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  • Hot Romance With The Vampire

    Hot Romance With The Vampire



    Irene accidentally awakened a vampire hibernating in the ring that she found in the basement of their ancestral house. The possessive vampire declared her as his woman the moment he laid eyes on her. Despite the vampire's good-looking appearance, Irene rejected him because he was not human. She doesn't want to fall in love with a vampire. The generous vampire showered Irene golden treasures that changes her life for the better. Irene's ultimate dream is to become a wealthy woman. Her stepfather left them mountains of debts and her mother suffered a serious illness that requires hospitalization. She doesn't want to become the vampire's woman and resisted his advances in every turn. The vampire was annoyed by Irene's coldness, threatening her that if she continue defying him he would take back his valuable gifts. Irene was in dilemma. Should she accept the vampire and teach herself to love him? Or walk away from the treasures that she and her family desperately needed for survival. Can Irene learn to love the possessive vampire? Can they live happily together despite their differences? Let's find out in this roller coaster love story between a vampire and a human girl. ~~~ Irene glared at the handsome vampire. "Stay away from me! I will never be your woman! Never!" she declared angrily. Brent smirked. "Sweetie, I'll make you fall in love with me whether you like it or not!" "Get lost!" Irene said furiously. "No one can force me to like you!" she said in a defiant tone. "If you keep ignoring me, I'll take back those treasures that you're enjoying right now!" he said, threatening her. Noooo! Irene gasped in despair. She can't lose those valuable treasures! Not when she and her family were heavily dependent on those treasures for their survival. Brent smiled devilishly. "You just want to enjoy my valuable gifts, eh? But how about me? How shameless you are! Let me remind you that there is no free lunch in this world, sweetie. Everything has a price! What are you willing to give me in exchange for my precious gifts?" he asked, looking deeply into her eyes, enjoying her discomfort. Irene shut her eyes for a moment, finding herself in the worst dilemma of her life. What can she give him in return for his gifts without losing herself in the process? Her body? "I want your everything, body, heart and soul," Brent whispered huskily in her ears. Irene froze on the spot when his mouth landed on her lips in full force. ~~~ Author's Note: This novel contains smut and steamy scenes, because the characters are horny. ~~~ The cover is mine, made by Mics Artemia. ~~~ ~Completed Novels~ *The CEO's Painted Skin~ Contemporary Romance *Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife ~ Contemporary Romance *Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Contemporary Romance *The Last Embrace ~ Fantasy Vampire Romance *The Vampire's Love: You are My Destiny~ Fantasy Vampire Romance *The Beauty And The Wolf~ Fantasy Werewolf Romance *The Tale Of Three Sisters~ Fantasy, Adventures

  • Hot and hot

    Hot and hot


  • Hot Coffee

    Hot Coffee

    "When plain Emma Cole went for an interview at a prestigious establishment, she immediately saw how out of her league she was. However, the CEO, Ethan Hollen, hired Emma to be his personal Coffee maker at his mansion. Coffee wasn't the only thing getting stirred up. Emma and Ethan later developed feelings for each other but Ethan's fiance, Sharon Constantine, had no intentions of becoming a woman scorned. She made plots for her revenge and did everything she could to make Emma's life a living hell, including kidnapping her. And as if that wasn't enough, Ethan lost sight of his love for Emma and that drove a wedge between them. Can love find its way back to the once upon a time happy couple?"

  • (Hot) Rebellion Vampire

    (Hot) Rebellion Vampire



    21+ Rated story, contains adults-material such as blood, betrayal, fight-scene, sadist-scene and also sex. Please be wise. ~~~~~~~~~~ Mikaela duduk terdiam di pojok ruangan dengan tubuh dipenuhi luka. Gaun putihnya kini berubah menjadi semerah darah. Kedua tangannya memegangi bagian yang terhimpit di antara kedua pangkal pahanya, rasa perih yang tak dapat ia tahan setelah melayani nafsu tuan-nya sebagai seorang budak wanita. Lebih tepatnya budak manusia. Ya, budak manusia. Satu dari sekian banyak budak yang bernasib sial karena mendapat tuan seorang vampire kejam yang selalu memperlakukannya dengan sangat sadis dan tak kenal ampun, terutama di atas ranjang. Kehidupan gadis berusia sembilan belas tahun itu benar-benar terasa seperti di neraka. Hingga Daniel, seorang bangsawan vampire, penguasa yang dikenal sangat kejam dan begitu disegani datang dan menyelamatkannya. Namun alih-alih mendapatkan kehidupan yang lebih parah, Mikaela justru diperlakukan lebih mulia dibanding seorang putri raja. Siapa sebenarnya penguasa vampire bergelar Sir Daniel Blackehart itu? Kenapa ia bisa begitu baik terhadap Mikaela, seorang budak manusia yang bahkan dianggap budak terrendah di kalangan budak-budak lainnya? Dan rahasia apa yang disimpan oleh Daniel yang tidak diketahui oleh bangsawan-bangsawan vampire lainnya? Simak kisah Mikaela, sang budak manusia dan Daniel, vampire bangsawan sekaligus pemberontak di "(Hot) Rebellion Vampire".

  • Hot Cop

    Hot Cop

    You have the right to remain sexy. Anything you say can and will be used to get you in my bed. You have the right to use my body to give yourself a delirious, life-changing orgasm. Livia Ward wants a baby before she’s thirty. And she wants it the old-fashioned way—by having as much sex as it takes with a man she’s hand-picked to make up the second part of the equation. What she doesn’t want is a boyfriend. Officer Chase Kelly is exactly the kind of cocky jerk this librarian has sworn off, but he is undeniably hot. And he’s better in bed than Livia ever expected her baby daddy to be. It’s trouble from the start, but her deadline is rapidly approaching. Both of them think they can give each other what they want--a few nights of fun for Officer Kelly, a no-strings baby for Livia--but this hot cop is about to learn that sex, babies, and love don’t always play by the rules.

  • My Hot Stepfather

    My Hot Stepfather

    "If you lose your virginity to any guy, you'll never see me again." I had no idea my stepfather had such strong feelings for me until he yelled those words at me.When he met my mother, he was a well-known football player at his college. He was born into a wealthy family. His smile brightened my mother's day and made me happy.As I grew older, I developed into a hot beauty. My stepfather and I, on the other hand, were deeply attracted to each other, as if something had invaded our souls and blinded us to the fact that he was my stepfather.

  • My Hot Wife

    My Hot Wife


    Dunia mafia membuat semua orang berpikir keras untuk masuk kesana. Tapi bagaimana jika Queen. Anak dari ketua mafia. Dia sudah dijuluki sebagai ratu mafia sejak kecil. Bahkan banyak musuh yang mengincarnya. Dia tak pernah hidup dalam lingkungan kita. Queen hidup di kita buatan ayahnya. Tapi lama kelamaan dia merasa bosan dan memutuskan kabur. Di saat semua mencarinya. Queen terjebak dalam kos bersama dengan laki-laki cuek, dan sangat pendiam. Dan kisah cinta Queen tak seindah yang di bayangkan. Wanita seksi itu selalu di terpa berbagai masalah dalam urusan cinta. Akankah Queen mendapatkan cinta sejatinya? Atau dia akan menikah dengan Alvaro? Atau mene4ima perjodohan ayahnya?

  • Hot Coffee

    Hot Coffee



    Have you ever been involved with your boss? Are you clumsy? Have you ever poured Hot Coffee in you're boss? If you answered "Yes" to atleast (2) two of these questions then you might be able to relate to our Female Lead, Marianna Catalina Rodriguez. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marianna had embarked on a new journey in life working for the young Mr. Martinez who is notoriously known for his hot temper. Although Mr. Martinez's temper is hot do you know what is more hot? Thats right the hot coffee spilled all over him on the first day on Ms. Rodriguez's employment. But what is this? She isn't fired but promoted? What could possibly be the reason? A change of heart or just the main motive of getting in her pants? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is only one way to find out and its by following along with the story of Marianna and Mr. Martinez.All work of fiction. Any real life events and people resemblance are all of pure coincidence. Leave comments and give feedback if you like. You can also follow me on ig. Ig and discord are both on my profile. Thank you for giving my story a chance and happy reading.•||☆2nd book of this series☆||•




    Mohon pengertian dan perhatian. Ini khusus 18++

  • Hot for Teacher

    Hot for Teacher

    When the invitation arrives, successful erotica romance author Paige Gillette has mixed emotions about attending her ten year high school reunion. Until she views the guest list, that is, and discovers that Vincent Martinelli, the man voted "Most Popular Teacher" by the class, will also be in attendance.<br><br>Just recollections of the sinfully handsome "Italian Stallion" -- as the girls loved to whisper behind his back when they weren't too busy fainting -- sends adrenalin rushing through Paige's veins. In high school, the sexy teacher had driven her to obsession, and now the temptation to see him again becomes too great for her to bear.<br><br>It doesn't take long for Paige to make a final decision -- she will indeed attend the reunion, and make it one steamy night to remember ...

  • Hot Shots

    Hot Shots

    Author: USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Desiree Holt writes everything from romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic. and has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New Delhi Times and numerous other national and international publications. Body Check Defenseman Matt Vorchak wasn't celebrating his hockey teams’ win of the Stanley Cup. For him the victory was bittersweet. A bad knee injury in the final game of the series ended his career and left him rudderless. Hockey and been his life since he was a kid. It identified him. Now what would he do? He has to find a way to pick up all the pieces of his life he left in the dust...including the woman of his heart, Lizzie St. John. Could his day with the Cup help him find the answer? Love On Track Josh Nelson walked away from a hot career as a race car drive because his life was falling apart. Kristin Kitts is trying desperately to build her business and credentials as a commercial photographer. Both have challenges it their personal lives that pout up roadblocks. Both end up in Lucasville, Ky with the Love family, where they might just discover what that word is all about.

  • HOT ISSUE ( mini series 18+)

    HOT ISSUE ( mini series 18+)

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18 CEO


    Sebuah cerita yang terangkum dalam satu buku HOT ISSUE. mini series yang di mulai dengan cerita tentang kenangan cinta pertama yang penuh hasrat dan sensualitas, serta ada juga kisah mengharukan dari seorang perempuan miskin yang menjadi ibu asi pengganti, bahkan ada juga sebuah kisah rumah tangga yang di penuhi konflik serta perselingkuhan. Dan tak lupa menyuguhkan sebuah cerita tentang cinta dan kisah seorang gadis yang menikahi tujuh laki-laki keturunan bangsawan, juga banyak kisah lainnya Semua lengkap dalam satu buku mini series, percintaan, hasrat seksual, ciuman pertama, perselingkuhan dan kesedihan Kumpulan kisah tersebut bisa di baca dalam satu buku mini series berjudul HOT ISSUE Bacaan dewasa harap bijak dalam memilih bacaan, di pertengahan bab banyak cerita dewasa nya. bukan bacaan untuk usia 18 tahun ke bawah.  




    Siapa bilang punya adik itu enak, apalagi punya adik yang memiliki perbedaan umur begitu jauh dengan LOGAN PATTINSON. Membuatnya kerepotkan setiap mau pergi ke mana-mana, karena sang adik ANDI PATTINSON selalu saja menempel padanya. Tidak bisa bebas berpacaran seperti layaknya pemuda pada umumnya, mencari wanita sana-sini untuk dijadikan tambatan hati. Sampai pada akhirnya Logan bertemu kembali dengan seorang wanita cantik, yang pernah diidolakan waktu zaman SMA. Apalagi penampilannya yang berbeda drastis dengan dahulu, membuatnya semakin terpesona dan berharap bisa mendapatkan hati seorang RACHEL CANTIKA.

  • Hot Jocks

    Hot Jocks

    Eight hot, sexy stories about gay athletes finding love and lust on the playing field in one sizzling box set! Contains the stories:<br /><br /><strong>Faceoff</strong>: Minor league hockey player Christian Magdziuk transferred to a new team, leaving his teammate and lover Ronnie behind. Now it's the first game of a new season, and he's facing off against his former teammates in the season opener. But does something still smolder between Christian and Ronnie after all this time?<br /><br /><strong>Play On</strong>: This is Cordero’s rookie year with the intramural soccer team, but he catches Sean’s eye the first day of practice. Sean wastes no time letting this fly brother know just how sprung he is. The feeling’s mutual and there’s no denying the spark between them. Unfortunately, Sean is easily distracted by Cordero on the field. Can he get his mind back on the game before he's thrown off the team?<br /><br /><strong>Served!</strong>: The night before Wildwood’s annual Beach Volleyball Tournament, Colby meets Van at a bar. The instant attraction is mutual. The next day when Colby runs into Van at the tournament, a quick look at the schedule shows the day could end with the two facing off through the volleyball net. To up the ante, Van proposes a little wager. Whoever loses gets whatever he wants from the winner.<br /><br /><strong>Tee'd Off</strong>: Greg has loved golf since he was a kid. When he was twelve, he met Trevor Johns, who he caddied for throughout high school. Ten years later, Greg works at the Hermitage Country Club where he runs into Trey Johns, son of his former employer. Trey is quick to inform Greg he’s smitten with the caddy, but Greg has reservations. Greg almost blows a chance to hook up with Trey. Will he get another?<br /><br /><strong>Batter Up</strong>: Rob Ritchie sneaks into the ballpark to watch practice and ends up going out with short stop, Mike Hennessey. It isn't until they face off on the baseball field that Mike realizes he slept with the enemy. Can Rob talk his way back into Mike's bed after the game?<br /><br /><strong>Victory Lap</strong>: After a hard look at his life, Josh Helton ditches his abusive boyfriend and takes up running. On a morning jog he meets Chad, a sexy bicyclist who's everything Josh has always wanted in a guy. But Josh isn't confident in himself any more ... so it's up to Chad to make the first move.<br /><br /><strong>Getting Wet</strong>: Rory Holt is the best swimmer on the team at State U. and he knows it. If he hopes to win Olympic gold one day, he can’t let anything distract him. But new teammate Chase Cohen is determined to catch Rory’s eye. Rory can’t deny the attraction he feels towards Chase, but when it costs him his spot on the leaderboard, he’s pissed. Is Chase after Rory’s position on the team, or Rory himself?<br /><br /><strong>Out of Bounds</strong>: Jo plays basketball on his college team. At an off-campus party before the season begins, he hooks up with a guy named Kevin. Things heat up between them, leading to a night of hot sex. But the next day Jo learns Kevin has been hired as his team’s new assistant coach. Is their budding relationship over before it even begins? Or will Kevin go out of bounds to be with Jo?

  • Hot Summer Nights

    Hot Summer Nights

    Author: USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Desiree Holt writes everything from romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic. and has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New Delhi Times and numerous other national and international publications. Part One: I Dare You Shannon Gregory never thought she’d actually meet in person the man she connected with online, leading her step by step into the world of BDSM and the role of the submissive. Now he wanted to meet her in person, on a treasure hunt that he promised would end with the most erotic, sexually fulfilling night she could imagine. Did she dare take the challenge? Part Two: Journey to the Pearl Miranda Fox’s latest loser one made off with a perfect pearl she bought and she wants it back. Then a Chinese fortune cookie tells her “Find the perfect pearl and you will find the perfect lover.” But was her hot, sexy friend BJ McNamara, a man she never took seriously, the one to show her where the perfect pearl is and what makes the perfect lover? Part Three: Hot to Trot Buying a ranch on eBay was the wildest thing Autumn Kelley had ever done. But then she discovers the ranch comes with a foreman who makes her pulse pound and could give her an orgasm just by looking at her. And then she meets his friend. But what happens when Autumn inevitably has to come down from the orgasmic high? Part Four: Take a Chance On Me Zoe Fortunato is getting married. Tomorrow. But for her wedding gift from Brad she wants one forbidden night as part of a threesome. Will it help the wedding or call it off?




    Ana yang sudah berusia 28 tahun, dihadapkan dengan sebuah perjodohan dari kedua orang tuanya. Hal itu, membuatnya berontak dan tidak ingin menikah. Apalagi ketika tahu, siapa yang menjadi calon suami. Seorang pria yang pernah menyakiti hatinya dimasa lalu, pria yang begitu arogan dan sombong. Ditambah lagi sebuah kenyataan, bahwa Bara calon suaminya adalah seorang Duda beranak satu. Ana tidak bisa menolak ketika sebuah kejadian membuat dirinya terpaksa harus menikah dengan Duda beranak satu, yang begitu tampan dan hot bagi wanita lain.... Bagaimana hubungan Ana dan Bara selanjutnya?Akankah ada cinta yang bersemi? Ikuti kisah mereka hanya di Webnovel 'Hot Duda' Follow my Ig : @ochagumay24

  • Hot and Dangerous

    Hot and Dangerous

    USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Desiree Holt writes everything from romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic. and has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New DelhiTimes and numerous other national and international publications. Escape the Night When Anya Kane escaped the darkness Virgil Branson was selling her into, she sought help from her boss, Gus D’Amato, a hot and hunky FBI agent. Six months later she is out of his office and in his bed, enjoying the most erotic sex imaginable and forging a bond with the man who makes every muscle in her body quiver. But things go dramatically wrong, and between bouts of thermonuclear sex that set them both on fire, Gus finds himself struggling to keep them both safe. Dancing with Danger Rachel Windsor knew nothing about Gabriel Peralta except that he was walking sex appeal and blew into her life without notice, here today then gone on a puff of wind. But while he was there he did things to her that even her fantasies hadn’t conjured up, driving her to orgasms that shook her like a raging storm. His mouth knew every inch of her body; the imprint of his intimate kisses lingered long after he disappeared again. Now he’s back again, his life unexpectedly on the line but even in the danger zone his sexual demands were more scorching than ever. Can they survive and find a way to make a life together? Because Rachel is determined not to give up the erotic lifestyle that binds them together.

  • Hot Relationship

    Hot Relationship

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE MISTERI


  • Trapped with a Demon Prince

    Trapped with a Demon Prince


    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] A woman with a phobia of men and a Demon Prince trapped inside a robot's body… After finding out that she only has a month left to live, Zarina, a rich businesswoman in her twenties, decides to spend all of her hard-earned money and buy everything she lacks - a hot boyfriend, a love life, and a great sex life. But there is a big obstacle to that - her severe phobia of men. She ends up purchasing a realistic and hot as hell robot boyfriend to solve that problem. But upon it's arrival, she was shocked when the robot claims he is not a perfect boyfriend but a sex robot! And the plot twist did not stop there. Unbeknownst to her, someone is actually trapped in the robot - and it's a demon prince. Excerpt: “Are you sure about this, Zary?” He grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.“Answer me," his voice became demanding, so unlike her usually naughty and playful Sam. “Because the moment I’m side you, you’re mine.”