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  • First Time

    First Time

    When jaded old lag Mel meets pretty new prison inmate Ella, she’s quick to take her under her wing and show her how to survive in the system. In prison, everything has a price -- but Mel finds herself strangely reluctant to take advantage of Ella’s gratitude, no matter how much she wants her.<br><br>Ella’s not so reticent, and their nights turn passionate. But the outcome of Ella’s appeal could part them forever.

  • first time

    first time

  • The First Order

    The First Order


    This is a brand new story. Survive the darkness, see the light There is no right or wrong, it just depends on which side you are standing on. To be a god, or to be a man. To be good, or to be evil. Just what is...the highest order of weapon that humanity has? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After a great catastrophe struck, the world was set back many years and humanity started living in anarchy. With time, society started building up again and people were now living in walled strongholds and fringe towns across the land. Humans have also become distrustful and ruthless in an unforgiving society where the strong survive and the weak are eliminated. Growing up in such an era, Ren Xiaosu had to fend for himself. After an incident, he gained supernatural powers...

  • Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure

    Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure



    The Heavenly Voice was bestowed upon the world, and so the calendar of the Great Dao began. The world entered a new age of digitized cultivation. Humanity activated the immortal destiny seal to become cultivators. They toiled for their lives and powers — cultivation and breathing cycles, resources collection, divine powers and methods, spells, pill crafting, and weapon forging, they didn’t miss out on anything. However, when Su Yi activated his seal, he activated a Recharging System. Recharging by spending any amount of money and he would receive the First Recharge Gift Pack: Treasure of destiny -- Starry Sea Bottle [Able to purify pills of any quality to become ultimate celestial-tier] “Cash in 111 yuan, receive Mental Cultivation Technique Rewards Pack: ‘Art of Longevity’” “Spend 500 yuan, receive Pill Crafting Gift Pack: ‘Time Pill Technique’” “Spend 1000 yuan, receive Spell Gift Pack: ‘Tiangang Swords Finger’” “Accumulate enough cash to become VIP1, activated function: Dao Treasures Fishing”...... After many years in the calendar of the Great Dao, Su Yi stood atop the clouds as the ancestor of the Great Dao. With one casual strike of his fist, the sky collapsed, the earth shattered and the origin of powers was crushed. Across all of the worlds, no god dared to provoke him!

  • To Live Again, For the First Time!

    To Live Again, For the First Time!



    Emilin died a tragically sad death in her first life, if you could call it a life at all.No friends, no family, no ambition, no desire, no emotions.NOTHING. BUT this time, she was determined to live her life to the FULLEST!Emilin: [Who am I even?]DOTING BIG BROTHERS: [Bah! Who else but our cutest little sister?]LOVING PARENTS: [Ah! Our little angel of course.]OTHER CLASSMATES: [Who is this ice queen? So cool!]BEST FRIENDS: [Why is this so-called 24/7 ice face so clingy. But she’s too cute when she’s pouting! You’re our adorable little cinnamon roll.]HANDSOME ML: [Yeah, why are you so cling to them? Come be clingy with me! You are mine, as much as I am yours.]BUSINESS PARTNERS: [Who the fuck are you talking about? Surely, we do not speak of the same person! You are the little devil that descended from the 7 heavens, our little ancestor.]

  • The First Store System

    The First Store System



    A/N: There will be a mass release on the 15th of May. Please show your support for the book by giving GTs. *** A strange store which sells everything suddenly appears in the town. The Owner of the store is a young man and anyone who tried to mess with him %$#@. The products of the store are expensive, yet the queue outside the store never stops. "So what, If you're an emperor. I'll fight to the death with you if you try to break the queue." These scenes outside the store were daily occurrences. ************** Extra chapter goals: 300 Power stones: +1 chapter on Monday, 600 Power stones: +2 chapter on Monday, 900 Power stones: +3 chapter on Monday, 1500 Power stones: +4 chapter on Monday, 2000 Power stones: +5 chapter on Monday. Golden Tickets: 100 GT: +1 chapter on the first day of the next month, 200 GT: +2 chapter, 300 GT: +3 chapter, 500 GT: +4 chapter, 1000 GT: +5 chapter. *** The Cover doesn't belong to me. I found it on Pinterest. If the owner wants me to take it down, pls tell.

  • Hi and thanks for the first time in the first time in the first time i

    Hi and thanks for the first time in the first time in the first time i

  • The First Time

    The First Time

    Meet Toke. Beautiful, smart, wanted by all the guys in her class. Her mother had her switch schools at the end of school year. So she found herself completing her final year at Southwest University. Collins got switched to Southwest University. His father had him go there when they got posted to Nigeria for a business trip. Just three months and he'd be back to his normal life in California. That was before he met Toke.

  • First time.

    First time.

  • My First Time

    My First Time

    I always thought my first time would be romantic. It's what every girl wants, no? But my first time involved my brother's friend Matt, and let's just say what it lacked in romance, it made up for in excitement.

  • first time love

    first time love

  • First time flyby

    First time flyby

  • First Time at Love

    First Time at Love


  • The First Time Loved

    The First Time Loved

    24 year traveller name Jiso find her life getting back to a dark era she overcame and thinks she is losing herself again. Let's see what will happen to her. ♥

  • Sex for the first time

    Sex for the first time

  • Life is first time

    Life is first time

    Life is first time

  • Love at first time

    Love at first time

  • music for the first time

    music for the first time

    Magical Realism ROMANCE YAOI

    a guy name jazz was on his way to his class when suddenly he heard someone playing a guitar.... it caught his attention making him pause for a bit, he didn't got a chance to even see the man behind the melody but he did saw him after that.... this guy named soan is the man behind the melody.. he and jazz lately became close because of jazz addiction to the music.... later on they develop feelings for each other and then started dating.... this is a soft BL novel and i hope that you'll love it ^^

  • Highschool for the first time

    Highschool for the first time

    It all went according to plan

  • this is my first time

    this is my first time

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