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  • Becoming God of a Dystopian World

    Becoming God of a Dystopian World



    'Welcome to the New Era'Waking up in an unfamiliar world, Zhao Luo realized the changes in his body.In this distorted world, the lands that Zhao Luo once knew of, have changed into mountain ranges and every range has a Sect while the sect leader has all the power and control over the surrounding mountains.Zhao Luo's simple life as a traveler had already ended the moment he was trapped in a sleeping capsule. Now his goal is to become the strongest and reign supreme in this new world to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a God.• Zhao Luo's potential attracts the attention of a mysterious old man. "Master, you are an Emperor, Emperor of Gods?"Becoming the Disciple of this old man turned out to be a blessing for him.• Receiving his master's most treasured books lets him meet even more incredible personalities."What? The egos of the Ancient Emperas are overseeing my growth?"• Continuing on the path to rise to the top in the Xin Sect, Zhao Luo finds a Fist Technique."Oh, he trained for 78 years to master this? But It only took me 4 days ^.^" Zhao Luo's journey will bring him to the top as he crushes down his enemies, and make friends with unusual characters, each with a background of his own."She is mine."Going against one of the three Royal families, just for the sake of his beloved, this journey is filled with everything you need. ------- -------- -------- ---------- -------Hazardous Gold Tier Winner of WFP#28Every type of comment/s or meme/s on the chapter will be welcomed with open arms anPepepepe gif, so I can interact with everyone while laughing at them later on!Even though the novel is dying down but I want to end it one day and take the mc to his rightful place.The art is not mine. In case you want to contact me regarding anything related to my novels, feel free to do so.A work of Fiction by a Fictional character.Discord: is The BEST discord Channel Ever ( bait ) For PM, Discord @The_Fake_God#9636Instagram: @webnovel_t_f_g

  • Oh My Tutor!

    Oh My Tutor!



    Kim Nam-su is the daughter to one of the prestigious family in Seoul, raised by parents who expect her to be perfect in everything, she had lived her life in agony and darkness but her life soon turn around when he came into her life.He was like an angel, a gif that radiated light. the light that she had be searching for all these years but had never found.He came into her life and brought only joy and happiness but will she fight with all her might when those darkness try to take him away once again...Fund out in the hearthrobing romance novel, "Oh My Tutor!."

  • Old Boi (Search "Gluttonous Sage" for the new one) 大

    Old Boi (Search "Gluttonous Sage" for the new one) 大


    Cover is made by Koi. Check out her instagram: koiijin *At least read the tidbit on the harem in this abstract before leaving if you don't like harem for any reason* Minor Warning: I've had reports of some readers becoming brain ded due to the complexity, only to have better brain cells after recovery. In other words, this book may unwillingly enlarge your brain... Alt name for the discord: To Get Super Brain; Good luck... This is just a short summary of Volume 0. Make sure you go read it since there is more to it than just the summary. The synopsis is in my review and in Volume 0 because I ran out of chars here. WARNING: This is just a rough draft for the comic. Although the novel has been refined to be presentable, the comic will have more details, mini dramas, and it’ll also flow better. There is so much detail I need to put in, images can hardly express it all. 1 "Day" can be anywhere from 1 chapter to 24 chapters. An action packed, nonstop tasks to be done throughout the day, is about 24 chaps. A Day that's spent grinding out new spells, formulas, or experiments can be anywhere from 1-7 chapters depending on how much I flesh it out. Alright now for the common misconceptions that may occur. The promised harem tidbit: If harems make you feel uncomfortable or you drop immediately when you see the tag, you can read up to Day 100ish (idk exact Day yet) as there are absolutely no chances of a second wife until then. Day 100ish is when the second wife is introduced, but no romantic feelings develop for another 200 or so Days. You can drop right when she is introduced, this way you won't miss out on the good meme moments (there's a griffin rave in early chaps). Unfortunately that point is only 9% or 3% of the book (depending if I do 1095 Days or 3650 Days, respectively) so you'll be missing out on the best moments. The Griffin Rave is roughly 4/10 compared to what's been planned. Basically a mini-novel up to that point. Now for info about the actual harem: Yes it is a harem, but it is a harem done right. No 2D characters, no falling in love with the mc just because they looked at him. The first wife won’t be wed until 50 Days or so. There'll be plenty of drama, as to be expected when another woman tries to join the relationship of a loving couple. Also, no ntr or rape. There’ll be close calls, but the mc will thoroughly annihilate everyone and anyone who attempts to touch his waifus. Prepare snacks for these occasions. Important note: Mc gets laid on Day 69. Now for the most crucial bit of info. This isn’t a story, it’s a world. Yep, you read it right. A hecking world. This means there are no 2D characters. (read more in volume 0). Also, there is no plot armor or other mc perks… because this is a world, not a story. What happens if the mc dies? Can he be resurrected? Yep, if it follows the rules of the world. Regardless though, the world will continue and so will this book. In case you can’t tell, the Gluttonous Sage is our mc. So there won’t be much info about our mc unless someone in the world asks him about it. Even then, he won’t be able to say much bc he needs to hide the fact he was isekai’d until he is closer with them. Because of this, some info about our mc is in volume 0. Bonus info: Some characters send memes and gifs, so check out the Format chapter in vol. 0 so you won't miss them. Seriously, go read volume 0, you'll be missing out a lot and may be confused if you don't. You may skip it, but you'll be confused about how the novel is structured later on. The only aux chapter related to the plot is Power Classifications System and debatably, the info about Cain. The upload rate is daily with an extra 3 or 4 chaps at the end of each month. Each chapter is at least 2.5k words, and some will even reach twice that. I'll try to write at least 5k words per day, but there will be some days that I'll work on the illustrations.

  • An Ordinary Noona Romance...Not!

    An Ordinary Noona Romance...Not!


    Have you seen that dog GIF if you search surprised in GIF? I bet my eyes looked as big as that dog's right now! I know, I know, I've been watching too much of those drama series. Even my dreams are filled with K, C, and J drama series, uhm, hrmph, ahh scenes, just scenes okay! Wah! This Oppa is ripped! Sideways, frontways, whatever ways I look at it, I could just...ahhh looked at those abs, those chest muscles! Ommo! Is that...iiiiieeee!!!! I can't look but on the other hand why is it that big?! Romance? No problem, I've got my hands full of it. Oppa? Ge? Kun? I have all of those gorgeous hunks on the palm of my hands! I'm Hanni, 33 years old, single, I live a very exciting life as one of the librarians at P Country's National Library. Imagine all those books waiting to be cataloged and placed to their rightful shelves. Amazing, right?! ...........My foot! The only highlight of my life - 8 PM, Uquyu App, and my drama series............that's what I thought. But it seems Fate had other plans only she forgot to give me even the tiniest bit of a clue!

  • Give me your memes

    Give me your memes

    Fantasy COMEDY

    I want more gif’s / memes / funny things sooooooooo if you didn’t mind please hand them over.

  • The Brutal Life Of A Delinquent

    The Brutal Life Of A Delinquent


    Once upon a time, in a city, was born a boy.This boy grew up to be a delinquent. Without mercy, he would beat up anyone who annoyed him.Men... Women... Children... Animals... Nature... Technology... None were safe from his wrath.His school has students with record-breaking good behavior because they are too scared of this delinquent.This delinquent was living a pretty good life from his viewpoint. But when an infamous Mafia arrives at his city and stirs up trouble at his school, what will he do?There's only one obvious answer....................... Beat every single mafia member to a bloody pulp that can never walk again.Join this Delinquent in his rampage against crime In...... The Brutal Life Of A Delinquent.(All Pics/gifs/vids/etc belong to their respective owners)This story might be... Brutal

  • U n K n o w n ~

    U n K n o w n ~

    Terror y Horror SCARY

    Hay un desconocido que cómete varios asesinatos sin piedad alguna, trata de descubrir el nombre del misterioso asesino.C R E D I T O S:Edición de fotografía, escritura e autora: S.M☆Creador de la idea, diseño en dibujos/gifs, autor original: Christian Jara.Colaboradores en la historia: Christian Jara y S.M☆>>>Todos los derechos reservados, prohibidas copias, plagios u adaptaciones.Redes sociales de los creadores:@Sevenzerosix707 ~> Instagram @Raro_Kun ~> Instagram

  • Limitless Upgrading

    Limitless Upgrading


    A legendary genius that could be compared to a gif is reborn in a the zianwu continent as a small little snake that doesn’t even have scales or fangs , Next to him an ancient primordial lion is trapped by the chains of a godking. Reborn once again he shall shock the heavens and earth even beyond as he becomes a dragon without any system only a little technique that he could improve every time he fights

  • 时时得不到基督教方法解放军gif看看附近附近解放军减肥减肥解放军好好读读新的环境技术监督局循序渐进解决简简单单急急急哈哈哈哈哈哈会不会会会好


  • 他非常有杜甫粗粗惊险刺激堵车肌肤付费if解放军超级超级副及附近粗粗粗糙将错就错警察局句句句句巨款gif辜负超级超级夫妇粗粗vi附加费客服付出


  • Bennett Bound (reuploaded)

    Bennett Bound (reuploaded)


    What would happen if our beloved Bonnie Bennett had family that was truly in her corner, knew the ups and downs of her life and was always willing to sacrifice themselves for her? What if she didn't even have to feel alone or lose the few and only people who ever really put her first? Enter Bonnie's half-sister Diana. The Bennett sisters couldn't be more different if their lives depended on it. But their beauty and their bond is unmatched by anyone else in Mystic Falls. Soon, they gain the dangerous but alluring attention of the town vampires. This is the reverse harem romance for Bonnie (and her sister) that we've all been wishing for. What fresh hell awaits the Bennett sisters when they discover their new magic identities as sire witches?Disclaimer: This work is a fan fiction piece. I do not own or hold copyrights to any characters from The Vampire Diaries, nor do I claim anything from this story other than my original character Diana Bennett as my own. I also do not own or hold any copyrights to any media depicted on the cover image of the story or any other pictures, gifs or videos that may be posted herein. It is not my intention to pass any of this media as my own creation.

  • Revenant’s Journey

    Revenant’s Journey


    It was the life the young boy always dreamt of after losing everything he had and reincarnating into another world. A peaceful life. However, it didn't last long. Only a few days before his 18th birthday, disaster struck and his entire village was burned to the ground, his clan and family killed, and he was the last one.Burning with hatred, fury, the need for revenge, and the anger of being too weak to protect his loved ones, he was granted a gift made from the flames of revenge and the boiling blood in his body.Returning as a revenant, a being revived from death to torment the living. He will hunt down those who murdered his family and rid the world of wrongdoing, no matter what form of oppression it takes.Follow Tatsuya Kurayami, the last remaining descendant of the clan, Kiyoshi-hono, as he travels across the continent and the world to unleash his revenge and fury on those who deserve it._______________________________________________________________Notice: Be advised that the first few chapters will be the MC going through his new childhood until he becomes an adult. Then from there, the real story begins. For anyone that reads this, thank you and write "Ehe" in the first chapter so I can post a stupid paimon gif.WARNING: GoreI do not own the cover(Because I am poor)

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