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  • The greek

    The greek

  • Greek Gods

    Greek Gods

  • Greek Myths

    Greek Myths


    Follow these Greek Gods on epic adventures, watch how their live play out in front of your eyes, see their wrong and their flaws, see the good and the bad, see them fall in love, back stab each other, trick and play each other, and of course smithe the mortals beneath their feet.follow the fantastical trail of Gods, Monsters, and Warriors.

  • Greek God

    Greek God


    Ancient Greek prophecy is revealed that Zeus may be dethroned by a human boy who just started puberty and some weird things are happening. Aleksander Harding is a 15 year old boy and experiencing some strange powers as well as a new sophomore in high school. The God's find him and break off into two groups, to help him defeat Zeus and to use him as their own personal weapon. which side will win? Will Zeus be dethroned?

  • Greek mythology

    Greek mythology


    Dear Readers, There are thousands of myth in the world, each pertaining to a particular background. I'll go through lots of them on this account. The first stop is Greek Mythology. Welcome to this boat of myth lovers. This book entails compilations of stories of Greek gods and goddesses

  • Greek Words

    Greek Words

  • Greek, Inc.

    Greek, Inc.

    My name is Chaos. I’m Ares, the god of War's daughter, from an unknown female soldier who fought against the Nazis during World War II. My father recently asked me to find my younger brother, Havoc, who is currently on earth creating well you know ... havoc. So here I am now, posing as a 17-year old junior high school at Heritage Preparatory School, a school for the elites of Newark, New Jersey.

  • GREEK gods and goddesses

    GREEK gods and goddesses

    Dear Readers, There are thousands of myth in the world, each pertaining to a particular background. I’ll go through lots of them in this book. The first stop is Greek Mythology. Welcome to this boat of myth lovers.

  • My sexy greek god matchmaker

    My sexy greek god matchmaker


    I look up and see Daniel idiot Collins smirking down at me. “ you just purposely stepped into my way didn't you? ” I ask him glaring pointedly at him.“ uh huh ” he replies smiling that stupid smile of his that sometimes makes certain girls swoon. Even if I have to admit that his green eyes shining brightly as he smiles is cute, I have no plans of swooning.I intensify my glare and sigh, then step back. “ I simply do not have time to play your childish games with you Danny. So run along. ” I flip my hair and try pushing him out of the way but he grabs my hands and pulls me closer to him.I can't help but shiver when I feel his breathe caress my cheek as he leans in to whisper to me. “ don't you want me to pass on your kisses to Jonas? ”I push away from him as he laughs in that loud boisterous way that always attracts attention. I turn red both from what he said and the people staring at us with curiosity. I flee from him wanting to escape the scene when a thought registers in my mind.What if Daniel is the matchmaker I need?Veronica Saunders, brainy, beautiful, bold and rash. After a difficult childhood with a disinterested father and dead mother, she longs for someone to love her to fill in those missing gaps. And she's decided that the handsome playboy/school sweetheart Jonas Hendricks is the man for her. What happens when she has to go through her arch nemesis and the one guy who just won't bow down to her demands? But most importantly what if Daniel collins is more than the matchmaker she needs?#hot steamy romance on the way please note that the cover does not belong to me. ***Please support this author and check out my other books* Burning Hatred: Entwined Destinies ( it's a fantasy romance which I'm using to compete in spirity awards 2021 ) please help me with your support*Twisted SecretsComedy, action, romance and so many more await you. Just add this to your reading list, t

  • Daughter of the  Greek Gods

    Daughter of the Greek Gods

  • Greek gods and goddesses

    Greek gods and goddesses

    For the lovers of mythologies

  • Reincarnated with Greek System

    Reincarnated with Greek System

  • Greek mythical creatures

    Greek mythical creatures

    Fantasy MYTH

    for lovers of mythologiesAnd pls note that this was all copied and not made by the prince_kApologies

  • Greek Gods Reborn

    Greek Gods Reborn

    Fantasy Romance CAMPUS

    Daylezah suddenly has no idea what happened to her life. She was a normal person and then her whole world falls apart. She has to learn things she would have never even thought were even real and come in contact with gods who she thought were myths. Can she figure out what happened and save herself and the world from total destruction?

  • Greek Gods/ Goddesses

    Greek Gods/ Goddesses

  • Greek Gods Much?

    Greek Gods Much?

  • The Greek adventures of Orion

    The Greek adventures of Orion


    Read a story about a mythology fan who has gone through some tough shit through his first life.With a trusty system, A grumpy father and smart brother far away, A worried mother and an adventure that awaits himOrion is a boy with a new and free life ahead of him to explore, as he takes grueling steps with new friends and family awaiting him on the other side.

  • A collection of greek myths

    A collection of greek myths

  • Greek Gods v Humans

    Greek Gods v Humans

    (All future chapters have been pushed back to 2022. Sorry for any inconvenience.)The powers of Greek Gods have manifested themselves into modern society which divides the Gods from the Humans. In a post dystopian world, the main protagonist; Charlie must embark on a quest to prevent another war between the two factions from happening and learns about his mysterious past.

  • reincarnated into the Greek empire

    reincarnated into the Greek empire

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