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  • The Devil's Touch

    The Devil's Touch


    Talia, a brave and courageous woman, reminisce about her past. It was unlike any other. It was magical.Her life turned upsidedown when she discovered who she really was. She's a Queen who conquers the king and the key to the light and Into the new world where she met the devil who made her life a living hell. Damiro, the Firenes prince, the devil himself. He's arrogant, evil and ruthless but behind his dark facade, lies a heart that's willing to take risk for his loved ones. The darkness bows down to him but not to the his desire to be free from it. As a sacrifice, a child, that's worth the freedom he needs to give and marrying a Queen, Talia is the only way. Revenge. Will the Queen be able to trap the king into her charms, or will the king be able to make the Queen fall in love with him first? But love being a mystery, work its magic, know that all it takes was a kiss of a fire, the devil's touch.*****Photo not mine* crdts to the rightful owner.

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