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  • Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

    Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil



    [WPC#218 Bronze Trophy Winner] [Mature content warning.] To find peace Amidst clusterf*ck of misery All I need is but a way To rewrite my history! My mask of sanity slips away But there's nobody to tell the tale Even gods won't see it coming When a Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil - Grayback ===================== Eren Idril died as an old, decrepit, and piss-poor adventurer by the maws of a D-Rank monster. He had a lot of unfulfilled dreams and desires that couldn't see the light of the day after the light in his own eyes died down. But fortunately for him and unfortunately for the world, that wasn't his end. Eren was somehow dived back in time when he was a mere teen, attending Lionheart Academy for adventurers. When life gives him a second chance, Eren decides to exploit it to its fullest. Experience his vile deeds as he partakes in them without feeling the slightest bit of hesitation. ===================== Additional tags: #evilmc #mature #evilprotagonist #antiheroprotagonist ===================== VEH Wiki: VEH Discord: https://discord.gg/gtb38uPepy Instagram: graybacknovels ===================== Disclaimer: Please note that the book cover is not owned by me. Credit goes the respective original artist.

  • True Identity

    True Identity

  • True Martial World

    True Martial World



    With the strongest experts from the 33 Skies the Human Emperor, Lin Ming, and his opponent, the Abyssal Demon King, were embroiled in a final battle. In the end, the Human Emperor destroyed the Abyssal World and killed the Abyssal Demon King. By then, a godly artifact, the mysterious purple card that had previously sealed the Abyssal Demon King, had long since disappeared into the space-time vortex, tunneling through infinite spacetime together with one of Lin Ming’s loved ones. In the vast wilderness, where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy, several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts. A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth unwittingly stumbles into such a world and begins his journey with a purple card of unknown origin. This is a magnificent yet unknown true martial world! This is the story of a normal young adult and his adventures!!



    Historical Romance ROMANCE ACTION

  • The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities

    The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities


    Omnipotent A-Grade Cool Female Lead VS Secret Passionate and Domineering Male Lead That Loves Assuming and is Easily Jealous Because she is wrongly placed at birth, Claire and another girl swap lives. Eighteen years later, she acknowledges her roots and returns to her family. From a country bumpkin, she becomes the daughter of a rich family in the capital. However… Her parents favor their fake daughter. "Claire, Phoebe is smart and obedient. She's a thousand times better than you." Her brother protects the fake sister. "Claire! Don't bully Phoebe. Phoebe is innocent, unlike you—you're full of evil tricks!" It's said that she is uneducated and incompetent. Her grades are the worst, and she loves to fight. She is notorious for her misdeeds, and everyone looks down on her. Only one man says domineeringly, "I will dote on you." One day… her disguises are stripped off… The Vice-Chairwoman of the Mathematical Olympiad, the guru of eSports, the hidden miracle doctor, the Chinese Art Master, the diva of the music industry, and the leader of the League of Death. Those identities are all hers?! Everyone starts to worship her: You are a real big shot! Instantly, there are countless suitors. A director extends an invitation for her to film a movie. The next day, the director is banned from the Internet. The Masked King invites her to have dinner with him. The next day, the scandal of the Masked King becomes the hottest topic on the Internet. A rich tycoon gives her a diamond ring as big as a pigeon egg. The next day, the corporation goes bankrupt and he becomes a beggar. A certain envious lover online declares his sovereignty over her. @Claire: "She's my wife."

  • My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

    My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather



    Ordinary salaryman Qin Yu had a proud and talented younger sister who was the rising star of the police detectives. He often felt inferior to his younger sister with her achievements. Gradually, he began to accept his fate… One day, he acquired the Godfather System, allowing him to obtain the templates of top villains one after another! Using the templates, he found suitable disciples and trained them. As such, terrifying giant-level figures popped up continuously in the underground world! [Wanted dead or alive. S rank terrorist: Joker. Reward: 10 billion] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Fake Psychologist. Reward: 500 million] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Martial Arts Maniac. Reward: 500 million] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Crazy Scientist. Reward: 500 million] Before he realized it, Qin Yu had his identity as the godfather of villains exposed by his younger sister! The entire world was shocked!

  • Her true identity

    Her true identity

    What if the girl that you thought she is is not really who she is what if she's just hiding herself to you what if she's just hiding her true identity?

  • True Identity (Asyila)

    True Identity (Asyila)


    Yang aku tau namaku adalah Asyila Permata, seorang mahasiswa yang sedang berjuang sendiri untuk sebuah masa depan. Awalnya semuanya selalu berjalan seperti yang aku tau itu tetapi nyatanya tidak, setelah malam mendebarkan itu semuanya tak lagi sama. Ada yang berbeda dalam setiap detik yang sedang melaju dalam takdirku. Sebuah kebenaran yang seperti ilusi? Irama ketakutan dalam melangkah? Serta merta takdir yang sedang menyapa? Dan menjadi inti dari semua ini adalah sebenarnya siapa aku? ~Asyila Permata

  • My True Identity

    My True Identity

    A beautiful pink-haired, red-eyed girl was born in the vampire world. But she was abandoned the moment she was born in front of an orphanage. A nurse named Lucy picked her up and named her Mizuki. She loved her as her own child. When she became four years old she developed her ability just like other vampire kids. But her ability was soo different from other vampires that the headmaster of the orphanage got scared and told her to limit her ability. Ever since she was little she had a lot of questions regarding her abandonment like why did her parents abandon her the moment she was born? Now she goes to the most prestigious high school of the kingdom where only royals and nobles go. She will do anything to fulfill her dream of becoming a protector and will try to find the reason for her abandonment.

  • true identity of alucard

    true identity of alucard

  • I Can't Hide My Identity

    I Can't Hide My Identity

    The era of the Heavenly Emperor has become a legend. When all the archaeological experts were crazy about it, my sister of the School of Archaeology exposed my identity as a disciple of Ruthless Emperor."Brother, don't lie. My IQ is as high as 180."Jiang Xiaobai: "I'm telling the truth. I'm not a disciple of Ruthless Emperor."

  • Hiding Behind My Mask

    Hiding Behind My Mask



    A famous star. That was Sabrina Sanders. One of the most sought out female actresses in the film industry. She had everything a woman would want, with her beauty, elegance, fame, money, and success. Her life to her fans and the outside world would seem almost perfect. Well, there was one thing she felt was missing, someone to love her. Although she had a long line of suitors, she found it hard to commit with any of them, who just wanted to tag along with her success, used her for their agendas. Finally, she did fall for one, but it only ended up badly. Mayor Bradley De Luca was everything she wanted in a man. Besides, he truly loved her, but he had one flaw. Despite that, she dived into the relationship with her eyes open, only to end up regretting it and losing in the end. Now, she was hiding from the scandal that she had created. Afraid that this would be the end of her career and ruined her life. Seeking out some solitude and peace, she flew to a secluded place, away from the prying eyes of her fans and the press. Here, she met the man who would change her life. Rafael Walker, a very attractive, serious, and enigmatic man, swept her off her feet. He was different from the other men she knew, even from Brad. She knew she was falling hard for him, and he was too. However, there was a hitch in their relationship. It was full of secrets. Would love be enough to make it work between Rafael and her? What about De Luca? Was it truly over between them? In the end, what was she hiding behind her mask? *** WPC #157 SILVER TIER WINNER – Female Lead – Let Me Entertain You! *** It was a great experience to join a contest and to obtain a small recognition for my hard work. I hope that I could keep up with the expectation of my readers. Let me know your thoughts, so it might inspire me to create more stories. I would also like to appeal for your support by voting, commenting, gifts, giving reviews and among other things. Every notification of support from my readers makes my heart beat faster and put a wide smile on my lips. It adds to the pleasure of writing and creating a masterpiece with my imagination. See you in my world. Cover photo belongs to the rightful owner.

  • Cute Baby: Mommy, Your Identity Exposed

    Cute Baby: Mommy, Your Identity Exposed

    Qiao Xi, who grew up in a mental hospital, was a hidden boss.Four years ago, she had sex with a strange man by accident, and she ran away when pregnant.Four years later, when she came back with her son, she found that there was a boy who looked exactly like her son!The little boy: "Miss, let me introduce my father to you. He is handsome, rich, and faithful. He is a rare good man..."Qiao Xi looked at her blind date and asked, "your son looks like my son. Can you explain it?"Fu Qinyu: "Obviously, he is our baby."The blind date became a family reunion!

  • Dad.... Hide Your Identity!

    Dad.... Hide Your Identity!

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    A stoic and unemotional dad,A cunning and scheming child,A hot-tempered and emotional woman, What would happen if they met?What secrets are going to be hidden?Who's hiding something from who?What scheme is to be found out?What happens if a child says to his dad the words “ Unless you want me to recognize you as my father, then.... ” “ Dad! Hide your real identity!”

  • Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

    Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities


    Her step-sister just died three months ago. Now, she insists on marrying Chu Lui, who is supposed to be her future brother-in-law, the mind behind the Chu Enterprise. The world is sure that she, the new bride-to-be, haa caused her step-sister's death in order to seduce him. Even her own mother says to her cruelly, "Don't call me 'Mom'. I don't have a daughter as vicious as you." During their wedding ceremony, her husband-to-be tells her, "I won't kiss you; you disgust me." All her embarrassment is captured by the numerous cameras present. He shames her. 'Xia Ruoxin, you went so far just to marry me? I will make your life a living hell.' And her life indeed becomes a living hell. For his business, he sends her to another man. To right the reputation of his beloved woman, he sends her to company a bunch of men. Later, he marries again, and on his wedding night, she remains in an ice-cold warehouse, giving birth to a girl. Many years ago, the boy promised, "I'll come back for you when we're older. I'll marry you and make you my little bride."

  • Hiding Her Blush

    Hiding Her Blush

    Sandra is an aspiring celebrity hair and makeup artist who was driven out of the entertainment industry by a celebrity who took advantage of her. When her friends invite her to a club frequented by people in the industry, she does a transformation with her makeup and hair so that no one will recognize her. At the party, she meets her dream man. The next day, she gets a job interview. Things are looking up—until she discovers the CEO of her company is the man from the club. And the best and worst part—he doesn’t recognize her! Can Sandra overcome her enemies to achieve her dream? Or will she be forced to choose between her career and the man she loves? Hiding Her Blush is created by Natalya Patolot, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Milady, Your Identity Please!!?

    Milady, Your Identity Please!!?



    She is a spy who always hid her real identity in front of everyone that she meets. She may be an assistant. She may be a businesswoman. She may be a student. She may come in anyway possible in front of you but you cannot recognize her the second time you meet her. However she may come, everything is a mask that covers her real identity which is something very mysterious.He is an emperor of the Entertainment Industry but that was just his stress-buster from being the real Emperor of many Industries that were under his name. While acting in his film, he suddenly came across his first love who was supposed to be a poor scholarship student during their school times, now acting as an assistant to his co-star with her real age changed. Why? He didn’t care.He lost her once but wouldn’t the second time. She avoided him but he used the people around her to get more closer. She changed the identity again but he recognized her again too.“So what if you change your identity? You were mine and you would always be mine. The only identity with which I will see you as is my wife.”Read the story to find how she manipulates everyone around her to get her task done while he does everything to get her to his side. A combination of sweet romance, mystery, action, comedy and everything else you need would be presented with a beautifully decorated platter.***Talk to me (author), interact with fellow readers, catch a glimpse of sprinkled spoilers and most importantly BASH THE LAZY AUTHOR and force her for more updates by joining the discord server:https://discord.gg/k66qXaWMuD***P.S.: The cover do not belong to me. I'll remove it if said to me...***Want to energize this pitiful author with a cup of coffee?Provide a coffee here: ko-fi.com/leorote

  • hiding


  • Hiding


  • In Hiding

    In Hiding

    When Jace Grace, a cop, and his Captain, Auburn Quill, have to go in hiding because a notorious criminal threatens them,