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  • The incredible hulk

    The incredible hulk

  • Hulk in demon slayer

    Hulk in demon slayer

  • I'm The Incredible Hulk

    I'm The Incredible Hulk

    being reincarnated in the the multiverse as the incredible hulk persona with the incredible add-ons as well come join me in this incredible journey aheadall characters are owned by their respected company

  • Transmigrated as the Hulk in Warcraft 3

    Transmigrated as the Hulk in Warcraft 3


    The story of a guy who is transmigrated with the power of the hulk in a Azeroth My english may be bad so calm down with the reviews,i didn't study english too much. I will post from time to time but i will surely post on saturday once a week.

  • Rise of the Horde

    Rise of the Horde



    Xiao Chen was once a great soldier of Huaxia known for his strange, unique but effective tactics and plans during operations. He would always assume command and orchestrate highly-dangerous missions and would lead his unit to success. He was known for being a great commander which made his military rank soar, from being a young lieutenant freshly graduate from the academy to becoming one of the youngest general that Huaxia had ever seen. Sadly though his military career was cut short when he was deeply involved in the older generals politics. He died a tragic death when he was murdered by the men who he trusted so much and considered his brothers. His soul wandered through the river of time and space still seeking vengeance and was soon swallowed up by a swirling light. He soon found himself in the body of a monster or that's what others consider him to be. He had a hulking figure pack with muscles,towering nearly 7ft tall, a pair thick tusks jutting out from his mouth and lupine ears along with the great desire for battle welling up inside him. He begins his new journey as a green hulking monster or an orc as what his kind was called, a monster born for war and lived for war.

  • totally awesome hulk(dropped)

    totally awesome hulk(dropped)


    if someone there is strongest then it's none other then hulkhulk smash!!...hulk strong!!..I loved two characters from both dc comics and marvel comics but also hated them because they never tried to train there powers and reach full potential, and those two are hulk and superman.before I knew anything I was already .............

  • Inheritance System: Starts With Inheriting The Immortal Hulk

    Inheritance System: Starts With Inheriting The Immortal Hulk

    The unidentifiable existence has expanded the Earth by a hundred times, and the entire world has been digitized into a game. The existence of the ancient times began to return, and there were aliens in the chaos. This is the hegemony between the Monsters, Gods and Humans.

  • Hulk Reborn x New 52 *Harem*

    Hulk Reborn x New 52 *Harem*

  • The Hurt Of Billionaire

    The Hurt Of Billionaire

    You are no wife to me, do you get it?" He said, stepping forward crushing my already thinned personal bubble."I am marrying you because of circumstances. The sooner you feed that to your peanut size brain, the better it will be for you and me. Do you understand?". Pushing me back against the wall with so much force it made me grunt at impact. Intense pain shot through my body when he pressed himself on me. It was like he was trying to ram me into the wall or something! Asshole- idiot- Big fat S-O-B. All these curses were going through my mind. All I want to do now is scratch his arrogant face and give him a feel of his own medicine. However, in this compromising position, I am right now! I can hardly move. So, all I did was look straight into his eyes and glared back with the same intensity. I try to break free by pushing and squirming. Alex had me in a grip so tight it felt like a hulk holding me down, so hard that it was painful. I tried to look away, but his voice made me freeze. "Answer me. Do not look away when I am talking to you bit*h!”. “Do-You-Get-What-I-Just Said? Or do I need to make myself a little clearer? hmm?" "Yes, I get it. I'm-Not-Your-Wife." "Believe it or not, I have no interest in being your wife," I said, more like spat it out, it was like poison coming out of my mouth. "Why are you smirking at me bitch?" he asked. Completely oblivious to what is about to come. I composed my happiness concealing it with my ‘I’m am innocent, like a kitty look’. "Oh, you're about to find out," I said.

  • Python Rebirth on Survival Island

    Python Rebirth on Survival Island


    After being set up, Ye Bei succumbed to his injuries and died. He awakened, only to realize that he had transmigrated into a python on a deserted island! In order to survive and avenge himself, Ye Bei began to evolve step by step from a small python. Now, placed in the Amazon jungle, death awaited him at every turn. Giant Pythons that could swallow the sky, Golden Beasts, massive dragons of old, real dragons…! And this was only just the beginning– Consuming prey triggered evolution. Hence, he continuously consumed prey to evolve even further! It didn’t matter if they were Captain America, the Hulk, Alien, Predator, Ultraman, Godzilla, Superman…

  • The Strongest System In Marvel

    The Strongest System In Marvel


    As soon as Max crossed the Marvel world, he was given 9999-level power by the strongest system of omnipotence, so … Captain America: “I have an indestructible shield of gold! Max punched silently, the shield broke … Hulk: “I even destroy a city when I lose control!” Max silently gave him a slap, and Hulk took the street … Deadpool: “I’m an undead, there is a kind of you come and hit me!” Max held the pig killer knife bought from the vegetable market yesterday, silently split Deadpool into a hundred pieces, and threw it into the septic tank … In short, this is a story of a guy close to full level, silently pretending to be in the Marvel world … PS: After the Marvel chapter ends, maybe the map will be changed to the DC chapter. Superman abuse and Dr. Manhattan are also good. I don't have any ownership of any marvel characters. It's just a fun-fiction I am trying to wright after I got inspired from a similar fan-fiction!

  • Marvel's Super scientist

    Marvel's Super scientist


    Tony: My power in the suit is too backward, Lin, teach me how to improve it.Thor: My sledgehammer has too few functions, it can only be smashed, Lin, teach me how to seal the energy of a planet on the sledgehammer.Hulk: Lin, help me with some awesome genetic potions. In addition to infinite power, I also want to have other abilities.Wolverine: Yesterday I met a monster. He wanted to soak my girlfriend’s piano. One of my paws was broken. Lin, tell me, is that guy you?Magneto: There was a steel armor man molesting my daughter the day before yesterday. I wanted to beat him up. As a result, that guy has an antimagnetic system. My magnetism is completely useless. The egg was kicked by that guy. I still have the pain. . Lin, tell me if you did it.Odin: Damn, my sharp gun was broken, Lin, help me make a better one.Thanos: Grass, my infinite gloves, all six infinite gems have been replaced by glass

  • Hero Extraction System

    Hero Extraction System



    -Are you looking down on me? Do you think you are better than me?Ok, now tell me!-Study? - I have photographic memory and can speak more than 10 languages.-Fight? - I have strenght of Hulk in "Marvel"-Basketball? - I have power of "Slam Dunk". Convince yet? If not, I will get power from "Kuroko no Basket"-Soccer? - I will get power from "Captain Tsubasa" and get soccer skill from Ronaldo whenever I want.Now what? Hey where are you going?Tch...Dare you to look down on me because I'm fatty?Ok now I become handsome. Do you convince yet?See the transformation of Chen Feng because of System.

  • night knights

    night knights

  • Marvel's Kryptonian

    Marvel's Kryptonian

    Super strength, super endurance, super speed, super senses, flying ability, steel body, thermal vision, freezing breathing, super-healing ability… When a Kryptonian with these superpowers comes to a Marvel world without a kryptonite and a red sun, what kind of effect will it cause? Hulk? One sandbag. Thor? Charger. Iron Man? Cardboard suit. Thanos? Even if it has infinite gems and infinite gloves, it can be hit. Sentinel? Oh, this is great, let me get some more exposure to the sun.

  • Transformers In Marvel (dropped)

    Transformers In Marvel (dropped)


    Downey was a cargo driver until he crossed to Marvel. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Hulk and Abomination enthusiastically carrying out the demolition work on the streets of New York. He suddenly turned black and awakened in shock.With the variant ability of “, he began to modify his minivan, which he named “Optimus Prime” step by step.Magneto: “So, Downey’s ability is to control metal? Is it?”Iron Man: “So, in the future, my suit is temporarily broken, and Downey will be responsible for putting me a layer of mecha.”P.s: this is a Chinese novel but doesn't worry it is not racist and if you do see a racist text tell me and I will change it or delete it completely.Author : Great Demon

  • Marvel’s Strongest System (moved)

    Marvel’s Strongest System (moved)


    (Moved to Fanfic section)WARNING!! (MTL TRANSLATION) (Cover is not mine!) (This is a chinese fanfic and its not my work. So expect some Patriotism and racism here!) As soon as Qi Yu crossed the Marvel world, he was given a level of 9999 power by the omnipotent strongest system. Captain America: “I have an indestructible vibrating shield!” Qi Yu gave a silent punch, and the shield shattered… Hulk: “I will destroy a city when I lose control!” Qi Yu silently slapped him, Huoke rushed to the street… Deadpool: “I am immortal, there is a kind of come and hit me!” Holding the pig-killing knife bought from the vegetable market yesterday, Qi Yu chopped the Deadpool into a hundred pieces and threw it into the septic tank… In short, this is a story of a guy who is close to the full level and waved in the Marvel world.

  • Sign in for the Emperor's Armor in Marvel

    Sign in for the Emperor's Armor in Marvel

    He crossed over to the world of Marvel.I was just breezing through my life without doing anything, but who knew that I would suddenly go crazy one day and meet the Avengers![Ding!][The System awakens, Do you wish to sign up for the Emperor's Armor?]"Y-Yeah, sure"Boom!With one punch, the terrifying green hulk is thrown away!That day, everyone was in shock!Stark: Oh my god, this mechanical battle-suit is beautiful, I'm going to claim him as my big brother!Nick Fury: I was wrong, I should have made him Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.Steve Rogers: He just touched my vibranium gear and it's broken!Three generations of Spider-Man: Cheng is our God!Spider-Woman Gwen: Of course, my husband is awesome!Natasha: Wow! Cheng, you're very strong!Cheng Ze: Oh, you've seen the power exerted by the Emperor's Armor, it's just one-thousandth of it![I'm translating this novel as a hobby for both myself and you people to read. I'll include a link to the Chinese version in the comments.]

  • The Truth Hurts

    The Truth Hurts

    When Mariah Rosalia Anderson goes to USA, she learns a little about her childhood past.Mariah had a simple life. Xander had a normal life. And when they meet each other, their life is about to get a whole lot different from when it was before.Hate, romance, laugh, hysteria, a lot of sarcastic remarks, profanities, many secrets and a hell lot of drama- and you get yourself a not so boring life. Oh, and also the truth.And when it says that The Truth Hurts, let me tell you, the truth hurts like Hulk gave you a high five on your face with a chair really hard.

  • Escanor in Marvel

    Escanor in Marvel

    Aku terlalu buruk untuk membuat sinopisi ini *sigh*.Escanor in Marvel : Ironman :"Jarvis, ingatkan aku untuk membuat Mark Anti-Sunboy,dan dorong rencana Anti-Hulk sebelumnya.."Escanor :"..."Yang Kuno :"Aku merasakan sihir besar disiang hari seperti matahari darimu, tapi aku tidak dapat merasakan keberadaanmu dimalam hari..??"Escanor :"..."Escanor :'Kuharap mereka masih belum menemukan identitasku ketika dalam tubuh biasa, kalau tidak ..(s*it sialan dengan sifat aroganku disiang hari)..'dimana seorang otaku biasa dilahirkan kembali dengan kekuatan Escanor di Marvel world disertai kelemahannya.MC semi-OP(dimana periode malam dia hanya keberadaan puncak tubuh manusia seperti kapten) , no Harem , alam semesta film(no mutant,selain witch dan Quicksilver).