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  • Haunted


    Steven and Conrad have a weird relationship, one Steven can't figure out no matter how many times he looks at it. After weeks of hot sex and sweaty grappling Steven finds himself taking a romantic stroll on the beach with a woman, and the confusion he feels about his life overwhelms him.

  • hAunted



    A young wriggler streamer returns to Japan to live in the house his GrandUncle went missing in. But as soon as he does strange things start to happen.A new game has begun. A new blood moon has risen. Will they be able to survive?

  • Hunt or be Haunted (BL)

    Hunt or be Haunted (BL)


    “You, aren’t you scared of me?” “Why would I be?” The man asked, the red half of his white and blue hair covering his equally clashing eye colours. “I am a Hunter,” the dark blue-haired man said, frowning at the man, trying to look menacing. “Really?” The man said, unfazed as he went back to looking at the eyeballs he collected. “I could kill you where you stand!” “Why don’t you then?” The man asked, not even looking at him anymore. “I am completely defenceless right now, aren’t I?” It is the year, 3035. Mythical creatures such as Vampires and many more have suddenly come into existence. With them comes a divide, between humans and those creatures, thought to be myths and even amongst the creatures themselves. Jel Okonjo is a Vampire, in fact, he may just be the oldest vampire to ever exist in that world. An all-powerful person that is rendered harmless the moment the sun comes up, like all the creatures of this world. Or so they think. He has secrets of his own, being a creature that has lived for hundreds of years. And it seems a certain shapeshifter has started to catch his eye. Is it because he has a deep secret of his own or the fact that his blood burns Jel, unlike the sun. What could he have planned? And why all the secrets? What is true and what is false? Will they ever find out?

  • Haunted?


    Dream in dream

  • Haunted!!!


    Prologue:"Have you ever experienced something strange in your life like the one Ihad?",asked Hailey....Hailey,a calm and simple girl ,basically an introvert was seriously hit by adream, which is not the sort of one we experience everyday.The dream hasmade her feel tensed, worried and helpless at some point of time.The dream created a huge impact and has brought about many changes inher daily routine.It would be fine if it's a normal dream. But how about a nightmare?And what if the dream becomes real? Just imagine the situation!Read on to know the challenges she undergone through the strange dream she had and did she manage to overcome that?.....Does her dream get a happy ending? Continue reading to find out the answers.........



    Contemporary Romance REINCARNATION

    The haunted child is a fictional novel centered on Marvel who everyone despised at her conception and wanted her dead except for her mother. She was believed to be a disaster and terror to her family and the world at large until she saved the world with her powers but got punished for her actions by the priestess. Will she survive? Will she be able to save herself? Find out in "THE HAUNTED CHILD"

  • Haunted Beasts

    Haunted Beasts

    Heaven Ross has always been weird and different and she was okay with that but after starting afresh at a new school she discovers exactly how different she is. Follow the story of a young girl who's half human and half angel as she tries to navigate the hardships of loving someone whilest having a demon inside of her.

  • The Haunted Night

    The Haunted Night


    Curiosity and the unwillingness to submit to authority leads five college students to face their worst nightmare in the midst of a cold lonely night after coming face to face with the reincarnated Beast of the past. In the bid to prove their courage and fearlessness; Mia, Daniella, Isabella, Rose, and Olivia decides to wander in the dark forest. Mia stumbles on the tomb of the Beast and awakens it's thirst for blood and revenge. Will they survive the test of time to see the next daylight? Read more to follow the story of the "The Haunted Night". Please vote if you enjoy the story. Your comments and reviews are also welcomed. Thank you.

  • Haunted Trap

    Haunted Trap

  • Haunted lilies

    Haunted lilies

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE


    A normal life had. Study, date and graduate were her common goals for high school but her normal life was what she thought she hidden past gets revealed endangering her and changing her life's perceptive forever. Amidst the crisis she still has a quest to find love without another heartbreak. Will Ai escape Hades or will she be his life source, bound to be his servant forever.

  • Haunted Tattoo

    Haunted Tattoo

    Summer has just began in Cooper Town, Atlanta but for Claire things are about to go haywire. Following the appearance of the Brook who allegedly died a long time ago are back for vengeance. Kyle, Claire’s boyfriend ,is one of them but she doesn’t know it yet. Innocently she and her best friend Emma plus Kyle go for the annual summer camp. Little does she know this is where it will all go down. Can Claire survive all this by herself?

  • Haunted souls

    Haunted souls

  • Haunted College

    Haunted College

    Seven youngsters decide to spend a night in an abandoned haunted hotel. What they mistook as merely rumors, dawns on them to be the truth as they realize they are not alone inside.

  • The Haunted hospital

    The Haunted hospital

    Horror&Thriller ROMANCE CAMPUS SCARY

    Max explores an abandoned hospital with her friends but what she doesn’t know is that ever since she first entered the hospital, she has already endangered her life including her friends. The three will go on adventure and continue with school. That is their destiny

  • The Haunted Castle

    The Haunted Castle


    Kenzo Arnius Lee dan Hiroshi Chen Lee adalah kakak beradik yang baru pindah ke Amerika bersama keluarganya. Mereka pindah ke Amerika karena Kenzo memdapatkan biasiswa untuk kuliah disana dan kebetulan ayah mereka mendapatkan pekerjaan yang bagus disana pula.Kenzo adalah anak emas di keluarganya karena Kenzo adalah anak yang paling pintar, cerdas, dan selalu mendapatkan peringkat pertama disekolah. Sedangkan dimata mereka Hiro hanyalah anak yang suka berkelahi, suka membuat masalah, dan pembuly di sekolahnya. Hal itulah yang membuat Hiro makin membenci hidupnya. Tinggal di lingkungan baru, sekolah baru, dan suasana baru membuatnya kesepian dan merasa hampa karena tak bisa menyesuaikan diri. Sampai suatu hari Ia bertemu beberapa tetangga yang rumahnya hanya beberapa blok dari tempat tinggalnya.Pertamanya Hiro berteman baik dengan mereka. Sedikit demi sedikit mereka mengubah hidupnya. Semuanya terasa baik baik saja pada awalnya. Namun tibalah pada suatu malam ketika halloween. Mereka mengajak Hiro untuk pergi ke kastil berhantu. Pertamanya Hiro mengira semua cerita hantu dari mereka adalah omong kosong. Namun semuanya berubah ketika Ia menemukan buku milik Harry Ector Agravain di dalam kastil itu. Semua teman temannya juga menghilang secara misterius. Bersamaan dengan buku yang menulis sendiri. Kemudian disusul oleh kedua orang tuanya yang menghilang secara misterius begitu pula dengan kakaknya. Hiro akhirnya memberanikan diri untuk ke kastil itu dan menemui pemilik buku itu, yang tak lain adalah Harry Ector Agravain.Setelah Ia bertemu dengan Harry Ector Agravain. Dia menemukan misteri sebenarnya dari balik kastil tersebut. Dia menemukan dunia lain yang mengurung teman temannya. Dunia yang dipegang oleh sosok iblis.Akankah Harry Ector Agravain mau membantu Hiro?Akankah Hiro mampu membawa teman teman serta keluarganya kembali atau malah dia ikut terjebak disana?

  • Haunted Heritage

    Haunted Heritage

    Set in the heart of France, Anastasia Le Siene Trèmo inherits her parents art and artifacts museum, built next to the Paris catacombs, after her parents Barbara and Remiere suddenly have to depart for Egypt. They bid her good luck on starting her own path towards the family business as she discoers many secrets within her home and herself. But what her parents didn't tell their child was that she wouldn't be doing this all alone like she thought. Many of Anastasia's art peices and sculptures she brings into the museum start coming to life on their own and become possessed by the spirits living inside them wanting her help in finishing their remaining unfinished business, no matter what the cost of Anastasia's own life may be to get it done. Murders, thievery, betrayal, and lost dreams were the last things Anastasia needed on her list.

  • Haunted Town

    Haunted Town


    A murder case, first of it's kind to appear in the small town called Misty Falls. Its one of the first murder cases and it may be the last. Detective Holtz, a female private detective who has been on the force she was 20 and now she is 30. She is one of the first female to be a detective. Will she solve this case? Or will she end up a victim.

  • haunted ghar

    haunted ghar

  • The Haunted Alpha

    The Haunted Alpha

    Horror&Thriller WEREWOLF SCARY

    Alpha Steven loses his Luna in a tragic accident and blames himself.His Beta decides to move and get a new and fresh start for the whole pack.Being depressed, the Alpha chooses a seperate house to stay in instead of the pack house.What happens when after a period of time, stuff starts moving and disappearing? The Alpha finally notices when a picture of his mate disappears.On a quest to find that picture, he discovers more than he intended to.After a horrible nightmare involving an unknown teenage girl, knives, and candles, he decides enough is enough.What will he find out about the house? Who's the mysterious teenage girl that keeps popping up? What happens when Josh finally meets her? Find out in 'The Haunted Alpha'⚠Cringe worthy, trigger warning, and bad humor. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!⚠

  • Haunted Love

    Haunted Love