cover from tumblr by: @haruradostudio Family Rules: 1. The first born male is the heir. And continues the family legacy. 3. Any male born after will have to marry the same gender. So that there is no power struggle or family conflict. If male were to cheat on their spouse, they are to be kick out of the family. 3. Females are to marry in to families. To avoid any family conflict. These are the rules that Lee Landon family been following through decades of wealth. So as the second male born into the Lee Family, the family thought since he and his best friend Kang Elliott are good together, why not marry them. What will happen to their relationship? Will it change? Are they going to be closer or distant? Can they even find love?

  • Film Empress Wants To Be Remembered!

    Film Empress Wants To Be Remembered!


    Armed with an unforthcoming and narcissistic system and two lifetime's worth of knowledge, Su Qingtang aims to fix the bug in a novel world to finally give the male lead the happiness he deserves. After the author's plotholes leave the original world plot in shambles. At first, followed the dog blood [melodramatic] plot of provoking the female lead and meeting an early demise, but with little to no rewards. After seeing the light of being rebirthed for the second time she decides to live life the way she want to.She decides to live her dreams she had carried from her original world. Leaving her mark on the world! She's already died before what there to be afraid of? But what's this? Loyal hubby: Su Qingtang is mine!Daughter-con Jiang Shu: Scram! Qing-er is mineHer fans: Qing-er belongs to her fireflies {her fans}!Arrogant Ping-Pong: Remove your filthy paws off the master I have, although reluctantly, accepted! This bunny young master will not have you trying to steal her! Thy system was distressed. "Host, you can't just ignore the main mission like this!"

  • World beast horror film

    World beast horror film

    World beast horror story Film You can see the dangerous things in sites

  • Masti me gubbare film in

    Masti me gubbare film in

  • Flash Marriage with the Film Emperor

    Flash Marriage with the Film Emperor


    Rong Jiang Xi woke up after a drunken night and found herself in film emperor Li Chen's bed. Not long after, a child tottered over and called her "Mother"?! "I'm sorry, I'm only 22! I don't have a child as old as you!" "Dear, my child said you are her mother. You take responsibility and let's get red books, okay?" No! She just wanted a simple one night stand and loss her virginity. How did it become like this? After catching her boyfriend cheating on her, Rong Jiang Xi ended up in a hidden flash marriage with film emperor Li Chen, becoming the mother of his child. With his powers, she entered the stage, intending to step on that cheating bastard and make him regret abandoning her. Along the way, she found out a little more about her husband, Li Chen. Can she prevent herself from falling for this man who loves his late wife and resign to being her substitute, or will she make him fall for her and help him escape the shadows of the past that haunts him?

  • Film Emperor Girlfriend is a Palace Girl

    Film Emperor Girlfriend is a Palace Girl


    In ancient times, Ye Ci is a first rank maid who serves the Empress, however she was framed by someone and was sentenced to death. In modern times, Ye Ci is a new actress who had a secret love affair with an actor called Li Lun. She wanted their relationship to be exposed publicly, so she posted a picture of him holding her hand in Weibo waiting for him to confirm their relationship. However, Li Lun was actually fooling around with her and didn't expect that she posted their picture, so he denied it and let his fans go crazy insulting and scolding Ye Ci in the internet.The original Ye Ci couldn't handle the pressure and was heart broken, so she committed suicide...slitting her wrist. By the time she was saved, the original Ye Ci died and the ancient time Ye Ci took over. In her first drama, her role was a palace maid serving the emperor (Lu Chuan). Lu Chuan is a singer, an actor and won many movie awards. He was known as Film Emperor in the industry. His family is very wealthy and powerful as they are in military, politic and business. Watch how this film emperor became a wife-slave.

  • Film/Tv Adaptation,it is a book in which we find adapted, things,film.

    Film/Tv Adaptation,it is a book in which we find adapted, things,film.

  • The Film Emperor's Wife Is A Bully

    The Film Emperor's Wife Is A Bully


    "I made a big mistake!" Her sister was confused, Gong Mi could tell. Even now as she whispered to Gong Yi a safe distance away from the production crew she could still feel Tang jinyu's gaze piercing in their direction. It made her nervous to the point of shivering " what are you talking about?" Gong Yi asked her with an unimpressed look which made her to hurriedly try to salvage the situation " you remember that one boy I told you i bul.... Wasn't nice to in highschool?" " you mean that boy that had a crush on you?" Gong Mi nodded. It was also the same boy who she had abused mercilessly through the end of highschool She stole a gaze towards her boss direction, who knew that she would suddenly meet his cold eyes and the familiar fear she had felt before would arise once more " it's Tang Jinyu!" " you can't be serious " Gong Yi clearly didn't believe her. " stop making a fuse now" " No! I swear it's Tang Jinyu! He's only using you to get back at me for what I did to him back at school" Gong Yi was angry now based on the harsh glare she flashed her. Gong Mi was cold struck that she couldn't stop Gong Yi from walking away and back towards the direction of Tang Jinyu. The movie emperor wrapped his arms around Gong Yi all while his cold eyes remained on her, his eyes were clearly filled with amusement! Tang Jinyu!! Really going so far!!

  • The Empress of the National Film is Sweet as Honey

    The Empress of the National Film is Sweet as Honey

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION COMDIA


    Young Master Ye, what happened that year was an accident! I didn't want to do that! " "So, you don't want to be responsible for this?" The handsome, quiet, elegant and magnificent man narrowed his eyes dangerously. There were two small rolls next to him. One on the left and one on the right. They both looked at her anxiously ... During her coming-of-age ceremony, her older sister scum set her up and she ended up giving birth to two dead babies from an unknown father. Four years later, she came back to take revenge! And humble idiots who tried to oppress her, were destroyed one by one and those who did not believe her received a slap in the face. Those who owed it, don't even think about running away! There is no place where you will be safe from me! A sweet and gentle girl has turned into a beautiful demon, it is the monsters in the villains' nightmares. For she has become the greatest and most powerful of them all. Unbeknownst to her, she became the notorious phantom doctor, the God of Painters who was revered by tens of thousands, and even became the Empress of the world-famous film. Once careless, she was caught by Ye Lixiao, the relentless and cold-blooded patriarch of the Ye Family that everyone feared. Everyone also said that Ye Lixiao was a person with a clean heart, did not have much desire and did not like to approach the opposite sex. Xing Luo: F ***! If she knew who it was that simply spread this kind of deceitful propaganda, she would definitely kill that bastard! She just didn't know that the rumor was true, who she mused was Ye Lixiao, as he turned on the murderous way of winning a wife.

  • Like a Film (Parang Isang Pelikula)

    Like a Film (Parang Isang Pelikula)

    The story is about a senior high school boy who happens to suffer Identity Crisis, Family Issues and Heartbreak, but even though he suffer such condition there is no doubt that he has a good heart. Because of his good deeds, three boys are destined to accept and love him, as he continues to know his true self the answer will come to him when he realize who is making his heartbeat faster.

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