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  • My House of Horrors

    My House of Horrors



    The hearse with the weird odor slowed to a stop before the entrance. The sound of pebbles could be heard bouncing on the ceiling. There were footsteps coming from the corridor, and there seemed to be someone sawing next door. The door knob to the room rattled slightly, and the faucet in the bathroom kept dripping even though it had been screwed shut. There was a rubber ball that rolled on its own underneath the bed. Wet footsteps started to surface one after another on the floor. At 3 am, Chen Ge held a cleaver in his hand as he hid beside the room heater. The call he was trying to make was finally answered. "Landlord, is this what you meant by 'the house can be a little crowded at night'‽"

  • I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

    I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

    Eastern Fantasy LEVELUP CHEATS


    Lin Mo transmigrated to an eastern fantasy world. He started off with a classic “zero to hero” opening. Because of the [God Devourer] special attribute that he was born with, he used up countless resources, yet his cultivation level wouldn’t rise even one bit. Finally, he was chased out of the clan by the chief. He became responsible for managing the market place meant for newcomers at Initial Heart Village, which is a small town in the countryside. He thought that he would live the rest of his life uneventfully as a businessman. He didn’t expect that he would awaken the [Auction Rebate System] As long as the auction house sells items, Lin Mo would receive rebates several times the value of the item sold. [Ding! The host had auctioned off leftover bits from an elixir cauldron. Rebate give: Ninth Level Ultra Elixir: Heaven Forge Restoration Pill!] [Ding! The host had auctioned off the basic cultivation method: Strength Training Long Fist. Rebate given: Ninth Level Ultra Cultivation Method: Ancient Dragon Mammoth Method!] [Ding! The host had auctioned off a rusty bronze sword. Rebate give: Ninth Rank Ultra Weapon: God Slayer Sword!] [Ding! ...] As such, Lin Mo’s insane path to greatness has begun!

  • In This House

    In This House

    Aubrey and Alexis are about to become step sisters. Aubrey's mother is marrying Alexis's father in less than a year. With the parents insisting on combining households, Aubrey feels like she is going through hell. Aubrey was pure sweetness. Her skin color was honey, she had thick but soft hair, and a curvy frame. She's taken out of her junior year in high school and away from her closest friends. Aubrey's relationship with her boyfriend Mike is put on rocks and it's all because of her soon-to-be step sister, Alexis. Alexis has always been into girls. She acted like a boy, walked like a boy, and somewhat dressed like a boy. She certainly didn't look like one. Alexis was beautiful. Her body was toned, due to the constant basketball games she played on the court with her group of friends. She also had every gay girl wanting her. The straight girls stared too. Her hair was long, eyes were big and hazel, and her skin was chocolate. Alexis could care less about them, she wanted Aubrey.




    My mother used to tell me to live a life filled with adventure and excitement. She always said I needed to look at the bigger picture, never let fear or doubt hold me back, and that when the time comes I should take courage and face the unknown. It never occurred to me that those small words of encouragement would one day set my life on a path I never thought I'd have to one day walk through.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What would you do if you were suddenly told, your entire life has been a lie. That you have quite a line of people who want you dead for reasons unknown to you, simply because you bear the last name.... Carter. Well, this is my story of how I struggled to overcome my biggest fears.

  • Don't Come to Wendy's Flower House

    Don't Come to Wendy's Flower House


    Wendy Waltz, a diehard anti romantic! Though born as royalty, she had been neglected by her father and bullied by her stepmother and younger sibling. To make this worse, she had been betrayed by her lover. She throws away her royalty and name and starts anew with a new name and a strange power! But who is this Head of the Imperial Guards, Lard Shroder, who keeps appearing beside her?

  • Tea house on Mount Tai

    Tea house on Mount Tai



    Volume 1 Complete. Each volume is independent novel.___________________________________________________________Emperor killed her mother, and placed a bounty on her and her brother's life. A Prince almost killed her brother to steal his power. If any one so much as gets a whiff about her ability, she will probably get murdered in sleep... Even with all these things, Jiushu is determined to have a good life. After all she got nifty farming system with portable space, a boy friend who can teleport her any where and a little brother who can throw a storm at any one she dislikes. all she needs to do is settle down and have fun.... Go to the prison --- meet mining expert Go to the mountain --- meet blacksmith grandmasterRun Far so emperor won't find her...explore four corners of the weird weird animals great food.. and grow stronger...Then.. return where she started...After all, her bestfriend still wants revenge..the emperor is still a bad man - he still needs to die. ֍-----------֎-----------֎Discord : MiuhozukiI answer questions on Discord, and post character pictures, location profiles and relevant content to story on Instagram.

  • A House on Mount Lynux (A House on the Mountain)

    A House on Mount Lynux (A House on the Mountain)


    You can leave comments with no registration here: The action takes place in beautiful fantasy historical surroundings of Ancient China (though with no cultivation, just silk trade!) Both leading characters are males. A young man of an honorable clan treacherously robbed his family and broke his own uncle's heart. Total nightmare. I will drown myself to death. (Reader 1:) - The most important thing is that it is so funny all the way that the reader is constantly under the impression everything is going to be fine. (Reader 2:) - It's funny and tender: secret love, misunderstanding, provocations and happy ending. ----------------------------------------- Please, give me stars and reviews.

  • I Will Never Leave the House!

    I Will Never Leave the House!

    Magical Realism URBAN


    "Bruce crossed over and activated a system. However, under the effects of the system, he would be killed the moment he exited the house. He would obtain rewards as long as he stayed in the house. In reaction to this, Bruce decided that he would never leave the house even if it killed him! “It’s on fire, Bruce, your neighbor’s house is on fire. Run, quick!” “What’s a fire disaster? I’ll never step out of the door even if there’s a gas explosion!” “A tornado is coming, Bruce, run quickly!!” “Tornado? So what? I’ll never step out of the house even if my roof is blown away!” “Earthquake, earthquake, run!!!” “You’re too naïve. It’s only an earthquake. Don’t even think about getting me out of the house even if the building is going to collapse!” However, a magnitude-5 earthquake was only a level C house-leaving crisis!"

  • The HOUSE

    The HOUSE


    Set in a dystopian America in the near future, the story tells of the experiences of five 16-year-olds who were living in orphanages who wake up to find themselves in a strange building that has no walls, no ceiling, and no floor: nothing but endless flights of stairs leading in every direction, seemingly infinite, so that it is impossible to get one's bearings or have perspective. On one landing is a basin of running water that serves as a toilet, sink and drinking fountain; on another, a machine with lights that intermittently produces food. The five, thrown together in these bizarre circumstances, must learn to deal with the others' disparate personalities, the lack of privacy and comfort, their clear helplessness, and a machine that only feeds them under gradually more exacting situations.






  • The house.

    The house.


    An empty house is nothing what it seems, powerful but quiet, tall but small. The deception of reality begins here, and the souls that enter may never leave again.

  • House of Screams

    House of Screams

    Teen R18 SCARY

    When a woman of the age 19 crashes her car in the middle of no where, she has no other option but to wander the street for any source of help. She comes across a small house seemed welcoming, however it was quite the opposite when she is welcome inside for the weekend.

  • Serenity House

    Serenity House

    Books and writing have always been an enormous part of Anita's life. She survived school by hiding out in the library, with several thousand fictional characters for company. At university, she overcame the boredom of studying accountancy by squeezing in Egyptology papers and learning to read hieroglyphics. Today, Anita writes historical fantasy novels from her home in rural New Zealand. You can find her on Facebook Be the first to hear about new releases, specials, and giveaways. Sign up at: In 1918 England, join an Edwardian Cinderella on her journey to defeat the undead and find her happily ever after Part 1: Ella,The Slayer Seventeen-year-old Ella copes the best she can scrubbing the floors, and slaying the undead. Then the new Duke of Leithfield arrives in the village and working alongside Seth, Ella glimpses a future she never dreamed was possible. But in overstepping society's boundaries, she could lose everything - home, head and her heart... Part 2: Alice, The Player Ella must venture down a rabbit hole, but this is no wonderland... When Alice goes missing without a trace, the new vermin queen sends an invitation--Ella is welcome to try and rescue her friend, before Elizabeth lets her subjects tear the housemaid apart. Part 3: Rory, The Sleeper Could the long dead duchess, Millicent deMage, be the key to understanding the pandemic of vermin? The final battle is looming, but this might be one fight Ella can't win, and she will be the one put to sleep forever... Part 4 Bonus: Henry, the Gaoler On the frontlines of the Great War, Henry kept a token of happier times - a worn photograph of a young girl with long blonde plaits. He returns from war damaged and vowing to do one brave thing to make up for his cowardice - release Hazel from her prison. But is it safe with the pandemic and its horrific aftermath?

  • Dog House

    Dog House

    In the world, there are two types of creatures - predators or prey. But when prey rises up to overcome this natural selection, the hunters soon become the hunted.Werewolves, Vampires and other mythological creatures are running rampant in the world, unbridled and deeply unsettled - like feminists - . Their existence is known only to a select few, those who are among the rich and powerful that profit off of this systematic oppression with which they rule with an iron fist albeit physically or silently - again like feminists - . And those who are desperate enough for a paycheck. Which is our protagonist, unfortunately.-Tablet version.

  • House of Marchetti

    House of Marchetti

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 MAFIA

    Lucan Marchetti lives in the darkness of Sin City surrounded by the underbelly of organized crime when he meets the owner of a coffee shop that brings light into his world as he brings darkness into hers. With a looming threat to Lucan's life, will these two worlds survive the crash that's coming?

  • Paper House

    Paper House

    Iris is a young woman living in a cruel house where experiments are preformed on people for science.Find yourself in her mind and see life through her eyes as she grows more and more unhappy with the cards she’s been dealt.

  • horror house

    horror house

  • love house

    love house

    sinar mentari menembus melalui celah celah jendela yang tertutup.suara Air sungai yang mengalir beriringan dengan hembusan angin berserta kicauan burung burung yang seakan bernyanyi mengikuti alunan melodi di pagi ini. seorang gadis membuka pintu balkon rumah nya, kedua tangannya ia renggangkan seakan ia memberi izin bagi hembusan angin untuk menyegarkannya. gadis itu melihat sekeliling rumah nya dari atas balkon melihat sesana kemari seakan " rumah ini masih sama "guma gadis itu. rumah yang ia tempati sedari kecil hingga ia harus meninggalkan nenek nya dan pergi ke luar negri untuk study karna ia mendapatkan beasiswa dari sekolah nya dan harus meninggalkan rumah ini bersama neneknya. bayangan masa kecil nya seakan kembali dan mengingatkan setiap hari hari nya yang ia lalui dengan keluarganya .bermain bersama nenek di kebun belakang, tertawa bersama ibu di ruang dapur,serta ikut memancing di sungai sebelah rumahnya, seakan waktu berhenti di sana. kini gadis itu sendiri disini tampa ada keluarga yang menjaganya. kini ia telah kembali kerumah ini lagi. setelah ia terbangun dari lamunannya. langkah kaki nya kini beranjak menuju kamar mandi dan setelah beberapa menit gadis itu keluar dari balik pintu kamar mandinya dan beranjak menuju pojok lemari pakaiannya dan membuka ksebuah koper besar dan mengambil pakai yang akan ia kenakan setelah itu menuju meja rias dan mengambil sisir di atas meja. menyisir rambut panjang nan hitam , lalu ia merias wajah cantik nya menggunakan beberapa riasan wajah. " seperti biasa masih natural " ucap gadis itu pada dirinya. gadis itu mulai menuju dapur dan melihat apa kah ada makan di dalam kulkas, ternyata gadis itu tidak menemukan apa apa, lalu ia membuka lemari atas dan melihat beberapa mie instan nenek nya. ia mengambil satu bungkus mie instan itu dimasakannya mie instan itu. setelah beberapa menit ia telah makan ia berniat untuk pergi berbelanja ia ambil tas yang ada di kamar atas dan berjalan menuju pintu depan dan menguncinya lalu berjalan menyusuri taman bunga di sebelah rumahnya itu seorang wanita setengah baya memanggil gadis itu "Nadya " ucap wanita setengah baya itu pada Nadya. nadia pun berhenti dari langkahnya lalu langsung mencari datangnya suara itu dan ternyata ada di dalam sebuah toko kecil yang penuh dengan berbagai warna bunga. langkah kaki nadya kini mendekati toko itu. " apa kabar nenek susi " ucap nadya " kapan kau datang nad " ucap nenek susi " saya datang tadi malam nek " duduk lah dulu nad" ucap nenek susi " baik nek " kau mau pergi kemana nad " saya akan ke pasar nek untuk membeli beberapa sayur dan bahan makanan untuk memasak " nad nenek mu menitip kan sebuah pesan untuk mu "ucap nenek susi yang kini beranjak menuju sebuah laci meja kerja nya, ia menyodorkan sebuah amplop besar berwarna coklat itu "itu apa nek "jawab nadya yang kini mengulurkan tangan kananya dan siap menerima amplop itu " ini amplop dari nenekmu untuk kamu nad ,seminggu yang lalu nenekmu datang kesini "nenek susi kini mulai menangis .nadya yang melihat nenek susi yang kini telah menahan air matanya yang seakan ingin jatuh mendekat dan memeluk tubuh nenek susi " ada apa nek " aku hanya merindukan nenek mu "jawab nenek susi yang kini telah basah oleh air mata nya. nenek susi adalah sahabat dari neneknya dari kecil hingga nenek nya meninggal pun nenek susi lah yang slalu ada di sampingnya . "andai nenek kamu mau di makam kan di desa maka aku akan slalu mengunjungi nya jika aku rindu pada nya " " nenek aku tahu perasaan nenek tetapi nenek ingin di makamkan di sebelah makam keluarganya yang ada di kota sebelah "tangan nadya kini menghampiri pipi nenek susi yang sedikit keriput itu dan menghapusnya. " nek " iya nad "nenek susi memandang nadya seperti anak kecil yang bertemu dengan ibunya " nek boleh kan nadya menjadi cucu nenek " mata nenek susi seakan terpanah dengan ucapan gadis di depannya " iya kamu kan cucu nenek " sambil memeluk nadya dan tersenyum

  • Abandoned House

    Abandoned House

    Contemporary Romance MYSTERY SCARY

    So many lingering questions ... Riley Middleton, a modern city girl, has to be moved to a tiny town along with her family. She has to abandon her besties, they are also known as the 'awesome squad ' in her school. Okay, it's all over now as the leader of the awesome squad is just heading to another school in another place, miles away from her old school. Okay, enough talk about school. The town they transferred to is a small and unknown place with a very less population. Many houses are vacant, which is really strange. The people are also obnoxious and odd. One day while coming home from the local school of the area, a neighborhood dog chases Riley to a completely different route away from her home. Although, later on the dog was nowhere to be found. While finding her way back to her house, she stumbles upon a creepy, deserted house which almost looks like it's haunted. She chooses to move on with her journey and shortly, finds her home. She finds herself walking by the house several times. She's really intrigued about the house so she decides to explore it with her new friends. Does curiosity kills this cat? Would she walk out of the house alive? Find out after reading this story! -MULTIPE ENDINGS -SHORT STORY (This book will have 30 or more chapters.) THE BOOK IS NOT EDITED SO PLEASE EXCUSE THE GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES. Thank You For Choosing This Story! -This story is on Wattpad too!