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  • Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead

    Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead



    Fang Mo'er found out that she transmigrated into a novel that gave her nothing but anger when she read it. Moreover, she became the female supporting character with a miserable ending! The female supporting character that she became gave up her family fortune and career to compete for the male lead's affection. Even so, the male lead still cheated on her with the female lead on their wedding night! According to the original plot development, Fang Mo'er would swallow her anger and still choose to marry the male lead. Eventually, the scum of the earth would cheat her of all of her resources for the female lead. Simultaneously, she would also do something crazy out of jealousy and eventually destroy her own reputation. Fang Mo'er decided that she would never walk down this path again! —In front of the Department of Civil Affairs, Fang Mo'er, who just transmigrated over, hung up on the scum's call that meant to tell her to postpone their wedding. Coincidentally, a handsome man clad in a suit walked to her side. The man said, "Miss, since your groom isn't here and my bride ran away, why don't we get married instead?" Fang Mo'er did not pay too much attention to him and wondered who he was instead. She did not recall having such a stale plotline in this novel. The man continued, "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Shi Mo." Fang Mo'er's eyes nearly fell out of her sockets. Shi Mo? The man who only appeared once in the entire novel; the CEO of the world's biggest entertainment company? What else could be more vengeful than marrying Shi Mo to disgust the scum of a couple? "Deal!" The current Fang Mo'er was still immersed in the anger and vengefulness from the novel. Hence, this was just her trying to change the fate of a character. However, she forgot that she had become Fang Mo'er, and at this moment, she had just chosen the man who would accompany her for the rest of her life.

  • Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead's Daughter

    Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead's Daughter



    My mother is the sweet, silly, and innocent protagonist of an angsty novel. My mother was the substitute for the overbearing CEO's unrequited love interest who ran off when she found out she was pregnant. As for me, I'm nothing special. I'm just the child prodigy who became a hacker at the age of five. … Genius hacker Gu Chu found herself reborn in the pages of a tear-jerker book. She had been transformed into a cute little five-year-old. Her mother was the tragic female protagonist while her father was the uncultured, boorish male protagonist. There was also a gaggle of hostile, opportunistic relatives and a pretentious, seemingly-virtuous but vile-hearted aunt... Gu Chu straightened her small little frame and began waging war secretly to help her mother. What bad intentions could a five-year-old have? She just wanted to protect Mama. … Until one day... The man who had hunted her across half the globe in her previous life suddenly appeared. As he stared at the weeping little doll-like child in her princess dress, the man fell silent for a long while.

  • The second female lead Dual Cultivates

    The second female lead Dual Cultivates


    Heavy R-18 from chapter 10. It is Yuri and harem. Futa side characters.Maria died and then reincarnated into a game. A harem game. Not as a protagonist, but as a member of the MC's harem. The childhood friend that never wins. Maria was quite satisfied with her life in this new world filled with magic and advanced science. She had looks, money, and a future to look forward to since she was a lesbian and had no intention of getting together with the MC.And then the MC died, leaving the world and Maria in chaos. There was a tentative peace that lasted until she heard the court have a talk with a mysterious figure. They were talking about sacrificing Maria to the demon gods to ensure world peace. She was about to be killed for things she could not control and Maria did not want that. She especially did not want to die as a virgin.Not one to be taken for granted like this, Maria decides to run away from home and started her new journey. This time, she was no longer a harem girl doomed to be cast away, but rather the hero of her own story. She would travel lands, gather friends and live her life out. And she has to do all this while running away from her dead ex-fiancé's sister who has an obsession with her for some reason. (Cover image not mine. It will be taken down if the original owner wants me to)

  • Second Female Leads' Playbook

    Second Female Leads' Playbook



    In every story, there is a male lead, a female lead and a second male lead. But what about the second female lead? Be it the unloved queen of a cold and distant king, the plain bodyguard of the forgotten prince, the evil stepsister of the well-loved genius, the servant who died protecting her lady or the defeated villainess. No one cares about their stories. This is the playbook of all forgotten second female leads. Volume IV: The Villainess who was defeated by the Gods (completed) 'In every story, there is a villain who has been defeated. What happens to the defeated villain?' After Lorelei's plot to overthrow the gods failed, she was stripped of her power and voice. She became a mermaid bound to a lake, with her enemy (the god) keeping guard of her. This is a story between a defeated villainess and her enemy. Volume III: The evil stepsister who has lived through FIVE lives (completed) 'Please let me rest in peace!' Odette was once an heiress who had it all, be it money, status or fiance. When her perfect stepsister appeared, she realized she was just a villain in this story. Odette, being the evil stepsister, was of course killed off halfway through the story. When she opened her eyes again she was reborn, but no matter what she did, she died in the end. Having experienced burning on a stake, the guillotine, hanging and stabbing to death, all she wanted now was to die normally after a normal life. Volume II: Body guard of a forgotten prince (completed) "You're just my tool. Know your place." It's her duty to follow her master's command. Even at the risk of injuring herself or losing her mind. It's his right to use her cold-heartedly. Even discarding her when she had become useless. She was a bird trapped inside a gilded cage, slowly losing her mind in the process. Volume I: Rebirth of the unloved, forgotten Queen (completed) "Let's break off our engagement. I don't want to be Queen anymore. You don't like me anyway." At twenty, Liana died as she watched her country burned to ashes. When she opened her eyes, she was sixteen again. The first thing she planned to do was breaking off her engagement with Prince Sebastian. This is her story as a reborn queen. -------------- A series of inter-related second female leads' stories set in a fantasy historical world. Readers can choose volumes they like to start with!

  • The Female lead is a Lesbian

    The Female lead is a Lesbian



    Before, she was Jade Bell the strongest soldier. She was smarter, faster, stronger, and thanks to several painful science experiments a super human and her handmade hightech system. But she was also a certified badass, killing scum without second thought and was noturious for stealing the girlfriends of who she considered, "shitty guys who didn't treat them right." A femnist and helping those she saw who needed help. That was until her bastard father blew up her home and she died with her lover. She unexpectedly reincarnated into the body of Zoe Chang a weak girl who was betrayed and abused by her family. Who manipulated her into arranged marriage by threating her mother's and brother's life. To make matters worse her husband was a complete ass! He 1.Brought other women home and making her sleep on the couch 2.Moved several mistresses into the house 3.Calling her names like slut or whore for wearing anything above the knees and/or elbow 4.Constantly accused of her of cheating 5.Would encourage his mistresses to bully her and the list just got worse and worse. Jade then decided to take revenge for this poor girls suffering and figured while she was at it to test her husband's mistresses abilities in bed, and look for her lover's reincarnation.

  • Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

    Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion


    The little snow fairy Tan Mo was about to complete her transformation into a human when she was picked away and reincarnated as the Tan family’s beloved daughter. Only then did she realize that she had become the tragic cannon fodder who died a miserable death after serving as her green tea cousin’s stepping stone for marrying We Keli, and whose life she had once seen before in her master’s mortal world mirror. Her parents seemingly aged overnight, and her three older brothers all suffered ignominy after their attempts to seek revenge for her. Yet with her here in this life, nobody should even think about harming her family! Tan Mo: Wanna play green tea with me? I’ll give you a taste of master level green tea art today! Reporter: Young Master Wei, what do you admire the most about your wife? Wei Zhiqian: She’s kind, cute, pure-hearted, and unpretentious. Reporter: Director Tan, your new work has been praised as a masterpiece. How did you create such an amazing script? Older brother Tan: There’s nothing of the sort. Truthfully, I didn’t write the script. It’s just that the true author is too low key to reveal her true identity. Reporter: Lord Tan, your new song has come out and immediately became the number one hit single on the charts. The lyrics are ingenious. Second brother Tan: You flatter me. The person who came up with the lyrics is someone very important to me. Without her, the song wouldn’t have been successful. Yet she’s too low key to reveal her identity. Reporter: Artist Tan, your painting was sold at a ten-figure price as soon as it hit the market. Where did the inspiration come from? Third brother Tan: It’s all thanks to her. Reporter: ...... Oldest brother Tan, second brother Tan, third brother Tan: Our younger sister had always helped us without asking for anything in return. Wei Zhiqian: Without my protection, she would be ruthlessly bullied by those pretentious and innocent-looking Machiavellians. Everyone: Pfft! Who is the one bullying who!

  • Transmigrating Into A Female Side Character As A Prodigal Doctor

    Transmigrating Into A Female Side Character As A Prodigal Doctor



    Yan Xi, a medical prodigy who obtained a doctorate at the age of 22, never expected to end up transmigrating into a novel. Her husband was the female lead's fourth brother, Gu Shen. He was a bigshot in the business world who had suffered from disability from a young age and could only move in a wheelchair. However, he was a handsome man full of schemes. Yan Xi became the cannon fodder wife of a bigshot in the business world. Her first love, Zhang Ming, had stabbed her husband's subordinate with a knife. To force Gu Shen to release Zhang Ming, she had unhesitatingly to stab herself to threaten Gu Shen. Eventually, Gu Shen released the man and gave her a large sum of money. She took this money and eloped with Zhang Ming. After that, Zhang Ming planned for a car accident that ended her life as they hit the road, which allowed Zhang Ming to conveniently take her money and run far away. When she transmigrated over, Yan Xi found out that she had just stabbed herself with a knife and was in the critical stage of deciding her future fate! Therefore, when Gu Shen threw her the divorce agreement, Yan Xi decisively refused. "Hubby, I won't divorce you." Gu Shen was surprised by her change. "Have you thought it through? I've left you some real estate and cash. It's enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life." Yan Xi revealed a confident smile. "I've thought it through. Zhang Ming stabbed your men with a knife. You should hand this matter over to the law. I won't interfere anymore." The surprise that Yan Xi's change brought to Gu Shen did not end there. After that, she tore off the mask of her hypocritical best friend and calmly dealt with her scheming family members. She personally treated Gu Shen's chronic illness for many years. Bit by bit, she managed to shock everyone around her who was once prejudiced against her.

  • Villainous Female Lead

    Villainous Female Lead

    A 21st century lone and ruthless mercenary woman dies during mission and is forced to bind to a system for reincarnation.She has to travel to other worlds to complete the last wishes of the dead female villains. Will she fall for someone in these worlds?How will be her life in these worlds?Can she reincarnate again?(Cover is not original)

  • female lead - shiza
male lead - keum
second female lead - Selina

    female lead - shiza male lead - keum second female lead - Selina

  • The Abandoned Female Lead

    The Abandoned Female Lead


    The Book of Luminiscence also known as' The Moonlight ' talks about a young heir of a noble family. Claire De Lune. Born with a fair skin with a natural black hair, she's considered as the family's face image.Gentle as she looks, she learns how to wield her sword at the age of 19 and killed her brother who plan to kill her for the sake of money and power. Having no regrets, she's been punished by the Imperial court.Being exiled in the capital, the people who adore her suddenly vanished as if they don't know her from the start.Claire, who's starving to death learns to steal food. Having no someone to rely on, she goes to the lake in the middle of the night as she looks to the sky once again."I offer you my body and soul. From this day onward, Claire De Lune will no longer suffer. As the river will be filled with my blood. No one could ever use water and whoever drinks my blood will die. This is a curse from a moonlight's last wish."The moon turns red as the people's scream can be heard from afar. The river starts to flow as the capital was devoured by her own blood. The moon and Deities heard her wish. At last, The Moonlight's Curse will now be unleash.As Haneul finished reading the book, she rushed to her friend to complain. And the next thing she knew, She became an unexpected character in the book that she just read.Will she able to change the flow of the story if she's not supposed to exist? What if the story began to change as she keeps changing the flow?

  • Female lead fantasy

    Female lead fantasy

    All about fun

  • The Female Lead Is The Villainess

    The Female Lead Is The Villainess

  • Blinking (female lead)

    Blinking (female lead)

  • Male Lead, I'm NOT the Female Lead!

    Male Lead, I'm NOT the Female Lead!



    Song Qiu plopped onto the ground pleading, "Big Brother, you recognized the wrong person!" Lu Zheng yelled fiercely, "Who's your big brother?""Then...Big Sister?" asked Song Qiu tentatively. Lu Zheng's face darkened. "Who's related to you?!" "Then Master!" cried Song Qiu. "I don't have a such a stupid disciple like you!" roared Lu Zheng disdainfully. "Then what should I call you??"Lu Zheng curled the corners of his lips, looking especially cruel. "Boyfriend."Song Qiu transmigrated into a campus romance novel as a small villainous cannon fodder! But why did the male lead pick up the wrong script?! _____________________________________________this novel is a part of a contest. if you like it, please vote with powerstones !! ʕ ˵ • ₒ • ˵ ʔbe sure to also check out my other novel, "Embracing the Villain's Thigh"'s-thigh_18730976305761305synopsis of etvt: Others have the sun, but I have you.- Xu Wenqi transmigrated into a dog-blooded book as the villainess childhood sweetheart of the male lead! Offending the male lead, she made up her mind to hug the golden thighs of the villain to ensure her survival. However, the villain is cold, paranoid, and ruthless. No one knows how much of a burden he has to carry being schizophrenic. -_____________________________________________The cover is not mine. I will take it down if any issues arise.



    "Tunggulah satu tahun lagi, aku akan menjadikanmu pemeran utama dalam ceritaku." Bayangkan betapa terkejutnya jika kau menjadi Lorina Wang. Pria yang baru dikenalnya hari itu, mengucapkan kalimat ajaib yang membuat wajah Lorina memerah saat itu juga. Lorina Wang, wanita kaya nan cantik yang merupakan seorang artis Ibu Kota Beijing, sedang mempertahankan karirnya di umur yang sudah hampir menginjak kepala tiga. Baru kali ini, ia kembali merasakan adanya percikan-percikan dalam hatinya yang lama tak dirasakannya. Luka yang menetap dalam dirinya sekian tahun, trauma yang pernah menghantui kesehariannya, apakah akan kembali basah oleh kehadiran pria itu?Pria itu adalah Hideo Sato, seorang penulis muda berusia dua puluh enam tahun berkebangsaan Jepang. Adanya masalah dengan penerbit tempatnya bernaung, membuat ia terpaksa berkunjung ke Beijing, kota yang belum pernah ia kunjungi sebelumnya. Di kota inilah kisah Lorina Wang dan Hideo Sato akan dimulai.

  • Saving the Female Lead

    Saving the Female Lead

  • His Female Lead

    His Female Lead

  • Reincarnated as the Female Lead!

    Reincarnated as the Female Lead!


    Kaie Yami has been an assassin all her life. Merciless, cold, and slightly sadistic. During one of her missions, she suddenly died, and found herself laying in a soft comfortable bed. Kaie Yami had reincarnated as Lucille Feyrer, the lead in a popular novel. She was supposedly the nicest person anyone could come across...a complete opposite of Kaie. In the novel, Lucille was supposed to tolerate people being unfair and biased to her, as she was very naive. In the end, the male lead, the prince would save her and take her as his wife. Like a classic novel, the prince would come in the save the lady. However, Kaie had no intention of sitting tight and follow the novel. In the sequel of the series, the prince was actually quite corrupted and killed off Lucille later. Kaie is determined to change her fate and find the perfect man for herself.

  • Save the Female Lead

    Save the Female Lead

    The Continuously oppressing scum yields continuous satisfaction, Out female lead, Luna Shu is bound to the system that allows her to reborn after she dies to a different dimension. Using absolute cheating and skills, she beat up the one who wanna harm her. But the things that she cannot do is known that so with her attitude a lot of handsome men fall for her. "My dear stay with me." "No! She will choose me." "Enough, My queen lets make a baby, please?". So what wrong with these guys?Warning : this content may post some 18+ story.

  • How to be the Female Lead

    How to be the Female Lead


    Captain Eve Gabrielle Baignard Ariston is the leader of the Knights that ensures the protection of the Crown Prince of the Callisto Empire. She did her best just to get to where she was or that's what she thought. Before her last breath just to protect the female lead, the Prince looked at her as if she was a disgusting bug and said "Thank you for sacrificing your useless life."

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