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    War&Military ADVENTURE R18 COMEDY


  • Five Frozen Centuries

    Five Frozen Centuries


    Wei Huo has been ignored and overlooked by almost everyone his entire life, including God. In a bid to transform the world into a more game-like one, God halted time for all humanity except for Wei Huo, leaving him to fend for himself. The teenager has no choice but to strive for survival whilst waiting for the day humanity’s clock to start ticking again. But wait a minute! What if that wait is longer than a person’s lifespan? Follow Wei Huo on his survival journey in a world infested with mutated beasts and carnivorous plants.

  • Rebirth : A Woman With Frozen Heart

    Rebirth : A Woman With Frozen Heart


    This is an original story. 1. English is not my forte so please be kind and guide me ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ALSO! Because of my lame naming skill, many people kinda confused with the use of 'Frozen Heart'. I used that word for Love Related, well she froze her heart because she doesn't want to fall in love (⌒_⌒;)ANYWAY! THIS IS THE FIRST NOVEL I MADE, SO IF THE PLOT KIND OF NOT MAKING SENSE OR TOO RUSHED, I PLEAD FOR KIND READERS' UNDERSTANDING. (#^.^#)I am REALLY a newbie writer here. (T▽T)2. This Story might cause a lot of heartache, but the ending will be Happy! 3. Yes, this is mature and smutish story which contains sexual abuse or such so extreme caution is needed! Plus there will be LGBTQ related so I hope for everyone's kindness and understanding. (´∀`)------------------------------------------------------------------------In the last life, Ming Yue was abandoned and adopted by Qing Family. She was abused and mistreated, more over her adopted father always tried to molest her everytime there was a chance. This made Ming Yue became a gloomy person who never truly lived. Her only friends were ghosts who always kept bothering her day and night. In her twenties, her heart moved due to being saved by a man. A cold and handsome man whose eyes fixed not on her but a woman who had similar face with her. Yes, her twin sister.. Having no hope to have the man's heart, Ming Yue did everything she could to support the man and her twin sister while watching from the sideline with broken heart. She even sacrificed her life for the man. The man who finally realized that the one he truly loved was Ming Yue, made a vow while hugging Ming Yue's cold body. "If there is a next life, I will give all my heart to you." However.. it was different for Ming Yue.. In her last breath, she decided to let all go.. "In this life, I gave my life for you. In the next life, I want to live for myself.." "I won't fall in love with you for the second time.."

  • Frozen Candle

    Frozen Candle



    Follow an Alchemist with an innocent little secret and his Sailor friend who guards that secret with a murder spree. Read how the tensions rise over country lines along with the rising tensions of their romance and sexuality. Question your morality while you're at it too... Explore the world of Viridia where a dust collected temple would strike fear in the heart of a God. Being forgotten by mortals means death to divinity. Thus, allowing every race to alter society through the Gods they continue to worship... or doctrine to forget. This resulted in each god creating crowns of immense power to bestow upon worthy mortal figures that can spread their influence forever. But does any soul knows of what happens to a God that is forgotten? so we follow the Frozen Candle. Disclaimer: This novel is a slow burn fiction that contains heavy politics and sensitive themes like profane language, murder, war, cultism, fictional religions, Non-consensual events, PTSD, racism, substance abuse, misogynistic undertones and casual homosexuality. This is the very first Novel I made (back when I was 15 or 16) so please be gentle, the book cover is painted by me and the fictional language was also made by me. This is like Game of Thrones but gayer.

  • Frozen Tears

    Frozen Tears

    Fantasy BL YAOI


    In an alternate reality, an influx of spiritual energy led to the birth of magic on Earth. Human souls could resonate with the elements and cultivate a connection to mysterious powers, and using mana, control the elements they connected to, achieving superhuman feats. Scientific developments quickly paled in comparison to the wondrous effects of magic, and so a new era was ushered in where magic reigned supreme. This is the story of an unprecedentedly talented boy, who once lost everything, once again finds love and happiness in the world, and his quest to stand at the peak of a land of magic and fantasy to make sure that nothing will ever take away that which he loves again. Warning: this a BL story, so do not continue if you do not wish to read this genre (jk please give it a chance hopefully it'll be worth it for other reasons XD sorry for the shamelessness) Discord:

  • Frozen Time

    Frozen Time

    Endless darkness...Endless slumber...Mia retains her consciousness while in slumber. How long was it? She can't remember and she doesn't know. The love of her life is the reason she's here. Mia would rather die than live like this. She doesn't want to live in a world without him. ******"Live on my love," Lee holds on to Mia's hands. "No, I'd rather die than live in a world without you," Mia sobs. She doesn't want to live without the one she loves. She'd rather die. "I promise my love that we will meet again. Not in this life but maybe in another one," Lee lets go of her and closes the chamber. "Lee!" Mia shouts but it's in vain. Darkness and endless sleep awaits her. *The picture isn't mine.

  • Frozen 3

    Frozen 3

  • Frozen Love

    Frozen Love

  • Divergence (Frozen)

    Divergence (Frozen)


    A man, average in most ways save for his analytical prowess, is reborn into a world where monsters roam the wilds and the greatest warriors are scholars!In a bid to return to his old life, he seeks to reach the pinnacle of individual power, but can he overcome the challenges along the way?——————————————-This novel is on hold! I will be making another novel until I see myself experienced enough to return to this one. Sorry if you really enjoyed my amateurish writing :p.



  • Frozen Spitfire

    Frozen Spitfire

    Fantasy Romance IMPOSTER

    Naomi holds a power that she can't control and that others fear. Will she be able to escape the government that has successfully captured every other member of her kind? Will she be able to control the emotions that make her powers flare up?

  • Frozen Inbend

    Frozen Inbend

  • Frozen Soul

    Frozen Soul

  • Frozen Plains

    Frozen Plains

  • Frozen Hell

    Frozen Hell

    An assassin named Cyrus is accused of turning the once beautiful land into a frozen hell. He must now escape the Assassin’s Guild and his former friend turned enemy Sebastian who wish to end his life, while surviving the harsh conditions of his new environment and the monsters that dwell within it.

  • Frozen throne

    Frozen throne

  • 0°Celsius : to thaw a frozen heart

    0°Celsius : to thaw a frozen heart

    "How dare you!!" His stare and cold voice made me step back with fear scared of what he will do "You clumsy woman!! Keep those disgusting hands of yours steady or go die somewhere!! How dare you hurt her!! Do you even know who she is!!" "'s alright.." Andrea pleaded from behind but he continued "Lowlives like you don't even deserve to step into a place like this bit we were generous to offer you this job....but You being an ungrateful brat couldn't do one thing right.......Hell you can't even walk properly how come you were hired for this job!!" Endless tears were flowing down my cheeks as he continued to reprimand me "Alessandro..please...stop" "No Andrea I will not stop..can't you see what she did.....You are too innocent and generous... you don't know girls like her.....they envy you and when they can't compete against you they engage in these dirty tactics .....bloody disgusting people...." I looked up into his eyes eyes asking him if this is what he thought of me... I was never this low... How could he even think I did this deliberately! "Oh my god...your hand..." Andrea said looking at my hand I looked down to see my entire hand turned red with blisters everywhere. I felt numb earlier but now as I saw my wound I started feeling the suppressed pain I was controlling. My tears betrayed me not just because of his words but also from the pain of my burn. Andrea rushed towards me with a worried look on her face "Maria..bring ..the coolant hurry..we need to call the doctor.." She was something else So pure and caring My eyes lifted to see Ando He had a expression I couldn't decipher His eyes were fixed on my burn but I couldn't tell if he was worried or not. But soon that expression was gone as he turned around and left. I looked at his retreating back wondering since when did he become so heartless. Everything is fair in love and war And this my friends is a war of broken hearts.

  • frozen love

    frozen love

  • Frozen Waterfalls

    Frozen Waterfalls

    A coming attraction where the modern reality of human trafficked organs finds its way into the urban community.

  • Frozen Embers

    Frozen Embers


    Will you be able to set fire to frozen embers?***Ember Eleidi has spent the past one year of her life in Servitetum, paying for the sins she committed. On the 400th day of her imprisonment, a sentry let her out, saying that she was now a free mage. The sentry also informed her that her father, Kannon Eleidi, has been assassinated in his sleep and that his last wish was for Ember to be free.Hell bent on finding the assassin that ended her father's life, she journeyed towards Metrios, towards the witch named Madame Albania. But earning an hour in Madame Albania's schedule is tough. You must prove yourself worthy first. And so, she joined what she thought she would forever turn her back on, the Guild of Mages Cup.

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