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  • Hell's Consort

    Hell's Consort



    "I will make you my queen." He grabbed the chains attached to the bed and closed the shackles around her wrists. "I'm the High Priestess. You can't—" Fear trembled through her mind and body. She couldn’t consummate this marriage if the Blood Beast truly decided to make her his queen. Luna must remain a virgin High Priestess in order to remain a vessel for Hecate's magic. "What are you planning to do?" “I will make you mine no matter what so that I can take control of the Vampire King's consciousness forever. He won’t be back anytime soon." Luna thought the Blood Beast was out of his mind for wanting to make the virgin High Priestess his mate. The consequences of that would… Her mind raced through all of the possible consequences. There was no way she could allow the Blood Beast to gain any more power. Especially if he gained that power by drinking the blood that was, laced with Hecate’s magic, running through her veins. She needed the Vampire King back. The Blood Beast moved on top of her body. He stopped when he was eye-level with her. The sudden intimacy was shocking, especially since she was tied down. Chest to chest, he removed her cloak and peeled off her flimsy dress. He growled. "If you struggle, I will rip your head off." +++ Luna was one of the few remaining Amazons who worshipped the goddess Artemis. As an Amazon, her ordinary life took an unexpected turn when a pack of rogue werewolves took over their home--the Sacred Valley. Left with no other choice, Luna flees into the nearest kingdom, the Vampire Realm, where she was captured to be part of the Vampire King’s Consortium. To avoid the fate of living and dying as a Harem girl for vampires, she offers to become the High Priestess and study dark magic in order to break the King's curse. If she is successful, she could request the King to grant her her well-earned freedom. There has not been an official High Priestess in the Vampire Realm for centuries. Not since the first High Priestess cursed the King to become the Blood Beast. When the Blood Beast tries to take the reins of the Vampire King's consciousness, the King was cursed to drain the blood and his victims' life force in order to pacify the other immortal inside of him. In order to try and maintain some semblance of control, the Vampire King is forced to maintain his strength and immortality by kidnapping women from all over the realm to be used for food and sex. But, what will he do when he finds a woman worth keeping, but he can't even touch her? Will he be able to control his hunger for blood and lust when he looks upon her delectable body? As the new High Priestess, Luna was able to become more powerful than ever before. As she did her best to break the Vampire King's curse, what will happen to her when the 'curse' latches on to her instead? Note: If you are curious about ML and FL relationship dynamic, check out CHAPTER 447 (Sweet Talker) #RuthlessMLtransformsintoDotingHusband #UNDER EDITING Fun Fact: Plot and Storyline are decided by Tarot Cards :) Please make some noise on my discord server: https://discord.gg/KRABhk39XG

  • Reincarnated into a Hell Hound - BL/Yaoi

    Reincarnated into a Hell Hound - BL/Yaoi



    Once I woke up I discovered that my limbs ended in paws, and that my ears could move about, for my new form is that of a dog! But not only that, I soon realize that there is nothing simple in this new world full of magic, for my true species is that of a hell hound, a creature made of fire and shadow that could stir fear at those who dared approach! Or well… the definition of being scary looking is at least suitable for me, proud and powerful as I’m, as for my brother… sigh, what can I say at such dumb creature who loves chewing at my ears?! Not only do I have to survive in this strange world with this strange body, but have to keep my brother out of trouble! At least, for better or for worse, we won’t be alone for long after crossing the path of two clingy elves and- no, wait, hold on, where do you think those hands are? Stop touching my brother you pervert elf! Come back here! And you, stop touching me too, let me teach them a lesson oi! Sigh, I’m surrounded by troublesome guys! …Well, at least they are to die for…no, I mean, scram! ~~~~~ ML: You are so cute when you are angry. MC: C-c-c-cute?! I’ll show you how cute I’m! I’ll bite your ankles! ML: But I have made food for you… MC:… MC:Ok, I can beat you later, but why is your hand on my tail oi?! ML:*chuckles* ~~Warning~~ Mature content, including gore, explicit smut, swearing, relationship between men. ~~~~~ Thank you and I hope you enjoy it! *wink wink* ۹(ÒہÓ)۶

  • Shinobi From Hell

    Shinobi From Hell



    Klautz had lived his whole life as a ninja... as a tool.Yet before dying he had killed all of ninjas of his clan. He had defied the ninja code and acted on his own discretion. A code he had followed his entire life.Even in his dying moments he had chosen a harsh death.*Whoosh*Suddenly, Klautz opened his eyes. By some miracle, he was still alive. He then realized that he had actually gone back forty years in time."I will wipe out all of the ninjas from the face of HELL!" Join him as he fulfill his desires and his goals, all of which he wasn't able to do before.Note: The cover isn't mine. If the owner wishes for it, I can remove it.

  • The Man from the Hell

    The Man from the Hell


    The Demon Emperor in the universe was reborn and had returned! Enemies should kneel down in front of him! Beauties should lie down in front of him! "I am a demon. I enslave gods and immortals! If you don't succumb to me, I will make you by force!"--Ye Feng!

  • The Hunter That Returned From Hell

    The Hunter That Returned From Hell


    18 years old Yi Kang-Ho's life was perfect until he was sucked into a portal which transported to a Hell like world. In this world he had fight creatures, monsters, demons. He risked his life for 400 years and one faithful day he managed to somehow escape the Hell and came back to earth but even after spending 400 years there only 2 years had gone by on Earth.Earth was totally different from before dungeons appeared everywhere, Hunters became the new government of the new world and the world became dog eat dog world.Follow the journey of Kang-Ho in this new world filled with adventures................................................................................Support author-Patreon.com/Rish_madarahttps://paypal.me/MadaraNovelGet to read unreleased chapters by supporting me on Patreonhttps://discord.gg/5DaxsJGalso you can join our discord for disscussion over the novel-------------------------------------------------------------------The cover does not belong to me the credit goes to creator if creator wants me to remove it please contact me.

  • The Highway to Hell

    The Highway to Hell


    Aaron (MC) sells his soul to Lucifer (ML) to be his friend. And Satan just rolls with it until he realizes he genuinely likes him. Since he can't renege on the contract he takes them to Hell and puts them in a high position of power. Demons hardened by millennia of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan's #1 ------ The main character here is Aaron and thanks to the support of family and the devil himself, he will get better. He has currently depression and. this story will be about how he overcomes it. So while the first chapter is a bit angsty, there will be enough fluff and romance afterward. Though it's not a love-cures-it-all type of story, I assure you. This is a character that will face hurdles and will grow stronger thanks to it. Character development will be the main topic along with romance. Then we have the politics of demon and angel society. ------ - Character development - BL Romance - Angel and demon society - Goodish!Lucifer ------ Excerpt: "So, how work went?” Lucifer snorted. “I like how you want to make it sound as if I just came from some normal human job and not from trying to organize which souls go for each demon to torture.” “You’re lucky I’m not eating, right now,” Sam said as he put the food inside the microwave. “Besides, a guy can dream, right? Someday maybe you would do some office work for a change.” “I’m hurt, Sam. Why try to make me more human? I’m just an archangel, standing in front of a guy, asking him to love him. With all and his ruling Hell and damning-souls side. It’s not much.” Sam slowly turned towards Lucifer. “First, you’re not standing in front of me. Second, stop quoting romantic movies.” “You love it.” ----- I wrote this story when I was on the road to recovery with my own depression so while I've never been in a mental hospital, I've had the experience of dealing with it. ------ Want to talk to me? jorieds-fof.tumblr.com/ Discord: JorieDS#4193



    Contemporary Romance HEALING PREGNANCY


    He had it all. Wealth, health, good looks and a wonderful family.Growing up as the only son of the wealthiest and most powerful business man Elisio Devonte had its perks. And to add on it all, being a genius was a cherry on the top.what else could he want..ofcourse he wanted a girl in his life. And he found her and he was sure to keep her for life.Now what could go wrong in his perfect life that made him crave for revenge?Who spoilt it all?Who is responsible for creating chaos in his perfect life?Ermanno knew one thing for sure. The person responsible will pay. And he was ready to welcome them to his hell.follow me on Instagram to see pictures of this story. the link is https://www.instagram.com/devilswhore1/

  • Darkness Of Hell

    Darkness Of Hell



    An Asian gun mafia dies a sudden death and is punished to ten thousand and eight years in hell. Life after death. What is it that dies with a person? and what is it that stays? Desires. Never-ending desires. Desires to control. The desires for power. Something that stays with a soul even after death. Winston dies but, his desires and purpose stays with him into this new world of darkness. Join the journey of Winston to explore the unknown territories of hells. The complex power structure and his journey from the illusion of power to absolute power.

  • Hotter Than Hell

    Hotter Than Hell

    USA TODAY Bestselling Author Holly S Roberts likes to gloss over her exciting past as a homicide detective and make you think she sits at a computer all day writing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You’ll find Holly in the mountains on a long hike or at the gym pounding barbells with the boys. She’s a health coach and nutritionist as well as being vegan and proving muscles come from hard work and plant-based foods. When the weather’s too cold for outdoor play, she sneaks into her dark cave and writes until her fingers ache. She’s also followed around by a hundred-pound Rottweiler with anxiety issues and constant need for affection. Each finished chapter gets a dog lick when Holly stays on course. Enter the hotter than hell world of sex, drugs, and danger. Notorious crime boss Chase Xavier Moon takes few prisoners and lives a lavish life of sin limited only by his imagination. When ex-cop Madison Kinlock enters Moon’s world, nothing will ever be the same. They knock heads constantly but everyone knows the heat is turned on high and a meltdown to end all meltdowns is coming.

  • Hell to Hell

    Hell to Hell



  • Hell Shifter

    Hell Shifter


    Twenty years ago, gates suddenly appeared all over the world. The “gates” that lead to another world, the “dungeon”. It’s through these gates that monsters pour out in droves from the dungeons. People had "awakened" to the power to fight monsters. These awakened people would become “hunters", hunting monsters in dungeons, and it would become one of the most important occupations in the world. Andrew is a 12-year-old boy. He lost both of his parents when he was six years old. He was beaten by his uncle and aunt almost every day. But one day, after being beaten by his uncle, he met an old man in front of a store, “Teach me how to fight,” These five words changed everything for him. Join him on his journey from being a weak and miserable boy to becoming the strongest hunter in the world. ------------------------------------------------------------------- The cover does not belong to me.

  • Into The Demon Apocalypse: Hell On Earth

    Into The Demon Apocalypse: Hell On Earth



    Damian Cross, a young man in his late 20s. Once hailed as a child prodigy, currently the Director of New York Central Health with a Ph.D. in Neurosurgery. Successful; that's what comes to mind when one hears of him, but... is that all there is to know? Of course not. Here is a creature devoid of any human emotion and ambition in the shell of a man. Hiding in that shell is complete darkness. An emptiness that seems to swallow every and anything it comes in contact with.It was that emptiness that led Damian to answer that message on his phone that day. The day the end of the world began. The message, sent by one who goes by the name 'TheGingerbreadFriend', read:“I will grant you one wish.”You know what they say, be careful what you wish for.Because of his wish, the world is plunged into total chaos in a matter of seconds as extra-terrestrial creatures (Demons) invade earth, and humans, old or young, male or female are told to partake in the 12 phases of the Apocalypse.That wish of his? To simply return home.Now Damian will face demonic invaders from an unknown realm as countless mysteries unfold. Despite bringing about the end of humanity, he is merely a cog in the machinations of fate alongside the wheels of time. ... [Phase 1: Choose A Side] Objective: Kill 1 or more humans ... This novel is gonna be pure art. I advise you give it a go. You can follow me on Instagram: @mrlollip0p (I would like to get in touch with my readers)Discord channel: ––––––––––– NOTE: THIS NOVEL IS STRICTLY RATED 'PARENTAL GUIDANCE'. I'm just saying it might be too 'scary' for some readers. Prepare for gore.

  • Hell University of hell

    Hell University of hell

  • Hell Hath No Fury At All

    Hell Hath No Fury At All



    'Finally... I mean I didn't think it was going to happen this way but... perhaps I can finally rest... my life was an absolute shitshow... what is taking so long... shouldn't I be done?... I can't wait to be done... shattered childhood... dreams were only for the nightmares to end... broken heart... poor and meaningless... Ah... yes... there it is... that final darkness...' ...... Join me as I unfold the story of a man who once lived a meaningless life and died having accomplished nothing who has been reincarnated into a world of magic, monsters, and mysteries. Will he live another meaningless life or will he sieze the moment and change everything this time. Will it change him? Keep reading to find out!

  • Twilight: Bloody Hell

    Twilight: Bloody Hell


    Firstly, I only own my own SI character the rest of the characters and story belong to the author to twilight series. Second, it's my first time writing a story so bear with me if it's not too good. Hopefully there won't be any grammar and spelling mistakes. It won't be like other fanfics in which the mc starts his life from 17 then goes to forks school and meets the characters. While the characters will be there the mc won't be affected by most of them. The mc would be joining Volturi and his mate would be Jane(I don't care if she was 13 when she was turned she is a legal loli). The story would start with mc going to Confederate Army, meeting Jasper and then joining Volturi. The image doesn't belong to me I just got it from google.

  • Lovers In Hell

    Lovers In Hell


    Long ago, there was a place in hell called Pandemonium where ordinary species could not dwell.There is a demon king in this place, and no one can vanquish him because of his absolute strength. Sigmund is his name. Many demons sought to take advantage of his strength and attempted to murder him, but they were unsuccessful for he is guarded by all of the Hell Guardians. Sigmund ventured to the realm of the living one day to see what that world was like, and there he met Veronica, the Goddess of Power. Years passed, and they both fell madly in love, but it was prohibited. Veronica has given birth to a lovely daughter who will rule both the heavens and the abyss. It made Sigmund delighted, but it also started a war between the traitors.

  • Hell's Academy

    Hell's Academy



    Howard awoke every morning with the taste of blood in his mouth. Every night before he went to sleep, the women sleeping next to him shot him to death so that he could reincarnate in the morning. They did experiments on him, all because he had horns on the top of his head. Finally, after years of experiments, they tossed him into the abyss. A place worse than hell called the Furnace. Down beneath the surface, the Furnace allows dreams to turn into reality, abilities to be amplified by a thousand fold, and for conquests to unfold. Howard, finally finding himself free in the Furnace, joins a team of reprobates from Hell's Academy, hoping to conquer the Furnace and build the ultimate kingdom in the darkest trenches of the world.

  • Hell Unearthed

    Hell Unearthed


    Shane, a 20-year-old boy, awakened in a different body in another universe, where demons and monsters roam the lands. Humanity was on the verge of annihilation as the Servants, those born of human and demon, were on a quest to unseal the portals of hell and bring doom to the world. Shane, a weakling who had no powers, suddenly gains an ability that no one possessed _the power to steal others' mana. This seemed like a miracle but how would Shane have known that he had possessed the powers and body of a five-thousand-year-old demon whose soul had separated from its body as it passed through the portal. What will happen to Shane when the demon returns to reclaim its body? Will he be able to defeat it, or will he turn around and destroy the only people he had pledged to protect? .... ''I can’t let you take this body.'' Shane said to the demon who looked exactly like himself. The demon laughed sarcastically, shaking his head as though in mockery of Shane; ''Do you realize I have owned that body for five thousand years? How do you think, a mere mortal like you can win in a war against me?; Walking towards Shane with a sneer on his lips, he said; ''I must commend you however, for the powers you have gained during your brief stay in my body. It's quite impressive for a mortal soul like yours. But now it's time for me to take what's mine. '' **** Takeaways Slow burn action( proper fights starts from chapter 11.) Slow-burn romance: (nobody is plowing each other in the first chapters. (I take my time with the romance.) weak to strong MC. ***** This is my WSA entry! Please read and leave your reviews if you like the book. It’ll be very much appreciated. I’m counting on you all. Thanks This cover is not mine. If it’s yours, please dm for removal or credit. Thank you.

  • Helle In the Hell

    Helle In the Hell

    Sometimes fate bring us to the point when we have to create opportunity for Ourselves

  • hell it

    hell it