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  • Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord

    Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord



    When Hazel finally turned adult, her father did not think twice before selling her to the emperor of a mysterious land. The man was famous for killing all her brides in less than a week but Hazel had a deep will to survive. From behaving crazy to a villainess, she would do anything that keeps her safe until she find a way to escape. But why is that the Evil Vampire Lord behaves so differently than the rumors she had heard. Did she even want to run away now?

  • Forced to Date a Big Shot

    Forced to Date a Big Shot


    Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first meeting. With death being the only other option, she makes the first move: “I am rich and I can fight.” “Be my boyfriend and I’ll protect you.” From then on, news of the Xue family’s eldest daughter and number one student keeping a gigolo slowly gets out. Alas, she is someone who protects people she calls her own fiercely, until that fateful day—shielding the man behind her from the supposed-hooligans, she proclaims coldly: “My boyfriend is timid, so come at me if you have any issues instead.” The hooligans shivers in fear as they look toward a certain big boss who is being protected. So the infamous “Black Yama” actually has this kind of hobby?

  • Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga

    Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga



    Today was the worst afternoon that Kizy had ever faced in her entire life. She had never been this tremendously anxious ever. And the lone cause for her trouble was the man sitting beside her, her husband to be in the coming few minutes, Markus.Kizy and Markus, If there was anything they felt towards each other, then that was pure hatred. They had been sworn enemies since their childhood, but she had no way out.Hence she was sitting in his house at eleven, ready to sell off whatever little property she had to Markus in order to save her dying mom. She had decided to give all the money she could gather to him in exchange for saving her mom.But the thing she least expected had happened. Markus agreed to save her mother using his connections. And the best part was he did not expected even a single cent from her.But happiness never lasts long. He demanded that his only condition to save her mom would be - TO MARRY HER. And thats where the trouble began. What will happen when these two people who can not tolerate each others's presence for even a moment are tied with the marital knot for the rest of there life? Let's witness a crazy love saga unfold between Kizy and Markus filled with loads of action, drama, unseen twists and turns and off course a whole lot of romance.***Uploads for Dec - Every Monday, thursday and saturday!!*** *Book Cover : credits to the original owner, it does not belongs to me. If it is your work, please dm me.* Instagram : go_kizy Discord : go_kizy#9468

  • Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

    Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

    Contemporary Romance ACTION REVENGE BETRAYAL


    **Mature Content!**"I'm so sorry, Mr. Lawson, you can marry my daughter Marga but Sabrina is an exception.""Why? She's your daughter I thought you and my parents had already arranged this marriage. And I choose Sabrina. I won't marry anyone but Sabrina.""Then why Sabrina?""Let's say that Sabrina and I have a special thing back then," Gabriel said with a little smile. Ferdinand frowned and was curious. "Well, she might deny it."Sabrina Mondragon Alvarez – is a mute rich woman. She's an introvert and hated getting along with rich people who always talk about senseless stuff. She was bullied by socialite but never they knew that behind that innocent-looking woman hides a strong and powerful aura. Being quiet doesn't mean weak but is something more dangerous than anything. Silence would lead all of her enemies to one place that can also be called danger. Soon, she'll have them in the place that she's secretly reserving for those who made her life and family miserable. She said to be someone who can't speak not until he came and chose her to be his wife. Gabriel Lawson - a rich powerful tycoon with a strong background. He fell in love with the woman he had a one night stand with and chose her to be his wife. He would do anything for her. And for those people who hurt her--they must pay a thousand folds.BOOK 2 is here! Please follow for my next novel. Click the link below or just search for Arranged Marriage: Dangerous HeiressYou can follow me Discord @ TheIllusionist#4504

  • Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster

    Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster



    ***Completed*** Jerlina struggled hard to get out of the small town filled with gangs not only to improve her life, but also to get away from 'him' - the one she calls 'The Monster'. No, he really was not a monster... He was 'her monster'. 'He' had devoted his life for his little sister. She had offended him by breaking the friendship with his little sister. She thought she escaped it all when years passed and she settled in the city. A nice job, a lovely boyfriend, a small home for them... She thought she had what she needed. She almost forgot about 'him'. But then he came back in her life for his sister, and took everything away from her. Her boyfriend, her little home, her freedom, and to her dismay he even took the child in her belly. And he forced her to marry him! Why? Will she escape his clutches? ----- He is a self-made man although he is from a powerful family. He has attained everything he has, working hard with his own hands. He has plans, He has secrets. But for him, she is the moon. She is his first love. She came to him one noisy night and he couldn't forget her from then. But every time he tries to get close to her, she suffers as if they are not meant to be. He wanted to stay away from her to not see her suffer. He did stay away from her for years. But when a chance presented itself pushing her to him, he couldn't stay back and tried to get close to her. And he got close to her to help her, but then he made her lose her child unwittingly. What should I do? I can't just give up on her! ----- One heart filled with resentment and another filled with remorse... What will be of them? Can his love make her resentment go away? Or will his remorse consume him? Will she see his remorse over her resentment? Will she forgive? Will there be romance? Or will there be blood? ----- Thank you readers. Updates will be at least one chapter daily. Cover picture is not mine. Will take down on request.

  • Apocalypse: Living with a Cute Baby

    Apocalypse: Living with a Cute Baby


    "An accident. She's pregnant. How unlucky. She got pregnant in one shot! What was even more unfortunate was that the end of the world had arrived, and the entire world was plunged into a terrifying crisis. How could his mother and little packrat survive? Fortunately, she was lucky enough to get a magical space. Space had everything: food, drinks, daily necessities, crop seeds, milk powder, diapers, pure water… In the post-apocalyptic era where resources were scarce, she had everything she wanted in her space. She brought her baby and lived a leisurely and rich life in the post-apocalyptic era. Right, she had to find the baby's father. She couldn't possibly let the baby be born without a father, right? Thus, she brought her child onto the road to find her father. She thought that her baby's father would have a miserable life in the post-apocalyptic era. However, what she did not expect was that her child's father was actually a hidden big shot. Not only was he doing better than her, but he had also established a new human settlement and became a king-like existence. ""From now on, you two will be under my protection,"" the man said as he hugged her domineeringly. ""Well, from the looks of it, she doesn't have to worry about the good stuff in her space being stolen anymore."""

  • Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress

    Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress



    >>>Mature Content !!! Read at your Own Risk... too much killing. Too much love could kill a person. For Andromeda, love could indeed kill her—if not physically, then mentally. It shattered her heart and soul when Zachary left her on that cold day.Can love kill you twice? When they meet again for a twisted arranged marriage, she knows she should never fall again. But here she goes… falling for him slowly. *** For Zachary, love could bring everyone into life. However, his soul is dead after he left her cold and broken. He broke her wings. Zachary loves her dearly that he's willing to let her go so she won't get hurt and so she could fly and find someone who would protect her well. He gave her up, so she could find someone that would fulfill the duty of protecting her more than he could.His love for her is too much that could give him life but somehow, that love makes him torture himself every day.Now, it seemed like destiny brings them together and this time he will do everything for her. Even his life is at cost.P.S. I Don't Own The Book CoverJoin the server:

  • Arranged Marriage: It is by force

    Arranged Marriage: It is by force

    Forced, to marry, who she does not love, because of an agreement made years, ago,got raped, lost her only family then being accused of being a prostitute, because she got pregnant for him. " so what if he is rich, I xinya am tired of all this, and for all this shame if I can get my revenge, I will"

  • Hood Arrangements

    Hood Arrangements

  • Forced to Marry a Female Billionaire CEO

    Forced to Marry a Female Billionaire CEO

    Lacking funds for his brother-in-law's dowry, Cole Stone is abandoned by his cheating girlfriend. He makes a phone call... "Ma'am, I give up. I don't want to work hard anymore." "Sure." $10,000,000 is credited into his account. Betrayed, mocked, and humiliated for being poor... Cole Stone is forced into an engagement with a billionaire CEO whose motives are unknown. "Ma'am, I would like to issue you a refund—" "Do you think that my dowry can be refunded so easily?" Cole Stone is stunned speechless. Unfair! Absolutely unfair! How will Cole Stone fare with this mysterious and sassy fiancee of his who never takes NO for an answer? How will he fare in the world of elites?

  • Forced


    Caleb Novak: Lead singer and bassist of the Australian band 3 New Efforts.Liam Walker: Famous actor and model.Because of a mistake, these two are forced to pretend that they're dating each other. Once you take into account things like past heartbreaks and the hardships that come with living life under a spotlight, you might just find that yes, it does get worse. But will these two celebrities find the happy ending they've been dreaming of?

  • Living the Tale

    Living the Tale


    Alex hates fairy tales. She always has. Alex has despised the notion of fairytales ever since her mother ran off with another man, leaving the girl and her father to rebuild their lives on their own. When she was little, Alex’s father taught her to be strong and independent, so that she did not have to wait for a man to do things for her. She took those lessons to heart and has done just that. However, what will happen to Alex when she suddenly finds a mysterious book at the library and ends up drawn into the story, literally. Alex must now live inside of the fairytales that she hates so much. She can't escape from them, no matter what she does. She has no choice, but to complete each tale, each task that the Keeper gives her. And along the way, she just might find a love for fairytales, or perhaps a prince. "Hello, Alexis." That voice from before called out to me. "We have been waiting for you." "Who are you? And why have you been waiting for me?" I called out frantically. "I am the keeper of the tales. I have heard you through the years, girl. I know that you dislike the tales that others have worked so hard to collect. These so-called fairy tales. They are a vital part of growing up. They help children learn to process and cope with emotions through make-believe. They help them to learn and grow. Yet you don't think like that. You see only weak women that need to be saved by men. I cannot help that they were written in a time long since passed, but that has kept you from seeing the true beauty and meaning of the tales. Because of that, you must be punished." "Punished?" I focused on that one word. "What do you mean that I need to be punished? What is going to happen to me? What are you going to do to me? I going to be in fairy tales?" I just knew that this voice was going to say yes. I knew that I was going to be tortured to no end because of these stories. "But of course." There was a chuckle in that voice that just wouldn't leave my mind. It was going to be there permanently. Every day for the rest of my life I would hear that voice, I just knew it. "Why? Why do I need to be in fairy tales? What is the purpose of that?" "The purpose? Well, I could say that it is to teach you a lesson. I could say that it is what you deserve because of the position that you have been taking your whole life. However, I simply think that it would be funny because you simply despise these tales. I think that it would be the best punishment for you given the circumstances." "You're evil. You know that? You are evil and cruel." I no longer felt fear of any sort. Instead, I was feeling nothing but anger and frustration boiling inside of me. "I haven't even told you the best part, Alex. These are no ordinary fairy tales. They will all be changed in some way. You may be visiting some of the classics this time, but they will be unlike any other fairy tale that has ever been told in your world. I think that is my consolation to you. You will be spared the same old boring tales that you hate and in turn, you will experience something new and exciting."

  • Reincarnation of a living god

    Reincarnation of a living god



    In Alfan the world where the (un)fortunate protagonist of this story finds himself, are there at any point in time 5 living gods, if one should die a new one is added to the mix, thought the history of Alfan there have been many living gods in the world appearing as hero's, king's and queen's, master chef's, tyrants, or as completely unknown people.join Mars as he sets out on a journey to explore Alfan to find out what kind of living god he wants to soon as he gets there that is.Volume 2 going full steam ahead with 3 chapters a week!chapters are more than 1500~ words.Authors discord:

  • The CEO's Secret Arrangement

    The CEO's Secret Arrangement

    Evan Bailey is a heartless billionaire CEO who was cheated by his ex-fiancée and now is looking for revenge. Chloe Rodriguez is a hopeless romantic who needs to help her family. She believes in happily ever after. He doesn’t even know what it means. A life changing arrangement is on the table. All choices have consequences though. Sometimes love comes knocking when you’re least expecting it. “I can’t stay away from you.” he confessed faintly. “So don’t.” she murmured.

  • My Forced Beta Mate

    My Forced Beta Mate


    “You don’t have to work so hard, babe. Everyone will be proud of you.” The words that my boyfriend, Gray, spoke made me feel uncomfortable. My name is Matilda, and I'm Alpha's daughter. I was the thinnest and smallest among them all, and they called me all kinds of insulting names like a puppy because of that. They only shut up completely when I beat them up with my fists and became Beta. My mother was the pack’s brave, fearless and beloved Luna. She descended from a line of witches, and was a seer. She used this ability to save the pack many years ago, and then she lost her life to save me. Protecting the pack had been my mother’s wish, which was also my wish and responsibility. It was also my motivation to become a Beta. However, a lot of weird things have been happening to me lately. I always catch sight of some unexplainable images. Just now, I saw my father lying in a pool of blood in the meeting room’s mirror just now with his eyes wide open. Even in death, his hands still gripped his weapon tightly, unwilling to let go. That was an extremely ominous premonition, and I thought that perhaps I had inherited my mother’s clairvoyance. But since I couldn’t interpret any of those images I saw, I didn’t tell anyone about it. At the meeting, my father mentioned that the Valet Pack’s Alpha would be bringing people to our pack. The Valet Pack was the most powerful pack in the north. Recalling the images I saw, I suspected their arrival would be a disaster! I met the Valet Pack’s Alpha in my father’s office. Oh my god! He smelled so good! His scent was so powerful, it made my legs weak. I could barely concentrate on what they were talking about! “What? I’m going to the Valet Pack? Why?!” “Before the pack war back then, your pack promised to give us the most powerful Beta they had in return for our help in twenty years, as stated in the agreement, which is this year.” The Valet Pack’s Alpha, Baron, explained to me. My mind was blank in that instance. My father had encouraged me to become a Beta since I was young. After years of hard work, I didn’t get my father’s approval, but was instead sent to live far away from my home in exchange for a more solid agreement between the two packs. My life and goals have been built on lies since the very beginning! My father had been preparing me to be sent out since the start! I couldn’t accept it! How should I face my father? Why must I be given to the Valet Pack? What exactly should I do?

  • Forced Transmigration: Not This World!

    Forced Transmigration: Not This World!


    Transmigrating into the last game he played before his death, Kenj or Ace, as he is known now, got stuck in the latest, most popular Otome Game. Cursing his luck, he began to notice that this cute little game is not as he thought it was. *Not my cover art.

  • Living in the Future ABO

    Living in the Future ABO



    Chu Jiayi is a rich, talented and handsome young master also considered the greatest beauty in the region in the Ancient World of Martial Cultivation. Well, it all turns to ashes when he is murdered under a cruel scheme. With the soul about to dissipate, a great Goddess gives him the chance to return to live. Then Chu Jiayi became Mu Liang, the fourth empire prince of the Tang-Kai Empire in an intergalactic world and with three different genres. There are no martial cultivation techniques, there are only mechas and high technology! Like an old soul, he feels lost to get worse he already wakes up committed and is about to live with his fiancé! Follow Mu Liang exploring this new world with the ABO genre and with great Mechas flying all over the place! Alessandra-066: Welcome, Host, I am your divine system! Mu Liang: Hello? Alessandra-066: I have two things to inform you about. First, you are a Recessive Omega and second, you are about to marry a ferocious man who has a scary XX! Congratulations Host. Mu Liang (...) Can I die now? Alessandra-066: Your soul will dissipate and be swallowed up by the great cosmos. Mu Liang: (!!!) NOTE: 1. R 18 2. Romance 1x1 3. Alfa (ML) x Omega (MC) 4. Follow my Ko-fi for news and weekly calendars: and Thanks for your support in the 2021. Hope we're together in 2022 too.

  • Forced to be a Villain

    Forced to be a Villain

    My ancestor told me that I was the world’s hero.He also told me to destroy the world.I destroyed the world like he said but now I’m back in time?What do I do now? I guess I’ll save the world as the villain.

  • Baby Contract: Forced Deal with a Dragon

    Baby Contract: Forced Deal with a Dragon



    Warning: Smut and explicit content on some chapters Synopsis:Lu Meili just wanted to have a family without the restrictions of her home planet where the background of your husband dictated your value.Her solution? Have a baby of her own and she didn’t care who the father of her child was as long as he didn’t want to take responsibility.Her plan was simple. Long Cheng was the perfect donor and she would pay whatever he demanded him to give what she needed, then let him go. However, there’s a catch, a snag in her perfect plan, Long Chen didn’t plan to let her go…On Long Cheng end, he woke up to find himself tied up like a beast and pressed into service as a donor breeder for Lu Meili. It should have been the best day of his life really when your mate wants you to have her child. But if no strings attached? (Evil Smirk) **Author's note: Update Schedule: will do my best to update once daily due to college internship. Commitment: Will drop none of my novels. If I am MIA for some time, I shall return!*** Please Buy me a Coffee -- me at discord:***Book cover by: SacredwispEditing status: Ongoing

  • I Was Forced To Marry The Enemy

    I Was Forced To Marry The Enemy



    He’s dangerous and he plotted it all along , to catch me in a compromising situation where I would be left with no choice but to marry him . He’s the city’s bad boy , men feared him , women wanted him , parents warned their children to stay away from him . He was from the bad side of town and I , the good . They didn’t have any rules to follow , we did . I was the good girl , followed every single rule my parents gave to me , I was their pride and joy but all that changed the moment Dante Clarke entered my life . ...................... Dante Clarke was a wanted man , the sexy bad boy that women threw themselves at and swooned over . His family was widely feared , no one went against them ... no one except the Palmers , they were the rich and elite group that followed the rules ,the complete opposite of the Clarkes. The Clarkes were fed up of the Palmers threats about the way they went about their lives and so they wanted a way to shut their mouths for good . When Dante’s father sets his eyes on their daughter Kyomi , he thinks of the perfect plan , make Kyomi Palmer marry his son and force the Palmers to finally submit to them .