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  • Lost among people

    Lost among people

  • The Journey To An Unknown Destination (PAUSED)

    The Journey To An Unknown Destination (PAUSED)


    Emily has an incredible adventure ahead of her in which she faces the difficulties of being a student and sports fanatic.Being above average in many aspects, she gains not only many admirers but also many enemies, who are envious of her talents and are intent on dragging her down at all costs. But she has her best friends who she can rely on and to help her in difficult situations.In her determination to become the best athlete, she has to make many risky decisions and leave her home city, San Francisco, she goes to live with her 'not-so-close' aunt in Los Angeles. Emily not only misses her family and friends, but her time spent with her aunt isn't all that joyful and easy as she gives her a hard time. Things get messy, there are ups and downs, as managing to multi task is difficult, keeping up with sports, studies and handling the drama in life, physically and mentally exhausts her.Special thanks to my sister for: 1. Making the novel cover!!!2. Updating the chapters in case of mistakes.Current Status: PAUSED for improvements and editing!!Tags:FemaleProtagonist, Archery, Races, Studies, Travelling, FriendshipValues, DeterminationAndHope, DifficultTimes, Bullying, StandingForYouself, GirlPower

  • Vengeance's Daughter

    Vengeance's Daughter

    Zulu Lin Song is the daughter of an abandon son of the great Song family which is world known for its entertainment industry.she is back to take the throne after her father's death and will not back down.

  • If I Was Your Girl

    If I Was Your Girl

    "Hello, sister! It's been forever! so good to see u again! " 'Nicole! I thought u were dead'...... "Nicole! how nice is it to see u again! " '.... pretender! ' ... Nicole thought, Verona Lim is Nicole Lim's half sister. they grew together but deep down Verona hated Nicole for the death of her mom and swore to destroy her! Verona sets Nicole up and lures her in to her trap hoping that she will die but was saved by the handsome, charming CEO Derek Yoon. When Nicole comes back, will she be able to get her revenge? or will she be swayed by the truths and lies in her family? Let's read on! #Girlpower#Revenge#Romance#IWYG ??Author's note: Most actions in this book are due to misinformation and ignorance. The story will progress slowly at first and then fall in place as time goes on! Thanks??



    (PART I )- A young girl discovers something queer of her curiosity she binds in magic(PART II) The young girls explore the path to womanhood, the magic beneath her rises and she does something, which others thought was impossible



    (PART I) A young girl leads her childhood life and the adventures of magic upholds her (PART II) This young girl is a grown woman now, the magic beneath her is growing and the change in her life is devastating . Read the book for the whole story..(Disclaimer- This book will be updated on a gradual basis and not at once)

  • Miss Under-cover Detective

    Miss Under-cover Detective


    A girl who mindset changed in the age of seventeen goes on to an adventurous world of crimes against humanity and also meets her soulmate there.. Hey guys it's my first work. Hope you will love it. It is only based on my imagination after watching and reading so many detective series, movies and novels.Give your love and support to me....From.. Gishi

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