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  • The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

    The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray


    Six years ago, he disappeared silently! After six years, he becomes the unparalleled "God of War" and returns with glory, only to find that he has a daughter whom he never knew of. Looking at his wife and his daughter, he says, "In this lifetime, I'll bring you the greatest honor and glory!”

  • Average Gray

    Average Gray

    Grayson Grey spends all of his time either working at Sunset Club or taking care of his mother, who has leukemia. He has a huge crush on Enzo Del Monte, but Enzo is distracted with Sunset manager Mike Green.<br><br>Two revelations are going to change all that’s going on: Gray finds out Mike is not gay, he’s just working Enzo for a large sum of money, and Mike is stealing from the Sunset. Gray attempts to ride to the rescue but winds up being rescued himself.

  • The gray

    The gray

  • (~*GRAY*~)



    Loving someone can be both your weakness and happiness , but not everyone is greatfull for loving a certain person . can you still love that person , even if he / she can't like you back ? , seems rude but " NOT ALL YOU LOVE, CAN LOVE YOU BACK ". - Im sorry that i love you .

  • Gray Matter

    Gray Matter

    Fantasy TEEN

    Jacob Graves saw himself as an ordinary person. He was a middle child. He got decent grades, and had a few good friends. He was more or less... Average. But that all changed the day he met Morgan. Morgan and her friends had abilities. Soon, Jacob realized that he did too. As he learned to control his abilities, the team had to go up against Roadrunner, a villain with a personal vendetta.

  • Aliyah Gray

    Aliyah Gray

  • Chasing Gray

    Chasing Gray

    Chelsie Gray is 19 and can't stay under the roof with her snobby abusive father any longer. But she doesn't want to leave because her father, Henry Gray, better known as Mr. Gray is a multi-millionaire and she has nowhere else to go.Chelsie's mother, Carrie Foster, left 5 years ago after a fight with Mr. Gray. She promised Chelsie she would return in the morning for her and her little sister Hailey, but she never came back. Ever since Carrie left, Mr. Gray has beaten, raped and abused Chelsie.Chelsie finally decides to leave when the unexpected happens. She steals money from Mr. Gray's vault and she leaves with Hailey. Where are they going to stay, hotels, motels, abandoned houses? Everything changes when the one and only Nick Hart comes to her rescue. He takes both Chelsie and Hailey in and provides Chelsie with a nice office job.Can Chelse hide from Mr. Gray forever or will he get someone to find her? Everything seems too good to be true. Read Chasing Gray to find out the full story.

  • Gray Floor

    Gray Floor

  • Gray Rogue

    Gray Rogue


    A 27-year-old man deep in debt died protecting a little child from predators. His life was worthless, but he decided in the last moments of his life to save another. He reincarnated in a world similar but not entirely the same as his previous one. Reborn in a peaceful village with the name of Luka, he is blessed by the gods with his golden eyes as proof. He explores this new world with great curiosity. He learns many things and meets many people. But the world isn't so nice to its inhabitants, and Luka will realize that fact in a cruel, hard, and bloody way. Join him on this journey in another world. A journey filled with strife, friendship, love, and loss. A journey that would force Luka to make a choice. A choice that will either save the world...or ruin it. ======================================== Warning: contains mature content. Readers discretion is advised. No update schedule. I'll try to be active and release chapters frequently and not slack off for 3-4 months like what I do with my fanfic. Chapter length: 900-1000 words. Maybe more or less depending on my mood. Cover is not owned by me. If the artist wants me to take it down, reach out. Source:

  • The Gray Guardian

    The Gray Guardian


    I suck okay? not my art or really universe but my own spin on everything which if your not pervy sorry but some stuff not normally seen involved! So enjoy my own spin on the Destiny universe.

  • The Gray sign

    The Gray sign


    A post war world put in a Great Worldwide Depression, full of corruption, religion and Demons called Soul Leaches. Follow the story of Seryoja and Eliot slowly revealing the secrets hidden from the average people. Will their story lead to a calamity shaking the whole world or will the world become a better place? Stay on your toes for updates!*Authors note: I'm passionate about this story. I've aways wanted to write my own story but never started it, i hope you enjoy this one since it's my first ever story. I won't say anything else since I don't want to spoil.

  • Fade to Gray

    Fade to Gray

    James Rockton is ready to die. In fact, he plans on it. Having lost his life partner to AIDS, he books the South Pacific cruise Richard didn't live to share. James will spread Richard's ashes at sea, and then slip overboard to join him forever. He’s too old and too heartbroken to continue on alone.<br><br>But James doesn’t count on meeting a young man whose parents constantly put him down. Then there’s the obviously gay young art dealer who ogles a crazy young photographer traveling with an older gay man about James’s own age.<br><br>James and Herb begin spending time together, trying not to laugh too hard or get too involved with these young men, who circle each other in rapidly shrinking orbits. After all, James and Herb are old, with gray hair and less stamina. With time, talk, and martinis, will love manage to find them, too?

  • The Gray House

    The Gray House

    Horror&Thriller SCARY UNDEAD

    What made Charlotte believe in ghosts? Which was the incident that Charlotte wrote truth about ghosts in her blog? What exactly happened at the Gray house?

  • The Way of Gray

    The Way of Gray


    Gray Nox, the main character of the story is a reincarted, talented individual who wants to pursue Sorcery. However, the challenges he faces are not easy by any means. How will he able to do what he wants? Will he have the freedom to do so? How does he deal with the predicaments in his life? Read to find out.

  • Gray Smoke

    Gray Smoke

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    He is smothering me with the look of those intense smokey gray eyes. I gulp I can’t look away his direct contact has me melting where I stand.

  • Gray sky

    Gray sky

  • The Gray In Between

    The Gray In Between

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    Some things in life are black. Some things in life are white. Some things in life are the gray in between. Find out just how this applies to Female CEO Summer White and dark, broody assistant, Alexander Smith in this novel about love, wealth and the past.

  • Old Gray

    Old Gray


    *This is the spin-off of Inseparably Forgotten. It can be read as a stand-alone.*Old Gray was already seen by many as incredibly competent and wise - noble and untouchable. But most didn't know that he was actually even more noble. He once overthrew a corrupt leader and brought peace and prosperity to the entire Tir Na Nog. It was even less likely that they would know that Old Gray once had a lover. Even less likely than that to know that he only overthrew the leader because of this lover. And most hidden of all was the fact that Old Gray had been betrothed to that same leader he killed.

  • Gray Mountains

    Gray Mountains

    The mountains are lying in the sunset, and it should be golden red, but not.It is a strange gray, regardless of how the sunset is mapped, the color is greater, gloomy, shocking.No matter which angle looks in the mountains, there are unclear ...The inside of the mountain is also separated from the human space, only can't enter ...

  • antonella gray

    antonella gray

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    antonella gray se passa na decada de 1920,uma jovem mulher e criticada por querer ter sua propria vida,vivendo em uma fazenda como escrava e tratada como nada,so por ser mulher,conheça a historia de antonella gray a escrava que escreveu seu