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  • My Friend’s Arrogant Brother

    My Friend’s Arrogant Brother



    Maya Alva is beautiful and smart but despite her intelligence she fell in love with her friend's twin brother who loves hurting her feelings. From grade four to High School Adonis was her only crush even though he was arrogant. Adonis Gabriel Buenavista Monleon in short Adonis Monleon came from a rich clan, he is handsome and has a strong sex appeal, since childhood he has shown that he will never like her because she came from a poor family. But everything changed when Maya slapped him in the face with great force. One night the long-awaited dream of Maya happened, Adonis Monleon kissed her under the starry night at the terrace of the Monleon’s mansion. It was a magical kiss but Adonis crushed and broke her heart later that night by kissing another girl. That is why Maya hates him, and she promised herself to do everything she can to forget the only man she loves since childhood, but why can’t she forget about her first kiss? How can she resists him, the moment they met again on the summer after she graduated from High School? Can Maya stop her own heart from falling for Adonis over and over again? And stick to her promise to totally forget Adonis? Can Adonis win over the heart of Maya after he left her with a broken heart and soul? _____________________________________________ My Friend’s Artogant Brother Book 2: Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother Lisa Montesclaro is always in the shadow of her beautiful friend, Maya, and to watch her best friend got hurt by her first and only love, Adonis, she promised herself never to get involved with someone like him. Still, she became one when she found herself falling for Maya’s elder brother Benedict. Because Lisa has had no boyfriend since birth, she wants to experience her first kiss with Maya’s brother, and she made a decision to confess to Ben one night on the terrace of the Hernandez mansion. Still, she became frustrated when he turned her down when she confessed her feelings towards him. And Lisa made a vow never to make herself look like a fool again in front of Ben. Benedict Hernandez is hot and handsome and one of the most eligible men in San Antonio, where the wealthiest family in the entire country live. When her sister's best friend confessed her feelings towards him, he hated himself for turning her down, since he knew Lisa is a sweet young woman, but because the first love has broken his heart, he made a vow never to fall in love again. Benedict tried his best to stay away from Lisa as possible, but how can he resists Lisa’s charm when he always sees her around in their estate wearing sexy dresses and a beautiful smile on her face? Then because of a prize they won together during a wedding they both attended, their attraction towards each other will be tested. Can Lisa stop herself from falling for him more the moment they spend one week vacation on the La Trinidad Island? Can Benedict finally let go of his past and give himself a chance to fall in love again? Please join Lisa and Benedict as they journey together in finding true love. Thank you to all readers! Please support my other books entitled: Princess Malia’s Secret Falling In Love With Miracle The Heartbreaker CEO Is My Ex Loving Madeline The Powerful Dragon Witch (WSA Entry 2021) The CEO’s Perfect Mistake (WSA Entry 2021) The Alpha And His Beautiful Monster You Can’t Buy My Love

  • Married With My Arrogant Friend

    Married With My Arrogant Friend

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY


    Gavriel Wijaya, putra pertama kebanggaan keluarga Wijaya pulang setelah sepuluh tahun menyelesaikan pendidikan dan membangun perusahaannya di New York sana. Pulang dengan sifat dan sikap berbeda 180°, Gavriel kembali ingin menggapai cintanya, cinta sahabatnya__Queeneira. Cinta yang belum sempat ia genggam, saat ia harus memikirkan pendidikan dan karirnya. Sedangkan Queeneira, yang terlanjur patah hati ditinggal selama itu sudah tidak ingin untuk berhubungan lagi dengan sahabatnya__Gavriel Wijaya. Lalu, bagaimana cara Gavriel untuk mendapatkan cinta Queeneira kembali, mampukah Gavriel menggengam cintanya, saat Queeneira sendiri sudah tidak ingin dekat dengannya. Ikuti kisah perjalanan dan bagaimana Gavriel mengambil hati sahabatnya kembali.

  • My Sex(y) Friend

    My Sex(y) Friend

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18 COMEDY


    Karena trauma masa lalu yang sangat mendalam, Liliana Scarlet atau biasa disapa Lili sangat membenci sebuah hubungan percintaan apalagi harus menikah. Usianya sudah matang, namun ia hanya ingin bekerja dan bersenang-senang. Tapi, Lili sangat ingin punya anak tanpa pernikahan. Bagaimana bisa? Lalu di sisi lain, ada Ken—Kendrick Cashel, si pria dingin yang tidak menyukai wanita jenis apapun. Tapi, bagaimana bisa ia dibuat menyukai wanita, hanya karena sebuah ciuman taruhan dan pelakunya adalah Liliana? Sebuah takdir menuntun mereka dalam sebuah ikatan ‘pertemanan’ aneh. “Jangan jatuh cinta denganku, karena saat kau jatuh cinta artinya kita berpisah, saat atau aku sudah mengandung anakmu.” Liliana Scarlet. “Aku akan mendapatkanmu, Liliana. Lihat saja!” Kendrick Cashel. Bagaimana kisah Lili si pembenci hubungan cinta dan Ken yang sudah masuk dalam jerat pesonanya? Ikuti kisahnya di sini…

  • In Love With My Friend Crush

    In Love With My Friend Crush


    BOOK ONE: Mature content I have been living a trash life my whole-life bullying by my mother and her boyfriend's, eating left -overs giving by her as if I was not born by herWhy, because I was the result of one horny stand night between my billionaire father and her, so I was always bullying by her because she got rejected and ask to abort the babyMy existence was a mistake and humiliation to her ,she hate my guts and treated me more like a trash An incident happens to occur which made me run away from my horrible nightmares she find her self working as a maid for the cold CEO everything was alright not until she started having a weird wet dreams about him____________________________HardyHe was actually the most mysterious heir of Rovio Group, the richest billionaire man in the country, A play boy who never believe in love, all he ever cared about was money.He's a cold-blooded decisive controller among the massive business empireIt's said, he didn't hesitate to kill is brothers and finally succed the CEO of Rovio Groupwill a romantic love triggers between them warning:::this story contains scenes of violence and sexual activity which may triggering some readers**********





    JADWAL UPDATE: Seminggu sekali...Fuyu kabur dari rumah. Dia kecewa dengan sang ayah yang berubah menjadi seorang gay setelah ibunya meninggalkan mereka. Dia pun pindah ke sebuah kosan dan bertemu Aki. Mereka lalu menjadi teman.Teman sekosan.Teman hidup.Dan teman mereka hanya teman?

  • One Night Love With Friend

    One Night Love With Friend



    WARNING: 21+ Beberapa adegan kekerasan dan adegan dewasa.Bijaklah memilih bacaan.Tidak sengaja bermalam dengan seorang pria yang selama ini ia kenal sebagai sahabatnya sendiri. Hingga akhirnya semuanya dimulai dari sana, bahkan cinta ikut membuat hari-harinya bahagia. Tapi ia sadar bahwa dirinya mencintai orang yang salah. “Apa yang harus kulakukan ketika bertemu dengan Nicole? Sahabat, atasan, dan sekaligus yang telah mengambil mahkotaku.” Anna Gisella. “Kenapa aku harus bermalam dengannya?” Nicole Alfian. Akankah persahabatan mereka masih tetap seperti biasa? Lantas, apakah Nicole akan bertanggung jawab atas hilangnya mahkota sahabatnya sendiri? Dan bagaimana dengan perjalanan cinta yang mulai tumbuh dalam kehidupan mereka? Akankah cinta atau luka yang akan berbicara.

  • My Best Friend's Dad

    My Best Friend's Dad

    I had the worst crush on Mikey Pierce's dad. As excited as I was to graduate high school and go away to college, what I looked forward to more was returning home a grown man who might fit in with the guys Mr. Pierce invited over for poker at his place. Whenever I spent the night at Mikey's, I always wanted to join in their game.<br><br>The week before leaving for college, I stayed at Mikey's one last time. While Mr. Pierce and his buddies gambled, Mikey and I stole a couple of beers and watched movies upstairs. By the time it was my turn to sneak downstairs to get more drinks, the card game was over and I thought all the visitors had left.<br><br>But Mr. Pierce was in the dining room. He wasn't alone. The man in there with him owed Mr. Pierce a couple hundred bucks from playing cards, and I had a ring-side seat as he paid up.

  • Falling for My Billionaire Best Friend

    Falling for My Billionaire Best Friend

    "The golden boy and the heir to the billion-dollar empire, Bash Hughes has been the love of Trinity’s life even if he’s a bully. He has everything the world can offer, but she’s only his best friend—nothing more, and it eventually ended badly. They went separate ways then.Years later, their worlds collide, but they’re two different people—Trinity transforms into a gorgeous redhead. Well, Bash always has the looks, money, and now power.What happened when their first glance reignites something hard to shake off? Is there still a friendship to catch up, or do they want something more?"

  • My Mafia Boy Friend

    My Mafia Boy Friend



    Dua laki-laki yang hidupnya penuh kegelapan. Satu membuat tubuhku terbakar dan yang satunya lagi membuatku gemetar. Dan mereka bersumpah tidak akan melepaskanku. Kehidupanku yang biasa sebagai mahasiswa tingkat dua menjadi luar biasa ketika Joshua masuk ke dalam duniaku. Hubungan dekat kami tampaknya terlalu mustahil untuk menjadi nyata, seperti mimpi indah Sampai menjadi mimpi buruk. Aku di bius dan diculik. Ketika aku bangun, aku menemukan diriku terjebak dalam pelukan pria yang seharusnya menjadi pelindungku yang kaku dan penuh amarah. Cinta pertamaku adalah seorang mafia,berasal dari keluarga penjahat no1 di kota ini. Dan sahabatnya Madun, pria berotot menakutkan yang menculikku adalah seorang penegak hukum yang jahat. Mereka bilang mereka tidak bisa melepaskanku, atau musuh mereka mungkin akan menyakitiku. Terlepas dari segalanya, hatiku tetap milih Joshua, dan aku tidak bisa menahan diri untuk tidak menyerah pada hubungan yang membara di antara kami. Aturan kaku Madun membuatku marah, tapi tatapan tajam dan perintah tegasnya membuat sesuatu yang lebih gelap dari amarah membara di jiwaku. Mereka bilang mereka menculikku untuk perlindunganku sendiri, tetapi akankah tetap dekat dengan penculik kriminal yang memikat membuat aku dalam bahaya lebih dari sebelumnya?

  • Friends and Lovers

    Friends and Lovers

    Tom Weber has always been gay, and while he might be short, he’s the ultimate leather daddy who takes no guff from anyone. Jack Jackson is a big man who’s never doubted he was straight. In fact, he loves women so much, he’s married three of them. At different times, of course.<br><br>However, in spite of their diverse sexual orientations, in spite of time and distance that has separated them over the years, the two men are best friends. Now, that friendship will be tested, as Tom, having become intrigued enough to want to try bottoming, makes a request of his friend, and Jack agrees to fulfill it.<br><br>After Tom gets what he wants, will Jack let their relationship go back to being just friends? Or will the two decide to forge something new and go from friends to lovers?





    Fuyu ran away from home. He is disappointed with his father who turned gay after his mother left them. He also moved to a boarding house and met Aki. They then became friends. Classmate. Life companion. And a bedmate ... Is it true that they are just friends?

  • Loving my boyfriend’s best friend

    Loving my boyfriend’s best friend

    Loving my boyfriend's best friend was one of the greatest feelings I had always wanted to get rid of. Harry never looked at me the way Shawn did but as a sister and a friend. So I decided to stick to that but every time I look at him, I'm unable to control these feelings I have for him. I know it's wrong to have these feelings for him but honestly he was the first boy I would ever loved. Shawn was second. I thought Harry leaving for England will help matters but now he’s back and I know the worst is bound to happen.

  • I Love You, My Best Friend

    I Love You, My Best Friend


    Setelah mengetahui tentang perselingkuhan kekasihnya dengan seorang wanita yang bahkan tidak ia kenal, Mayleen berlari ke rumah Hendrick, sahabatnya. Hendrick tidak heran lagi jika kekasih Mayleen melakukan itu karena Hendrick sering melihatnya, tetapi dia tidak pernah memberitahu Mayleen karena dia ingin Mayleen mengetahuinya sendiri. Seiring waktu, siapa yang mengira Mayleen akan jatuh cinta pada sahabatnya? Ia memang menyukainya sejak masih TK hingga SMP, apalagi ia menghabiskan pengalaman-pengalaman pertamanya bersama Hendrick. Namun saat Mayleen mengenal cinta pada pria lain, pada akhirnya cintanya selalu berujung kandas dan ia selalu berlari ke arah Hendrick yang menjadi seorang yang selalu ada untuknya. Lalu kebersamaan mereka membuat Mayleen bertanya-tanya apakah Hendrick adalah cinta pertamanya atau hanya pelengkap hidupnya? Apakah Hendrick juga menyukainya atau tidak, sementara ia bahkan sudah memiliki Sera? Mayleen kemudian diketemukan oleh pria bernama Ken, sosok penyayang yang menyimpan banyak rahasia dari Mayleen. Ia tak ingin menyakiti Mayleen setelah mengetahui kisah cinta Mayleen. Bahkan Mayleen mendadak menjadikan Ken sebagai teman sejati yang bisa mendengarkan dan mengerti kisahnya. Ia bahkan tak malu untuk mengatakan apa yang sedang ia alami dan rasakan. Lalu, apakah nantinya Mayleen akan berakhir dengan Ken atau malah pria lain? *** NOTE: - Konten mengandung unsur kedewasaan atau 18+. Jadi, bijaklah dalam membaca dan saya sudah mengingatkan juga. - Buku yang jauh dari kata sempurna tapi saya mencoba memberikan sajian yang terbaik. *** BACA BUKU BAHASA INDONESIA SAYA: - BOSSY BOSS [tamat] 243 chapters. - Little Thing Called Love [masih berlanjut].

  • That Friend

    That Friend



  • The Imaginary Friend

    The Imaginary Friend

    Fantasy Romance DARK SMUT

    A young woman came to visit her grandmother for what should have been a quiet and relaxing summer vacation. As days passed, it turned into a whole slew of mysterious nightmares and visions of the past. Over time these turned into a full-blown erotic and carnal tryst with an unknown being, an unidentifiable entity.

  • For a friend

    For a friend

  • Loving my boyfriend's best friend

    Loving my boyfriend's best friend

    The worst thing for Elena Ryder was falling endlessly for Harry Grey. The one guy that had everyone's attention since high school and the same guy who had been friends with the famous Shawn Smith. Elena, Shawn, and Harry had all been friends since elementary but it all goes south the moment feelings arouse. Shawn was in love with Elena but she was in love with Harry. As time goes on, Elena realizes Harry would never look at her the same way Shawn does so she decides to take a chance on Shawn who would never give up on having her. Harry left Seattle for England that year returning four years later, re-opening that lost feeling Elena hid in her closet.

  • boy friend

    boy friend



    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE COMEDY


    Tiga tahun satu kelas dengan laki-laki yang menyebalkan membuat Jelita merasa sangat tersiksa. Untung nya, Jelita bertemu seorang laki-laki pujaan hati nya. Kevin, adalah cinta pertama Jelita. Namun siapa sangka, dibalik sikap menyenangkan nya, Daffa justru mengetahui sosok Kevin yang sebenarnya. Mampukah Daffa mengungkap semua kebusukan Kevin demi menyelamatkan Jelita? Gadis yang diam-diam disukai nya.

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