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  • dimension hopper

    dimension hopper

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

  • Dimensional Hopper

    Dimensional Hopper


    With the ability to hop into other worlds, Carlos, who lived his whole life through all of that pain and sufferings, will finally free himself from the shackles of the past and the chains of his misery. with a kunai in one hand, he will slash the throats of those who uprightly provoke him. with a contract in his other hand, he will alleviate the sufferings of the innocents, bringing peace and harmony throughout the whole world.A/N: The characters, places and events mentioned in the story are merely fictional and has nothing to do with the actual people in real life. all mentioned characters belonged to their rightful owners

  • The adventures of Hopper

    The adventures of Hopper


    When hope for the future is unseen and ponds everywhere are drying up; there is only one answer. We need to relocate to the waters of life. One brave frog named Hopper will attempt to reunite his family and bring them to their new home, but he soon learns that the waters of life are more than just a physical place. God is the one who provides everlasting waters of life, however, the journey to get it is narrow and treacherous. Many have tried but few have succeeded. Along the way he will meet some friends to help bear the load but together their faith will be tested; for the path is not the only thing that is hazardous. The Bible is more than it appears to be and any creature from the Bible will die before one proves to be worthy.

  • World Hopper (bl)

    World Hopper (bl)

  • Island Hoppers

    Island Hoppers

    Hello everyone! this is a story that will follow the journey of a man named Thomas Collins as he battles through the Islands of the Pacific in the Pacific Front of WW2.Warning- there is lots of sailor talk(especially american sailor talk cough cough the word JAP-anese*looks around suspiciously*)also the cover art isn't mine if you'd like I could take it down

  • World Hopper: Traveling the Cosmos

    World Hopper: Traveling the Cosmos


    World-Hoppers; existences Chosen by the World Tree. Beings that are capable of Traversing the Cosmos. Will Oliver Survive the endless Cosmos, and climb to the top with the greats, or will he fall to the bottom? (This is my first novel so it will probably suck. A lot. I will be using it as a form of practice.) Thank you to all readers!

  • The Untold Story Of Jim Hopper

    The Untold Story Of Jim Hopper

  • 507 - The Reluctant Dimension Hopper

    507 - The Reluctant Dimension Hopper

    This is an idea I've had for a while.If you recognize the title, you'll realize just how crazy this idea really is.Also, please note that this is more of a side project due to the fact that I will most likely work on my fanfic more often than this.(I will most likely update this sporadically, or whenever I have an idea that seems cool or interesting)

  • Book of secrets. adventures of hopper #2

    Book of secrets. adventures of hopper #2


    What makes a Christian? Is it faith, actions, love, second chances? What? Keep journeying with me as we meet a universe full of new characters and journeys they seek. You will never look at the Bible the same way ever ever again. Hope you enjoy!!!

  • All of Human Reincarnated, Only I Become a Spider!

    All of Human Reincarnated, Only I Become a Spider!



    The whole world was thrown into a survival game, everyone incarnated to become a player in another world. Hero, Demon, Villager, Butcher. Hopper thought that he would reincarnate to become a hero. Yet unexpectedly, he turned into a spider, a spider with the lowest starting stats! But that’s fine. His personal System had arrived, god-tier strengthening from the beginning, and god-tier learning abilities! As such, while the others were furiously studying on the surface of the planet, Hopper was f*cking up the Earth Dragon in the caverns! He had opened the evolutionary path of the Evil God! “What? You’re telling me there are interspecies differences? That doesn’t exist alright? It won’t affect our bang bang!” Moreover, Hopper even started writing a spider diary. “7th October, Sunny, I pushed a Dragon gal up against the wall and…” “December, Winter, the fire dragon gal……” Finally one day, Hopper walked out of the caverns. Just as he thought he was about to face all the horrifying dangers of the world, he suddenly realized — he was already invincible!

  • Transmigration: World hoppers

    Transmigration: World hoppers

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE SYSTEM

  • George
George’s Friend
Grand Mother

    George Maria George’s Friend Grand Mother Hopper

  • world-hoppers chasing me ~i'm not a bug!

    world-hoppers chasing me ~i'm not a bug!

    our mc is the most adorable, cutest person in this and any other universe, and everybody knows it! then why did he get kicked out of his world like some sort of horrible monster?Passerby A: "we finally killed this monster!"well, no. you just kicked him out of your world. luckily for him, he devoured a part of a system in the past so he can sort of take over a person life by himself.watch our wacky mc trying to live a 'peaceful' life in novel worlds, all while trying to escape discovery of any world-hopper present and avoiding the plot.ml: "i'll protect you"bloodied mc: "...huh?"ml: ...ml: "never mind."

  • The unexpected turn

    The unexpected turn

  • Emotions through London

    Emotions through London


    Shy Astrid meets exuberant Courtney, and as they travel areas of London, she starts to catch feelings. But with so many obstacles, will it work?

  • Pokemon : The Journey Begin

    Pokemon : The Journey Begin


    Hopper berumur 15 tahun dari Kota Accumula Di Wilayah Inova bercita-cita menjadi Champion Di Unova. Dia memulai perjalanannya di Kota Accumula bersama partner nya yaitu Blaziken dan Lucario.Namun diperjalanan mengumpulkan Lencana Gym, Hopper dihadang sekelompok Organisasi Jahat yang memiliki ambisi menguasai dunia menggunakan pokemon.***Fan Fiction dari sebuah game Series Pokemon. Hampir semua para pokemon dan beberapa karakter dimiliki oleh Nintendo.NOTE :Karakter utama hanyalah karang saya sebagai penulis dan cerita ini sama sekali tidak ada hubungannya dengan cerita di game dan animenya pokemon.Author, Dutung

  • Reverse Life

    Reverse Life


    There was a old man. His name was Vincent Hopper. He was a mad scientist. He died from dancing. He went back in time.

  • Reborn Husband Wants Revenge, But There’s Too Much Going On

    Reborn Husband Wants Revenge, But There’s Too Much Going On


    Zhang Li, the overbearing CEO, was suddenly returned to ten years before his death, reborn. After realizing where he was, he resolved to take revenge on the people that had driven him to a corner and caused his demise. First his CEO wife, her brother (who has now been replaced with a transmigrator), then his wife's lover (who is now a world hopper with a system)-- Wait, what happened to the plot? How was he supposed to take revenge like this?Lao Yang (world hopper): Mission success! 0181, look at how unrecognizable the plot has become!Chi Yumeng: ...Didn't you say your mission was to save my boyfriend?System 0181: [ ...Host, the task. Please remember why we're here. ]Su Lin (transmigrator): I just invented full dive VR. Sister, can your company use this?Su Jia: Can use! Since when have you been so competent? I really have a good brother, much better than that useless ex-husband.Zhang Li (reborn): I... also invented full dive VR...Lao Yan (world hopper): Oh, me too! Look, I also made full dive VR!Zhang Li (reborn): ...Yuan Yu: Mister Zhang, please don't take out your anger on the office.

  • Assassins of The Forsaken

    Assassins of The Forsaken

    Fantasy HAREM DARK

    Given up when only an Infant Vincent Hopper was raised by his Uncle a man who was apart of organization known as The Brotherhood of Infernos as they fear and respected Assassins who order has been around a long time. Vincent became a member right away on the day he was brought to them beginning to learn at a young age taking on their harsh training without mercy that even only a few have been able to survive through it. After years of learning all that he has learned and surviving the harsh training Vincent became the ultimate killer and was sent out to the world to do whatever orders he received from The Brotherhood of Infernos on his journey.

  • Stranger things- The end of an era

    Stranger things- The end of an era

    At the end of season 3, we know that Hopper died and Eleven and the Byers family moved to other city. Do you think that that was the end? Well, your wrong, the demorgorgon is back and more trubles are coming for the lives of the caracters. And, in Russia, a new threat has begining.Hope you like this fanfic that is basicly a season 4!Story by: @EmaStrangeverdale