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  • Forced marriage

    Forced marriage

    Forced marriage :My name is Mirabella Olúwaseyi Johnson.I have a problem, my worst enemy gave birth to me. I know you are all thinking that it's impossible but that's my life. My father hates me, he has always hated me and now he wants me married.That's not a the worst part, my best friend thinks it's the best idea in the world.It is a very short story. Comments are accepted. Thanks for checking my story out.

  • Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster

    Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster



    ***Completed*** Jerlina struggled hard to get out of the small town filled with gangs not only to improve her life, but also to get away from 'him' - the one she calls 'The Monster'. No, he really was not a monster... He was 'her monster'. 'He' had devoted his life for his little sister. She had offended him by breaking the friendship with his little sister. She thought she escaped it all when years passed and she settled in the city. A nice job, a lovely boyfriend, a small home for them... She thought she had what she needed. She almost forgot about 'him'. But then he came back in her life for his sister, and took everything away from her. Her boyfriend, her little home, her freedom, and to her dismay he even took the child in her belly. And he forced her to marry him! Why? Will she escape his clutches? ----- He is a self-made man although he is from a powerful family. He has attained everything he has, working hard with his own hands. He has plans, He has secrets. But for him, she is the moon. She is his first love. She came to him one noisy night and he couldn't forget her from then. But every time he tries to get close to her, she suffers as if they are not meant to be. He wanted to stay away from her to not see her suffer. He did stay away from her for years. But when a chance presented itself pushing her to him, he couldn't stay back and tried to get close to her. And he got close to her to help her, but then he made her lose her child unwittingly. What should I do? I can't just give up on her! ----- One heart filled with resentment and another filled with remorse... What will be of them? Can his love make her resentment go away? Or will his remorse consume him? Will she see his remorse over her resentment? Will she forgive? Will there be romance? Or will there be blood? ----- Thank you readers. Updates will be at least one chapter daily. Cover picture is not mine. Will take down on request.

  • Sir, How About A Marriage?

    Sir, How About A Marriage?

    Contemporary Romance REVENGE


    At the peak of her career, A-list actress Song Ning announced her withdrawal from the entertainment industry for love, shocking the nation. Everyone thought that she must have found her ideal home. That was why she was so determined. At first, Song Ning thought so too. For the rest of her life, she would not be a celebrity. She would only be a virtuous and virtuous woman who would take care of her husband and children at home. However, on the night before their wedding, she found out that her fiancé was having an affair with her best friend. Enraged, Song Ning found a random man to register their marriage at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. She originally wanted to take revenge on her scumbag fiancé, but she did not expect that the man who registered his marriage with her was the heir of nation's largest financial group, Mu Chen. After they got married, Mu Chen doted on Song Ning and protected her in every way possible. He didn't allow anyone to bully her. Song Ning always thought that she would be happy for the rest of her life and live the best life she wanted. That's right, she got it. It was just a little different from what she had originally imagined. The person who gave her everything was someone else. Many years later… Song Ning looked at Mu Chen affectionately. "I'm really lucky. Thank God I met you and saved me from hell." Mu Chen smiled faintly. “Yes, thank God.” However, Song Ning would never know. Mu Chen wasn't talking about thanking God for letting him meet Song Ning. He was thanking God for letting Song Ning's fiancé cheated on her so that he would have a chance. There was no such thing as an accidental encounter. It was just a premeditated pursuit. That day, he waited for Song Ning outside the Civil Affairs Bureau for ten hours…

  • Forced to Date a Big Shot

    Forced to Date a Big Shot


    Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first meeting. With death being the only other option, she makes the first move: “I am rich and I can fight.” “Be my boyfriend and I’ll protect you.” From then on, news of the Xue family’s eldest daughter and number one student keeping a gigolo slowly gets out. Alas, she is someone who protects people she calls her own fiercely, until that fateful day—shielding the man behind her from the supposed-hooligans, she proclaims coldly: “My boyfriend is timid, so come at me if you have any issues instead.” The hooligans shivers in fear as they look toward a certain big boss who is being protected. So the infamous “Black Yama” actually has this kind of hobby?

  • Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord

    Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord



    When Hazel finally turned adult, her father did not think twice before selling her to the emperor of a mysterious land. The man was famous for killing all her brides in less than a week but Hazel had a deep will to survive. From behaving crazy to a villainess, she would do anything that keeps her safe until she find a way to escape. But why is that the Evil Vampire Lord behaves so differently than the rumors she had heard. Did she even want to run away now?

  • Forced Marriage ♡

    Forced Marriage

  • forced marriage or love marriage?

    forced marriage or love marriage?


    What happens when you marry the person you hate the most....

  • Our Forced Marriage

    Our Forced Marriage

  • My forced marriage

    My forced marriage

  • His Forced Marriage

    His Forced Marriage

    What happens when a rich spoilt brat is stuck in an arranged marriage with a middle class girl? Kris was a spoilt brat from childhood girls, party and clubbing was his daily life but his life turned upside down when his grandfather set him up in an arranged marriage with a middle class girl..."You really thought you could marry me? Did you checked out the mirror? He spat harshly " listen I will never love you" he snapped and left the room. Tears started flowing from her doe eyes "But I'll still try"

  • Our forced Marriage

    Our forced Marriage

  • Forced Marriage (BL)

    Forced Marriage (BL)



  • forced marriage but love

    forced marriage but love

  • The Royal Forced Marriage

    The Royal Forced Marriage

    Madelyn Is forced to marry someone she has never met in her life and she doesn't want to. Her mom has been nagging her about it all the time and now today is finnaly the day she gets to see what this guy is all about. She marrys him and ends up to fall in love with him unexpectedly.

  • Forced Marriage With A Ruthless Mafia

    Forced Marriage With A Ruthless Mafia


    Julian was born in the world of Dead threats and Guns but he also had a caring side inside his heart for someone special , she was no one else his future wife. But Mafia world never leave you peacefully... Dark shadow never left them... Years later their daughter Adriana married with Colton, the devil king of Russian Mafia forcefully ..... Could they ever be a real couple ?or the love triangle lead them to a tragedy.... What will happen when Mathew , the heir of Russian Mafia gang follows his father's Path and forcefully marry a Mafia Princess...... Mathew's youngest daughter Adlin fell in love with Caden, the new right hand member of Russian Mafia gang and dreamed to have a peaceful life ... But Mafia world was not a peaceful place ... Many attack came but that never lead Caden and Adlin in the dirt of their family's Past... Everyone left a calm breath as darkness was no more but the Past never left them alone and years later it came being most darker....... It leads Adira ,youngest Mafia heir of the Russian Mafia gang and only daughter of Adira and Colton, to The British Mafia King Xavier ........ Who came just for revenge on the Russians...............

  • Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular

    Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular


    Three years ago, President Qiao did not hesitate to sign the papers when Xia Ning placed the divorce papers in front of him. Three years later, she is an up-and-coming star in show biz; watched by the public but knee-deep in scandals. He is a resolute emperor in the business world; powerful and omnipotent. Their paths were supposed to be separate and independent, but— Standing at her door, the legendary ruthless and unyielding diamond bachelor asks for a remarriage. A cute bun appears from behind and gazes at Xia Ning with his big, starry eyes. "Mummy, Daddy will cook, I will warm the bed, please take us in."

  • Flash Marriage: The Domineering Wife

    Flash Marriage: The Domineering Wife



    #Nominated in Webnovel Spirity Awards 2020. (Completed) Trigger Warning: Novel contains mature content and explicit scenes only intended for adults. {R-18+, No rape and No misunderstanding} *Nothing can come between my husband and I,not even death.* ~She was sad, hurt, and depressed. She was a mess, a monster who was slowly fading in her dark, lonely world until he came along. Like a twinkle little star, he brightened her horrid world. He was no one but her happy pill~ (Couple 1) "Tell me Wifey, has any man ever made you feel the way I do?" Lei Zhao asked. "Will it hurt if I tell you someone has?" Yan Mei inquired. A cheeky grin appeared on Lei Zhao's lips. "It wouldn't because I am sure no one has done it, especially the way you scream with pleasure under me." -------- Yan Mei, an aloof CEO known as the devil strongly believes love is a scam because she has experienced the joy and sadness of it. Now her heart has turned into a piece of stone encased by steel. Lei Zhao only has time for one thing in his life: work, after the death of his brother, which made him devastated and broken. After a chance encounter with a woman in a red suit at a club, he finds himself drawn to her. Something about the mysterious woman has him determined to make her his and unlock the mystery of the pain that flickers in her eyes. ~But will the devil give him a chance? Even though at times, the devil needs love too.~ ***** (Couple 2) ~She became the monster, parents told their kids to run away from, but she was far from a monster. She was just a lonely girl who wanted a friend who would always be there for her, who would check up on her and ask her how she was~ "This isn't a fairytale or a teen fiction where the bad girl falls for the good boy and tries to change for him, and then they live happily ever after. This is real life, and well, life is fucked up." Ying Sheng said, and she gulped the beer she was holding, loneliness flickering in her eyes. "But I-I won't ask you.. to change or want you to change. I just want you to be my bad girl. You --can tie me up in bed- and fu…ck me until I forget my name." Liam stammered as he turned crimson red. Ying Sheng heaved a sigh, "Cutie, you're supposed to look for a trophy wife who can cook and do chores. Not a monster like me who will destroy your perfect life. Also, we can't be together." Liam's heart nearly stopped in his chest when he heard her. His shoulders hunched, and he took a deep breath. 'Why?" He queried. "Because I love someone else." ~At times you have to choose between the one you love and the one who loves you. Ying Sheng learned this in a hard way.~ Two broken-hearted women, each broken in their own way.....with two determined men, ready to fix their broken pieces at all costs. This is a story of betrayal, love and second chances. Ready to enjoy the journey and learn along? *No evil mother-in-law, step-sister or cheating bestfriend *Not your usual cliche flash marriages novel *Bad girl X Good boy Tags: Flash Marriage #doting husband, #smut, #bad girl, #good boy, #betrayal #second chances #Strong female lead #Spirity-awards 2020 #Supernatural Note: Some chapters may be triggering for others but there is always a warning before reading. ^I'm not the owner of the cover. CREDITS TO THE OWNER. if the owner wants me to take it down just leave a comment. Thank you! Discord server: Join to chat with author, fellow readers and make friends.

  • Forced Marriage: CEO's sweet little wife

    Forced Marriage: CEO's sweet little wife

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY


    Under editing!!Forced marriage! Comedy romance! Included mature content.. Vino must have children, to get inherit from his father. He randomly searches for girls and finds Lisa's home address. Lisa accepted Vino's proposal but she sent Vira as herself. She was afraid that the man who proposed was an unsold old man. Vira gets tricked by her cousin, Lisa. She was forced to marry Vino, a money-oriented CEO. Vira's life changes 180 degrees after marrying the annoying and mercenary Vino! Vino, a man who didn't believe in love, he only believes for money and power. But .. he won't get a child if he can't melted Vira's heart. How was Vino's struggles to get a child from Vira who believing in love? p.s. art it is not mine, feel free to call me if it yours

  • My forced marriage.

    My forced marriage.

    They force me to marry my name is thrueI don't know who my husband isI am married to a man I do not love and he is married to a woman he does not love.I am an editorHe is CEO of almost half the country.His name is Yang Feih.