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  • Demonic CEO: Fluff Fluff Please Be My Pet

    Demonic CEO: Fluff Fluff Please Be My Pet



    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "Fluff Fluff, let me brush your tail!" "No! Stop calling me Fluff Fluff!" "Fluff Fluff, let me scratch your ears!" "No! Wait, what the hell is that!?" "This? Oh, I just picked it up at the store this morning? Look, it has diamonds on it." "It looks like a damn collar!" Shen Xia woke up one day and had discovered she had become something inhuman. She had become a fox girl. But now, because of an accident, one man had discovered her secret. The most overbearing and demonic CEO in the world. New Voting Goals And Golden Ticket Goals! Want more chapters per week!? Then vote and reach the goals! ***Voting Goals!**** 1000 Power Stones = 1 extra chapter a week! 1500 Power Stones = 2 extra chapters a week! 2000 Power Stones = 3 extra chapters a week! 2500 Power Stones = 4 extra chapters a week! 3000 Power Stones = 5 extra chapters a week! 4000 Power Stones = 6 extra chapters a week! 5000 Power Stones = 7 extra chapters a week! For each month we stay in the top 50 I will do 6 bonus chapters per month. 12 if both Power Stone and Golden Ticket are in the top 50. For each month we stay in the top 10 I will do 8 bonus chapters per month. 16 if both Power Stone and Golden Ticket are in the top 10. Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorInvayne Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/invayne/ ***Cover art not mine! All rights to the original artist.*** Only text belongs to me.

  • Winter Fluff

    Winter Fluff

    Glancing at his opponent he got on his hind legs, thin paws striking back down on his younger brothers bell shaped head. Instantly a faint glow of magic flooded underneath him, filling his heart with greed and want.

  • Stuck in sadness and fluff?

    Stuck in sadness and fluff?

    A girl? Filled with SaDness~They say the most determined stay alive, but that not the case for her?She?wanted to die. She? Tried everything falling off high places, drowning, choking/hanging,poisoned to death, burned to death,bleed out the death and so much more,but nothing worked! It was all for vain....Except she slowly became a masochist and a tiny bit of a sadist...And then... she felt nothing...Pain was nonexistent, empathy was drained from her? What will happen when she meets the most messed up and nicest people she’s? Ever met?.....

  • Covering my Boredome with Fluff

    Covering my Boredome with Fluff


    For a reincarnated thrill-seeking nut-job, living for 5000 years in the most boring cultivation universe imaginable can be worse than hell. But, because of it, Jack achieved a realm that not many can even hope to dream of. This is not a story about getting stronger as our hero is already overpowered beyond common sense. Instead this is a story about growing up, evolving and discovering the true nature of our reality and maybe, just maybe, falling in love!?

  • Love at first fluff

    Love at first fluff

  • LITTLE BOBO [Yizhan Fluff Fanfic]

    LITTLE BOBO [Yizhan Fluff Fanfic]

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE HAREM

    Xiao Zhan pindah rumah. Dia mengalami mimpi buruk karena belum terbiasa dengan wilayah baru. Meskipun begitu, ada satu makhluk mungil yang mendadak datang padanya.

  • I will Kill the Hero! With Fluff!

    I will Kill the Hero! With Fluff!

    Three years after the hero had been summoned, demonkind is at the brink of extinction. Talia, one of the last generals serving under the rule of the great king Karion, is sent out to kill humanity’s only hope for winning the battle. She is helped by the magic of the great lich Sarato, who transforms her into the being the hero feels ‘most secure and happy to be with’. Little did they know this didn’t mean she would turn into a beautiful girl.     ⊱————- Tags ————-⊰ Comedy, Anti-Hero, Rebirth, Non-Human Protagonist, Fantasy [...]   ⊱————- Special thanks to: ————-⊰   NinjaCya321 for helping me put a little more color in this. Check out his novel!

  • The Journey Of The Second Princess And A Ball of fluff

    The Journey Of The Second Princess And A Ball of fluff

    She was once a soldier during a great war, but didn't allow women to go to war. She made many changes so that she could pass like a man even paid high lever people to allow her in to the military, Just because she could and because people said she couldn't. At the end of the war she gets killed and is reborn as princess.This is a story about her new life in this new unknown world to her.{ I'm kinda of a slow writer so it'll take sometime for updates}

  • One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

    One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    She became a surrogate mother in exchange for over a million yuan. As the esteemed CEO of the most powerful Empire in the capital, he holds absolute power, while she is just an adopted daughter to a family of lowly status. She agreed to bear him his offspring, simply because her adoptive father's business was failing. On the day of her delivery, the elder brother was born healthy, but the younger one was stillborn. Having fulfilled the contract, she disappeared from his sight along with the astronomical sum of money. Six years later, he is still that arrogant and high-profile CEO. When she accidentally gets embroiled with him again – like a canary trapped in his cage, he closes in on her. “Woman, do you think you can escape from my clutches?!" However, he does not expect a little kid to interfere; the boy pompously points his little finger at him and warns, “Mu Yazhe, you’d better leave her alone! She's mine – this baby's woman!” The man is alarmed, simply because the little kid's facial features are identical to his... Tags: Adorable Child, CEO, Sweet Romance, Scheming, Wealthy Aristocrats, Fluff, Two-faced, Child, Rich and Powerful, Treachery

  • BTS fluffs and oneshots!

    BTS fluffs and oneshots!

    Fantasy Romance BTS TAEHYUNG



  • Reincarnation: From Opressed Missy to Campus Belle

    Reincarnation: From Opressed Missy to Campus Belle



    In her previous life, An Xiulan had been oppressed and tortured by the members of Duke An's household. Her legitimate status wasn't enough to save her from the schemes of jealous siblings. For sixteen years, she tolerated the oppression inflicted on her but in the seventeenth year, she was pushed to death into the frozen lake.  Now she has reincarnated into the body of a youthful girl in the modern world who died in a car accident. She was given everything she was devoid of in her last life– family, love and education.  Graced with a new life, An Xiulan is determined to strive towards a better life. She will be the best daughter. She will study hard. And she will stay away from puppy love.  Nothing must come between her path to become a top scholar!  But there seems to be a hitch in the plan.   Why was the backbencher Han Zixin following her to the library, laboratory, playground and even the principal's office?  Wasn't Big Boss Han allergic to studies?  Why was he following the campus Belle? … Teacher: An Xiulan is a top student. We must preserve her at all costs. Class Ten gulped as they recalled how a certain bro-con had supplied cheating slips to his model student sister in monthly tests subsequently resulting in her topping the exams!   Lu Xuan: No one is allowed to bully my sister!! Only I can bully her! Everyone in class Ten: ????  A few days later, class Ten witnessed the delicate looking youthful girl chasing her self proclaimed brother with a hockey stick!  The delicate looking campus Belle wasn't delicate at all! ... A delicate girl can't possibly make two big gangsters of Jingyuan Highschool dance on her tunes? …. Cover belongs to me!__ [Tags:  Reincarnation/ Beautiful Female Lead/  Caring Protagonist / Charming Protagonist/  Cold Love Interests / Couple / Cute Protagonist / Cute Story. / Familial Love / Handsome Male Leads Heartwarming Modern Day story/ Gangster/ School life. ] ... Special Note: If you are looking for a book filled with an emotional rollercoaster ride, this isn't the book for you! It's meant for light read with realistic character development and fluff. Also, for the smut lovers, you have to be disappointed this time. .... ... Other books by author: 1. The Typhoon's Dangerous Wife. (completed) 2. The Villain. (Completed) 3. The Kiss of Deception. (Ongoing)

  • I'm way too lonely (GL) (Kinda Fluff?)

    I'm way too lonely (GL) (Kinda Fluff?)


    Mara is a very pessimistic person, that don't care about others and life in general. The only thing that she wants, is to finish her chilhood dream. Will she finally be happy with her life in the village, that she recently arrived to?Note from author: This is my first novel, so if you have any advice how should I improve myself, please tell me! Have a good day

  • Prince and His Fool (Boylove)

    Prince and His Fool (Boylove)



    Rong Zian, a college student unexpectedly transmigrated into past era in a mythical country known as Hepeng. Thinking he could start his life a new and live a peaceful life he was roped into working with a stern prince with a dragon sapphire flame gift to save Hepeng from destruction. Rong Zian: Wu Yange let's slay a giant Wu Yange: I would rather kiss you Rong Zian: "....." An interesting adventure covered in fluff.

  • QT: Scum Gong System: I Became the Male Leads I Hated!?

    QT: Scum Gong System: I Became the Male Leads I Hated!?



    Zhe Chouhen had been a hater of Daoist Panda's work since the start. Not because they were bad, but because the male leads are just the worst scums to their MCs. And these MCs just let these toxic gongs step all over them like a doormat! Daoist Panda became so annoyed by Zhe Chouhen's bashing that he turned into a system, and he transported his hater into his novels as the characters he hated. Zhe Chouhen cannot act OOC and must be scummy to survive! -------------- Panda: If you can make the MC or the readers fall in love with you without being a scum, I will let you go. Chouhen: How is that possible without getting OOC??? Panda: Figure it out yourself! ----------------- 1v1 Gong/Seme MC (Zhe Chouhen is the top) The system and Zhe Chouhen have a..... complicated relationship Smut, Angst, and Fluff.... you name it, we have it. And some very dark shit. I'm not kidding, there's some twisted stuff in here that might or might not give you nightmares, so trigger warnings applies. If you're a classic literature geek like me who loves gothic horrors like Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein, Dracula... This is for you. All the stories here a reimagined from classic literature. You know what? Lemme give you the list and what Zhe Chouhen's role would be in them: 1. Dante's Inferno (Supernatural)- A sorcerer obsessed with his stepbrother that he dragged him to hell with him (literally) 2. Picture of Dorian Gray (Modern Showbiz)- A mere painter with a friend who is a struggling actor that he painted and suddenly got famous.... but at what cost? 3. Frank and Stein (Historical Scifi)- A scientist that had created his own lover from the bodies of dead men.... and he seems to have other skeletons in his closet than literal ones. 4. Dracula (School Mystery)- A vampire who had come to conquer a school, taking back his prey that escaped from him. 5.Hamlet (Anthropomorphic)- A black-haired lion that plans to seduce the princess to take over the throne that is rightfully his, yet he took interest on the king's son and..... has a change of plans. 6. Phantom of the Opera (Paranormal)- A ghost had fallen in love with the star of the show, and plans to take control of his mind to become his and stay with him in the old theater forever. 7. The Great Gatsby (Omegaverse)- An Alpha CEO who was involved in a murder and was now being investigated by an Omega reporter that is too curious for his own good. 8. Jekyll and Hyde (Modern Sci-Fi)- A clone of the student campus' perfect prince, who had come to show him his hidden darkest desires. 9. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Fantasy)- A 'loyal servant' who had always been following Lancelot and helping him in exploits.... Or does he really? 10. Journey to the West (Cultivation)- ??? 11. ??????? 12. ??????? Please consider voting with power stones so I can win the contest! -------------------- Updates 1 chapter everyday UTC+8 7:00 a.m ------------------------------------------ ~BRIBE ME, PLEASE~ Ok, I'm getting desperate and pathetic so now I'm willing to accept bribes. I get jealous easily of other books that have a huge following and get sad everytime, thinking what's the point of writing if I feel like no one's reading/appreciate it. 1 NEW 5 star review with genuine feedback (emojis and just saying compliments doesn't count) - 1 extra chapter 100 comments in a week (only those with TEXT count) - 1 extra chapter 5 NEW people voting for my other books- (so invite your friends haha) -1 extra chapter dedicated to them 100+ votes in a week in any of my books - 1 extra chapter for all of them Magic Castle and up - Burst update If you love my stories and would want to read more of them, please show your support through one of these bribes. Thank you!

  • What?! The gamemaster and the top player are dating?! [BL]

    What?! The gamemaster and the top player are dating?! [BL]



    Getting thrown into a volcanic mountain? Stalked by bloodthirsty creatures? Hunted by people who love pitchforks and fire? Finding yourself participating in a ghost festival? This was normal. Well, at least, according to Huang Zhihao a.k.a. Mastermo, the world’s most famous and beloved pro-gamer. A hardworking youth whose first love was gaming. At an age, where he should be dating and attending business parties with his father, you’ll find him holed up in his room, enjoying his favorite game: T.I.A.D. He had always aimed to be at the top of the pro-gamers list and now that he had achieved that goal, he had a new ambition: To beat the Gamemaster of T.I.A.D. An online RPG released with the help of VR technology, a game that became an overnight sensation because of its marketing strategy. A simple strategy where they gave out a cash prize of a million dollars to anyone who stands first at winning the game. All you have to do is beat the Gamemaster, an unknown man who is respected by all and has also, unfortunately, become the target of their weapons. Unexpectedly, Huang Zhihao had fallen in love with the anonymous Gamemaster whom he had to kill! Join Zhihao on his journey where he fights monsters, meets new people, unravels many plot twists, and finds love. "It was.....you??" Zhihao asks in shock, as if, he hadn't guessed it already. -Filled with adventure. -A slow burn. -More story-based -Filled with fluff (Try not to die from the sweetness) -no smut lol For the rest, you can read the story and find out. It won't disappoint \(^~^)/

  • Standing Right Next To You

    Standing Right Next To You



    Lina Yang had everything that you could want.  Loving parents - Yes People who care about her - Yes Wealth - Yes Talent - Hell Yes Then what was her problem?  Simple.  She had read way too many novels in her teens causing her brain to function differently.  The drama and face slapping excited her but the love and tragedy scared her.  The angst, the drama and the constant and prolonged misunderstandings in them had carved the brain of young Lina Yang to think in a weird way. She constantly tried to relate her situation with those novels and also thought of those that never would happen. For a virgin, she thought a little too much about what she would do if she ever got pregnant after a drunk one night stand with a random stranger. Always at a conflict with her fantasy world and the reality around her. She wants to see the drama around her but hates to be the center of attention.  She wants to be Kabedon-ed to the wall and fiercely kissed by an evil, possessive CEO type of guy. But at the same time, she thinks of all the sweet innocent MCs whose hearts were broken by the same type.  She just wanted fluff with a side of excitement while excluding the angst and heartbreak. Is that too much to ask for?  Will Lina Yang be able to cope with the storm of new changes happening in her life? Will she find love which she always imagined or will she be left heartbroken?  Only time will tell.  ----Pinned to the couch, Lina stared upwards at the man whose body was looming over hers.His eyes roamed across her slender body, pausing for a split second at her heaving chest before focusing on those soft lips which were slightly parted.“So Miss Yang, I heard that you wished to be kissed fiercely until you are left breathless and dazed.” He smirked as he drew closer to her deeply reddening face.‘Who the hell snitched about my fantasy!?’ Lina widened her eyes and screamed in her mind.However, as she watched the nearing face of the man who seemed to be on a mission to fulfill her fantasy, Lina could not help but blush further.“Just say the word and I can turn your fantasy into reality~” He muttered teasingly and moved closer until their lips were just a hair’s breadth away from each other.Lina gazed into his dark, enchanting eyes and there was only one thought in her mind.Angling her head upward, she put her thought into action and successfully captured his lips causing him to freeze in the process.‘Well, aren’t you a bold one!’ He smirked against her lips after receiving her answer and quickly got to work.---- This is my first novel so guys please be patient and understanding. 

  • A Little Secret Between Us

    A Little Secret Between Us


    Once you have the highest rank vampire and the top dog of the wolf pack as your friends, there are fewer worries to deal with until they fall for you and demand to be chosen. Ivan, a flawed yet beautiful boy, is caught in the same dilemma. Although Augustus has all the qualities to enjoy being with, Ivan didn't realize that he could be a master manipulator! Ivan thinks Kai is a soft-hearted guy, oblivious to the power of a werewolf's Beta! After falling for Ivan, will the friendship between a vampire and werewolf remain the same? Will, there be winning of hearts or a loss of a clan? - A/N: This is a slow-paced story but filled with lots of fluff, angsty romance, forbidden desires, so if you give it a chance then it's worth reading.

  • The Highway to Hell

    The Highway to Hell


    Aaron (MC) sells his soul to Lucifer (ML) to be his friend. And Satan just rolls with it until he realizes he genuinely likes him. Since he can't renege on the contract he takes them to Hell and puts them in a high position of power. Demons hardened by millennia of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan's #1 ------ The main character here is Aaron and thanks to the support of family and the devil himself, he will get better. He has currently depression and. this story will be about how he overcomes it. So while the first chapter is a bit angsty, there will be enough fluff and romance afterward. Though it's not a love-cures-it-all type of story, I assure you. This is a character that will face hurdles and will grow stronger thanks to it. Character development will be the main topic along with romance. Then we have the politics of demon and angel society. ------ - Character development - BL Romance - Angel and demon society - Goodish!Lucifer ------ Excerpt: "So, how work went?” Lucifer snorted. “I like how you want to make it sound as if I just came from some normal human job and not from trying to organize which souls go for each demon to torture.” “You’re lucky I’m not eating, right now,” Sam said as he put the food inside the microwave. “Besides, a guy can dream, right? Someday maybe you would do some office work for a change.” “I’m hurt, Sam. Why try to make me more human? I’m just an archangel, standing in front of a guy, asking him to love him. With all and his ruling Hell and damning-souls side. It’s not much.” Sam slowly turned towards Lucifer. “First, you’re not standing in front of me. Second, stop quoting romantic movies.” “You love it.” ----- I wrote this story when I was on the road to recovery with my own depression so while I've never been in a mental hospital, I've had the experience of dealing with it. ------ Want to talk to me? jorieds-fof.tumblr.com/ Discord: JorieDS#4193

  • Fallen knights

    Fallen knights


    So ill start at the beggining where this all started “and how im here”