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    Hatred is the only thing that's controlling Gabriel Manubay's emotions and decisions in life for sixteen years. Sixteen years ago, Gabriel witnessed how his father mercilessly killed his mother. Without knowing the real reason why his father did that to his mother, he immediately reported the incident to the RPD (Ronda Police Department) but the RPD Chief refused to arrest his father because they are all afraid of him for the reason that his father is a very well-known mafia boss in Southeast Asia countries. One day, Mary Frances Jagadon, a fierce and snappy yet very beautiful and slim woman from Palanas, Ronda, Cebu was appointed by Mr. Fernando Manubay, Gabriel's father, to become Gabriel's executive secretary at the same time Gabriel's business management trainer. What will happen when two blazing fireballs collide? Will Mary Frances Jagadon be able to change the perspective of Gabriel Manubay towards his past and to the people around him? Will Gabriel Manubay be able to successfully accept his past and continue living his present life or he will still avenge his beloved mother using his way?



    Romance contemporáneo ROMANCE ACTION

    Sus labios se hundían en mi piel, sus manos se apoderaban de cada parte de mi cuerpo, nuestros alientos se mezclaban hasta llegar al final junto con nuestras voces. El monstruo tenía en su poder a un ángel de porcelana que lo deseaba con toda su alma y fue justo eso, cuando en la mirada de su ángel distinguió un sentimiento puro hacia él, que lo hizo tomar la decisión de que ella no sería su próxima víctima...sino aquel alma inocente y bondadoso que por tanto estuvo buscando. Ella sería para el monstruo, pero eso no lo sabrá...tan pronto...

  • Diary of Gabriel

    Diary of Gabriel



    PRANKKK! Gelas minumannya dilempar ke dinding, jatuh berkeping-keping. Di ruang kerja yang bernuansa maskulin dan mewah, situasinya sedang mencekam. "Kau yakin gadis itu yang merampas logistik milikku di pelabuhan?" seru Gabriel keras.Romano mengangguk, "Yeah Alexandra Camorra!" Mata sang mafia menyalang. "Kita akan lihat sampai di mana nyali gadis itu berani melakukannya lagi, awasi dan cek latar belakangnya. Aku menggajimu untuk bertindak bukan membuat laporan, Romano!"Brengsek! Seorang gadis mengalahkan para penjaga begitu mudah, dan satu kontainer miliknya diangkut di depan mata. Tak pernah terjadi selama hidup Gabriel Nostra berkuasa sebagai pengusaha dibalik topeng mafia. Gadis itu benar-benar ingin menguji kemampuannya! Wajah Alexandra Camorra terekam di kamera CCTV pelabuhan. Gangster mungil ini yang memberi perintah dan mengawasi perampokan semalam.Parasnya cantik, rambutnya panjang terurai dan sesekali ia mengelap peluh keringat di dahinya. Damn it! Ia malah menikmati pemandangan gadis cantik itu. Sanggupkah Gabriel Nostra membunuhnya?Ikuti kisahnya terus di sini ___

  • Dear Gabriel

    Dear Gabriel

  • Hi Gabriel

    Hi Gabriel

  • Gabriel Dick

    Gabriel Dick

    Realistic Fiction HEALING

    Gabriella Richard, was once a senior in her final year if highschool. she had it all money looks and an attractive boyfriend with a scholarship to university for his athletic ability.but that all changed on the night of her 17th birthday. how will she cope with the sudden changes that has occurred in her life. how will she continue and is there a way to fix what has changed?

  • Shabi Gabriel

    Shabi Gabriel

    Horror&Thriller ACTION ADVENTURE R18



  • Gabriel (+18)

    Gabriel (+18)


    Podía sentir todo su sexo sin barreras dentro de mi, se sentía realmente bien. Estaba tibio, y el sudor que había entre nuestros cuerpos me permitía moverme mejor, empecé a moverme hacia delante y luego atrás, sus gruñidos de placer hacían que mi vagina palpitara pidiendo más fricción, me moví mas rápido. En la posición en la que estábamos, yo cabalgandolo, tenía todo él control, y a mi me gustaba.Escuche un sonido desde algún lugar de la habitación, pero no le tomé importancia alguna, ya que pensé, era él celular o cualquier cosa. Pero no fue hasta que sentí un jalonazo en el cabello que, me percaté que no era ningún celular, era mi mamá.De la impresión, no me dió tiempo a estabilizarme, así que caí de culo en el suelo alfombrado. Tampoco me dió tiempo de pensar en la fuerza que mi madre aplicó para poder tumbarme al suelo. Gemí de dolor cuando sentí que mi madre jalo mas fuerte de mi cabello._¡Ya mamá ya!Fué lo único que salió de mi boca, trate de quitar su mano de mi cabello pero la fuerza que estaba aplicando era descomunal, lo único que pude hacer fué volverme hacia ella y tomar en puños su camisa y decirle:_¡Me duele mamá! ¡Basta!Cuando terminé de decir aquellas palabras, ya las lágrimas caían a borbotones por mi rostro._¡Tia nosotros le podemos explicar!Escuché que decía mi primo desesperado, lo escuché detrás de mi, pero no pude saber con exactitud donde estaba porqué, estaba tan desesperada que no podía volverme hacia él._¡¿TIA?!Repitió mi madre frunciendo la boca y el entrecejo en una clara mueca de asco. Vi en camara lenta como mi madre alejaba la mano de mi cabello para instantáneamente estamparla en mi rostro, en una fuerte cachetada, mi cuerpo fue impulsado hacia la cama, y ya que al volverme hacia ella había quedado de rodillas, mi cara quedó casi a la altura del amueblado y lo primero que me recibió fue eso, un gran golpe en la sien. Quedé aturdida, era como si no estuviese en mi cuerpo, y todo parecía lejano.A pesar del aturdimiento, me di cuenta que podía librarme de esto si me dejaba llevar por el vacío que se veía a lo lejos, y así lo hice. Mis ojos se cerraron y no sentí nada más.

  • Loving Gabriel

    Loving Gabriel


    Tamina is a woman with few words but a beauty that speak it all. She's very preserved kind of a woman but she got a strong heart. She was living in a mountain with her sick mother. In her poor case, she will do anything in her best to support her mother even if she have to sell her soul to the gorgeous devil himself. Luck was never her type of word but when she saw Gabriel, everything changes. Lahat ng pananaw niya sa sarili ay nagbago ngumit hindi man kailaman ang kanyang pagkatao. People will always judge her family no matter what. She fell in love with the mighty Gabriel who was love by every girls in the town. But what if her mother's past repeat itself and it will be now unto hers? Will Gabriel still love her? Will the man of her dreams truly love her?

  • reborn as the archangel Gabriel

    reborn as the archangel Gabriel

    Fantasy Romance REINCARNATION

  • Adventures of Gabriel

    Adventures of Gabriel


  • I am Gabriel

    I am Gabriel

    Gabriel an eighteen-year-old witnessed the murder of his parents. However, not all is as it seems. Gabriel born from ancient blood is destined for greater things. Destined for rulership. He is The Chosen King of the vampire realm.

  • Battle of Gabriel-Raphael

    Battle of Gabriel-Raphael


    Are you thinking of something that's glorious, yet tough? Are you thinking of something that's tactical, yet highly rewarded? Are you thinking of something that's pure loss, yet important? You're thinking of a war! And if you want to explore it, this is the novel suited for you. Welcome to a brand new novel, which is narrated by a retired general to the people of a town, who fought in the Battle of Gabriel-Raphael. Did his kingdom win? If yes, how, and if no, why? How did they plan for these? How much is it complicated? Wanna know it, then read the chapters!





    As a rogue werewolf on the run, Esme tries to live her life in the present, wondering if she will have a future and hiding from her past. She moves from place to place, never staying for more than four months at a time, leaving before any attachments are formed, and she is nothing but a ghost, a girl they used to know. After surviving on her own for two years, keeping to the shadows and blending in for so long, she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight when the city she stumbled across is controlled by none other than the Vampire King, Gabriel, the ruthless. He is intrigued by the she-wolf who chooses to live among vampires and decides to keep his natural enemy close to his side. But the more Esme tries to hide her true self, the more Gabriel is drawn to her. For someone accustomed to being alone and not leaning on anyone for help, will Esme open up to the one person who can see through her attitude for what it really is.. a painful past covered in scars? ** DISCLAIMER ** Mature Content (R18+): Abuse, Graphic violence, References to suicide, Domestic violence, Sexual content, Strong language. This is part of HUNTED. Cover is mine and created by @if._art My instagram: @xkelly_starrzx

  • Gabriel ( in to the world of mystery)

    Gabriel ( in to the world of mystery)

    a world of full of power and intelligence , strength and illusions , where the gifted human lives , a mysterious evil god who want to take all the power and bring darkness to the world but only one can defeat him.

  • Hola, soy Gabriel.

    Hola, soy Gabriel.

  • wu tian
Gabriel xu

    wu tian Gabriel xu



    The Sorceress is the tale of a very wealthy, attractive and mysterious woman named Dona Maria who lives in a magnificent medieval mansion located by a long river. Dona Maria is married to a promiscuous man named Don Lupez and she lives with her husband, her children and she also has many handmaids at her service and in charge of the workload in the mansion. Desperate and constantly suspicious of her husband’s extramarital activities, Dona Maria resorts to magic to find out her husband’s secret world of mistresses. She runs through an old book of magic entitled How to Discover the Secrets of all Men, and by reading the magical words inscribed in a section of the book, a bunch of invisible magical creatures converged to help her track down her husband’s cuckoldry.