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  • Fire


    Richter and Tanner meet again! Tanner has a hard time staying in the straight life and out of the street life, and ex-cop Sandy watches his friend with both sadness and lust. When a fire in Sandy's nature park rages out of control, Tanner has to step up and give more of himself than he anticipated.

  • Fire


    "My lungs burning and heart throbbing, I wasn't paying attention to where I was running and the moment I glanced back and looked ahead my blood ran cold. It was one of them. One of the otherworldly people who came to wipe off humanity. That killed millions of our race. Whimpering I couldn't stop running. All I could do was escape the demonic creature that was chasing me and head straight towards another demon itself. But it's too late now. Closing my eyes I ran straight into the arms of a Zakeri. Waiting for my inevitable death."WARNING: MATURE CONTENT (18+)Note: This book is not for everyone. However if you're looking for adventure, sci Fi and Dark Romance then perhaps you might enjoy this. Thank you for reading

  • FIRE


    Luego del trágico incendio que marcó a todos los habitantes de Arows, Mikaell Torknouhtt, está empeñado en averiguar que fue lo que pasó.Pero tras ir en busca de pistas se encontrará con sucesos y hechos que no se espera.Y con verdades enterradas bajo los escombros que deseara jamás haber encontrado.¿Encontrará la verdad que tanto busca?, O ¿Sólo con respuestas a preguntas que jamás se hizo?¿Y tú, estas dispuesto a saberlas.?QUEDA RIGUROSAMENTE PROHIBIDA LA REPRODUCCIÓN PARCIAL O TOTAL DE ESTA OBRA POR CUALQUIER MEDIO, SIN LA AUTORIZACIÓN DEL AUTOR.

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  • Fire Mage

    Fire Mage



    John Browning, a former underworld assassin, went to his friend Angele's wedding party but ended up meeting his former colleagues. Before he could think that the whole wedding ceremony was a setup to catch him, he felt dizzy all of a sudden! At that moment, he knew that his lifelong friend had already betrayed him and sold him out. John was humiliated in front of hundreds of people and was forced to kneel in front of Thomas, the underworld assassin organization leader. Within a few minutes, they beat him brutally, dragged him to some underground basement, and then locked him in a gloomy room. John felt bitter when thinking about his friend's betrayal. He laid on the cold floor for two days and died miserably. But his story didn't end there. … In a world filled with magic and mystic powers, John Browning woke up in an 18-year-old boy's body. Before he could open his eyes and see his current situation, he felt someone was dragging his body. 'How am I still alive?' He got puzzled inside. But after a few seconds, John learned from the young boy's remanent memories that he was transmigrated to a mystical fantasy game-like world filled with magic and mystic powers! [Author's Note: The Mc will take some time to walk on the path of a fire mage due to less information about the world. So, don't get mad at me guys. If you feel anything wrong with the story, feel free to give me a review or comment. I will try my best and correct it. Have a happy reading!] ... If someone wants to contact me, you can send a request to my Instagram account or just send a mail. Contact via: Discord: https: Instagram Id: Cover Pic credit: RafaelMousob

  • Put Out My Fire

    Put Out My Fire



    (COMPLETED) Amanda was getting too hot, literally, and only the master of water could cool her down. Unfortunately, he was missing in action. ****Amanda was the master of fire. After five years of carrying out her responsibility, she was an accomplished fighter, but soon her strength became unmanageable and only the master of water can tame her flames. Sadly, he was nowhere to be found. Why? It was a mystery altogether.****"I want someone to talk to," Amanda said before taking a deep breath. "I want somebody to hold and... I can only do that with you.""I did not think you missed me that much," Christopher said with a smirk on his face.He reached for her cheeks and caressed them with both his hands before he leaned over for a kiss.Amanda's heart fluttered, seeing his lips inches from her. She gulped and said to herself, 'I might as well splurge.'****This is a story about trusting your heart and finding your fate. Try a different kind of romance story, this time around! Give this story a chance!If Fantasy is not your thing, you may try my other novels. Note that all my novels are all romance related. :)If you like action-romance, try The President's Lover is a Fighter. If you like simply crazy and hilarious, try out Tricking my Cold Lover.***Join me on my server:

  • Set Fire to Rain

    Set Fire to Rain



    After the death of her mother in a fatal car accident, Meredith found out her father owes the bank a huge sum of money. His father runs away leaving 21-year-old Meredith alone to deal with the problem. She decides to start a new life in another country, arriving in Paris, Meredith couldn't afford to rent a decent house because of her budget. Matthew offered to rent one of the rooms in his apartment to her. Matthew is the ex-boyfriend of her best friend Maria whom she loath to the core. will she accept to stay with her worst enemy or follow her pride and end up sleeping on the street of Paris? And will she cope with the bruises from her past? And imagine fire(Meredith) and water( Mathew) as roomies. it's going to be fun and fun...

  • Fire Fire Fire

    Fire Fire Fire

    This story is about flames of romance..... hope u like it

  • Legacy Firing

    Legacy Firing



    Charlus was just living his normal life. But one random day he saw a huge ass star just appear in the sky for a split second.From then on he found that his world turned into a game. He could earn Exp and upgrade his Stats. But Charlus didn't think that it would make too much of a difference.But wait. What? There are monsters in this world? When did that happen? Were they always there and were the government hiding them or were they a new addition that accompanied Charlus' power?And most importantly, was he the only one who had a power? Was it safe for him to just goof off?Charlus, equipped with his natural sense of humor and a strangely prevalent combat instinct now has to finish quests that might seem interesting to him, but change the world, one small step at a time.Read on as Charlus' legacy in the world fires off.Join our discord at -

  • Boy, bye!: His Wife Is Hot Like Fire

    Boy, bye!: His Wife Is Hot Like Fire



    With Pepper Hart, you can count on two things - She always get want she wants and you will most definitely cry yourself to sleep after encountering her. Her life is perfect. She got class. She was fun. She is the boss…Kind of. After draining her life savings to buy a beautiful house at the right side of town with hopes of a promotion, Pepper was passed over. Now she has two missions, making the man that got her promotion cry as often as humanly possible and getting the perfect roommate. Except her grandparents were board certified crazy and are going out of their way to set her up with a man...or woman, If Gigi and Gramps can find a hermaphrodite they would set Pepper up with them. Now, Gramps is dying and all he wants is a son in law and Pepper has to pull a one in a lifetime miracle…find the perfect man. But the perfect man wasn't Pepper's dream; all she wanted was the perfect roommate. But after her best friend jokingly suggests she enters in a contract marriage with her roommate in exchange for a reduced rent. Pepper hart jumped on the offer. It was the perfect solution except there was a teeny weenie problem. Pepper Hart forced the wrong person into marrying her and now he wants a real marriage. Can Asher tame the wild beast or will Pepper burn him to crisp? *************** "Asher!" "Honey… I am home" The man Pepper got married to earlier said with a big old smile. Pepper screamed louder. Asher watched the woman in front of him and he watched his wristwatch. Great! It's been two minutes and her mouth was still open and his eardrum was about to be damaged. He grabbed her shoulders and he rubbed his hand in a parallel motion on them. "Stop. Screaming!" He begged her but Pepper just kept on screaming. Taking a deep breath, Asher pressed his mouth into hers to shut her up. It was night and people might call the cops if she kept yelling like she just saw a cockroach in her oatmeal. Pepper’s eyes were wide open as the shock of being kissed without permission went through her. She simply stomped Asher's foot as hard as he could and he stopped kissing her. "Ouch! That really hurts" Asher complained while he hopped on one foot. "You don't kiss me without prior permission, pervert or touch me or breathe. In fact right this moment, you should minimize how much air you take in, in my expensive apartment" Pepper waved her hand as she talked. "God! You must have been a general in the army in your past life. That or you were Cinderella's stepmom" Asher finally stopped hopping. "What are you doing here?" Pepper asked him. "Yeah! I think we got married...for real" Asher whispered to her like it was a secret he was trying to keep from getting out. "I know I was there" Pepper yelled like she was disgusted. Asher waited about two seconds for her to feel whatever she was feeling before he made his proposition. "I want an annulment, darling wife. Staying married to you will reduce my lifespan considerably" Asher had a straight face and he nodded like it made perfect sense. Pepper clasped her hand together as she thought of a solution to their dilemma. ", I can't give you that until Angel Michael let's my Gramps into heaven. Apparently, he is unfulfilled and…" pepper was interrupted by Asher. "Wait! Gramps is still alive?" Asher asked her.

  • A Gift of Fire

    A Gift of Fire


    Ashen has been in the magic academy for over two years now, yet, his magic skills remain as bad as when he first got there. He is ranked as one of the lowest magic users in the whole academy. He is constantly bullied because of this even his mates and some of his juniors boss him around. Tired of this miserable life, he saved enough to buy himself a new and popular magical wand rumoured to improve one's magic.  At the market, a sudden turn of events stirs him towards a different path, one that Ashen isn't convinced is completely safe and free from danger when he unexpectedly becomes the sole owner of the only dragon egg in existence.*P.S. The cover art isn't mine and I give full credit to the owner*

  • Trials of Fire & Love

    Trials of Fire & Love


    BOOK DROPPED. DON'T READ.His heart was locked in eternal darkness until she lit it up with her bright smile. But the nightmares which haunts them set them on a path of destruction. Lillian Cheng had a simple plan: Complete her teacher’s training and get married to a humble man. She does not have many ambitions but wants to live a peaceful life with her loved ones. But one glance. Only one glance from the Demon of the Underworld, Lucas Hao, shatters her plans. Now that he has seen her, he is not going to let her go. He engulfs her with his darkness, trapping her into a dangerous world of love and chaos. “You can’t escape, little dove,” he whispered. “This is my world and you’ll drown in this darkness.” “Then I’ll just switch on the light!” she exclaimed. The dreaded mafia lord, Lucas Hao, is known as the Demon of the Underworld. Ruling all the gangs with an iron fist, he instills fear in anyone who crosses paths with him. But the nightmares he buried a long time ago returns in the form of one woman: Lillian. Unaware of their shared connection, Lillian is initially fearful of the Demon of the Underworld. But soon, she finds herself drawn to her husband, like a moth to a flame while the darkly dangerous mafia lord cannot resist the irresistible charm of his wife. She is his light. He is her doom. What will happen to this complicated love? Can they overcome all obstacles and live a happy life? Or will their nightmares ruin their newfound happiness? “Let the game begin!” Lucas declared. “What will I get if I win?” Lillian demanded. He put a finger under her chin to make her meet his eyes. “My heart,” he whispered. .... *No rape or FL violation* *ML might come off as cold but is inwardly very loving* *FL is gentle but not naive* *Cover taken from pinterest. Credits goes to owners*





    "You can't let her live, she can create more hybrids." Silas nods at him "I know."Silas answered, and I flinched. My entire body recoiled. His Jaw tightened. Hands trembling, I scuttled backwards for the door, unable to look away from the glaze of hurt on his face. "I'm sorry," I whisper and I wasn't sure why I was even apologising. I turned around, blindly staggering out the door into the cold. Picking up my foot, I started running. Running as fast as my feet could take me. He wanted to kill me, a ragged sob left me. Running further into the trees, everything that happened between us was forgotten....... There was no warning, no sound, nothing. An arm circle around my waist catching me, I shrieked as my feet slipped out from under me. My feet dangle in the air. I knew who it was before he even spoke. Rage feels all this because of who I was. I punched at his back as he throws us into the snow. "Don't ever run from us." He growled, yanking my hair back. His eyes were fully black and fangs out, then he struck. His two fangs ripping into my skin, pain lanced my neck, causing my entire body to jerk. The burn travelled all the way through my body, this was a different feeling from him feeding. I couldn't move, I was paralysed in his arm. I felt warm liquid entering my body, I shook as it mixed with my blood. I could feel him in my entire system, everything changed. The intense hurting became something else, something overwhelming in an entirely different way. A new ache flared inside me, heating my blood until it felt like every part of me was filling with molten lava. He wasn't killing me, he was marking me The world where humans have been gone for years. Were werewolves, witches and demons rules. Lyanna snow was found in the woods by a farmer, taking the little girl back to his village with shock. How a human come to find herself in their woods. Deciding to let her live her life with them, one human in the midst of werewolves. King Silas has ruled over the witches, demons and werewolves for hundreds of years as the last of the Lycan. For years the same nightmare has hunted his sleep, the moon goddess calls for him, warning him. He sees the world he fought for turning into nothing but ashes at the hands of a woman. King Silas goes on the hunt for the witch, town to town not leaving any stone unturned. *Warning* 18+



    Romantis ROMANCE



  • Fire on Fire

    Fire on Fire


  • Fire & Vice: Fear in Her Eyes

    Fire & Vice: Fear in Her Eyes

    Hi, my name is Nikita Slater and I'm the International Bestselling author of The Queens series, Fire & Vice series, The Sanctuary series, Driven Hearts series and several standalone novels. I've loved the written word my entire life and am an avid reader, as well as a writer. I live, eat and breathe books and I'm always working on something new! ​ I live on the beautiful Canadian prairies with my son and crazy awesome dog. I have an unholy affinity for books (especially dark romance), wine, pets and anything chocolate. Despite some of the darker themes in my books (which are pure fun and fantasy), I am a staunch feminist and advocate of equal rights for all races, genders and non-gender specific persons. When I'm not writing, dreaming about writing or talking about writing, I love to help others discover a love of reading and writing through literacy and social work. Who can she trust in a world filled with shadows? Daniel Mercer wants something he shouldn’t have. He wants the woman from his building; the blind musician. The dark, dominant part of his soul calls for him to reach out and take her, to make her beg. He wants to possess her, to see the fear in her eyes as he takes her from her tidy world. He knows he's not good enough for her. He's a savage through and through. He's seen and done things normal men can't imagine. Unfortunately for her, he can't seem to let her go. Her lush curves, delicate beauty and helpless attempts at independence soothe the predator in him. Addison’s ordered life has gone from perfectly pleasant to terrifying in two crazy missteps; Daniel Mercer and a terrifying stalker. Could they be one and the same? Daniel storms into her life in a hail of bullets, first saving her and then bullying her with his overbearing non-musical presence. He touches her at every opportunity, lighting up her dark world with a kaleidoscope of colour, then pushing her away whenever she gets too close. But will he push her too far, into the arms of the stalker who lurks in the shadows?

  • Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

    Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story


    The person that Pei Zhen hates most in his life is the perfect Fu Sichen. Alas, life is full of surprises and unpredictability. One fine day, an accident turns Pei Zhen into Fu Sichen's pet cat! As Fu Sichen's pet cat, he makes a shocking discovery about his sworn enemy - a deep dark secret that the perfect Fu Sichen has kept hidden for years. Trapped in his cat body, Pei Zhen moves from one adventure into another while trying hard to find a way of turning back into his human self. When he finally does, the world as he once knew, has become a completely different place!



  • Fire X Fire

    Fire X Fire

    She was mean't to dieHe was mean't to lose Royalty, love, hatred, betryal, jealousy, ignorance, affliction all in one house. Where six friends stay to protect themselves from the deadly virus lurking around the city. Will they survive, will they love, will they lose, will they win.........