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  • Harry potter:Last Gryffindor

    Harry potter:Last Gryffindor


    A different take of Harry Potter from my side.I'm a newbie so pls comment

  • Daddy's Little Gryffindor by tirzasnape

    Daddy's Little Gryffindor by tirzasnape

    Not my work

  • HARRY POTTER and the six Gryffindor's

    HARRY POTTER and the six Gryffindor's

    Fantasy Romance HARRYPOTTER

    "you guys shouldn't put yourself in risk, just for me" Vanessa said while looking at all of them with concerned eyes, "no I won't allow that", no she's can't let her new and only friends to get hurt cause of her. "what are you saying?" Victorie almost yelled, "you are our friends, understand this and we won't let you go through this alone nessa" "yes nessa Vic is right, we are friends after all, remember that" Oliver said with smile to which Vanessa nodded and smile back in return, she really got friends, that Will be with her forever. "Will stick together, so you have to bear us" brian said that made everyone Chuck on it. "wowo look like we are golden trio- Victorie almost said but then realized "we can't be golden TRIO, we are 6" Victorie Puff. "but I think we can be THE SIX GRYFFINDOR'S " ................................................................. welcome to my first ever fanfiction Harry Potter and the SIX GRYFFINDOR'S, where six young Gryffindor start they're journey with adventure, love and friendship. FOR knowing more stick with them in there journey.

  • Harry Potter and the six Gryffindor's

    Harry Potter and the six Gryffindor's

  • My second life as the first son of a duke

    My second life as the first son of a duke


    Erwin Gryffindor, head of the research laboratory. He saves the child at the cost of his life. But having accepted his fate, instead of the expected departure to hell or heaven, he woke up in a completely white room next to a stranger. She introduced herself as the Goddess of Creation - Aria and invited him to make a choice that will affect his future fate.

  • This book is deleted.

    This book is deleted.

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE


  • GreatMage Ở Thế Giới Harry Potter

    GreatMage Ở Thế Giới Harry Potter


    Một đứa trẻ đáng lẽ không từng tồn tại.Một pháp sư mang 2 dòng máu Đông Tây.Một nhà khoa học trong thế giới ma thuật.Một kẻ đầu óc thông minh, bình tĩnh, tham lam tri thức, tin rằng trí tuệ mang lại sức mạnh nhưng lại là một học sinh Gryffindor.* * *Một cách tự định nghĩa hoàn toàn mới về khái niệm của các nhà.Hướng dẫn sử dụng: đây không phải văn yy, không có harem, không ngựa giống và nói không với não tàn. Cũng không phải nơi của thuyết âm mưu sinh sôi nảy nở (đời sống đã đủ mệt rồi không cần mang vào tiểu thuyết cho đau đầu). Nơi đây có sự tin tưởng, có tình thân, tình hữu nghị cũng có lợi ích giao thoa. Nếu đã chán với mấy thể loại yy, văn chương 1 màu sắc thì các bạn có thể thử dừng chân nơi đây.Tôi viết câu chuyện này đơn giản để thỏa mãn giấc mơ của bản thân, trong truyện những phân tích cũng là dựa vào đánh giá chủ quan của bản thân. Nhân vật chính trong truyện là một con người có máu có thịt, có thất tình lục dục, không phải toàn trí toàn năng.Xin cảm ơn những người đã đọc truyện của tôi.



    CRINGE WARNING THIS WAS MY FIRST EVER FANFIC!!!![ C O M P L E T E D ] 'Whites always get what they want, don't they?' - Unknown Melody White is a pureblood orphan that lives at Wool's Orphanage. She was brought to the orphanage at the age of seven after her family dies, and meets Tom Riddle. She realizes the signs of a wizard and tries to befriend Tom seeing as he had no friends, but Tom doesn't exactly want any friends. After introducing him to the wizarding world at the age of nine and rejecting Cygnus Lestrange's hand in friendship at eleven because he insulted Tom, Melody is Sorted into Gryffindor. Join them on their journey as Melody continues to try and save Tom from the Dark Arts. [If you find any other story like mine with the same idea in a way that violates my copyright status, please report it, as I do not want my ideas being stolen. I don't mind people getting ideas or inspiration from this though] [Not the length of a novel, I just couldn’t change the novel tag so....]THIS STORY IS THE FIRST I PUBLISHED ON WATTPAD. PLEASE EXCUSE ME IF IT IS TOO HASTY OR TERRIBLE. I COMPLETELY AGREE.

  • The Potter Siblings- draco malfoy (Book One)

    The Potter Siblings- draco malfoy (Book One)


    ~infinity~ Ophelia Potter is the famous Half blooded Harry Potters sister. One day they both have this giant bust down there door and say there going to Hogwarts. Little did they know, when they go there, their life changes forever. Harry meets this wonderful pure blooded red head named Ginevra Weasley. Ophelia meets this strangely, unopened pureblooded blondie named Draco Malfoy. Harry, Hermione, and Ophelia go on adventures together where in this story Ron Weasley is placed in Slytherin and befriends Draco Malfoy witch is how he and Ophelia meet. Ophelia gets placed in Gryffindor along with her brother. While Ron is in Slytherin he meets this girl...Arita Malfoy..Draco Malfoys sister and falls helplessly in love with her. •this story follows the events that happened in the movies but not the books as I have not read the books as well as I have the memory of a walnut hah...but I will use events they just won't be the exact events in the movies. ll rights reserved to JK Rowling the created of all the characters and spells used in this story. The only characters I own are Ophelia and Arita Malfoy.• ~hope you enjoy~



    What happen dumble pawn, gryffindor golden boy , the boy who lived Harry fucking potter met somebody more crafty than dumble, cunning than Salzaar himself and more evil then voldy.Will it become his greatest pillar support or will be his death sentence.

  • Adorkable - Neville Longbottom x Reader

    Adorkable - Neville Longbottom x Reader

    MATURE CONTENT AND TRIGGER WARNINGS A girl who obtains strange powers that have developed over time gets a visit from a certain Professor Dumbledore who convinces her to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was the exception of starting the school late, it being the 3rd year.She also takes a liking to an adorable clumsy Gryffindor boy.

  • talk back // draco malfoy

    talk back // draco malfoy

    Aphrodite Chrysalis, a fifth year Gryffindor student, is quite a mystery herself. Intriguing the unwary, even though all she wants is to mainly pass her days without a hint of trouble. Well, how can such a serene soul and— “Quite the talk back aren't ya, Chrysalis?” “Quite the dickhead aren't you, Malfoy” However hard she tries to avoid conflicts and fight, seems like a specific person knows when and where to push her buttons to get her off the edge.

  • Saved By The enemy

    Saved By The enemy

    Magical Realism HARRYPOTTER

    Its been 7 years since the second wizarding war had ended. Everyone has been settled down in their life. Everything in the wizarding world seems to be quite peaceful. No missing reports, no death-eaters sightings and no other mysterious activities. But the war heroine, the Gryffindor princess, the brains of the golden trio had gone somewhere five years ago. No one knows about her. Likewise the malfoys had been long forgotten from the wizarding world from the day Draco malfoy sacrificed himself to save the war heroine exactly 5 years ago. What happened that made Hermione the brightest witch of our generation to disappeared from the wizarding world? Why did Draco malfoy save Hermione, his arch-nemesis, the mudblood and the part of golden trio whom he had loathed for years? Does Draco malfoy really dead? Does he really hate Hermione or is that all just a mask to hide his true feelings?

  • Diana and Naofumi: A love that lasts

    Diana and Naofumi: A love that lasts

    Diana Carolina Ordo is the daughter Revan Ordo, a rather respectable woman and Godric Merlin Gryffindor. Naofumi Iwatani is the son two members of the blades that protect the Septim family. Revan is the daughter of a clan head for clan Ordo and Martin Septim. Godric and his brother Thomas Zane Gryffindor are the sons of Ysgramor and Diane of Minas Tirith. Diane was second child of Aragorn and Arwen after they lost their son. But she died giving birth to her two sons. The only thing that she managed to pass on to her sons was her wish of a great magic guild. Together with all of their, they made Fairy Tail. This story details the love that saved creation itself and the many humorous hijinks along the way. Loss after loss, Diana kept pushing until she found Naofumi again.

  • Veritaserum [Harry Potter]

    Veritaserum [Harry Potter]

    Romance de fantasía HARRYPOTTER MAGIA

    Elowen Black tiene un gusto en particular para meterse en problemas (lo ha sacado de su padre obviamente). Ella usualmente solo abre su boca para maldecir y decir las verdades que munca nadie se ánima a decir.La chica Black no esta en absoluto acostumbrada a pasar sus vacaciones encerrada, bueno ella no es de salir mucho, pero por lo menos puede salir al jardin de su casa a tomar el sol y ver a su guapo vecino muggle. Asi que es una completísima mierda cuando su madre le informa que no va a tener un verano normal ( babeando por su vecino ) porque su padre la quiere conocer.Doble mierda cuando Elowen se da cuenta que no solo va a conocer a su padre y se va a quedar en su casa lo que resta del verano, ella prácticamente va a convivir con adultos a los que le molesta que ella diga groserías ( su madre no se queja asi que ella piensa que nadie tiene derecho a decirle que deje de maldecir ).Y por último triple mierda multiplicada por mil, ella tiene que soportar al maldito infeliz de Harry Potter (¿se nota que lo odia un poco?). El esta absolutamente enamorado de Elowen y ella apenas puede soportar convivir con él en la casa de Gryffindor.




    When three people wake up in a dark room,they find themselves invited to a chat group. They find themselves going on adventures like raiding dungeons,watching as gryffindor wins the quidditch match and getting chased by Mr X throughout the racoon police department. Watch as the three heroes journey as they recruit more people through their favorite stories and games.

  • Dragon Frenemies (Charlie Weasley love story)

    Dragon Frenemies (Charlie Weasley love story)

    Well this is about Malfoys older sister by a year, who is bullied for being a pureblood prick and a Gryffindor. But she only appears in her 5th year, when Harry is chosen to compete in the Triwizard tournament but only a few mentions. It starts starts in her 6th and the golden trio's 5th year. But mostly it is about her proving that not everything is what it seems and that love can come from anyone and from anywhere ! ;)Edit : Anyway this also has the seven, Thalia and Nico come to Hogwarts to help protect Harry, also no they will not disrupt the storyline. Thaliah is the only one who can call Thalia, Thals and she is a demi-god but I won't expand why not leave you to find out.

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