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  • God-Like Extraction

    God-Like Extraction



    “Discovered the corpse of an ordinary human, loot to receive Super-strength Pill, extract?” “Yes!” “Discovered hundred years aged Original Plane corpse, loot to receive Indestructible Golden Body, extract?” “Yes!” “Discovered the Demonic Body of the Hellbound Domination Emperor, loot to receive Sun-swallowing Cerberus, extract?” “Yes!” … Su Jinghang said, “You may not believe me, but this invincible power of mine all came from physical labor.”

  • Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist

    Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist



    "Set up all of these hundred items for tomorrow's auction." The lady ordered as she took a seat on her golden throne. "But Miss Li, why do you want to auction off so many things?" "What kind of stupid question is that? Isn't it obvious? I need more money, so auction them all and help me get more money." The Lady said with a shrug. "But Master, you are already a Billionaire. Why you need more money?" The Little Furball asked in confusion. "When you have an entire army of sups, needy familiars and spirit beasts, thousands of disciples and most importantly FIVE SOULMATES AND A BOND MATE to feed and provide for, you will know the answer." "But...b-but all your mates are rich too! They can easily provide for you and others." The furball tried to get through his master's firm decision. "So? I want to be richer and provide for them. Do you have any problem?" "Of course not master!" ****** She, a 21st-century woman, was the leader of a Supernatural Clan and also one of the most important members of the Supernatural Council. Only at the age of 28, she was one of the most powerful mages in the world. But on a mission against rogue vampires, she died and woke up in the body of an orphan who had a body of trash. She realized that she transmigrated in an ancient world where people cultivated some sort of spiritual energy. In this world power meant everything. So, she decided to get powerful and due to some miracle, she was still able to use her magic. It's a journey of a female mage who shocked everyone with her talents and unseen & unheard powers. But just like every story, this one also had a fun part which came in the name of Five hot as hell male leads...! ********** This story is meant to be a Reverse Harem Transmigration romance with mature content. If you guys don't like such things then you can ignore this one. Happy reading!! ********** The credits for the book cover go to its original owner. I just downloaded it from Pinterest and edited it...!! *** My other ongoing novels: #The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers #The Vampire Empress: Blood Queen & Her Kings #Farm Cultivation: I got reincarnated as the wife of two ghosts

  • Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle

    Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle


    The headlines bring shocking and mind-boggling news. "Ling Sheng boarded Movie King Huo Ci's sports car, and the duo are suspected to be dating!" "Huo Ci and Ling Sheng entered and left the same condominium. They are confirmed to be staying together." "Screw off, these blind bastards. He's my biological father!" Third Master Jun, likewise, reacts with a similar reaction. He spits. "Whoever posted these will be blacklisted, never to be seen again in the media industry! I shall see who else has the guts to spread rumors about my wife and father-in-law." Third Master Jun is the most affluent man on earth and this places him at the apex of the world order. However, he is troubled by the fact that the Movie King Huo Ci, despite only being a few years older than him, is his father-in-law.

  • Global Transmigration: Receiving God-like Talents!

    Global Transmigration: Receiving God-like Talents!

    Eastern Fantasy TRANSMIGRATION


    Seemingly as if they were waking up from deep slumber, billions of people transmigrated to the Divine Tree Realm. They now had to plant Divine Trees and produce divine fruits to awaken their supernatural abilities? So that they could fend against the Netherworld invasion!? Every Divine Tree Master would randomly choose three talents. Enoch discovered that he could see hidden talent information. [Hundred Times Amplification (Class: SSS)]: Sunlight Absorption x100, Growth Speed x100, Production Speed x100... [Fruit of 10,000 Worlds (Class: SSS)]: Your trees could bear Demon Fruits, Cultivation Method Fruits, Life Fruits... [Spring Rejuvenation (Class: SSS)]: When you produce fruits, you can bury them to grow additional fruit trees. The fruit harvest during the spring season of the following year will be x100! Choose three ultimate SSS-class talents, and start from zero to grow little saplings into the trees of the world! Devour the fruits of the world, and become the Supreme Overlord! Command an army of millions and conquer the entire Netherworld! Everyone would soon realize that Enoch seemed to be playing a different game from them!

  • God-Like



    Synopsis will be updated

  • I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

    I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce


    She was born into an affluent family, but she was swapped at birth and got a different life. She grew up in a village. Just as she got the opportunity to transform her life, it got taken from her, and she was forced into a marriage to trade for a marriage for her mentally-challenged big brother. In the end, she died tragically. Gu Yan thought that if she could be reborn, she would make those who had bullied and insulted her regret everything! After being reborn with a superpower, her life became quite different. “With both the medical skill and the superpower, wastrels, shiver for me!” “Also you, handsome boy, I saved your life; shouldn’t you pledge to marry me?” Lu Ye smiled naughtily. “Of course. Just tell me, Yanyan, how many times do you want me to pledge per night?”

  • Douluo 2: Help the Protagonist Become a God

    Douluo 2: Help the Protagonist Become a God

  • Two God Like Mortals

    Two God Like Mortals


    Two Souls keep chasing after each other and reincarnate into a world filled with magic and many more concepts which made it very chaotic, despite entering this world's reincarnation cycle the two souls seemingly have the memories of their latest lives and all of their past lives memories unlocking.Getting enormous amounts of knowledge and power they seek each other unconsciously for comfort and control the power but will that be enough?

  • A man Like God

    A man Like God

    There are two villages where enmity never ends between them and they killed themselves like animalsSo there was a woman in one of the two villages who was pregnant with a boy.Her husband was a warrior whose grandfather was also a great warrior and in addition he is a powerful man who has a lot of magical instruments.Now,there was a time when the woman gave birth to the boy while her husband is still at the war front.After twenty years later,the boy grew up and his father is still at the war field.The boy grew up in his grandfather's house where there exists many god's which made him so powerful that made many people call him a man like god

  • Kill Like A Gentleman

    Kill Like A Gentleman


    Act like a saint.Tempt like a slut.Talk like a boss.Kill like a Gentleman.Elliot was given a task, and that was to infiltrate the mansion of the richest family in the country. Of course, he got in, but what he saw inside was a family secret that he was not supposed to find out."Death never looked so fucking classy."

  • In Another World With? God Like Powers

    In Another World With? God Like Powers


  • Beyond God-like machinist

    Beyond God-like machinist

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    Xiao, ‘stellaris legend’ power leveling, was put into the game by mysterious force (author). His player panel became NPC panel, the time went back before the game was released. Machinist was his choice - Jaegers mechas, psionic cannon and endless machine army... One man, one army! Authored by Peijia Qi, Translated by icekingnb

  • Becoming a God with a Cheat like System

    Becoming a God with a Cheat like System


    Xan is reincarnated in a new world he asked from Zhu, the responsable of Heaven. "God? I have the system for becoming one !""Cultivation technique, combat technique , item, gold? I have the system for have all of these !"Let's go following Xan in his adventure in a new world !

  • I am like a God in another World!

    I am like a God in another World!

    Kazuma uzumaki is a normal high schooler who is a hardcore otaku And one day he was mistakenly killed by a goddess and was given power to enjoy his life in another world!

  • The Protagonist

    The Protagonist

    How would you know if the true protagonist is ms. Zache

  • Not the Protagonist

    Not the Protagonist

    Fantasy ISEKAI

  • Protagonist Level Up

    Protagonist Level Up


    [[ Congratulations host you've been chosen to become the protagonist!!! ]] [["Sucks for you"]] I looked at the screen, rubbed my eyes and said "Sorry... What the fuck?" Lex has been chosen to become the protagonist, where does that place him in the universe and what sort of protagonist is he? What decisions will he make when the moment arises? What sort of protagonist will he choose to be?****I wouldn't mind help rewriting the synopsis or changing the title, the one I made just might be a bit too direct.***Novel cover isn't mine, it is just with an added blue filter. If somehow the artist discovers me and wants me to take it down I'll do so.***1800+ words per chapter(will update if there's anything else I feel I should mention)***Also read them authors notes where I remind everyone to point out mistakes makes suggestions and other things about the chapter (´⊙ω⊙`)

  • Dethroning The Protagonist

    Dethroning The Protagonist


    Azrael was a loner and feeling bored all through his life.Reading is his doing to ease it slightly. After reading the legendary novel called The God of Calamity,He was intrigued.Suddenly he wish about becoming a protagonist even once in his life. But after waking up he was transmigrated in the world same as the novel.And the most shocking was he transmigrated early 20 years before the novel starts. Thinking again about his dream he finally found a chance. "I have all knowledge in this world,I will snatch the title of protagonist.I will soar through the heaven and trampled who defies me!"

  • Just Like That

    Just Like That


    Lauren Parker finds herself interested in one of the coolest yet cutest boys in her class who seems not to even give her attention. She always hoped to find someone else to put him out of her mind which seemed rather rueful but it was the least she could think about.And just like that she gets a chance to speak to him but she fails to say anything to him most of the time. Her best friend, Jess Diagle who saved her once from being a laughingstock sees it through with her as she's always present to bring her back to reality when she loses her mind in front of Corrie Allen.Jess has her sweet boyfriend, Carl Diaz who helps her out to find a way to let her best friend spend time with her crush. Lauren eventually realises she has more friends than she had imagined that she can actually count on. She comes face to face with unexpected reveals where she struggles through all the battles, temptations, heartbreaksand atrocities with her best friend who stays by her through it all. Will she really be able to be with the person she discovered she now loved the most in the world?

  • Harem Protagonist's Sidekick

    Harem Protagonist's Sidekick



    Finally! I’m finally free of all the drama surrounding Ethan and his harem from last year. Now, I just want to enjoy my new high school and avoid the shenanigans of Ethan and his new group of infatuated girls. This proves impossible, however, when one of the girls approaches me with a request that I can’t refuse. Damn me and my big heart. Anyway, such a simple request somehow ends up with me being suckered into helping all of them grow closer to Ethan. Seems like no matter what I do, I’m destined to become the harem protagonist’s sidekick. I guess my life’s going to be a lot livelier than I imagined. Or annoying. Definitely one of the two.____Updates: Wednesday and Saturdayhttps://linktr.ee/picklejar399