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    When unlikely attraction blossoms between a twentysomething genderqueer tattoo artist and an older, small-town veterinarian, both are forced to face their pasts for a chance at a loving future.<br><br>Four years ago Padraig Donovan lost his husband, the only man he’d ever been with. Now his life consists of the work he loves, a big empty house, and the possibility of a lonely future.<br><br>Kaos’s experiments with makeup landed him in the hospital at the hands of his disapproving ex. With nowhere else to turn, he flees to Acker, Wisconsin ... and runs into a sexy widower and the kindest man he’s ever met.<br><br>Padraig and Kaos know there’s something worth exploring between them, and as they raise a puppy and deal with the ups and downs of their respective jobs, they fit into each other’s lives in ways they never expected. Being with Kaos -- who is so different than the guys he’s always been attracted to -- opens up an exciting new world for Padraig. But can he convince Kaos to trust another man with his body ... let alone his heart?

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  • Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers' Wife

    Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers' Wife


    Sold by her own grandmother to become a shared wife to the poverty-stricken Ye brothers for twenty taels of silver, Liu Duo, unwilling to succumb to her fate, escaped in the night. She slipped and fell and died an inexplicable death. Then She, a soul who shared her name, reincarnated into her body. Could this be heaven trying to make amends? She is going to has four husbands? Since what's done is done, She might as well accept her new life! Work hard, earn money, get richer, become wealthy, maybe even have some kids! Just as they are living their lives, an array of crazy characters just loves to disrupt their peace. Are they here to taunt her? Take advantage of her? Well, good luck with that! I'm not some sick cat who can't fight back!

  • And Then There Were Four

    And Then There Were Four

    "You don't belong here." "Perhaps to you I don't but I'm not going anywhere," I replied unwilling to let him scare me. A deep chuckle left his throat as he stepped closer, "I can do terrible things to you-" Damian, and his brothers, were a mysterious sort and every moment with them, I was begging for pleasure. ~~~ When Ivy Thorne got accepted to one of the best Universities for Agriculture, she refused to miss the opportunity. The only problem she never expected was the four men who lived in her father's home would gradually turn her world upside down. Dangerous things don't live just in the wild. Often, they lurked closer to home and if she wasn't careful, she would find herself the center of their hunger. Their own little red riding hood. This story is rated 18+ for explicit language and sexual content. And Then There Were Four is created by Lillith Carrie, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Four Sisters From Nowhere

    Four Sisters From Nowhere

    I was never born with a silver spoon! However, I have four loaded sisters who are obsessed with protecting their little brother...

  • Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

    Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System



    Sullo was transmigrated to a world of High Gods. The people living in the world could light the God flame by condensing their believers' faith to expand their divine realm, forming their own religion to become a High God. The divine realm could be grown indefinitely by having more followers and absorbing their faith. A follower's strength was closely tied to the gods they followed as well. However, unlike other gods, Sullo had a unique thousand-fold amplification system that made everything grow at a thousand times their original speed. A normal tree spirit had evolved into a World Tree that would expand his divine domain. A normal water snake had evolved into an ouroboros that would protect his divine domain. A normal behemoth had evolved into a golden behemoth that would lead the attack on other domains. A normal angel had evolved into a 12-winged archangel that would gladly sacrifice for their god. A normal elf had evolved into an elf queen that could heal anything… Years later, as the other gods were still waging wars to gain control of the gnomes and dwarves, Sullo’s followers were already as powerful as other gods.

  • Four Worlds: Four Symbols

    Four Worlds: Four Symbols

  • Getting a Mate in Four Easy Steps

    Getting a Mate in Four Easy Steps

    Percy Watts is a successful omega entrepreneur who works in the entertainment industry. In spite of his success, he's still an omega in a world dominated by alphas and betas. He's tired of being groped and figures he needs an alpha to protect him, but he doesn't count on finding two incredible alphas at the auction house.<br><br>Rohan Adams is an alpha who joins the auction house out of sheer desperation. He's already working two different jobs and earns barely enough money to survive.<br><br>Alpha Diego Lawson holds a steady job as a librarian in the research department but dreams of opening his own café someday. His best friend suggests he join the alpha auction house.<br><br>As the highest bidder, Percy secures the services of both alphas as bodyguards. But things escalate when he receives yet another threatening letter from an alpha who seems to be obsessed with him.<br><br>Can Rohan and Diego keep Percy safe while they try to navigate their blossoming relationship?

  • The Four

    The Four

  • The Four

    The Four


    On their 18th birthday, four seemingly unrelated high school students discover that they're linked in a way they could have never imagined.April White is a good girl - cheerleader, straight A student, no enemies. She thinks her life is pretty normal, until, the day after her eighteenth birthday, she learns she has the ability to control water and manipulate fire. She doesn't know that this only scratches the surface of her powers. She and three of her classmates connect. Kaden Hill - cold, ruthless school outcast; Asher Kim - cocky, flirtatious jock; and Liliana Moreno - certified Mean Girl, realize that they're all linked. They all have abilities they cannot explain.Until someone does. That someone also explains that there are several other realms besides the human one. And those realms, and Earth, are currently under attack by a ruthless conqueror, that only they have the power to stop. Bye-bye goes their spring break as they travel between realms, racing to master their abilities and to evade the people sent to kill them, as they try to defeat the Colonizer and save the people they love.And, on the way, hitting Asher on the head for his uncalled for, inappropriate jokes.

  • Four by Forever

    Four by Forever

    Senior year. Everyone has their life going. Plans are being laid out for their future. There is Mitchelle Kim or popularly known for her stage name Sunny, the school band's female vocalist. Beautiful, talented and kind. A ray of sunshine. She has her life all planned out, her 3 year-relationship going steady to the handsome and intelligent band's male vocalist Jackson Choi aka Jack. Lucky for them, they are aiming for the same thing. What more could she ask for? Right? Together with them is Breana Jung, the drummer. No one would have thought her to be the cute, shy, intelligent and lovely type once she's holding the sticks and whipping it on stage. Sure she can perform on stage but self-assurance and confidence is what keeps her from being in the spotlight. Afraid of getting hurt again, she keeps her circle small and her feelings always in check. She likes to keep her thoughts to herself. Will she ever open up? Unlike her, Maria Han or Ari, Sunny's bestfriend is outgoing and bares it all. She wouldn't be told to do things just to fit in and she never much cared about what most people think of her. She's energetic, sassy, popular and 'in'. After all, she's the cheerleader in the cheering squad for the school basketball team. But until when? Everything is pretty normal until it wasn't anymore. Cause there's Alexandria Song or Alex, the interesting and charming transfer student. A painful memory from Breana's past that will force her to confront her issues which will lead her to Ari. Alex - the person who'll be turning Sunny's life into more than just one season. But just like every person Alex has her own problems she chose to run away from. How long would it be until it catches up to her?Read how the threads of connections between these four women unravels. Friendship, love, forgiveness, acceptance, betrayal, lies, secrets, hate, what feelings would overcome?

  • Everyone Has Four Skills

    Everyone Has Four Skills



    Spiritual auras rejuvenated in the world, and everyone awakened four skills. What would happen if everyone possessed skills similar to that in games? Would there be one-on-one fights between people? Would there be battles of wits among teams? Would there be close-quarter combat with savage beasts? However, Mo Xiu wondered, “Isn’t everyone supposed to only have four skills? Why do I have so many?”




    Grace, a 17 year old girl died went she was on a road trip with her parents and three little sisters.After death she reborn as a princess with her second sister as twins on another world. And met their handsome father whom she called' handsome prevert' for some reason." There names will be Adiana and Adiliya""he only names us then why do I feel so happy"" No, this place could be dangerous for us. We have to stay on gaurd, did you heard me, Adiliya!?"Yes sister!! Don't worry we will be safe, I will protect you!!"."Aww, my little Adiliya will protect me. So cute!!!She determind to stay on gaurd so that she can protect her sister on this unknown place and survive no matter what.Will she be able to protect herself and her sister from the dangers that they will face in the future..?

  • Four Entities

    Four Entities


    Across the world four teenagers die due to their tragic fate and luck.After dying they meet two Supreme Gods from another world, Letisa and Letison. They offer the four a chance to reincarnate them in a world filled with magic, but unfortunately they are unable to reincarnate them as humans and instead reincarnate them as monster.And this is how the story of the four entities starts.Nafeesa Al-Amin, a girl raised in a war torn country of middle east and now has been reincarnated as a scorpion monster.Aryan Varma, the son of one of the biggest drug lord in India and now has been reincarnated as a snake monster. Akito Aoki, a former Japanese model who lost everything to drugs and now reincarnated as a koi fish monster. Mia Allen, spoiled daughter of rich American man who went from a mean girl to a shy one and rich to poor and now is a bat monster. Four different people, four different stories but a single ending.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Author's Note: This story will have four different MC having different adventures and difficulties and they will start adventuring together at a very later point in this novel.I'm a beginner at writing so I would really appreciate the constructive criticism and if you find any sort of errors, then let me know through the chapter comments.

  • Four Christmases

    Four Christmases

    Will a decade-old family feud and long held secrets stand in the way of love?<br><br>Auden Whipple is searching for a bit of peace and quiet from his loud family when he stumbles across the neighbor, Porter Eldin. Porter is scorching hot on a freezing Christmas Day, and nothing like Auden expected. A moment shared by the creek begins a relationship that surprises them both.<br><br>As the Christmases pass, Auden and Porter’s relationship deepens. But the obstacle of the unresolved conflict between the Whipples and the Eldins makes Auden worried. Worried to tell his family of his new-found love, worried that the conflict will come between them.<br><br>Can two men truly in love help mend fences that have been broken for too long? Can the holiday spirit help Auden and Porter find their happily ever after?

  • Four stories

    Four stories

  • Four Hearts

    Four Hearts

    4 people with different hearts ,are going to face many difficulties in their life. This novel mainly based on true events faced by a family. Father had no job, Single hand of mother helpful to their family to eat thrice a day.



  • Four Kingdoms

    Four Kingdoms

    After the great war, all three kingdoms fall under the rule of the Kingdom of the Wise. When all goes downhill, hope lies within the forests.

  • Four Crowns

    Four Crowns

    Four girls. Four kingdom. Four elemental powers. One threat. When the land of Taria gets threatened by the greatest destroyer of all. Four kingdoms go and send for the only people that can save them. Living as regular teenage girls for the past seventeen years, will they except what they're destine to do. Each of them containing one of elementals powers of the kingdoms, their kingdom. The only way they can defeat the greatest is to come together.