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  • I Have 10 Training Avatars

    I Have 10 Training Avatars



    Lin Xuan transmigrated into a world where demon beasts rampaged. He became one of the lowest ranking wasteland reclaimers in the Germinal Organization to explore the mystic realms. The Zero Realm mystic realm was the Giant Rock Cave. The First Realm mystic realm was the Demon Ant Nest. The Second Realm mystic realm was the Tree King Sea. [Congratulations on seizing a Gold Swallowing Lizard as one of your avatars for gaining more experience. Do you want it to begin its training?] [Your current location is first floor of the Giant Rock Cave. (1 coin per minute. 5 exp points per minute)] [Gold Swallowing Lizard has been training for 4 hours. Do you wish to collect its experience?] Lin Xuan’s eyes were wide open. He was well-versed in how this worked. This was similar to the AFK games that he played in his previous world. As such, he began his comfortable journey of becoming the strongest. Up until one point, the Germinal Organization discovered that he was abnormal and decided to deal with him. It only then did Lin Xuan realize that even Seventh Realm fighters and the managers of the organization were inferior to him.

  • Dream Training : The Champions

    Dream Training : The Champions



    Football is a sport belonging to everyone in the world. But the light of the World Cup is only bright in Europe and South America. The dominance of the two in this sport is so strong and imprinted. This is the story of another beginning of light appearing on the Asian continent. Kazuki Kazeshima, A young player who was expected to become a Japanese football star failed to shine in the Manchester United Academy. However, one month before his contract expired, a change occurred, in his dream, he met the GM and [Dream Training]. With the help of [Dream Training], will Kazuki be able to bring hope to Asian football?

  • Harsh Love

    Harsh Love

    Everything has a spirit. That is why treating everything right is encouraged. Nothing should be looked down upon, and everything should have the chance to live life to the fullest.Oliver Berch lives up on a hillside with his father, away from the rest of the bustling city of Malnoire.They are ardent lovers of nature, and so, decide that in order to give in to their passion, they should stay as close to nature as they can.One day, just before a blizzard hits, Oliver finds a pregnant, injured wolf.This is a story of Oliver's journey to strengthen both nature, and himself.



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

    Han Tae Sook is a young boy who always got bullied in school,his father always hated him and he only had his stepmother by his side,his father was a crazy man who enjoyed torturing others,and always had several women at his side,he only used his wife as a sex toy and his stupid son as a punching bag.Then was he was sixteen,his mother got hit with a severe sickness,She had cancer,and his father had refused to help her so she ended up dying in Tae Sook hands,Tae sook had lost it he didn't eat for days,neither did he get out of his room,all he wanted was his mother back ,three days after his mother's death he saw his father getting sucked off by a strange woman,then finally he completely lost it,he closed his eyes and all he could see was his father's psycopathic acts,his father was a lunatic,and now so was heThen after staying in his room all alone for two weeks,he went to school,he had changed a lot,he became one who could not tell between wrong and right,he became cold and distant,Then when he couldn't take it anymore he went to the toilet and cried there but his bullies came to him and started bullying him,so he killed them,then he left the school,the news had spread and everyone knew he had killed,then his father who was afraid of losing his good reputation bribed the media to hide the news and sent him far away to the United States.He told him to leave him and count him as dead in his life his father promised him money,education, for him to never show his face to him till death comesAnd he did just that,he went to US and studied there he never showed his face to his father and had changed his name to Kai,then at the age of twenty two he became a successful bussinessman that hid himself no one knew him,he had also became a crazy psycopath who took care of his things in his own crazy style,he had no mercy to people who wanted to mess up his plans and those who dared to anger him,the only person that he cared about was Leonard his young brotherHe felt nothing to hurt innocent people that's why most people tried to keep themselves on his good side,Then one day when he was back in Korea,he met this girl who had been sold to an old man by her uncle her dress had been ripped and her body was full of scars she was crying and begging him to help her,the only reason he took her in and took her from the man was because she looked as hopeless as his mother had been,seeing her like that bought some feelings in his cold heart so he unknowingly gave her a soft spot in his heart secretlyHe had made her help him with raising his young brother Han Tae Yoon that preffered being called Leonard,he was his young brother who had been isolated at his doorstep when he was a baby,he was the baby of the woman who was making love to his father three days after the funeral of Kai's mother,she was a model so she couldn't risk having a baby now that is what she wrote on the note,he had to raise him alone because he didn't want the baby to be as pathetic as he was,and now Leo was eight years old,but the boy kept calling him his father and kept asking for a mother so when he brought the girl to his home, he thought it was a perfect opportunity,and made Lee Seo Jun,his mother,But will the poor girl be able to handle him,a man who changed women everynight and his rules??,but as they lived,She slowly began to fall for him,even though the man was a cold jerk and she sets on a mission to win over his heartless soul,and make herself the only woman he loves and cares about Will she ever succeed?,and what happen when the girl learns about his mental condition?? Read to find out

  • Harsh Life

    Harsh Life

    Magical Realism ACTION ADVENTURE

  • Harsh Summer

    Harsh Summer

    Romansa Anak Muda ADVENTURE

  • Harsh gaonkar

    Harsh gaonkar

  • Harsh reality

    Harsh reality

  • The Harsh Realities

    The Harsh Realities

  • The harsh night

    The harsh night

  • Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class

    Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class


    Qin Chuan arrived in a parallel world and got bound to a system. System: "Host, please guide the entire nation into cultivation." Qin Chuan was shocked. What era are we in? Who still believes in cultivation! However, to complete his mission, he set up a cultivation training class as an attempt to get people to cultivate, and in the process of doing so, got sent to the mental hospital multiple times. He was ready to give up after all the setbacks, until he encountered a group of elderlymen and women. ... A 93-year-old man of the Weapon Forging specialization was forging gear at home when he was coincidentally discovered by his great-granddaughter who was livestreaming. During his birthday banquet, a 100-year-old man of the Combat specialization flew on a sword while in high spirits. An 80-year-old lady of the Alchemy specialization was mistaken as her college-attending granddaughter's sister while she was visiting her.

  • Harsh Husband

    Harsh Husband

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18 FIKSI

  • The Harsh Wilderness

    The Harsh Wilderness


  • Harsh realities

    Harsh realities

  • The Harsh Reality

    The Harsh Reality




    Glow Anderson is a normal, quirky teen with normal teen problems. But what happens when she is actually into something more quirky and more serious than she's ever been in her life?Short story genreSilent readers are lovedNonetheless active readers are amazingly embedded in my heart.Guess which I prefer yet? (Wink!)All rights reserved.No part should be copied, reproduced or used by any other person and in any other form such as movies, fanfiction, recordings, actual published books and audio books. If found anywhere, please report to me. When I find any copy cats, LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.

  • Training



  • training


  • The Devil is a Harsh Judge

    The Devil is a Harsh Judge


    Kokeru Ken steps off the roof of a skyscraper, ending his waste of life. As he falls, he sees a dark silhouette in the reflection of a window. He hits the ground, surviving the fall. However, he's ended up in a white room, a rusty sword in the centre drawing him in. Where is he? What was that shadow? What's this feeling that he's become part of something much bigger than he can even realize?

  • The Harsh Truth Of Reality

    The Harsh Truth Of Reality

    Have you ever just sat down all alone from everyone and wondered will i ever find true love can someone even love me?......... Why is reality so harsh cruel so bleak sometimes its like a rising sun and sometimes its like a pitch black night sky.......all these questions about reality after watching an anime or reading manga a light novel hell even watching a movie...... does these kinds of think ever exist?........ To find out join yuuta on his life journey as he finds the cruelty of reality as his life unfolds before his eyes the reality which he once thought was marvellous mesmerizing.........isn't what he thought it was