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  • The Halloween

    The Halloween

  • Halloween Treat

    Halloween Treat

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Tessa's been working for three years in Heath's mansion and she's already twenty of age. Working for years in this huge structure has been a tough one yet it's very helpful for her to reach the success of her studies now that she's already in her 4th year of nursing. Upon working here, Tessa didn't decline the fact that she's been friends with Isabelle the second child of Heaths. Their friendship is very atypical one like other friendships and I guess that's just how it is. Then there came the first of November wherein Tessa couldn't quite forget how her life turns out to be something worth to be forgotten."Trick or treat?" I asked and flinched from the act."Okay treat."I laughed at how childish we could be and start predicting what it might be. Would it be like candies or chocolate—"But this is different," she said and removed her gown, leaving only its lingerie.That night, she was kissed by a stranger. She was flustered and felt like flying on cloud nine until she saw the ring on his finger.

  • Halloween Contest!

    Halloween Contest!

    Comment your book and I'll choose what book wins! Read the contest rules before entering.

  • Halloween world

    Halloween world


  • Halloween World

    Halloween World


    Warning - Blood, Gore, Horror, Foul LanguageNOT MEANT FOR AGES 13 AND UNDER!!Taken from a normal world, Jordan and Shane ventured into the woods near Salem, Massachusetts in search for the Ghost Train, unknowingly stepping into a spirit world. Needing to take the Ghost Train to Halloween World, they'll have to go on a horrifying adventure to save Halloween World to get home.

  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    Horror&Thriller WIZARDS

    The first Halloween Party of the town is organized. Many young people wants to go to the party. Jiya and her friend and twin brother want to go as well like all the other youngsters of the town. But they didn't get the invitation. At last when they lost hope invitations appear in their college locker.

  • Halloween Week

    Halloween Week

    Fantasy Romance ANIME WEREWOLF MHA

    A wonderful day at UA highschool turns into lovely chaos lets see how this week turns out (Sorry if it ends up being short asl)

  • Hypno Halloween

    Hypno Halloween

    Horror&Thriller SCARY

    It is that spooky time of the year in Cape Cod when a highschool teenager begins to experience weird stuff happening to him and everything around him until he comes across an ancient artifact which he must use to protect the town from the darkness that is about to creep out and unleash wrath upon the entire town.

  • Murder on Halloween

    Murder on Halloween


    Sepuluh … Sebelas … Dua belas … Tiga belas … Tubuhku bergetar dengan hebat tanpa bisa aku kendalikan ketika mendengar hitungan dari seseorang di sekitar sana, berusaha sebisaku untuk tidak terlihat dan terdengar yang membuatku memeluk kedua kakiku dengan sangat erat dan menutup mulutku dengan rapat. Keringat bercucuran dan jantungku berdegup dengan sangat kencang, sehingga tidak dapat kukendalikan deruan napasku yang memburu saat itu. Hal yang aku pikirkan pada saat itu hanyalah satu, Aku tidak ingin mati. Tolong … selamatkan aku!Ini merupakan kisah terburuk yang dialami oleh Fadi, seorang anak remaja yang terjebak di sebuah rumah tua yang kala itu dijadikan tempat pembunuhan oleh sekelompok orang yang merupakan teman dari kakaknya, yang sengaja mengundang beberapa teman yang lainnya dan termasuk sang kakak juga Fadi untuk hadir di pesta Halloween, dan melakukan sebuah permainan hide and seek yang ternyata permainan itu merupakan sebuah alibi untuk melaksanakan pembunuhan terencana. Bagaimana usaha Fadi dan sang kakak untuk keluar dari rumah tua itu tanpa diketahui? Dan sebenarnya apa motif dari pembunuhan itu?

  • Halloween Envy

    Halloween Envy

    Horror&Thriller BETRAYAL

  • Bloody Halloween

    Bloody Halloween


    The day before Halloween was supposed to be boring, but rather than boring and interesting; the day became annoying for the eighteen years old Allen Brooks, who was taken to graveyard against his will by his friends, before the midnight just for the stupid games, and to look around the graveyard decorated in Halloween's theme. Later, that night became interesting for the teens except for Allen, when two of the members of the group suggested to perform a small ritual as part of their fun-games for summoning a demon which so, happens to require a few drops of blood by someone's hand for the ritual to commence. Allen was horrified when he was put forward to sacrifice those few drops of blood out of his palm. ‘Would the ritual work? Will they ever regret performing this ritual?’ That's all Allen could ever think of after sacrificing his blood droplets for that supposed to be innocent ritual till the midnight… when everything changed from calm to storm. “You know very well about my type. Type to make everyone cry. Type to make everyone scream in pain when I’ll thrust out their spines. Type to make everyone beg on their knees with their blood sliding down from their eyes. Type to make everyone cry out their last goodbyes. Type to shorten their lives because it would be their time to die. And my type; deleterious Halloween is called the ‘Bloody Halloween’ for the innocent night.” – Circe.

  • Halloween Hell

    Halloween Hell


    Only one child every 5000 years is born with the power to destroy or rebuild the magical world. The only problem is both sides good and evil want the child. This is the year for it to happen. Ten family's have children born under the right sign. And all of them want the power.

  • Halloween Surprises

    Halloween Surprises

    I went along to the Halloween party because my girlfirend Cassie promised to give me a night to remember afterwards. While we were there, her friend Sarah sidled up and invited me outside. After that, a coworker of hers named Martin did the same, and changed my life forever.

  • Incubus' Blood Harem

    Incubus' Blood Harem



    Born with RH-null blood group, living among the extraordinary vampires, who could perform wonderful feats and possessed magic...Kayden was simply an incapable vampire! On the halloween night in his school, Kayden explored the biggest perk which came with his incubus blood! "So, I can charm girls and make them yearn for my touch!? From where should I start now?" Pairing up with his succubus partner he was determined to find the cause of his mutations. Until unnatural murders occurred from his wrong touches! Intimacy, blood, life force, he has all the options to stand atop of everyone. Unbeknownst to him that his peculiar blood is desired by all the existing races, as powerful elixir!~•~•~•~•~•~- No rape, yuri, yaoi, sharing wives or non- consensual stuff. - Harem BUT not blindly swooning and banging girls.- Strong plotline other than smut.- Kinky hot smut. Yes, I'm confident in it.- Cover art belongs to the original artist. If you want it removed please contact me. - Refrain from trash comments and bashing. They won't be catered. -*-*-*-*-*-https://discord.gg/mkwYKpAM7m[OTHER WORK]> Incubus Lord's Demonic Wives

  • Happy Halloween!?

    Happy Halloween!?

  • That Halloween night

    That Halloween night

  • A Halloween Curse

    A Halloween Curse

    Pranks on the night of spooks gone wrong.

  • The Halloween in Hacksberry

    The Halloween in Hacksberry

  • the Howl of Halloween

    the Howl of Halloween

  • The Most Magical Halloween

    The Most Magical Halloween

    Darwin Watson and Kellan Houghton own paranormal agency. They handle cases together and spend a majority of their waking hours with each other. When a supernatural murder occurs, they’re introduced to Endymion Vano by one of their mutual friends. Their attraction to Endymion leads them to finally confess their feelings for each other, as well.<br><br>The three men deal with supernatural cases back-to-back while getting to know one another as potential lovers. The cases grow in intensity, and one involves a painful betrayal from someone close to Darwin, Kellan, and Endymion. None of the men expect it, but they have to work together to survive, especially since the betrayal comes on Halloween night, when the barriers between the worlds are at their thinnest.<br><br>Will they find their happy ending on the magical Halloween night? Or will Halloween spell the end for all three?

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