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  • Bored Gamer in Other Worlds

    Bored Gamer in Other Worlds



    Bored Gamer in Other Worlds. A spoiled brat journeys in mystical worlds and beyond.Author's Patreon - Donation -

  • Walker Of The Worlds

    Walker Of The Worlds



    Lin Mu was a common boy living in a small town, ostracized by the townsmen because of a mistake he made during the harvest, his house seized to compensate for it. Forced to fend for himself in the outskirts, he finds a rusty ring embedded in the tree where he always used to play as a child. Witness his story as the mysterious rusty ring changes his destiny forever, opening him up to a world he would never have experienced, people he would have never met, and powers he would have never had. Instagram: grand_void_daoist -------------------------------------------- Support the author: -------------------------------------------- Join the discord-

  • Worlds' Apocalypse Online

    Worlds' Apocalypse Online


    The end of all worlds approach. The Demon King Order harvests lives from all manners of living beings. Within this darkness full of despair, a single person bypassed Space-time and returned to before the world collapsed, determined to change the fate of the past. But as time went by, he gradually found that the Apocalypse isn’t quite as simple as he thought… ------------ Translator: La0o9 Link to the WAO glossary page for possible confusing terminologies, a short character list and overall minor spoilers (I recommend not to check the page out until you reach the latest chapter):

  • The Prince of Heaven's Gate - Last Stand At World's End

    The Prince of Heaven's Gate - Last Stand At World's End



    Lucien was chosen by the God of Gamblers to participate in the Heaven’s Gate Project. Their goal was to help save a dying world from destruction, and ensure that it wouldn’t be destroyed a second time. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to the God's plan. Lucien’s soul was heavily injured during the soul transfer and on the verge of collapse. Having no other alternative, the God of Gamblers was forced to take yet another gamble to preserve his chosen candidate’s soul and help him find a new vessel. As if arranged by Fate itself, Lucien’s soul wandered into the world of Solais until it merged with the dead body of a newborn baby that was left to float down a river. With his new identity as Lux, the boy realized that even with the blessings given to him by the Gods, saving a world was not an easy matter. In a world of Swords and Magic, where adventures run wild and free… the Legendary Saga of an abandoned Prince is about to begin!

  • VRMMORPG: The Other World Online

    VRMMORPG: The Other World Online



    In a time after humanity was hit by the C-Virus, everything was relabeled. And that included humans. Those who awakened a mystical power called Qi became the Blessed and those who failed became the Qiless. The new minority. The people who did menial jobs. Those who should be shunned. The Other World, Earth's most popular VRMMORPG released its 5th version on 5th of September 2164 with the slogan "Qi Awakening to even the Qiless." A legendary Virtual World that made a not so legendary proclamation. Cheng Xiu, a Qiless, did not have hope to become an Expert in such games. She just wanted to read books, get good grades and reach a place where the lable of Qiless would not hurt her anymore. She didn't want to experience pain and suffering, thank you very much. But it seemed her best friend once again forgot that memo as she buys Cheng Xiu a game pod to play The Other World. And Cheng Xiu slowly realised that even a Qiless had an opportunity for Greatness in the VR World. Watch as she becomes the world's most powerful Qi user online!*** Warnings: There is some disturbing scenes in this, and annoying characters too.The romance does not start until after chapter 100, and it is only after 150 that you will see actual hints of it, if you can call it that.I have tried to give the online world and the real world be real spaces with characters and plots running in both.Please do not copy the story to other sites. I do not earn enough for you take the food from my mouth. xxx Cover Photo is not mine. It belongs to the original creator. If you want me to take it down, just comment on a chapter!

  • Gate of God

    Gate of God



    This is a strange and inexplicable world...Mountains, water, stones, flowers, grass, trees, wood, the Sun, moonlight, stars... All creation under the Heavens and Earths are sources of energy. In this world, there are all the classics from his previous world, but there is a new addition: The Law of Dao. Fang Zhengzhi was conflicted. I can obtain power from reading books? Should I read Tao Te Ching first? Or should I read The Art of Becoming Invisible? What about the Analects of Confucius or... The Golden Lotus? With The Law Of Dao as his foundation, can Fang Zhengzhi master the Dao of All Creation and open the gate of God?

  • Gate of Immortality

    Gate of Immortality



    With the sacrifice of his dao body, Samsara emperor has finally opened the gate of reincarnation, yet the secret of eternal life lies behind the door of immortality. Alas, only one strand of divine intent is all remained of him. So for the final task, he has chosen a vengeful soul, from a faraway place called earth..... Yang shi, A ordinary, unlucky, man finally broke when her beloved woman was harassed to death. While couldn't avenge her with his capability, Yang shi made a deal with an unknown entity with the cost of his soul, but he didn't know that a mythical adventure awaits him... " Hey, beautiful lady, why don't you marry me?, what you have a fiance?, Hmph. I will take care of him and his sister." " Hey, are you blind? why the hell you bumped me, Do you wanna die? " Wow, that jade vase is a treasure, will you sell it to me? No? So, I will just steal it from you." " Wait, since when I have become this evil, yes after coming to this world, it seems I have changed." Follow our MC, and see how he tackles his excessive lust, anger, and greed. ....................................................................................................... [ The cover page is not mine. All the credit goes to the artist.]

  • In Other Worlds

    In Other Worlds

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

    Deep in the Forbidden Forest, above me on the cliff, beside my favorite waterfall, I could hear the sounds of fighting; swords clashed together and the indistinct shouts of men, magic could be seen sparking and flashing in the evening sun. I heard Blacks voice ring out over the sound of the water. "Night! Snap out of it!" With a start, I ran up the steep path beside the waterfall and just as I reached the top I felt my heart drop.There stood Black sword in hand covered in fresh cuts and bruises blood oozing from a cut above his eyebrow. "Black!" I screamed rushing forward only to be stopped by a strong force field like barrier. Rebounding off it I landed with a thud that momentarily stunned me. I groaned and pushed myself to me knees only to look up in time to watch Black's twin brother, Night, drive his sword into Black's unguarded side. I scrambled to my feet and ran at the barrier as I drew on the power I had only managed to keep under control, I struck the force field like barrier.A loud boom shook the cliff side as my power struck it and only managed to put hair line fractures in its surface but other than that it didn't budge. I could feel panic beginning to set in but I forced it down so I could strike it again, and again it barely made any difference. Desperation gripped my heart when I saw Black's eyes on me he was almost at his limit if I didn't get to him soon it was going to be to late.I saw him shake his head as he caught a sword stroke aimed at his head. "Alli, run! Get out of here!" Black cried as he pushed Night away from him and ran towards the barrier were I still pounded, tears blurring my vision. I watch in absolute horror as Night struck Black from behind as he rushed towards me. I could see Nights sword protruding through Black's back and out his chest right were his heart lay.A scream was torn from my mouth as I lost what little control I had on my power. A sudden blast of silver and royal blue light shot from my hands and into the invisible barrier. Cracks soon turned into holes as a the sound of shattering glass filled the air around us. Nights head snapped up fear in his eyes as he looked me in the eyes before he yanked the sword out of Black, turned and ran. I forced my way through, drawing my sword as I ran after him only for a short distance before I turned back to check on my fiance.

  • Chronicles of Other Worlds

    Chronicles of Other Worlds

    Death and reincarnation are part of the natural cycle for every living creature, except for the Phivians, those incapable of proceeding to the Spiritual World, forever trapped between the countless worlds of the physical realm. Follow the journey of Zeph, a young orphan without memories, confused by his dreams and struggling to find out his own identity and the place where he belongs.

  • World After Worlds

    World After Worlds


    She [WARNING: EXPLICIT, MATURE CONTENT 18+] Cause of Death: Her overactive imagination and poor lifestyle. Binge watched porn, dramas, and anime. Excessive indulgence in books, manga, Webtoon, WebComics, and Webnovels. Too much laziness and lack of sleep. Dehydration and unreasonable amount of junk food. She never felt belonged in that world. Out of a sudden, she found herself alive on another person's body. So then she started leaping from one world to another, fulfilling the wishes of her new roles. Whether it would be salvation or retribution, she couldn't care less. Well, as long as it is interesting, why not try? *** World After Worlds CONTENTS 1st World: Brightest Star 2nd World: Hara (queen) 3rd World: Miss Officer 4th World: Azkin's Curse 5th World: Honey Trap *** This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. 2021, Ran Barbasa. Image not owned. From Pinterest.

  • Adventures in other worlds

    Adventures in other worlds


    Have you ever had a fantasy of another world? One with dragons and dwarves, or giant metalic.spaceships? What if I told you I have seen them? Walked on the purple grass, cast great magics, and fought against giant paperclips? This is my story. Enjoy.

  • the other side of the gate

    the other side of the gate

  • Peak To The Other World

    Peak To The Other World


    Kai Xin was the man who was living in the dream as he could buy whatever he wanted like, a mansion, expensive cars, and even an island. But what he would do if one day he jumped to the other world? Where the high-end technology he used to didn't exist, just completely himself.He can't still back to his world? Join Kai with his new journey in life when he can experience, pain, hatred, hard work, love, and lust that he never experienced before.The photo is not mine, just found it on google.

  • Madara in other worlds..?

    Madara in other worlds..?


    Died then reborn as madara in bnha worldBtw its no harem. only single love interest. Btw its a OCIts my first novel so don’t expect something goodI will write this story first time for fun then once its finished ill rewrite it with longer chapters with more story in it......maybe.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A boy died and got reborn with the name of madara in the bnha world and dunno...a story happened? who knows.?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Bored Geek in Other Worlds

    Bored Geek in Other Worlds

    Bored Geek in Other Worlds.* * *Author's Patreon - Donation - text was made by my friend, Rose.You can read her book at

  • I can travel to other worlds

    I can travel to other worlds

  • Naruto jumps into other worlds

    Naruto jumps into other worlds


  • Lumia: Other World

    Lumia: Other World



    Witness the story of hired assassin that got reincarnated to the world of Lumia. He became a  curious child that wanted to master anything that piqued his interest. He will face serious challenges to save this world and get stronger as time goes by. Upon finding difficulties in this world, he wanted to master all Job Classes;  Ranger, Rogue, Knight, Warrior, Fighter, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Swordsman, he dreams of mastering them all. He will climb to the top to fight his enemies. Meeting someone who gave him a chance to master all Job Classes, he strives to master and get it all. While the world was at peace, a rebellion on the heavenly realm shook the world, and the former Angels became Fallens. Pouring out the wrath to the inhabitants of Lumia and brought the world into a dark age. Angels gave the gift called Systems to the chosen ones. The ones that will fight for the entire races' survival. The Kings rose to stand, the Heroes were searched for help, and young ones joined the Academy to get stronger. The world was in chaos, the survival of the entire race and the greater enemy's defeat is all at stake. Join Mael throughout his journey to solve his crisis and dilemmas in the world of Lumia.Disclaimer: There is no copyright infringement intended. I give credits to the real owner and I am not the real owner of the cover. If the owner wants to take down the cover just let me know. Please support me:

  • Trigger
there are other worlds in the world

    Trigger there are other worlds in the world

  • really other worlds, huh?

    really other worlds, huh?