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  • H2O


  • H2O Scientist

    H2O Scientist


    The story is about a scientist that can control water but is being targeted by every country of the world because of a dumb statement he did.

  • H2O  to Heaven

    H2O to Heaven

  • H2O(Heaven to Ocean)

    H2O(Heaven to Ocean)

    This is a chronicle whereby a protagonist named Aerial Swan experiences love and romance with characters that placed him in distinct realms. It took place in two main realms with a second intermediate dimension. These realms are namely heaven and the ocean. The second dimension is an extra-terrestrial alien world called Gloxinia. The protagonist endured relationships in all three platforms with different themes but no specific time referenced throughout. However, he was unfortunately unaware that it was all a lucid dream. The time in the lucid dream world is expressed in twilight moments. A twilight moment is an occurrence in a dream that doesn't have a time interval but happens rather instantly. They can be expressed in seconds, minutes, hours or even years. Although they don't serve any value in a dream world, it is to express how long an action would take in real life. Hence time not being present there, if he doesn't find true love he'll be stuck in the dream world forever. Forever is a pretty long time for a teenager who's yet experienced what real life actually feels like.

  • 关于青春的证明题


    “你个呆瓜懂不懂浪漫啊?” “怎样才能证明浪漫?” 徐萱玥沉思了一会儿。 “看你喽。” 柯宇涵推起他的黑框眼镜。 “我是正弦方加余弦方。” “嗯,始终如一。” “起初你是H2O,随后是H2O2。” “嗯,开始看似无害却让人中毒至深。” “你就像是我做简谐运动时的平衡位置。” “嗯,不管你怎么跑都得滚回我身边。” “我是你的DNA连接酶。” “嗯,想把我缝进心里不成?” 后来的我看过千重山、望过万里江、淋过漫天雪,却再也不见如你般灵动的眼眸。 于是笔记本、水杯、纸条、早餐、发香、头绳、幸运星、悄悄话、甜甜的味道和你,都曾无数次踏入我年少轻狂的睡梦中,记忆逐渐在我脑中沉淀。 我不允许自己忘记你。 所以决定把那些跌跌撞撞、步履蹒跚间而闯出来的岁月,拿起笔来记录于此 ——以青春之名!

  • Oceans at heart

    Oceans at heart

    Oceans. They were a phenomenon known widely around the world. So many underworld mysteries yet to be unraveled, and she happens to be it's first choice. Or rather, his first choice.

  • Flyin' Shoe

    Flyin' Shoe


    Taking long-long gulps of oxygen inside my lungs, I crouched in starting position, hands poised on the edge of the swimming pool and back coiled like a spring. "On your mark! Get set!" The starting gun boomed, and that astute 'Go!!!' word just evaporated into the chanting of the large gathering across the puddle-chanting 'Vforvictory!'. I flung myself straight forward into the dazzling clean liquid state of H2O, halted my breath to my lungs, and attempted to spring ahead of the pack. Yeah! It was me, V, Violet 16-year-old high school hot chick swimmer Rushing through and forth from the heavy tides surging, my hands moved like scissors cutting through the viscous fluid up and down evenly with symmetry, making a way to the victory-my victory! It wasn't that challenging for me! I had done it before-like infinities many times that now I have lost the count myself! And I have never lost any of the matches in my life! And I'd make sure It would stay forever! I hovered ahead of my five other companions, completely effortless as if I was gliding in the air, with my all focus on the only thing that has mattered to me the most-the other edges of the pool. Like a heavenly light shining between my vaguing vision, I grin while still holding my whiff, fantasizing about My oncoming Victory! I am coming!coming!CominG!!! I guaranteed my triumph frame that has been overflowing since 6. but still, I couldn't get hold of this! It is just so satisfying! Like some drug I needed more! Every time! As the distance keeps on reducing between me and my victory, My adrenaline rush from my Adeline glands makes me get into flight mode. I dashed my hand out of the water, desiring to strike just one more flap, this time not into the water again but at the edge, and it will be mine! The victory would be mine! But as it is famously quote- 'When you desire too much, you break your desire with your own hands' Likewise, when I thought my dear was so close, it just slipped away Not because of my mistake, by the way, it was never my fault! That was the flyin' shoe which came as an uninvited guest and stole my inch far victory! How a shoe?! not a shoe but a flyin' shoe?! Stole my victory?! Well...it's just beginning my friend! *********** A story with comedy and teen life Violet is kind of violent for her love of sports but that one flyin' shoe could erupt the volcano cause now the volcano has erupted...now she can find hell and heaven for its owner! for what? haha...a little mystery should be kept! **** book art doesn't belong to me and it belongs to the righteous owner.

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