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    Realistic Fiction FAMILY

    Mark and Jackson have a difficult but fun life taking care of their five kids that all completely different in their own way.

  • Statements - GOT7 (Kpop)

    Statements - GOT7 (Kpop)

    Martial Arts ADVENTURE

    The Citizens have a chip inside their body that has all the information of a person, for example Birthday, ID, name, where do they live or where do they work, what do they do etc. If the Government deletes them from the system for various reasons they don't exist anymore. That means that they can't do anything, not even go to a grocery store and buy something. There are three classes in the society the High Class, the Middle Class, and last, but not least,the Underground Society – the sanctuary of the deleted people.

  • got7; one-shots

    got7; one-shots

    Realistic Fiction KPOP

  • Opposites Attract - got7 x blackpink

    Opposites Attract - got7 x blackpink

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    Jinyoung never believed in true love or relationships, He was the handsome mysterious play boy that no one could resist, no one could break his walls, no one knew his true self until Jisoo appeared.

  • When Love Collides (BLACKPINK|BTS|GOT7|TWICE)

    When Love Collides (BLACKPINK|BTS|GOT7|TWICE)


    Built with trust and loyalty. Will the friendship that they build continue to stand strong, when the love collides between it?

  • A little Secret

    A little Secret

    Judul : a Little Secret Genre : School, Romance Cast : Park Chanyeol EXO | Kim Yerim RV | Jackson GOT7 Author : R.A.FXBack Cover by R.A.FXback Wattpad Akun : @Xiaoluhana vote ya please para readers! Kisah ini menceritakan tentang kisah cinta tiga orang remaja SMA. Seperti kisah yang lainnya dimana kisah ini menceritakan tentang kisah cinta si kaya dan si miskin, juga tentang cinta segitiga di balik cinta segita itu juga ada sebuah rahasia kecil yang disimpan salah satu dari mereka. Mereka adalah Chanyeol, Jackson dan Yerim. Dimana Chanyeol adalah seorang anak kolongmerat yang diam-diam mencintai Yerim teman sekelasnya, dilain sisi teman sekelas mereka yang juga mapan yakni Jackson adalah sahabat kecil Yerim yang juga jatuh cinta pada Yerim. Yerim adalah gadis yang di cintai oleh chanyeol dan jackson. Jackson memiliki rahasia kecil bahwa ia menyukai Yerim sahabatnya sendiri, sedangkan chanyeol juga mempunyai rahasia kecil menyukai Yerim teman sekelasnya akan tetapi, di balkk rahasia kecilnya masih tersimpan rahasia besar juga. semoga kalian menyukainya

  • Taken Back-(BTS JK FF)

    Taken Back-(BTS JK FF)

    Alex Riviera is a part of Jeon Jungkook’s gang. Or was. A year and a half ago, she was kidnapped by his rival gangs, EXO and GOT7, who worked together to try and make Jungkook suffer by stealing his best gang member and marrying her off to his enemy, where she was continually beaten. A year later, Jungkook finds her and demands answers, being fed lies that she left the gang instead. Clearing up the misunderstanding, Alex is taken back to Jungkook’s gang, where the gang members believe the same lies as Jungkook. They are quick to believe her, and she is welcomed back with open arms. But trouble is never far away. As problems keep appearing, will Jungkook grow to see her as more than his best gang member, or will she stick to calling him ‘boss’?

  • Dark and Deadly

    Dark and Deadly

    ➪"W-what are y-you?!"[Season 1]➪"Your under a spell!!! Why can't you see that?!"[Season 2]➪"I'm the Mystical Vampire"[Season 3]☞︎︎︎A Supernatural AU☞︎︎︎Contains 3 Seasons/Books[⁂⁂⁂⁂⁂]Wolves and vampires never got along with each other. They hated each other's guts. Lee Aera,a human who doesn't believe in superhumans.What she didn't know was that all of that was about to change.........[⁂⁂⁂⁂⁂]This book is purely made out of fiction. All scenarios are fictional. I do not tolerate plagiarism. However,I would allow any translations but it should be allowed by me and credited to me. I would gladly appreciate all votes,and comments,good or bad. Any questions about this book will be answered along reading it. Thank you![⁂⁂⁂⁂⁂][✰]On-going[]Completed[⁂⁂⁂⁂⁂]Contents:☞︎︎︎foul language☞︎︎︎violence☞︎︎︎BTS, Mamamoo, BlackPink, Twice, Got7, and Seventeen☞︎︎︎romance☞︎︎︎︎︎︎Will mainly focus on BTS Yoongi

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