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  • The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

    The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce


    In her former life, she was robbed of her status, her looks, and her reputation. Reborn, she is now a top scholar, and queen of the entertainment world. She will teach the fake girls a lesson and show the creeps how to really live life!

  • The National Goddess Reborn

    The National Goddess Reborn



    After her rebirth, she went from the Commander of the Apocalyptic World to the useless second daughter of the Nian family from the upper-class society! 'Trash', 'stupid, and 'useless' were the typical labels the rich daughters of other families stuck on her. In the past, the Host was often framed by her manipulative sister. While her stepmother tried to seize her inheritance rights, her scumbag of a father wanted her dead more than anything in the world. Since her rebirth, Nian Yue has been settling old scores one by one. “Don't be anxious, everyone! I will slay you one by one!” From then on, she became the top scorer, the champion racer and even the god of investment! He was the Fu family's Ninth Young Master. He was handsome, violent, moody, and had an androgynous face. Many women flocked to him, but everyone knew that under that countenance was a devil that killed people like they were flies. Initially, it was thought that this devil would be arrogant and aloof all his life and would never have eyes for anyone. However, everyone’s jaw dropped when they witnessed the devil trailing behind the Nian family's Second Miss, wheedling and asking for hugs!

  • Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

    Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

    Contemporary Romance REINCARNATION CEO


    The interstellar boss, Zi Yi, has come back to life. Despite clearly being reborn as a daughter to a rich family with a dignified family on her mother's side, she just had to be screwed over by her stepmother's horrendous fostering and egged on to distance herself from her mother's family. Labeled by the people in her circle as a 'Rich, stupid, and shameless to the point of stealing her own sister's boyfriend' woman, Boss Zi Yi merely scoffs. 'Stupid? 'Allow me to show you the true power of the world's strongest brain.' "You're still a high school student, studying should be your priority." Zi Yi has to tilt her head backward to look at the tall and muscular man. Her tone is harsh when she replies, "You really do like poking your nose into others' businesses, don't you?" Cool as ever, Zi Yi slowly changes the ways of the world and how people think with the talents and abilities she had retained from the 22nd century. Nobles and high-ranking officials from the capital want to marry her, only for Zi Yi to reject Young Master He's roses and turn to get into her red sports car while the man who always likes to nag her has the entire Lu family kneeling with him on one knee. "I am the only person in the world who's suitable for you, Zi Yi."

  • Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

    Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination



    Ali Avery was a successful young man adored by everyone. But things were not as they were shown to the life. Shunned and betrayed by his peers... He was hiding among happy facades.Everything changed for him on one fateful night when he awoke in a dangerous new world with a completely different body, and his guardian angel was also there to accompany him.A world where the impossible was possible while the imaginations were the reality of the dreamer.'Am I a Goddess? I'm just a little different.''My imagination can become real magic, but isn't this energy point a bit too much?'Stranded in the new environment, new life, new strength, and new possibilities... How would he/she survive?

  • Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

    Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

    Fantasy Romance SYSTEM


    Xiao Rou, a girl growing up in a poor countryside family, found that she was actually the daughter of a wealthy couple, and her mother mistook another girl as her when she gave birth to her in hospital. She thought she would change from an ugly duckling to a noble swan and lived happily ever after with her real family, but the reality gave her a heavy blow. The girl, Xiao Jinning, who took her family, her fiancé and everything else from her, used every possible means to frame her up. She returned to her biological parents only to find her parents despised her but doted on Xiao Jinning. She was framed as a thief and expelled out of home. And then, she was hit by a car and stomped to death by Xiao Jinning. her tragic life was ended. Tang Xi, a real princess, the heiress of the powerful Empire Group, was murdered by her greedy relatives. When she opened her eyes again, she found she was in another girl’s body. She became Xiao Rou and had a magic system—008 in her body! With the help of 008, she began her journey of revenge. She would avenge poor Xiao Rou, punish the murderers of her, become the most popular star, and….make up with her true love---Qiao Liang.

  • Goddess of Gods

    Goddess of Gods


    What was her name . . ?Damn it she still couldn't remember! She had no memory of who she was or where she came from, the only thing she did know was that she was D-E-A-D.Dead. Well, at least that's what the guy who claimed to be 'Death' or 'The Grimm Reaper' or 'Whatever the hell you want to call him' said. Normally she wasn't one to believe anything out ahot guys mouth - did she forget to mention he was hot? - or, she thought. Having no memory, who knew what she would normally do. Being dead wasn't even the worst part. Death was a fucking pervert. Not only that, but he was cursing her with more torturous life! But shh! Don't let him hear you say that or he'll blow a gasket! Who knows what his deal was. At least she got to punch him before being reincarnated as an . . . Alien on Earth during a Zombie Apocalypse?!Except it's not earth? And everyone has magic?***UPDATES 2× DAYSTORY COVER IS NOT MINE. IF ITS YOURS PLEASE DM SO I CAN TAKE IT DOWNJoin the discord: https://discord.gg/aJwKmAM2instagram: maryejaynewn





    WHEN I GOT REINCARNATED AS A SPIDER WITH MY GODDESS THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL. SO BELIEVE IN IT! If that still not satisfies you, why not try reading the PROLOGUE. Note for readers : Please forgive me if you find the volume 1 terrific, but that was the time I started writing for the first time and it has improved considerably from volume 2 with volume 1 currently under a rewrite. \_(ツ)_/ ̄ Join discord community to have access to a large number of illustrations related to the chapter and also keep getting informed about the chapter release dates and news.   Join discord community - https://discord.com/invite/WUGFUxbpbd \_(ツ)_/ ̄ SUPPORT ME IN MY WRITING ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄   Till now I have published from volume one to volume five for free. And I hope to continue to do so even now. It has really been an exciting work for me to narrate you the story of our main character who fights her way to the bottom of abyss with her magic and skills and then eventually storms in the outside world. Keeping the text error free takes a lot of revisions and consumes time, but no work is ever perfect. With your support and reviews I know that I have improved a lot in my writing. You can support my writing by reviewing my book on the platform you are reading or especially rate my book on Amazon Kindle. And even now I am asking for a bit more that if you voluntarily support my writing then you can do it now by donating me.   Paypal - paypal.me/Harshitintelligent   Buy me a coffee at - https://ko-fi.com/noelelitia   You can support me from (razorpay gateway) - https://rzp.io/l/LgC54Q3   Even a little amount helps. I hope that you keep enjoying my work and in knowing the interesting characters which will be constantly introduced to you in the story. I hope that the next chapter too proves to be to your liking!

  • Greek gods and goddesses

    Greek gods and goddesses

    For the lovers of mythologies

  • God of Money

    God of Money


    Is money really everything in a life?If you could live through your life again you must become a God of money. A person who lives for money. A person who treats money with the worth it deserves.

  • I became A Goddess and God of a Galaxy

    I became A Goddess and God of a Galaxy

  • Reincarnated as a cursed goddess

    Reincarnated as a cursed goddess



    WARNING MATURE CONTENT|| In the mystic mountains dwelled a young girl who was made the protector of the most powerful orb in the world. While protecting the orb and getting engaged at the same time Julia the chief of the mystic clan's daughter was betrayed and killed only to reincarnate into a goddess. After obtaining that much power the entire clan turned against her and she was exiled by her father for not wanting to hand over the orb and accepting the accusation of trying to kill her cousin along with the guy she was engaged to, with no other choice the girl fled from the mystic mountains to an unknown kingdom called the kingdom of melody as a street rat until the crown prince found her and everything changed in both of their lives but the seemingly picture perfect prince had a secret of his own that could change the faith of his entire kingdom. Disclaimer: Cover does not belong to me, if you are the artist and want me to take it down, please contact me and i will do it immediately. Join discord server: https://discord.gg/Mg9FsrYH2n

  • The Moon Goddess' Chosen

    The Moon Goddess' Chosen



    Humans and Werewolves have lived together in this world for nearly four hundred years... Since the appearance of the first two werewolves, royals, given this power by the moon goddess herself. In a world where humans and werewolves live together in a tight and uncertain collaboration filled with mistrust and pretence, hunters exist to keep the peace while rogues exist to disrupt it. Two children are born... destined to put a stop to all the bloodshed and suffering, but not everyone likes the idea of a world with peace between the werewolves and the humans..... With the Moon goddess along with the Prometheus, the god of mankind only able to watch and provide assistance where possible without breaking divine laws, the question still stands. Will her Chosen Ones be able to accomplish the task at hand.....The Rogue King strives to keep the two from ever uniting, forcing the them to lead lives that can never be described as normal, but can be called interesting.....................................

  • The Gods/Goddesses Game

    The Gods/Goddesses Game


    Jack Mendosa is a teen and his town gets elected to do this insane tradition.

  • GREEK gods and goddesses

    GREEK gods and goddesses

    Dear Readers, There are thousands of myth in the world, each pertaining to a particular background. I’ll go through lots of them in this book. The first stop is Greek Mythology. Welcome to this boat of myth lovers.

  • Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted

    Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted


    Mu Sheng had researched quantum mechanics and engineered cross-sea bridges in her past life. However, she became a small-time celebrity plagued with a bad image overnight. This sad foolish woman was made to marry a sick man to counteract his bad luck. Even when her kidney and marrow were taken from her, she was glad to help. Memories of how her body's original owner sacrificed everything for a scum flooded Mu Sheng’s mind, making her eyes roll. The news exploded in the entertainment industry. Mu Sheng performed a 1440 degree somersault when she skied on an entertainment program and left everyone awestruck. The anti-fans felt she must have edited the image or hired a stunt double. Two weeks later, the International Ski Federation invited her to join them as a lifetime member. In time, government research, hacking, calligraphy and brush painting, and music associations all reached out for her to join their ranks one after another. So what? She ended up marrying a useless man who was on the brink of death and would become a widow in a matter of time. Things did not quite play out as everyone expected. The useless Mr. Li did not die and ended up healthier than ever. He even shockingly turned out to be a mysterious big shot in the corporate world. Mu Sheng did not wind up a widow and Mr Li. loved her to bits. Mu Sheng glanced at a man. “Now that you have been healed, can you sign the divorce agreement?” Li Hanchen smiled. “There’s one more thing you haven’t healed.” Mu Sheng frowned. “Are you still unwell?” Li Hanchen said, “I love you to death and there’s no cure for it.” He had found a ray of hope amid the darkness and her name was Mu Sheng.

  • My Wife Is The Most Beautiful Goddess

    My Wife Is The Most Beautiful Goddess



    I'm just a crippled youth who can't cultivate, because of the merits of my parents, Emperor Qin gave me a pill that allows me to have an infinite lifespan. At my hundred thousand years old, the Eternal Moonlight Princess, the only daughter of the Qin Emperor and the most beautiful woman in the universe suddenly said that she wanted to marry me. .. Join Discord: https://discord.gg/ewQG58ncB8 picture is not mine...

  • The Mind God

    The Mind God



    royalroad novel - summoner https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/52007/infinity-core-summoner Brion was just a normal college student. Since childhood, he was interested in the abilities of "Mind Power" and "Mind", and although the people around him looked at him with the "crazy" eye, he continued to work on these abilities. But he never succeeded in his life and died as a result of a disease. When he woke up, he was in a cave and soon realized he had a system, and at the same time, he realized that he had come to a fantastic universe. And only the system tailored for his own "Mind" abilities and only belong to him. It was glory given to him to realize his dreams that he couldn't do in his previous world. - https://www.webnovel.com/book/origin-night-lord_16167247606177705#review -

  • The Return of Gods and Goddesses

    The Return of Gods and Goddesses


    Thousands of years ago, the gods and goddesses that are now considered mythologies fled from Earth in order to pave the way for the planet’s inscription on the Akashic Records of the Universe. In the year 2022, a cataclysmic change occurred. Humans gained the power of the Universe in the form of systems! Simultaneously, gods and goddesses were allowed to go back to Earth once more. The fight between humans, gods, and other races from the Universe has come. {Ultimate Quest: Conquer Earth} Description: Various societies from all over the Universe aim to conquer Earth. As its residence, repel the invaders and conquer Earth in the name of humanity!

  • God of Cooking

    God of Cooking


    Because of his love for cooking, he had thrown away his career as a teacher and had become a chef.But despite his desires, his lack of cooking skills was the harsh truth he had to face.But when he reached the age of 30, he had been sent back 7 years back into the past.Another chance.

  • Gods and Goddesses Reborn

    Gods and Goddesses Reborn

    Sa kalagitnaan nga gulo at kalituhan, mananatili pa din ang pagmamahalan bilang iisang pamilya. Higit sa lahat, sa bawat pagsubok mas lalong pinagbubuklod ng tadhana ang mga pusong nangungulila.