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  • Stock on each other

    Stock on each other By:Geoff

  • The Power of Evil

    The Power of Evil


    The homes of the citizens were burned down. Bodies littered everywhere. Whether it was the smoke from the fire that poisoned them, or the knife draw that came from the palace army."Let me go!" scream a young man being forcibly brought into the palace by two palace guards. Blood is being drained from his temple. Also the bruising in his eyes made him a little foggy.When he got inside, he saw the king sitting on his throne smiling down at him. The palace guard made him kneel and looked up at the king on the throne."I told you I would destroy the city in just one night," the King said."You're is the stupidest king I've ever known. Is there a king who deliberately destroys his kingdom but you?" the man blurted sharply."It's either you or me. Only the city you're leading is mine. It won't affect the state that I'm currently running."After that, the man was taken to the dungeon. There's already people from his town who are still alive. Even if there are only a few, at least any someone still alive."You guys all right?" said the man when the guard left the prison."Geoff, geoff, you still alive?" asked one of the residents.

  • test213


  • Old Familiar Song

    Old Familiar Song

    Back in college, Larry Carson played drums in a friend’s band and fell in love with the lead singer, Geoffrey Mason. But all that’s in the past. Larry’s now thirty-five, divorced, and father to a precocious thirteen-year-old daughter.<br><br>One day, when Larry picks Crystal up from school, a song comes on the radio by a new rockstar climbing the charts. Larry recognizes Geoff’s voice immediately, though Crystal calls him Geo and claims he’s the hottest new singer on the scene. Just hearing him brings back a flood of memories, reopening wounds Larry thought long healed.<br><br>The more he listens to Geo’s music, the more Larry falls in love with his former boyfriend all over again. Partly to prove to his daughter that he used to know Geo back in the day, and partly to reconnect with his old friend, Larry buys tickets to an upcoming concert and manages to score backstage passes.<br><br>But there was a reason Larry and Geoff lost touch -- and stayed out of touch for so long. Will Geo even want to see Larry again after all this time? Or will the magic of their old familiar song bring about a harmonious duet?

  • Recursion


    Geoff, a scientist working on a world-altering experiment in a laboratory deep underneath the city of Denver has a problem: he keeps dying and re-living the same three hours. Desperate to escape, he tries whatever he can to make it out of the nightmare he's found himself in

  • The Alphas Golden Girl

    The Alphas Golden Girl

    Geoffery is a werewolf who is longing to find his mate in order to take over as Alpha of his father's pack called the Highlands pack. At one of his father's meetings with several other Alphas, Geoff sees the most beautiful girl. She has long Golden blonde hair, most beautiful emerald green eyes and tanned skin. He can not seem to take his eyes off of her or stay away from her. He finds out that she is only 17 and will be if age in 2 weeks. He has an inkling that this is his true mate. He had been all over the country searching for his mate but to no avail.When he starts speaking with her, her voice is very melodic and he becomes entranced by her words. After a few short hours, he decides he would like to pursue her and get to know her. She agrees and then turns to leave. He realized he had forgotten to ask her name. As he asks, she smiles and says "Seraphina". Such a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. But what Geoff doesn't know is that he isn't the only one to pursue her, and also doesn't realize that she is truly one of a kind. so much in fact that when she finally shifts for her first time, it turns out to be the most breathtaking shift in many many years.

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