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  • HunterxHunter x reader

    HunterxHunter x reader

    Fantasy Romance ACTION COMEDY HAREM

  • HunterxHunter Hidden in the shadows

    HunterxHunter Hidden in the shadows

    Warning: I don’t own any content or general HunterxHunter. All I own is my own character.Hello, folks! I’m new and this is my first fanfic. I’m still a little unsure how I want to run the story. But here’s a short trailer:Xillua Zoldyck is the twin brother of Killua. What no one knows is that he had a previous life. For some reason, it turned out that he didn’t want to keep his memories. Thus the gods blessed him with special talents. Follow him and on his own path in HunterxHunter.Chapter one is coming soon!

  • Hunter X Hunter: The adventures of Silver

    Hunter X Hunter: The adventures of Silver



    Strange beasts and monsters... secret treasure hoards, undiscovered wealth, mystical places, unexplored frontiers. "The mysterious unknowns" ... there's magic in such words for those captivated by its spell. They are called "Hunters."-------------Silver Curtis a young truck driver died on his birthday and was given the chance to live a new life in the world of hunters.Let us follow him on his adventures as he explore this new exciting world.-------------New characters will be added from different books, comics and manga but will be adopted/downgraded/altered to the Nen system.If you are a die hard fan of HxH, then this story is not for you. It is a fanfic for a reason. For the rest of you, Enjoy! :)-------------I do have work on weekdays so will be updating weekly (or semi weekly). -------------I do not own HunterXHunter or any other chameo characters that will be added in this fanfiction. The HunterXHunter is created and owned by Yoshihiro Togashi. This story is intended for entertainment purposes only. I am not making any profit from this story.

  • Alchemy Emperor from Modern World

    Alchemy Emperor from Modern World

    Ye chongxio was a scientist in a modern world has seven PHd's transported into a world after met with an accident. watch the journey of his becoming strongest person in cultivation world

  • Compelled to be a Lord.

    Compelled to be a Lord.


    Imagine being able to use something comparable to a "nen" ability from "HunterXHunter" in a different world, which ability would you choose or make. Then you are somewhat forced to be a lord, build up an army and try to elevate your status.

  • The sociopath couple

    The sociopath couple


    -naruto hunterxhunter crossover-hisokaxnaru-femnaruto-Smart naruto-psyco naruto-mask in village-likes to act innocent-strong naruto-meet at hunter exam wants to kill her at first but something stops him and read to find out more....

  • Fairy Hunter (Fairy Tail X Hunter X Hunter Crossover AU Fanfiction)

    Fairy Hunter (Fairy Tail X Hunter X Hunter Crossover AU Fanfiction)


    An alternate universe crossover fanfiction between HunterXHunter and Fairy Tail.This is a story between two people destined for each other but is caught between family feud. A girl that is entrusted to protect a family heirloom that contains a very powerful key to open the dragon's gate and unleash wrath upon the earth and to protect it against the spider clan. A boy who's tasked to eliminate the dragon clan and to secure the weapon and restore their clan and regain their title in the elite clans.Everything started as a normal high school life story until reality revealed the painful truth about their identities and duty. Will the love they have destroy everything they had or will it restore peace and order in the system?Join in the fun of uncovering their adventurous journey as they battle against love, school, friends, family and themselves.HunterXHunter characters belong to Yoshihiro Togashi.FairyTail characters belong to Hiro Mashima.

  • Hunter x Zeus(oc )

    Hunter x Zeus(oc )

    My name is Zeus kirito! Yeah my parents were into Greek mythology but I died and well I fell into the anime that I truly like Hunter x hunter.I do not own hunter x hunter

  • My Addiction Is You

    My Addiction Is You

    Martial Arts R18 COMEDY

    okay this is my ever first fanfic and I'm really exited so I hope you all will enjoy it!---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Killua Zoldyck, a popular boy who goes Hunter High and is popular with the girls at the school. Everything was just fine for killua until one day a new student was enrolled into his High School, A boy named Gon had joined Hunter High and seemed different from the others and so killua became intrested in him but Gon had no interest in killua but soon killua became addicted to him wanting more of this boy.But what if they get together?. will disaster Occur or will they be brought together by fate? go find out and see for yourself!Gon: BottomKillua: TopAlso to make things more clear I dont own hunterxhunter as well as the original characters from the anime

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