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  • Forced to Date a Big Shot

    Forced to Date a Big Shot


    Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first meeting. With death being the only other option, she makes the first move: “I am rich and I can fight.” “Be my boyfriend and I’ll protect you.” From then on, news of the Xue family’s eldest daughter and number one student keeping a gigolo slowly gets out. Alas, she is someone who protects people she calls her own fiercely, until that fateful day—shielding the man behind her from the supposed-hooligans, she proclaims coldly: “My boyfriend is timid, so come at me if you have any issues instead.” The hooligans shivers in fear as they look toward a certain big boss who is being protected. So the infamous “Black Yama” actually has this kind of hobby?

  • Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord

    Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord



    When Hazel finally turned adult, her father did not think twice before selling her to the emperor of a mysterious land. The man was famous for killing all her brides in less than a week but Hazel had a deep will to survive. From behaving crazy to a villainess, she would do anything that keeps her safe until she find a way to escape. But why is that the Evil Vampire Lord behaves so differently than the rumors she had heard. Did she even want to run away now?

  • Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga

    Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga



    Today was the worst afternoon that Kizy had ever faced in her entire life. She had never been this tremendously anxious ever. And the lone cause for her trouble was the man sitting beside her, her husband to be in the coming few minutes, Markus.Kizy and Markus, If there was anything they felt towards each other, then that was pure hatred. They had been sworn enemies since their childhood, but she had no way out.Hence she was sitting in his house at eleven, ready to sell off whatever little property she had to Markus in order to save her dying mom. She had decided to give all the money she could gather to him in exchange for saving her mom.But the thing she least expected had happened. Markus agreed to save her mother using his connections. And the best part was he did not expected even a single cent from her.But happiness never lasts long. He demanded that his only condition to save her mom would be - TO MARRY HER. And thats where the trouble began. What will happen when these two people who can not tolerate each others's presence for even a moment are tied with the marital knot for the rest of there life? Let's witness a crazy love saga unfold between Kizy and Markus filled with loads of action, drama, unseen twists and turns and off course a whole lot of romance.***Uploads for Dec - Every Monday, thursday and saturday!!*** *Book Cover : credits to the original owner, it does not belongs to me. If it is your work, please dm me.* Instagram : go_kizy Discord : go_kizy#9468

  • Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster

    Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster



    ***Completed*** Jerlina struggled hard to get out of the small town filled with gangs not only to improve her life, but also to get away from 'him' - the one she calls 'The Monster'. No, he really was not a monster... He was 'her monster'. 'He' had devoted his life for his little sister. She had offended him by breaking the friendship with his little sister. She thought she escaped it all when years passed and she settled in the city. A nice job, a lovely boyfriend, a small home for them... She thought she had what she needed. She almost forgot about 'him'. But then he came back in her life for his sister, and took everything away from her. Her boyfriend, her little home, her freedom, and to her dismay he even took the child in her belly. And he forced her to marry him! Why? Will she escape his clutches? ----- He is a self-made man although he is from a powerful family. He has attained everything he has, working hard with his own hands. He has plans, He has secrets. But for him, she is the moon. She is his first love. She came to him one noisy night and he couldn't forget her from then. But every time he tries to get close to her, she suffers as if they are not meant to be. He wanted to stay away from her to not see her suffer. He did stay away from her for years. But when a chance presented itself pushing her to him, he couldn't stay back and tried to get close to her. And he got close to her to help her, but then he made her lose her child unwittingly. What should I do? I can't just give up on her! ----- One heart filled with resentment and another filled with remorse... What will be of them? Can his love make her resentment go away? Or will his remorse consume him? Will she see his remorse over her resentment? Will she forgive? Will there be romance? Or will there be blood? ----- Thank you readers. Updates will be at least one chapter daily. Cover picture is not mine. Will take down on request.





    Maxwell is one of the two X Forces soldiers was confirmed dead and his partner disappeared shortly after his demise after confirming that it was a planned kill from their inner circle.Now with new threats arising and being unable to defend, they put out a search for Maxwell after being spotted on a CCTV camera as he's the only one who can help with the destruction of their enemies.When the new arrivals get wind of this, they send forces after Maxwell as he and his partner are the only ones who can help them win their mother planet back from their oppressors.What will Maxwell do:A road to revenge?Join the faction that 'killed' him or,Join the new arrivals from another planet. What if I tell you Maxwell isn't human!Stay tuned for more updates.Join me on discord through me on Socials:IG @omara_ai5FB @Omara AiTwitter @Omara_AiDiscord @Omara_Ai#7325

  • In the force

    In the force

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION

    A detective on the police force you've been reassigned to a special unit after having yet another partner request a new partner. It's never been a problem for you. Partners try to hard to have a bond and that's something you haven't been looking for. You've worked and trained your whole life to stop crime. Ever since, your mother was murdered and the case was never closed. Between that and your desire to help people. Not let anyone be victims without a voice to stand up for them. Your new CO however wants you to ride with him. He wants to see what you're capable of. When things in a case goes weird and your mother's case gets a new lead all hell breaks loose. Will you and your CO see eye to eye? Is there Love on the horizon? Or are you about to jeopardize everything you've worked for?

  • Forced To Marry The Richest Man: The Real Rich Daugther Is Sensual And Wild

    Forced To Marry The Richest Man: The Real Rich Daugther Is Sensual And Wild



    # SCUM-TORTURING Zhao Jinxing was the only daughter of her family, but her father brought home a new sister for her after her maternal grandfather passed—only then did she find out that her seemingly soft-spoken father had an illegitimate child just a few months older than she was! And the instant she came to the Zhao family, she wanted everything Zhao Jinxing had, and their father told Zhao Jinxing to concede a little since half of what he had was her sister's, that she had suffered a lot. Zhao Jinxing agreed for appearance's sake, but as the same thing happened thrice, she shoved her sister lightly in refusal, only for her sister to fall down the stairs on her own movement and break her hand! Furious, their father threw Zhao Jinxing out to her maternal grandfather's grave so that she would reflect on her mistake, and told her that her sister was supposed to marry an ugly man, but now she couldn't with a broken hand, and Zhao Jinxing must take her place! "Dream on!" Zhao Jinxing resisted, but was left in the eerily silent graveyard. Just as she thought that she was homeless and had to marry some grotesque rich kid, a sinister man arrived at the graveyard—handsome and noble in appearance. It was obvious he was special. Zhao Jinxing immediately got an idea—so, she's supposed to marry? She will marry right now, and a handsome older man would still be better than some ugly! After getting their marriage certificates, Miss Zhao was now Mrs. Qin and moved to his luxurious mansion immediately! Her father, believing that Zhao Jinxing would behave after sufficient disciplining, came to the graveyard at midnight to get her, only to find thick snow and cold tombstones, and promptly panicked. He had no idea that she was now in her rich husband's arms and scheming on how to get back at them!

  • G Force

    G Force


    Story of a 21-year-old named Izamuri sakuta. not long after being dumped his girlfriend Izamuri stumbled upon an old Racing clip on the internet. with the help of his friend and a former racing driver he started chasing his dreams to prove himself and in the process he discovered his hidden talent and show a superhuman skill in a car.

  • Chakra Force

    Chakra Force


    This story will be following our wonderful mc Revan in the land of Chakra Force. In this land you can cultivate all of your chakras and gain immense power. The weak can crush small mountains while the strong can overturn the seas and freeze over entire cities and more. Will Revan fall among the mediocre or will he succeed? A book falls into his hands but at the cost of his parents..... who did this to him, why did they do this..... follow Revan as he encounters both friend and foe.

  • Elementary Force

    Elementary Force


    In 2001, a very strange incident occurred. Ten small pieces of a meteorite collided with Earth at almost same time. Those pieces of meteor fall on 6 different regions of Earth. 3 of them fall in India, 1 In Japan, 2 in New York, 1 in Russia and remaining pieces fell into some unknown areas. How did they fall on same time at different locations? Is this a coincidence? Are those pieces ordinary? Find the answers in this Webnovel, Elementary Force!



  • Strike Force: Legacy

    Strike Force: Legacy



    [Initaiting Download Progress] [Welcome to Level up System Gallacia] [You have gained a Level] A normal gamer, side kick of side kicks. Yeong Jin a normal student born in a middle class family with great understanding of games. But with certain luck he is given the Level Up in the Real world. But can he maintain the both Quests in real Life and Inside of the rising VRMMORPG GAME? Galaxy, Exploration with virtual in depth gaming meta. That is Star Legacy. It is named Legacy because of the games mechanism. Making it hard for a players to level up and reach the top rankings. But their legacy will remain, that is how Star Legacy came to the brilliant mind of the vice president of the Galaxy International Corporation. But as they enter the gaming industry, the Esports also came rise with many leagues. And the vice president of the Galaxy International Corporation. Has the ambition to attain the top 1 Esports title for Star Legacy.

  • Force Wedding

    Force Wedding

    This is about a beautiful girl Arien who is forcefully married Prince Sabonaire

  • Force Ratt!

    Force Ratt!

    Depois que uma segunda explosão aconteceu em Chernobyl e pessoas mutantes começaram a perder sua sanidade, um garoto decide por fim à loucura e controlar todas elas!

  • Dragon Force

    Dragon Force

  • Time Force

    Time Force

    Time. One of the most mysterious things in the world. We can lose it, count it, add it up, but never get it back.

  • H Force

    H Force

  • Magic Force

    Magic Force

    Magical Realism ACTION MAGIC URBAN


    Monsters and Magic. A world overrun by unknown creatures, with death and misery around every corner. It seemed that humanity was on the brink of extinction...But humans persevered. They created a force able to counteract the Monsters. They created a force of Sorcerers equipped and ready to take on the Sinister Evil that lurked in the shadows. They called them... The Magic Force.But that would all change when a new member joined the fray.

  • Forced


    Caleb Novak: Lead singer and bassist of the Australian band 3 New Efforts.Liam Walker: Famous actor and model.Because of a mistake, these two are forced to pretend that they're dating each other. Once you take into account things like past heartbreaks and the hardships that come with living life under a spotlight, you might just find that yes, it does get worse. But will these two celebrities find the happy ending they've been dreaming of?

  • The Rising Force

    The Rising Force

    In the Planet NovusWar is never endingDevouring each other for resources and landKilling for meritsPeople forgot the term coexistAnd began to point gun at each otherAfraid to be killedKill!

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