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  • The Gambling system

    The Gambling system


    What happens when a mind reading guy is offered a deal he just can’t pass up.[slow updates]

  • The Gambling Angel

    The Gambling Angel

  • Gambling System

    Gambling System

    This is an original story so enjoy that fact.

  • The Gambling God

    The Gambling God


    Alex was a born genius, he was rich and almost ruled a country. And he did not have a second to enjoy his life even after earning so much. One day something went wrong with the country and Alex almost lost everything that he owned. After that he started a small business and began to enjoy his life. It sounds bad but he was a little addicted to gambling, he used his brain and won almost every time, and I am not even talking about his luck. He had fun playing games and exploring the world with his friends.But one day a dear friend of his betrayed him. *Jealous trash*The god chose Alex's soul along as many others to be reincarnated. For so called "Fun" of the gods. And without getting a chance to understand his situation, Alex was reincarnated in a new world. Which he would play through to become a god. Well I can't say that he had a goalHe just wanted to have fun.

  • Godly Gambling Monarch

    Godly Gambling Monarch

  • Magician Of Gambling

    Magician Of Gambling


    Lucas Wang was a talented magician, but the world has never seen his talent due to him being traumatize by the death of his brother, who is also a magician, during a performance. Fortunately, fate has given him another chance to reveal his talent to the world, but this one isn't the same as the one he live in. In this new world, everything is solve by gambling.

  • Gambling With Shadows

    Gambling With Shadows

  • Gambling Life

    Gambling Life

    "Dakine, I have a new assignment for you."It's the boss man."You know my condition.""Yes, yes I do, all too well.""When is the meeting?" I sighed."In an hour," he said.This story will not be regularly updated. I wanted to name it Roll the Dice, but that name was taken. ?

  • Gambling Is Good or Not

    Gambling Is Good or Not

    The more you bet, the more you'll win. Or lose. Greed is why gamblers keep going back to gambling no matter how many times they announce "next time don't go already". When one wins say $1,000 at the casino, this individual is likely to continue gambling because he or she may win even more. Why not, since this person is on a streak and he or she feels the need to try recouping all those that have been lost on previous occasions. A confluence of factors tend to mar one's ability to think and act rationally when gambling is involved whether it be thrill, panic, or excitement - gambling is a vicious cycle that is hard to break once you're addicted. And even if you do gamble, always remember to not be greedy and know when to draw a line. Also, do not dabble in gambling when you cannot afford to lose.




  • Gambling with Life

    Gambling with Life

    Get ready fo in the pov of a girl captured in a group of highschoolers and fight time and gambling with her life literally

  • Gambling In Another World

    Gambling In Another World


    A man with a seemingly infinite amount of luck lucks out once again when a goddess forgets to reset his soul after he spins the wheel of reincarnation.

  • How Gambling On Twitch Changed The Way We View Gambling.

    How Gambling On Twitch Changed The Way We View Gambling.

  • Supreme Gambling Master

    Supreme Gambling Master


    Unexplained changes underwent Eoliv .( Another planet ) Voids and dungeon s appeared along with vile monsters all over. Oceans spread. Mountains grew overnights Earthquakes separated the land. Yeah, Chaos was an understatement. Because suddenly the world of Eoliv had become ruled by Games. Every law, King, politic, all was decided by a game of wits.Where you could either win it all or lose it all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After being betrayed and getting abandon by her so called family. Eleanor is left to face the dangers of the world.WHAT WILL SHE DO? " I wanna sleep, damn it" { ignore}Given a seemingly useless ability left orphan with two little brothers Has jerk good for nothing father who goes off with his mistress and her 3 annoying kids. And the only way to get money is to disguise herself as a man to enter dungeonsWatch as she goes from a weak doormat to a everlasting queen in this new world " Don't worry deary, consider yourself unlucky. I won't lie, i do most in fact hate people like you. But, i hate losing even more" - Eleanor " Win, I don't have to win anything. I just won't let you win. Simple , Right? " - Eleanor ------------- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx---------------------- --SIDE NOTE THIS IS A ORIGINAL FANTASY NOVEL SOMETHING STUFF MAY GO UNEXPLAINED FIRST NOVEL HOPE YOU LIKE AND COMMENT SEE YA MUNCHKINS ~ * _ *~ P.S. Updates once or twice a week Cover Art Creator ~ Unknown ( Not mine, fit with theme) I take no credit for it. Found image in Pinterest.

  • Gambling with His Heart

    Gambling with His Heart

    For Darius having a intense attraction for the young woman, was out of the question.He was the type to love and leave them.Never wanting to be shackled down, especially after the betrayal of his first mate.Would Cassandra be able to penetrate his steel heart...?•Mature Content•All rights reserved•Media content sole right of those that allowed me to use•Story content my own

  • Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

    Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School


    She was once a puppet to her family, a commercial spy and assassin pursued by the police. One day, she falls into the sea after being betrayed. When she wakes up again, she is an ordinary third year student in high school. Due to her ignoble past and the ostracization of her relatives, she has always been bullied by her classmates, partly due to her being a loner. With her gaining a new lease of life, she undergoes a massive change, returning any bullying she received in the past. With a powerful cheat, a pair of telepathic jade eyes, she is able to easily appraise jade and succeed at gambling. She starts a business, becoming a legendary businesswoman. There's no need to talk about people who previously mocked her for being poor when they see her billion-yuan net worth. When relatives visit to cozy up with her, they are denied. We are no longer related to one another. Return to whatever foul place you came from! Days are good, except for an easily jealous man beside her. For no good reason, she ends up aching all over, especially in her nether regions, all thanks to him. This is a story whose male and female leads are both strong and untainted.

  • Love Gamble

    Love Gamble

    she was sold to himshe was use as a collateral by her parent.she was place a bet on.Mia was a simple girl that lived her life with her parent until her fate changed after she met the strange man that place a bet on her with his friend.what will happen when she finds out she was sold out to him?will she ever love him?He is rich, he is alluring and cold.he place a bet on her and also demanded her as a collateral from her parents.what if he falls for her?what if she is all he needs to take his loneliness away?Raymond is a young handsome man that came back to town to take over his father's business.he place a bet on Mia to never Fall for her.what Will happen when love finds him?Read a story of an intriguing Love turned obsession.of betrayal, pain and sacrifice.

  • Gamble in a dying world

    Gamble in a dying world



    [Warning: This book can get brutal, but don't expect action on every page. I place quite an emphasis on character design and development.] ......... You've read Apocalypse stories thousands of times, with courageous, cautious and even altruistic leads. Western, Eastern.. how about an African lead whose ability can actually get him killed?? Bernard once gambled on a chance to make his life better. To do what he actually wanted with his life despite what others wanted him to do. Though it's probably not the gamble you're thinking about... He succeeded. He got to live the life of his dreams, gave his family the support they needed and saw them thrive. That one moment gave him everything he dreamed of.. That was until the apocalypse came.... The planet quaked, the ozone was destroyed, harsh light eviscerated life on the planet.. Gravity was distorted and mutations occurred on some organic lives on the entire planet.. An enemy of unimaginable proportions descended on Earth, but the mystery behind him is one you probably haven't heard of many times... Bernard’s hard work was destroyed. So was his family that he had finally made proud, as a brother and as a son. At the brink of death, a light shone amidst the chaos. A light that clung to many humans who were still alive... A light that gave them a fighting chance against their enemy... The humans awakened to abilities tied to their happiest memories. Abilities of different kinds with vast applications and some.... awkward connotations.. Bernard awakened a gift to fight through the terror and creatures that awaited. He awakened the Innate Ability: Gamble... ......... Vital Information for Readers: I'm sure most of you won't like the main character in the beginning. But I must stress that he will develop and experience a major development in an important arc that's not too far ahead. He won't always be on the pages for the first section of the story, but he will still have a prominent role. Other characters in this world are given a fair share of time to express themselves and develop too. A lot. The first 10 chapters set up the BASIC story, but they are NOT exposition. The story will be moving...quite fast, so be prepared for less action in that time period. ....... Check out my other book 'Bro! I'm not an Undead' Cover picture is mine... only the dice are from the net and edited on PS.. credit to the...owner...

  • Ninja Gamble

    Ninja Gamble

    "Just your normal ninja story about a boy, who takes the risk of death to save his life. Oh wait, is that normal? Yeah. Life risking gambles are definitely normal."

  • To Gamble With A Demon

    To Gamble With A Demon


    A bet to prove her worth, a soul for the demon to collect if she fails. Aisha Yang fell into Hell by accident. As unlucky as it gets, Aisha became prey to demons, only to be ‘saved’ by another. Unwilling to accept death, she begged her savior for a chance to return to the land of the living to which he agreed but under a bet with a catch— an eternity of servitude if she failed! Damien, a high-ranking demon, was supposed to bring the woman to one of the rebirth centers. Neither dead nor alive, she was an extremely curious case. And she even had the audacity to beg her way home?! Damien may have given her a chance, but he will make sure she was definitely going to fail— he was a demon after all. With Damien doing everything he can to make Aisha suffer, and Aisha retaliating with her sass and headstrong attitude, the two end up in a rather comically hilarious relationship of good versus evil! But what if Aisha falling into Hell wasn’t just an accident? When sparks fly between the human and the demon, would Aisha still want to go back when her time is up? +++ EXCERPT: “I must be out of my mind, but I love the way you melt and squirm, Aisha,” Damien whispered. “I… I feel lost too,” Aisha confessed, “but this… this kind of lost is beautiful.” Her words were like a song strung together to Damien’s ears. “Would you want to lose yourself with me then? Tell me, Aisha Yang, for I will do everything for you.” “Lord Damien,” she gasped in between his wet kisses on her neck, “this isn’t right.” “There is nothing right in Hell, Miss Hot Chili Condoms,” Damien murmured, a soft growl escaping him. “Even your existence in Hell isn’t right.” The Harbinger lifted her skirt up. The surprise beneath exposed smooth and long legs bared for his hands to wander about, and at the very center, the prize wrapped in lace.