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  • Gangster System: I Will Become The Greatest Gangster!

    Gangster System: I Will Become The Greatest Gangster!



    When push comes to shove, would you be willing to put your life on the line for what you want? With life continuously steering him toward a life of crime, upon awakening the Gangster System, his purpose became crystal clear. Follow as Xavier overcomes trials and tribulations on his journey to becoming the Greatest Gangster! Discord Server: P.S. This is all fiction and crime is not a joke :)

  • The Great CEO's Wife is a Gangster

    The Great CEO's Wife is a Gangster


    How identical can identical twins be? After years of separation, Erika is approached to pretend to be her twin sister, Emily, for a while. Pretend to be her twin even after not seeing her for years and years? Fine. Pretending to be the wife of her sister's husband and mother to their son? Impossible!!!! Excerpt:"A-are you sleeping with your trunks? Only?'' Aisha was anxious. She forgot that she has to sleep beside him. The thought of it sent shivers to her spine. "Are you really asking that after sleeping with me for years?'' his brow creased.Her eyes widened. "Y-you mean it's already a habit of him? And he will be doing it every SINGLE NIGHT? SERIOUSLY? Oh Lord, why are you tormenting me like this?'' her mind is in jumble. Ethan saw her uneasiness and he smirk." But I wont mind sleeping beside a handsome guy", She drooled at her thought. "Pervert!" She wiggled.Ethan was deep in his thoughts while looking at the woman fully covered with blanket. He can see her wiggling. Something isn't just right. He can tell just by looking at her eyes."That Eyes!'' he stroked his chin. "It's definitely her eyes"***With all the growing threats against Ethan and his son’s life, will Erika (now called Aisha) take the risk to protect them knowing the danger it will cost her?While secrets unfold itself one at a time, will Ethan see past though all the lies and pretentions in front of him?What will Ethan do if he discovers that the woman whom he married was not the person he thought she should be?And, will Aisha be able to avoid her growing feelings towards Ethan, knowing that her twin sister is coming back soon? what if her sister comes back claiming everything she owns including her family during the time she learns to live the life of lies?**Will she chose Love over Blood?

  • The Gangster and His Prince (BL)

    The Gangster and His Prince (BL)


    Prince Noir was an illegitimate child of the Emperor of Ray Kingdom. He grew up in a secret sect, learning from a reclusive master until, on his eighteenth birthday, his Emperor father came to pick him up. Noir worked diligently for his big brother the Crown Prince Licht, and his fame as a capable and intelligent prince spread far and wide. Until, on his twenty first birthday, Noir fell off the imperial viewing tower. And landed in a bathtub. A bathtub with a very handsome man in it. A handsome man with the face of his reclusive master…! “Master…!” Noir cried tearfully. “You saved me again…!” The handsome man pointed a gun at Noir’s head in response.

  • The Gangster Princess and The Gangster Prince

    The Gangster Princess and The Gangster Prince

  • Substitute Bride's Husband Is An Invisible Rich Man

    Substitute Bride's Husband Is An Invisible Rich Man



    Mo Yan was an illegitimate child of a rich family and was arranged by her mother to take the place of her sister in marriage to a poor man in order to fulfill the marriage contract set by the previous generation, allowing the Mo family to get their hands on that substantial dowry. Her sister said. "How can I marry such a vagrant? You, on the other hand, are much more suitable! Her father said. "Yanyan, as long as you are willing to marry him on your sister's behalf, I'll give you a sum which you can use to pay for your mother's medical fees." Her stepmother said. "You're nothing but a mutt, and you should be grateful for being the second young lady of the Mo family. Know your place!" Just like that Mo Yan married a man she had never met before in her sister, Mo Lian's place. He was poor and destitute and stayed in a dilapidated tiled house. It was said that he was a local gangster. On the night of their wedding, Mo Yan said, "You are my husband; you can do anything to me. He let her bathe inside an old bathroom with no lock and then pressed his body against hers. "It is late, let's go to bed?" Later on, her husband transformed and became a mysterious yet powerful rich person. Mo Yan screamed, "Impossible!" Soon, she found out that her husband was the same as her, marrying in place of another! This is the story of a wife and a husband marrying in place of someone else.

  • Seven Gangster

    Seven Gangster


    SEVEN GANGSTER ( we are RASCALS ) Rated 18 PrologueWow, where are these semi gods from girls continue to yell at the club, who are they done God made them specifically. “They are the RASCALS, a girl said. RASCALS indeedThey define themselves to be RASCALS, what does that mean. It is the first abbreviation of their name.R—RyanA—AndreS—ScottC—ColeA—AndyL—LiamS—Steve“Meet Ryan, the leader of the gang and a mafia prince. He is the badass among them, in terms of fashion, handsomeness, in fact everything. He can make a girl c·m by barrel looking at him. He hates ladies but loves pu**y . The reason was that his mother went with his father money to another man. He is the most handsome of the gang. Sweet and with a blue eyeball.“Meet Andre, another cute guy in the gang.He never falls for ladies cause his mother is a slut and never take good care of him. He vows not to have a woman in his life.“Meet Scott he is a gentle tiger, he is very rude and harsh. He never has a reason to become a gangster, but just love pussy so much.He don't fucking care who you are. His mission is only to get to women panties.“Meet Cole the billionaire son, he can get any Lady he wants with his money. Many ladies have broken his heart and took his money away. They date him because of his money. so, he vows not to love again.Meet Andy, the most funny guy in the group, his funny attitude always make girls run after him. He joined the group because he was raped by some ladies, raped or what should I call it. He almost became impotent because of the rape. He came across Ryan. Who explain his situation to his father. He was hospitalized and was given some drugs. He became his usual habit to used drug whenever he wants to have s·x !!!!. Let meet Liam, the most gentle of the guys. He never talks too much but is perfect in sex. He joined the group only because his heart was broken by a lady. Finally, the last name that complete RASCALS is Steve, a very talented guy. He got talent of rapping and dancing. He is an orphan and also a poor guy. He always wants to make his talent know to the world, but everything was cut short when is poor parent die.He meet Cole in a bar. Where he was rapping and dancing, so he can earn money to further his education Cole pick him up, and they became best of friend. Cole help him, they go to school together. And seek admission to the college the same time,he became used to fucking ladies. Cause that's what Cole does must and Every time he brought a lady home. He always makes jest of him to be an impotent. That's make him join him in fucking woman. He became worse than Cole. that was the journey of the RASCALS. They found themselves in the same college and create the group name. RASCALS. And the slogan is( we fuck any pu**y )."Let's talk about Anabella, a gorgeous and a crazy lady. Who ran away from home since she was 12 years due to the way her parent maltreat her. She always wondered if they are her real parent. She run from home and come across Nina, a girl with a single mom, her life is some kind of boring because her mother is too entitled to her work. Anabella begs for the job of maid in their house. She was given the job,, but Nina mother change her mind after seen how Nina as being happy since she came. She sponsored her education.

  • Nerdy Secret Gangster & Campus Hotties Gangster

    Nerdy Secret Gangster & Campus Hotties Gangster


  • Sweet Gangster

    Sweet Gangster

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN REVENGE CEO

    All her life, Dahlia has always stuck by the rules. She grew up in a small town with her sweet parents and had always dreamed of what life outside her small town felt like. This led her to pursue a career in big New York after her college and after landing a job as a nurse at SilverCrest hospital, Dahlia was convinced that her life had fallen perfectly in line. However, being ever the big dreamer, something in her still thirsted for a bigger life - larger than the confines SilverCrest offered. She felt like her life had been too perfectly mapped out that it had lost its appeal of excitement and spontaneity. In the hospital, she’s reputable for her sweetness and smart mouth. She’s mostly loved by everyone but due to her lack of experience, she’s not assigned to severe patients. She’s tired of the uneventful routine her daily life offers.

  • Lawless Gangster

    Lawless Gangster

    What was meant to be a quick breakage of their sibling's relationship, brought about a lingering memory of Xiao Li's piercing gaze, imprinting itself in Qi Xiu Yuan's heart. Several encounters later, friendship was the underlying word to start off their relationship, yet for Qi Xiu Yuan it had always been something more. Something stronger. For Xiao Li, who had only known the criminal world, how will he take on feelings that he had never felt before.

  • Gangster Friends

    Gangster Friends

  • Martial Gangster

    Martial Gangster


    As he was killed by his last life which only happen yesterday and when he woke up his body were full of tattoos and he knew he was reborn!The body life was a wannabe gangster. So he will train and and get strong and get his revenge to the Martial Alliance swearing to wipe them off and create a new sect!The road to become a Martial Artist Gangster.

  • Gangster Entertainment

    Gangster Entertainment


    Leos and Lillies, two great gangs in Mohawk. As what student recognize them. They don't battle physically, they battle their creativity.Leos and Lillies are popular gifted students and they are famous for their works since first year.Adresteia Lobelia, the Lillies director and writer crying in the corner of her bed. Why? Easy, she is afraid.One, she fell in love with a Leo. Two, dhe is afraid if one of her friends find out and hate her. Three the school will know and will result a big mess. And four, she broke Lillies number one rule, never ever fall in love with a Leo.

  • Secret gangster

    Secret gangster

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION

  • Gangster Women

    Gangster Women

  • Gangster Boyfriend

    Gangster Boyfriend

  • Cinta? 

    Cinta? Gangster


    seorang pria biasa yang masuk di dunia yang terbilang, dunia yang baru dan rumit untuk dia. berbagai masalah ia lalui dan akhirnya ia jatuh hati kepada seorang pria yang ternyata dia adalah sang gangster dan termasuk pemimpin dari gangster tersebut dan seorang yg ditakuti.bagaimana kah kisahnya mari silahkan baca karya saya terimakasih

  • Gangster Squad

    Gangster Squad


    My first story, so I’ll make many mistakes along the way lol. So feel free to criticise or give me advice enjoy amigos. This is story of how a innocent student later became one of the biggest gangsters to ever exist. Later creating one of the biggest, richest Mafia organisation to exist.

  • Crowned Gangster

    Crowned Gangster

  • Gangster in Love

    Gangster in Love