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  • Moonlight Demon (GL LITRPG)

    Moonlight Demon (GL LITRPG)



    Ash had spent the last six years on the streets of the Jewel Empire's capital, Jade. In that time, she learned that she could only trust herself and that relying on humans was something she simply could not afford to do. That changes though when she is chosen by the goddess Magia to become a Savior. Now, along with Keiko, a girl who has mastered everything except what her family wished she would, and Kaori, another Savior who is Ash's polar opposite, the half-demon has to figure out how to make this new life work. But, with escalating demon attacks, her own confusing nature, and an entire religion that cannot stand her existence, she may not be able to do so.---The first volume of this story will also be on Royal Road and Scribblehub.

  • Way to your heart (Girlslove)

    Way to your heart (Girlslove)


    Kayla is awakened in the middle of the night by a loud noise and follows the creature that caused the noise into the forest behind her house. But she is pulled into a magical world, and does not know how to get back home. Will she make it? And what else is waiting on her magical journey to find a way back home?

  • Reincarnated to save the universe (GL/BL)

    Reincarnated to save the universe (GL/BL)



    Give a try to my other novel My Mage System (BL)........................................Celia used her spiritual energy to create wings in her back and fly to Anaya.Anaya caught her in her arms and asked her : "What's wrong my love ?"Celia said with a grin in her face : "My beloved baby wife, i have a favor to ask you, can i fight with that level nine mage, i really want to try a true fight to see if i m be able to handle an ennemy without my green papers."Anaya didn't get why she was asking for that, so she said : "If Liam is agreed then it's fine, why do you have to ask me ?"Celia sighed and caressed her cheek with her finger, she said : "I have to because it's a girl, and Liam just remembered me that the wrath of a dragon is not a joke."Celia heard everyone coughing or mumbling and Alec was looking at Liam from afar with a smirk on his face, may be i went too far this time thought Celia, poor Liam, Alec is going to eat him for a long time tonight, she could see that just with that gaze.Anaya spanked her and said : "If you are here to cause trouble then go back to fight i will take care of you tonight."Celia laughed happily and said : "Okay sweetie, no worry i will let you punish me the whole night."She heard at least five difference voices yelling at her name "Cel..." so she flew back to the combat ring and once there she sent a flying kiss to Anaya.Liam seeing everyone's reaction and especially the piercing look that his man was giving to him, he couldn't help asking Celia : "What did you say to make Alec look at me like that ? Damn Cel ! This is not funny !"Celia just had an irrepressible laughter, when she calmed down she said : "Don't worry, I just set you up on a date with your man tonight.".......................Celia died and was reincarnated in a young girl body in Eben's world, this world where magic is not only an illusion was the opposite of hers, she came from a modern world and now she must learn to be a mage. Anaya is an orphan girl and she was borned to be a fighter, once she met Celia her life changed forever. Long time ago a prophecy was made : when the forces of evil are about to enslave the universe, a mage and a fighter with extraordinary powers will join forces to save all the worlds in this universe. Could they be them ?....................... Want to read more please be awared that the main couple in this novel is lesbian there will be also BL couple (around chapter 40). There will be also mature scenes.the extract is from chap 110 ;) The cover has been done by my little bro if you wanna checked his work here his instagram : @yann.lbc

  • CEO He : Please Don't Love Me

    CEO He : Please Don't Love Me



    "Heart wants to love but fears the fate of being left alone."-------He Jian I loved you more than anything in my whole life. To the point that it became poison for me. Now in this life, I loved myself. I sealed my heart for you. Then why are you not leaving me alone? Why are you constantly pulling me into your life.? Why do your eyes have something else other than disgust for me? Did you not hate me?What has changed?You or Me?--------ExcerptA gentle kiss fell on her lips and a shiver ran down her spine. “I love you.”Her heart pounded fiercely inside her chest. These words. Oh, how she wished to hear them in her last life. She might have fainted from happiness if she had heard them at that time. But now, they didn’t bring that happiness to her heart. They only brought fear, confusion and anger, and so many questions.“How can you…” She whispered more to herself.How can he love her?He heard her and stroked her cheek. The touch was so gentle that it made her feel as if she was a precious treasure. It made her feel loved.She raised her head to look at him. The usual ice-cold-blue eyes were filled with smiles as he asked her.“Why can’t I?”She swallowed realizing how those eyes still affected her, realizing how weak she was. Tears surfaced through her eyes and she saw him panicking. He tried to wipe them gently as she whispered.“You can’t…… just can’t."~*~*~**~*~*~Mo Roulan spent her whole life chasing after the man she loved with her whole heart. At the time of her death, when she didn't see even an ounce of sorrow in his eyes, her heart was filled with sorrow. She was reborn. This time she vowed to make different choices and change her destiny. Hiding the past in her heart, this time she chose her family. But what will she do when the same past is back pounding on the doors of her heart, ready to break the walls she had surrounded her heart with.Will she give it a chance or will she continue to hide those feelings inside her heart?Read on to find out what wins. Her fear or His love?------------------Warning - The story has side couples who are homosexual and hence has the LGBT tag. The story will also concentrate on those couples as well as the main couple. If you don't like to read BL and GL then please leave it but don't leave disgusting comments about homosexuality.------------ [This is an original story.]Cover Credit- AnoralilyUpdates- 1-2 chapters/ dayWant to support me? Buy me a Ko-fi: other book on Webnovel - His Rui(Ongoing)

  • Seduce The Villainess (GL)

    Seduce The Villainess (GL)



    Every story needs a great evil for the hero or heroine to defeat… The wicked stepmother who torments Cinderella. The fearsome dragon who kidnaps the princess. The fake rich daughter who bullies the real. An evil demon queen hell bent on destroying the world. Yet sometimes these villains defeat the heroes. Agent 214 has been tasked to enter these dangerous worlds and eliminate these evil villainesses before they have the chance to win. But why is every story a little different than what it first seems?

  • I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!

    I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!



    Lee Fei is a normal 30-year-old man who has a good job as a librarian at the National University in China. He is an avid reader and has always read everything, including BL and GL, even though he declares himself 100% straight. He died just like that. There was no truck. There was no car accident. No deadly disease. Lee Fei reincarnated and transmigrated to the world of the book he had read days before he died. Unfortunately, a BL Dark Book. The worst, he transmigrated as an insignificant side character! Lee Fei became Emery Darcy, who is the third child of a powerful duke. Your life should be full of wealth and happiness, right? Unfortunately, Emery Darcy followed the path of an exorcist! Yes, Emery Darcy is an Exorcist Bishop! To make the irony of his situation worse, this side character had a worse fate than the villain. What an injustice! As the knowledge of the plot of this world, Lee Fei intends to return to the home of his rich family and live a good life! So, what if he has divine powers and MANA from nature? He just wants a rich and peaceful life! Ehhhh? Is the MC making a honey trap for me? Is ML no longer a possessive demon, but a tsundere that is following me? Is the fallen archangel a shameless voyeur who spies on me even in the bath? A guardian knight who thinks I'm the reincarnation of the god of nature? Stay away from me, I just want a peaceful life! Does apocalypse come far? No matter, I'm rich enough to protect myself! Let's have a happy and rich life as a good nobleman should be. NOTE: 1. R 18 2. Chapter Auxiliary with the main characters of the harem so far; 3. Harem Romance 4. Follow my Ko-fi for news and weekly calendars: and Thanks for your support in the 2021. Hope we're together in 2022 too.

  • Lesbian Slave(GL)(LGBTQ+)

    Lesbian Slave(GL)(LGBTQ+)

    A Lesbian who creates her own empire called Black Angel Society, a society full of LGBTQ+ elites and common members.Shun loves to collect slaves and create her own harem, if you enter her world you're always welcome to play with fire.

  • (GL)






    Alexandria believed her brother and trusted no one but him. In the cruel world they lived in, she loved only his twin. But as days go by, a crack started to form between them. Due to an incident at the age of 10, she lost the ability to recognize her own feelings and emotion.It all changed when she met Clauzia in the field of flowers, the one who made her feel something strange in her chest, not knowing what that feeling was, Alexandria took a liking to the lady. Is it love or just an obsession with the feeling she does not understand?"The tree that always comforted me lost its use the moment you appeared," Alexandria whispered, leaning on the tree with Clauzia in her arms. "Only you...make me feel this way."Tears formed in Clauzia's eyes as she gazed down at their hands, "This kind of relationship is not allowed, y-you could die." she said with a tremble in her voice.Alexandria couldn't show any expression but she held Clauzia's hand tightly and pressed her lips on the lady's head, "I will do anything to keep you by my side," "Even if it costs me my life." Alexandria didn't have a reason to live or die. For years, she always asked herself for a purpose. Now she finally found the answer to her questions.However, the chaos began when she found Clauzia engaged to her twin brother.Alexander.

  • Spring Winds [GL]

    Spring Winds [GL]



    "I'm sorry my kite hit your face!" Those were the 'legendary' first words to my fated person. Haha... Please don't hate me, Senior Sister! I swear it was merely the breeze! I swear it was! Zhu Na Ran is a girl who merely wanted to escape her past and start anew. Ye Lian Hua is a girl from a prominent family, pressured to carry on her family's expectations. Unexpectedly, the two meet from a mishap of the wind. Could it be love? ___ Updates are usually on Fridays UTC - 4 An original story. I just really wanted to get this idea out there, so I hope you would enjoy this story. :) Cover by yours truly. Please forgive my lack of skills. :) ___ Originally published: 11 Mar, 19 Rewritten: 18 Mar, 20

  • GL



    Liane lives alone in an apartment. Have a good job and a happy life.One day after another, his relatives died, first his older brother, he died because he spontaneously ran over the train. Second was his Mom who jumped off the building, third was his youngest brother who got out of the running taxi so his Daddy was the only one left who was almost mad.The death of their mom, brother and youngest is a mystery to him because suicidal is not of their race.One day a handsome man suddenly entered his apartment and pretended to be the owner of his apartment.The man is shocked because Liane sees him because he has been dead for so long! At first Liane didn't believe that Reeze was a ghost but Reeze proved it.Why does he see the ghost Reeze?He thought he was dead so he could see Reeze, but he was still alive.He was forced to live with Reeze and he was always caught staring at him with its sad eyes. At first he just felt sorry for Reeze because maybe he was sad because he couldn't cross to another world. He promises to help her cross the world of the dead, but she gradually falls in love with Reeze even though she knows it's just a ghost.What if her Dad was the reason Reeze died? What if he found out Reeze's purpose with him? What if Reeze was the reason why his family members died? What if he was one of the reasons why Reeze hadn’t crossed yet? What if he already loves Reeze? Will he be willing to let Reeze go and be silent in the afterlife or die to be with Reeze?> 2017 To God Be The Glory

  • Girl & Rabbit [GL]

    Girl & Rabbit [GL]



    [3rd place in WPC #95] After being saved by a heroic maiden, Wen Tu is determined to pay her savior back by taking responsibility and marrying them. However, there were a few problems. Wen Tu was a rabbit demon. And her savior, a mortal woman. And perhaps the most significant problem, they were both women. Wen Tu's 'brilliant' solution? Crossdress as a man. What could go wrong? ___ Just an original story that I want to get out there. Cover art is not mine; all rights go to their respective owners.

  • Fantasy Air [GL]

    Fantasy Air [GL]


    * Female Lead adventure and romance with other female characters. Transmigrated into her favorite novel - “But my lord! I am the maid who is openly in love with a fellow maid.” A steady, sharp, and straight girl sadly overworks to death while trying to save her father’s bankrupt company, but her story doesn’t end here! She transmigrates into the world of her favorite light novel, but as a minor character who is shamelessly in love with her fellow maid. Caution, in this world, love between two women is a crime, a capital offense!

  • Reborn as the Princess's Knight (GL)

    Reborn as the Princess's Knight (GL)



    Kein Rosenguard, a reincarnated girl who suddenly became the crown princess's personal knight! She fulfills her duties at the side of her highness, Princess Rosarie von Goldheart. A rebellious princess who would rather live her life as dressing as a commoner than attending fancy balls in the castle. Kein decided she would spend her whole life protecting her Royal Highness but will she succeed in her mission and set aside her growing feelings for her? Art is not mine! Only the story! Please tell me if you know the artist so I can credit them!




    Meet Gold YLaid, the most popular actress in the entertainment industry. She believes that having a successful life comes from a great plan. It was clear to gold surroundings that all the things she had through seem have no difficulty for her everyday living. For Gold, if it is not for her belief, she maybe not in her situation, which everyone wanted. But, what if some person appears in front of her? and has no permission disturbing and destroying her point of view? Will she still be able to fight her belief in this folk, or is this the beginning of Gold's unexpected situation without even knowing what the outcome will be?

  • Black String [GL]

    Black String [GL]

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC ANIME YURI

    "Can you escape from the shackles of fate?"Sheens of iridescent diamond of blue, white, yellow and rose floods light downwards, lighting up an elegant mansion where a 17-year-old teenager named Shelly lives. Under the authority and care of her Aunt who took her in after both parents had left for their work outside the state, the girl was pampered and was given everything she needs. But Shelly is a stubborn kid and has tried escaping the mansion for 2 years but no to avail. The thing was, why would she want to leave such a magnificent mansion? Carpets made of silk fibers, chandelier made of sparkling diamonds, furniture carved with sophisticated designs, a king-size and queen-side bed for her, many different rooms for entertainment, except for an old and creaky basement, and unseen people serving her. That's right, there are specters in the place, they move things, they clean every nook and cranny, they serve her food. If Shelly's a fan of supernatural phenomenon, she won't really mind, but that was not the case here! Determined to figure out the secrets of the place, the 17-year-old blonde aims to unlock the mystery of the mansion, her own Aunt, and the specters that made her life both better and worse.Read Shelly's journey along with a sprinkle of romance~xNote:Picture from PinterestBook Cover is edited by me.

  • Peach and Siren [GL]

    Peach and Siren [GL]

    [NEW CHAPTER EVERY SUNDAY] Ever since the start of the school year, Siren has this unexplainable irritating feeling towards her classmate, Peach. Peach is pretty and nice, she gets along with everyone,they don't have a grudge against each other either so why is it that every time she sees Peach she gets annoyed? Is it because of her rapid heartbeat whenever she's near or the unexplainable desire to hug and touch her?

  • Phantonide Academy [GL]

    Phantonide Academy [GL]


    "Do you want to come with me? To my Academy. Phantonide!" With this simple question alter the life of 11 individuals as they entered a Academy within the center of who knows where. But why were they chosen? Simple, Since all of them committed violations such as stealing, selling drugs and even killing from a really youthful age Follow the daily lives of students of Prestigious Academy, Phantonide as they battle to get along with each other and new feelings develop. Let's just wish it's a good one

  • Breathe (African novel) [GL]

    Breathe (African novel) [GL]


    Nikola was born with the might of Africa in her veins. She was designed with one purpose - protect. She has a mission and failure is not an option. ...but how will Nikola justify risking her life for the girl that cost her everything.

  • Rainbows(GL)