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  • gon gekku

    gon gekku

  • Never Gon' Stop

    Never Gon' Stop

    Magical Realism COMEDY

    Can they be happy once more? Or are they gonna fall out from the tracks they have been riding on.

  • may,dad,gon,killue,hanata


  • Gonçalo Vilela

    Gonçalo Vilela

  • Hunter X Hunter: Gon's Twin Brother

    Hunter X Hunter: Gon's Twin Brother


    Died via hypodermic needle. An avid anime watcher reincarnates into the world of Hunters as Gon's twin brother! Roped into the plots of this show, will he survive the dangers or simply die as expected prior to being a Hunter? Find out!

  • love gon 
           lover is fall
                             love is life
                           but girls is forde

    love gon lover is fall love is life but girls is forde

  • Demon lord wo gon reincarnated in anether world as a Hero

    Demon lord wo gon reincarnated in anether world as a Hero

  • Reincarnated to a Hunter x Hunter world, But I'm Gon's dad?

    Reincarnated to a Hunter x Hunter world, But I'm Gon's dad?


    A man get reincarnate and get transmitted to his favorite anime "Hunter x Hunter". Ging who had live his past life as an average Joe in modern earth. How will he fares against a world that have superpowers called "Nen". "My name is Ging and I was born on Whale island, and I have a cousin name Mito...... Don't tell me that!" Find out next time on dragon ball Z !

  • Fuck off. What do you mean it was taken?

    Fuck off. What do you mean it was taken?

  • Hunter x Hunter: Esther

    Hunter x Hunter: Esther


    Moved to WattpadFollow Esther as he travels with Gon and the gang. ps: I'll write what I watch, changes are inevitable. Of course, the beginning is not much different.If you find errors, please inform me so that I can make corrections.here's the link to the story. Hope it helps.https://my.w.tt/mDBuCMI5scb

  • My secret to keep

    My secret to keep

    Killua is a prince of England and never been outside but once when he was little and thats when he met Gon. Since then the two been secretly best friends,8 years later they started dating.Killua's POV~"Gon don't worry your my secret to keep and protect no ones gonna hurt you" I say as I lean in for a kiss.

  • My Addiction Is You

    My Addiction Is You

    Martial Arts R18 COMEDY

    okay this is my ever first fanfic and I'm really exited so I hope you all will enjoy it!---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Killua Zoldyck, a popular boy who goes Hunter High and is popular with the girls at the school. Everything was just fine for killua until one day a new student was enrolled into his High School, A boy named Gon had joined Hunter High and seemed different from the others and so killua became intrested in him but Gon had no interest in killua but soon killua became addicted to him wanting more of this boy.But what if they get together?. will disaster Occur or will they be brought together by fate? go find out and see for yourself!Gon: BottomKillua: TopAlso to make things more clear I dont own hunterxhunter as well as the original characters from the anime

  • Daughter of Wyndria

    Daughter of Wyndria

    In a world called Wyndria, where elemental magic has evolved for millennia, various races ranging from tiny gnomes to gigantic godlike creatures roam the land. Firis is a girl who belongs to a sacred magic-wielding race that protects the balance of nature, but some royal court affairs landed her in a dire situation. To survive, this girl will have to struggle for the very basics in a world entirely new for her. A solitary soul who embarks in an adventure life she never asked for or rather never knew was possible.Life will always be hard for one with zero worldly knowledge, but when favored by fate, sometimes even those who had zero chance of survival can at least get a chance. Can a young girl learn the skills to not only survive but also become someone powerful enough to understand the bigger picture?

  • Hilarity


    A very erotic, hilarious, and consistently memey original novel inspired by a dirty mind, a hell of a lot of hentai, and a few very weird friends on an online RTS game. This gon' make you fall from your chair.Follow Little Swift's story as he ventures away from his 18-year master, to the Holy City of the Screeching Empire, Cuckistan, populated by oddities, rapists and people who want to mount him on their p***s like Jesus on a cross. How will he make his mark on the world?Try to imagine knowing the characters in real life. Enjoy the nightmares... or the wet dreams..?Also give stones, or get stoned.This novel is VERY NSFW, and contains offensive content. Read at your own peril.PS: I tagged this as Romance Fiction but it might as well be a horror comedy.PLS GIB POWER STONES KTHX

  • / My Nerdy Boyfriend /

    / My Nerdy Boyfriend /

  • Cronos: this cruel and realistic travel

    Cronos: this cruel and realistic travel

  • 21 Days (Trigger Warning)

    21 Days (Trigger Warning)

    Horror&Thriller R18 MYSTERY SCARY KILLER

    11: 21pm"He's coming...""Just keep the door locked and wait for 911, keep talking to me until then, alright?!""I'm..go..gonna..die..""Don't say such stuff! Move something heavy infront of the door and block it properly alright?!" "H..he's gon..na..kill..me""Calm down! Do you have anything in the room? like a bat or something? Hold onto it just in case""I'm s..cared..""Stop crying! Everything will be okay just keep talking to me alright?!""I'll.. di..""Oye don't say..! Hello?..hello? The signal's dropping.. Hello?"*Call termination beeps*11:27pm*Redial*-The number you have dialed is out of reach, please try again later- beep..."Reporting here the 17th victim of the BB serial killer, however investigations still neglect to confirm BB being behind it due to certain out of the ordinary factors. Reporting here is Sally Weller with Cameraman David Rick , House No. 21, xxxx city xxxx news.Thankyou!-Cut-

  • Runaway Snow

    Runaway Snow

    Killua ran away from home. Gon was going to an ice cream shop. Killua is a vampire while Gon is a human. What could possibly go wrong?One day while Gon was at an ice cream shop a mysterious boy randomly sat down at the table in the back of the shop. Gon decided to go over and talk to the boy and soon the two became friends. They started meeting at the ice cream shop nearly everyday, each time they met they grew closer and closer. But what happens when the Zoldyck's find out where Killua has been all this time?Oh yeah and their's this weird girl who is always randomly popping up and commenting on them. So there's that.**** Disclaimer: Most of the characters and all the pictures do NOT belong to me

  • God of Necromancy

    God of Necromancy

    ***ALERT - Starting from the chapter "Unusuable Flute", we will have a helper assisting me in making more story, the quality of the chapters will increase a lot! Along with the length of the chapters. Without further ado, you can start reading!***Hai'er was a child who lost. As a child. He was constantly tormented and even was beat every day. He was weak and was put as a servant in a noble family. How will he find his way around life?***to see progress of the new chapters that are upcoming, please join our discord! https://discord.gg/uXxWJj***

  • The X Lies You X Tell (KilluGon)

    The X Lies You X Tell (KilluGon)

    It has been about 3 years since Killua and Gon shared their good-byes. Since they last looked into each other's eyes & smiled at each other for what seemed to be the last time. A lot has changed since then, and both boys began to realize it when they run into each other again whilst on a mission from the chairman.✨Disclaimer- I do not own Hunter X Hunter or any of it's amazing characters. The art is not mine. This is my first fan fiction and there will be mistakes. Also, this is a shounen ai type of story. There will most likely not be any yaoi, just fluff and the story. This will also be based off the 2011 version, as I have not watched the 1999 version yet :>✨*Daily updates*