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  • Hinata Oneshots

    Hinata Oneshots

  • Heera Hinata

    Heera Hinata

  • Hinata Memories

    Hinata Memories

    Martial Arts ACTION SYSTEM

    This story is something like any original agent who becomes a superhero has he gets an accident by the ghost who got possessed by his body.

  • Kenma And hinata

    Kenma And hinata

  • Unknown Story( Hinata Harem)

    Unknown Story( Hinata Harem)

    In a world where everyone has a painful story untold, thus this world led a certain harem to discover those stories that the little sunshine has led untold.Join hinata shoyo's harem/friends in there adventure as they discover there beloved hinata's painful and dreadful past.

  • Kageyama x hinata smut

    Kageyama x hinata smut


  • hinata x kageyama

    hinata x kageyama

  • Rio Hinata dan Sakura

    Rio Hinata dan Sakura

  • reborn as hinata in mha

    reborn as hinata in mha

  • Hinata's Secret Love

    Hinata's Secret Love

    Teen ROMANCE

  • top deku au 
deku X hinata

    top deku au deku X hinata mha-hyu

  • Hinata Shōyō isn’t just a volleyball manic

    Hinata Shōyō isn’t just a volleyball manic

  • Life 2.0 in the world of Naruto, waking up as chibi Hinata [1%revamp]{HIATUS}

    Life 2.0 in the world of Naruto, waking up as chibi Hinata [1%revamp]{HIATUS}

    [WARNING! THIS WORK BELONGS TO MrKag with his/her permission i was allowed to continue/fix this wonderful novel] "This is mostly the story of a man hardship being reborn as a popular female character of the Naruto world. Why female? Totally because i don't believe someone should be lucky enough to have everything served on a plater. Plus it will certainly be fun later on to develop on it. So follow you main Male... ... I mean female character as he/she try to survive in this world full of danger.I don't own Naruto or anything related to it in anyway i'm only using the character and plot in a way to make a good show for the readers.[this is a copy paste of the original work with spell fixes from (MrKag) with permission of course do not know if i will continue series.

  • When Our World Ends

    When Our World Ends



    「 "If you never let me go, I'll never stop wanting you." Then he does. It's too late to realise she didn't want him to. 」 24-year-old Hirashi Mizuki, the promising heir of Japan's leading technology group, somehow finds herself stuck in a video game! Mizuki doesn't know why she's here or how she can get out - her encounters with the mischievous adventurer, Yasui Hinata edging her on to find a way out. Faster. The only way, she finds, is by completing a Final Quest, saving the Land of Astrum from an underlying tragedy. Mizuki swears she’ll do everything in her power to get herself back home. Hinata promises the same, that he'll do anything to restore his home to a place where Mizuki doesn't exist. It’s only at the end that they realise - after three years of each other’s company - they’re too attached to let go. !! COVER ART BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTIVE ARTISTS !!

  • Reincarnated as a Hero- and the Wrong Gender?!

    Reincarnated as a Hero- and the Wrong Gender?!



    Hinata had pretty good luck, as a high school student living in modern Japan. The cutest of girlfriends, the best of grades. Lots of friends, and even the teachers liked him! Yes, life was never bad, and Hinata was never lacking.However, out of the blue, he trips and falls down the subway stairs, breaking his neck- because in truth, when mages from another world summon heroes, they don't always have the best of timing! Hinata understands well enough when he wakes up in that fantasy land that he's been reincarnated, but there are a few... problems.A.) Hinata has been reincarnated as a girl, instead of some hot guy with an instant harem. What the hell?B.) He, now a she, is a demi-human, a hated, second class race in this misogynistic world!C.) She has no support, because she woke up face down in the mud in some random forest!Taking on a new name and countenance, the guy who should have been a hero will have to start from the ground up- and in a world like this, there are some crazy, CRAZY adventures to be had!(TRIGGER/TURN-OFFS WARNINGS BELOW)*Sex scenes*Bloody combat*Yuri/GxG, apparently some people don’t like that*Futa/Futanari MC (she really is just a girl most of the time, though. Don’t worry, I promise this is a legitimate story, not only an eroge)*Sexism/Racism (medieval times)https://discord.gg/cQTKjeBVKY (good for ten uses)

  • Tsukishima Kei
Hinata Shoyo
Kozume Kenma
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kageyama Tobio

    Tsukishima Kei Hinata Shoyo Kozume Kenma Kuroo Tetsurou Kageyama Tobio

  • Stallion Series (Filipino, Tagalog) - Stallion Boys of Exclusive Stallion Riding Club under Precious Hearts Romances

    Stallion Series (Filipino, Tagalog) - Stallion Boys of Exclusive Stallion Riding Club under Precious Hearts Romances


    A collaboration of Sofia and Sonia Francesca. Stallion Riding Club is an exclusive club for the rich, successful, gorgeous, and famous men in the Philippines. Nestled in Tagaytay, women dream of entering their secret paradise and capture their heart. Sofia's stories will be featured on this post. Each story will be posted per volume. Sonia Francesca's books will be preview only or teaser only. Video preview of Stallion Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOASTI9xb-A ***Photo credits to the owner of the photo To get a printed books with pre-order option and autograph: https://www.facebook.com/Myprecioustresures Shopee (with free delivery and COD option in Philippines): www.shopee.ph/sofiaphr To get complete ebook: www.preciouspagesebookstore.com.ph Keep in touch via Facebook: Sofia PHR Page Here's the official list of Stallion Boys: 1. Juan "Jubei" Bernardo IV 2. Eneru Villasis 3. Gregory Alfred "Gino" Santayana 4. Suichiro "Hiro" Hinata 5. Reigan Baltazar 6. Neiji Villaraza 7. Yue Anthony "Yuan" Zheng 8. Gabryel Hinasan 9. Brandon James "Brad" Alonzo Crawford 10. Rodjan Sta Maria 11. Kaiser Montezor 12. Yozack Florencio 13. Renzell "Zell" Zapanta 14. Emrei Rafiq 15. Romanov Querido 16. Jason Erwin "Jed" Dean 17. Crawford Oreña 18. Kester Mondragon 19. Phillipe Jacobs "PJ" 20. Eiraun Jimuel "Eiji" Romero 21. Rolf Guzman 22. Beiron Rafiq 23. Reichen Alleje 24-25. Reid Alleje 26. Peter Paul "Pipo" De Vera 27. Cedric Johannson "Johann" Cristobal 28. Daniel "Daboi" Bustamante 29. Angelo Exel Formosa 30. Gianpaolo Aragon 31. Thyago Palacios 32. Icen Villazanta 33. Hayden Anthony Illano 34. Rozen Aldeguer 35. Joziah Gatchalian 36. Cloudio "Cloud" Montañez 37. Eizhiro Figuerao 38. Zantino Roberto "Zairo" Montevedra III 39. Hans Cervantes 40. Baxter Saavedra 41. Mark Ashley Camello 42. Danilo Ricardo "Danrick" Tezzoro 43. Richard Don Robles 44. Ricos Caderao 45. Lee Shin Yang 46-47. Myco Gosiaco 48. Reiven Alleje 49. Ian Jack Salmentar 50-51. Trigger Samaniego 52-53. Jigger Samaniego

  • Haikyuu: Center Ace!

    Haikyuu: Center Ace!



    Nobody’s doing it so I will!This story is set in the same universe as Haikyuu! Anime/Manga but with different protagonists.It begins during the school year after the Spring High Nationals, meaning, when the canon protagonists (Hinata and Kageyama) are already in their second year of high school.Rise to challenge of today and witness the tale of a certain center ace and his team’s long journey towards the top.**Few months ago, the Silver Stags of Shiroshikata Gakuen Men's Volleyball Team lost to Itachiyama Gakuen in the third round of the Spring High Nationals. Upon witnessing the myriad of talents during that tournament, freshman Arakata Hiroaki vowed to win against everyone else in the next tournament their team will enter.This is a story about life, friendship, teamwork, sportsmanship, badassery, and what it truly means to win.**I do not own Haikyuu, and all credits to that goes to Haruichi Furudate-sensei. I merely crafted my own fanfiction story and created my OCs to introduce a new protagonist to this incredible sports manga/anime. This is just for fun.Also, this is an edit of my previous book, so I'll fix the tags and fanfic label of this soon when I figure out how to actually do it.Cover is only temporary, I am making one now and will change it when I'm done.Warning: Contain spoilers for those who haven’t read the manga.Important: Read the auxiliary chapter.

  • To My Sunflower

    To My Sunflower



    Hinata longed for his Eiji to return from war. Alone in the idyllic countryside whilst other areas of Japan were torn asunder. One day, he receives a letter from his lover filled with the scent of sunflowers and his undying love for him, followed by official news of his presumed death at Iwo Jima. Heartbroken. Yet determined to honor his promise to Eiji; to live the life they were unable to live together. Eiji fought honorably for Japan at Iwo Jima. He fell injured in a banzai charge to be classified as dead. He recovered with the aid of an American lieutenant, who escorted him back into the mainland for espionage work. His one chance and hope of return to Hinata's side. A controversial risk of a war story set at the end of WW2, 1945 within Hiroshima and Nagano, Japan. Two sides of the war are shown from the individual perspectives of same-sex lovers Hinata and Eiji. More than a boy's love. An emotional drama, revealing the hearts and souls of people surviving America's assault. Hope from the consequences suffered at war's end.

  • Vergil Namikaze

    Vergil Namikaze


    Naruto massive crossover Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Sandaime, Danzo, and Civilian Council bashingNaruto/HS DXD/ Devil May Cry/ Sekirei/ Dragon Ball Super crossoverHarem/ Lemons/ Action/ Violence/IncestGirls in the HaremHigh School DXD GIRLSYubelluna (G Cup)Akeno (G Cup)Kalwarna Katerea (K Cup)Xenovia (J cup)Artemis (I Cup)Kuroka ( I Cup)Grayfia (H Cup)Kuisha (Dbl N)RaynareRosweissePenemue Sekirei GirlsKazehanna (Dbl K Cup)MiyaMatsuUzumeNaruto GirlsAkane (Fem Kyuubi)Satsuki (Sasuke Twin Sister)KinTayuyaTemariTsunami (Younger Tsunami via demonic ritual) Fem Haku KoyukiKushinaTsunade (Younger Tsunade via demonic ritual) HinataYakumo YugitoSamui AnkoKurenai Yugao DBSVados MacaritaThe rest of the girls are Dbl F cup size All them have a nice ass and thick thighs!