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  • The Infinity Genre

    The Infinity Genre

    When a man was drawn from the world he is living in into a game where one's life hangs in balance, the line between good and evil blurs.It's survival of the fittest. In the literal sense of the world.

  • The System Of Infinity

    The System Of Infinity



    After winning the chance to reincarnate in a new world, Aiden reincarnated on the realm of demons. In a world of magic and gods, he was left alone with a slightly sarcastic system. But the lonely orphan will slowly rise and will become a part of history. It will be a new beginning. ***This novel is completed at 110 chapters. Its a kind of a prologue so read on your own accordance Discord: WARNING- I don't own the cover. If you are the artist and want me to credit you or take the cover down, contact me on my discord.

  • Leanna




    [MATURE CONTENT] My life has no meaning. I'm forty years old, a middle age woman. Some say I have a fulfilling life, an architect with a high salary, a one-bedroom condo unit and a face that, although not the most beautiful, certainly warrants a second look. The only thing people criticize about me is the emptiness of my ring finger. I'm not married and don't have a family of my own. I don't feel anything about it. I don't need a man in my life, and I hate kids. The only thing I regretted was how I lived my life. Half of it wasted in school and the other half wasted in work. Before I knew it, I'm already old and at my deaths bed - alone and dying. THEN I WOKE UP FROM THE DREAM. ---- Read my other works: I am the Queen (FL) Genre: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, StrongFL, RichFL, PoorML, ColdML Realm Wars (ML) Genre: Epic Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mature, R18, Romance, RPGelements, GAMEelements, OPmc Angels, Demons, Sprites, Elves, Beastmen Generation of Heroes (ML) Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Beasts, Game Elements, Multiple Leads, OPmc, Romance, War, Military Trinity the Last White Witch (FL) Genre: Werewolf, Vampires, Witches, Fantasy, R18, Mature, ColdML, StrongFL ---- Stalk me here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: MiuNovels DISCORD: Join discord server to discuss about the story, characters, possible side stories, hardcover prints, stretched goals, Covers, Character arts and more! ---- Donate for my Milk Addiction: PayPal:

  • Level Infinity Weakest King

    Level Infinity Weakest King



    "My Level in this world is Infinity?" An old man dies and gets reincarnated in a world filled with magic. He was shocked at first as his dream had been realized but it was only later he understood that the world was none other than the Gaming World in which he had adventured earlier. Though it seems like many thousands of years have passed by. Will he have some fun or will he just be bored yet again? Join me in this amazing journey! [ I'm so sorry guys, the chapters from 1- 40 are in weird dialect. It's rubbish, to be honest, I hope you forgive me for that. Those chapters contain only 500-800 words! ] [ Chapters after 53 is locked so they are of 1000+ words. Incidentaly, from chapter 60 onwards, chapter contains 1500-2000 words ] [ The sounding might be different and there might be lot of errors, ( English is not my native language )but those errors won't be repeated again from chapter 165 that is ] [ Read at your own risk, if the chapters anger you or upset you, you may quit but don't lave hate comments or reviews that demotivate behind! ] [ Last edited on 05/24/2021 ]

  • The Infinite Mystery

    The Infinite Mystery



    A generation's mighty and most powerful expert died mysteriously and reincarnated without any memories on a small planet far away from the Cultivation World. This small planet was earth. Five thousand years ago, a great calamity descended on earth. Countless Spatial Cracks appeared in the sky and beasts invaded. After hundreds of years of fighting, humans discovered they could awaken a battle spirit that can help them raise their strength and grant them the abilities that were simply unimaginable for humans before. Qin Feng also awakens his battle spirit but unfortunately, it was swallowed by his own birthmark, The Infinity Symbol. This was just the beginning of the mysteries that surrounded him like invisible specks of dust. He soon discovered that the 'Infinity Symbol' was actually not his birthmark but something mysterious from another world. The Infinity Symbol helped him awaken a Divine Battle Spirit and granted him a Nameless Cultivation Technique that was beyond the world's limit. He also discovered that he could not die! Every time, he was killed, he returned back in time with the memories of what is going to happen in the future. Soon after awakening the Divine Battle Spirit, a mysterious beautiful lady stepped into his life and told him that he does not belong to the earth. He was actually the reincarnation of someone called 'KING'. The mysteries that surrounded him like the invisible specks of dust started to come on the surface from the day of his awakening, revealing many secrets to him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are some grammatical errors so please ignore them and enjoy the story. The cover doesn't belong to me. All rights of the cover belong to the original artist.





    What will you do when you suddenly woke up as a baby in one of your favourite books. Just like any other transmigrated book or reincarnation in your everyday novel, Rehan was also reading a book named " ALL IS MISUNDERSTANDING" when he died and was born as a villainess brother. But what was written and what he experienced in the book was totally upside down. He was in a mess and the only thought in the mind is that he is being cheated by this smiling demon called male lead and a rotten girl his sister and his sister's so-called enemy best friend Female lead. He doesn't know how to deal with all this, so let us be his supporter and be a part of his journey and get to know whether he changed the genre of the book or was it all but a misunderstanding. Abstract "Ad......Adrian wha.......what are you doing?" Lucas (Rehan) stuttered as he was cornered to the wall. Rehan has always been oblivious to his surroundings and the feeling of others but at this time he could feel the anger and frustration coming out of his friend. " Me " Adrian raised his eyebrow and pointed at him. " I am claiming what rightfully belongs to me", saying that he dipped his head towards Rehan's lips and kissed him hard. The personality of MC and ML Lucas Evans (Rehan)- Proud, business-minded, loves his family to death, competitive, hate to lose especially to certain someone. Adrian Hemsworth- Proud, business-minded, loves to win especially to his proud friend, cold-hearted smiling demon\ devil and shameless towards certain someone. This story is age-progressive so it starts from their childhood. You get to know their childhood and how they become frenemies to a friend, Friend to best friends, best friends to lovers and finally husbands. This story won't have misunderstandings maybe a few here and there but not long and I don't like angst too it won't consist of that too. It will have some drama. This story will be a fluffy, comedy and some childishness and certainly love between family, siblings and between partners. Warnings My FIRST language ISN'T ENGLISH so there will be some grammatical mistakes so please be patient with me and correct me but with gentle words. And I won't force anybody to read my book but if you love my book I will welcome reviews and comments. MY LIFE MOTTO IS " DON'T JUDGE OTHERS AND DON'T LET OTHERS JUDGE YOU TOO." WE SHOULD LIVE OUR LIFE AND LET OTHERS LIVE THEIRS TOO. DO COMMENT AND GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS THAT WILL HELP IN THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE BOOK. YOUR SUPPORT ALWAYS MOTIVATES ME. I will a chapter a day. if I can I would post more chapters. I hope you can motivate me to write with power stones, comments, reviews, gifts, and golden tickets. It is shameless but I hope you understand. The cover doesn't belong to me. I don't know the artist too. Fans Arts submission is heartily welcome. DO CHECK MY OTHER BOOK: MONARCH'S SHADOW KING (IT'S FOR 2022 WSA) FOLLOW ME ON. twitter- CHArgergirl_06 IG- ch.ar2155 DIscord-CHArgergirl#9795 THANK YOU

  • Galactic Technological Library (Reupload)

    Galactic Technological Library (Reupload)



    What if all the knowledge in the universe could be accessed by anyone, for a price of course, through a single, grand library? What if it's sole purpose was dedicated to collecting and, with the help of Fu Yan, the college student turned Librarian, distributing it to others? No one knows, though a daunting goal in an infinity universe, to be sure. Follow our newest Librarian on a journey through the stars, and even here at home on Earth, through hardships and success alike. Nothing comes easy, or free, so be prepared to pay up front, with a planet or two.Synopsis by Alterious (Synopsis event winner)Art Helper: King Of Mortalsjoin discord server:

  • Terror Infinity

    Terror Infinity



    “Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?” The world changes when you click YES. In God’s dimension, you have to keep getting stronger, keep evolving to survive one horror movie after another. Do you kill everyone in your way to reach the end as a lone king? Or fight along with your comrades and survive through the support of friends? Everything was just for staying alive. Until you find the secret of God’s dimension. Who is the real enemy?

  • Forthcoming Of The Infinity Emperor

    Forthcoming Of The Infinity Emperor



    From the time being born till the age of 16, Arturo Kei couldn’t initiate any magic. But after meeting a girl named Naomi, he began using magic and became her Adventure partner. Years later, Naomi meets her end, and Arturo’s entire fate changes. In the year XX26, war broke out in the Miscentia continent against countless monsters, myths like dragons, and unknown being called Monarchs. At the end of that war, Arturo was the only remaining one on that lifeless battlefield. He shed blood, lost his beloved ones and friends, and walked over many lives through this war. In the end, he also met his demise at the hands of a Monarch. When Arturo opened his eyes, he realized that he was back in time when he was just 14 years old. Back when he was living peacefully with his family and the time when he couldn’t even use single magic. As time passes, he reunites with his precious friends, and he is determined to change that cruel fate, save the world, and protect his beloved ones. _________________________________________________________________________ For updates, announcements (for new novels, novel updates, etc), and many more (I guess?) follow me on Insta :) Instagram: author.kateki

  • The Mind God

    The Mind God



    royalroad novel - summoner Brion was just a normal college student. Since childhood, he was interested in the abilities of "Mind Power" and "Mind", and although the people around him looked at him with the "crazy" eye, he continued to work on these abilities. But he never succeeded in his life and died as a result of a disease. When he woke up, he was in a cave and soon realized he had a system, and at the same time, he realized that he had come to a fantastic universe. And only the system tailored for his own "Mind" abilities and only belong to him. It was glory given to him to realize his dreams that he couldn't do in his previous world. - -

  • I am the Queen

    I am the Queen



    COMPLETED [Mature Content]Evangeline has it all, the looks, the money, the men. She was unstoppable and took anything and everything she wanted with a smile on her face. The men adore her and the women yearned her friendship in secret even the most jealous of hearts.But will everything change at the appearance of a poor, part-timer, nerdy man?----Read my other works:Realm Wars (ML)Genre: Epic Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mature, R18, Romance, RPGelements, GAMEelements, OPmc Angels, Demons, Sprites, Elves, BeastmenGeneration of Heroes (ML)Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Beasts, Game Elements, Multiple Leads, OPmc, Romance, War, MilitaryTrinity the Last White Witch (FL)Genre: Werewolf, Vampires, Witches, Fantasy, R18, Mature, ColdML, StrongFLLeanna (FL)Genre: Modern Romance, Reincarnation, Second Chance, StrongFL, RichML, ColdML, Mature----Stalk me here:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: MiuNovelsDISCORD:Join discord server to discuss about the story, characters, possible side stories, hardcover prints, stretched goals, Covers, Character arts and more! for my Milk Addiction:PayPal:

  • Realm Wars

    Realm Wars



    [Mature Content]A long, long time ago.In this world of power and magic, war is constant.The six realms in the world of Septverden have been shackled in perpetual conflict. They have engaged in slaughter and battles among themselves for every reason possible, from territory, resources to meaningless semantics.In the era where the mortal realm is the weakest among the six realms, where human bones and ashes covered the entire Blue Earth Continent, Empires rise and fall as the never-ending cycle of war birthed boned deep hatred that even centuries can’t erase.Until the mortal realm no longer can take the oppression and give birth to a new generation of heroes.With power equal to that of the Heaven and Nether Realm.With strength and agility on par with the Beast realm.With magic and spells second only to that of the Elfen and Spirit realm.With these.The mortal realm stood shoulder to shoulder with the five realms and humans sore to never-seen heights.Together, they reclaimed their lands and repelled the five realms back to their continent.And the world of Septverden finally known peace.Or so the tale goes . . .---PLEASE TAKE NOTE! The first chapters, the MC is weak, mated and became a servant. I know you'll hate Cecily but at most she wouldn't be present in the latter chapters. If you could make it through Arc 1, then 2, and 3 wouldn't even mention her and the servant thing.SPOILER!In Beast Realm Arc maybe Arc 4, the mate bond will break as well as his restrictions. He'd be OP then.Hope you'll stick around till then and appreciate Ryu's journey *bows head----Read my other works:I am the Queen (FL)Genre: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, StrongFL, RichFL, PoorML, ColdMLLeanna (FL)Genre: Modern Romance, Reincarnation, Second Chance, StrongFL, RichML, ColdML, Mature, Trinity the Last White Witch (FL)Genre: Werewolf, Vampires, Witches, Fantasy, R18, Mature, ColdML, StrongFLGeneration of Heroes (ML)Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Beasts, Game Elements, Multiple Leads, OPmc, Romance, War, Military----Stalk me here:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: MiuNovelsDISCORD:Join discord server to discuss about the story, characters, possible side stories, hardcover prints, stretched goals, Covers, Character arts and more! for my Milk Addiction:PayPal:

  • Infinity: Rising of the Soul Weavers

    Infinity: Rising of the Soul Weavers



    Peace is such a wonderful illusion, but it is just that... an illusion.Planet Earth had just recently recovered from a devastating invasion attempt where countless portals were mysteriously created out of thin air, spawning monsters and aliens alike. Even though humans had various superpowers, so did the monsters. The clash between the two sides was brutal, leading to a global crisis that was the end of many.Raven O'Bannon, a sixteen year old girl, was trying to overcome the incident, just like any other. But unfortunately for her, the cage of lies holding her reality together was all shattered apart the moment her little sister died.As if triggering a chain reaction, Maya's death was followed by many tragedies and that kept on flipping Raven's world upside down.First, she had to learn that she's no human, but rather, an alien. She belonged to a race that preyed on souls and could barely survive otherwise, hence the name given to them: The Soul Weavers.Secondly, she was then exposed to the fact that she was the young princess of her race. However, being royalty wasn't good in her case since that meant her subjects wanted her head on a stick. After some investigations, it became apparent that her father, the king, was responsible for destroying their planet and wasting many lives. Obviously, this didn't set well with the elders that now wanted the royal blood as a smoothie.Lastly... no wait, of course it doesn't stop here...One after the other, tragedies just keep on attempting to break poor Raven who was only trying to live her life normally.Follow her along her journey to learn of her thoughts, emotions, and goals. How will she defend against an entire race wanting her dead? What will she do as a demon war threatens to destroy what's left of her sanity? Will she survive the journey with her heart pure white, or will it be dyed black as she let the darkness within take control? ***Arc 0 - The Beginning of a New Era: Countless portals suddenly explode in the air, releasing monsters all around the globe. They wreak havoc, spill blood, and destroy everything like there is no tomorrow!Arc 1 - The Aftermath (Nemesis): The story of two girls who are bound by hatred and envy. One has everything while the other has nothing but a broken mind and a shattered heart!Arc 2 - An Angel's Sin (Heaven's Fall): While diving into the depth of a war between the ancient rulers of the Demon Realm, our protagonist is met with an unknown enemy that has quite the grudge against sinners!Arc 3 - (coming soon) *** NOTEs: The first 88 Chapters are will be part of Arc 0. And let me tell you, they're not perfect (gets better after Chp12+). If you feel like you're not sure about the book yet, I advise you to start with Arc 1, which will be the official start for this novel.However, if you feel like you're patient enough to read through lackluster chapters then, you might as well try Arc 0, it has a lot of good background events (such as the portal incident mentioned in the synopsis) that you might enjoy. I can promise that you'll find it worth the read:D The book is tagged "Yuri" but it won't be focused around that aspect much. Instead, it'll be more centered around fantasy.Alternative synopsis is in the first chapter. *** Chapter ave. length: 1500-3000 words. I'll be publishing daily, but depending on what my school (university) requires, that might change. P.S. I'm so chill, feel free to comment your ideas and thoughts. Also, it's my first book, have mercy on me! Enjoy:) *I do not own the book cover. All credits for original owner.

  • Records of Infinity

    Records of Infinity


    Born in a place deprived of power, a kid strives for an adventure. "I have nothing special in me, no parents or ancestor to lead the way. But, I will not falter. I will see the seas, the mountains and the world beyond that." Follow the journey of a seemingly ordinary kid as he embarks in his adventure towards infinity.

  • Trinity the last White Witch

    Trinity the last White Witch



    Rhazien diz Razim is the Prince of Vampires. Born to lead his people. Breed to become a king. And Trinity is his Queen. The last white witch they called her. A bringer of bad luck hissed the humans. A heretic yelled the church. A traitor shouted the witches. But the only thing matter is Rhazien’s opinion. Together they face numerous struggles and adversaries from the power-hungry vampire council, the pitchfork-wielding humans, to the hypocritical corrupt church, down to the countless silver daggers of the vampire hunters, to curses and spells of warlocks and witches and from the long years of war with the werewolves. He made her a vampire to cope with his eternal age, and time became irrelevant . . . until SHE appeared. A mate. His mate. A woman destined to be with him for all eternity –– a transmigrator from a distant world with advanced ideas and never before heard technologies. Doomed to suffer for all eternity at seeing their love, Trinity took her life. But Fate has other plans, and she was given a second chance. But once again, destiny pressed her with only two paths. Will she still chose Rhazien, knowing he will discard her in the end? Or this time, will she chose a different path in the arms of her forgotten werewolf friend and, once more, suffer the same inescapable bond of his mate? ----- I OWN THE COVER. I painted it myself ^^ COPYRIGHT @ 2021 MIU ----- Read my other works: I am the Queen (FL) Genre: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, StrongFL, RichFL, PoorML, ColdML Realm Wars (ML) Genre: Epic Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mature, R18, Romance, RPGelements, GAMEelements, OPmc Angels, Demons, Sprites, Elves, Beastmen Generation of Heroes (ML) Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Beasts, Game Elements, Multiple Leads, OPmc, Romance, War, Military Leanna (FL) Genre: Modern Romance, Reincarnation, Second Chance, StrongFL, RichML, ColdML, Mature, ---- Stalk me here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: MiuNovels DISCORD: Join discord server to discuss about the story, characters, possible side stories, hardcover prints, stretched goals, Covers, Character arts and more! ---- Donate for my Milk Addiction: PayPal:

  • The hell with genre

    The hell with genre


    Mina , a girl from modern times died while walking down the stairs and reincarnated in an other world as a butterfly .she lived and suffered as butterfly until to find that butterfly were just myth in that world and that's how she remembered that this is a novel world and currently she is staying in villains territory. To live normal life she just wanted do her job well and live quit . But she felt her heart stolen by littlee villains so she decided to protect them but..This time I won't let you go and swear to protect you with my life~ huh my heart is beating so loud when the duke said that . Why? he wasn't described as having these emotions. No...they are human too so they also need love and protection and what was the genre of this novel argh..the hell with original and let's make a new one.



    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18 CINTA PERNIKAHAN


    Warning : Cerita untuk 21+ karena mengandung beberapa adegan dewasa. Novel berkisah tentang seorang pria kaya yang sering menggunakan jasa profesional untuk memuaskan hasrat seksualnya yang akhirnya dipertemukan dengan gadis berusia sembilan belas tahun yang mengubah seluruh cara pandang dan pola hidup yang selama ini dijalani oleh sang pria kaya. Pria kaya ini memiliki nama samaran yang menjadi ke-khas-an nya. Siapa dia dan bagaiman sepenggal kisah hidupnya, (apalagi penggemar genre erotic, ini wajib banget di baca) selain menjual erotica, tapi ada juga banyak adegan lain yang beralur dan membuat penasaran. UPDATE 2 BAB SETIAP HARI

  • Punk Genre

    Punk Genre

    War&Military CONQUER SCARY

    Introducing three new punk sub-genres created by Henry Farquhar. Martialpunk can be found in my novel "Deadliest Warrior." Mar-Scipunk can be found in my novels "Ling Fei & Shadow Walkers." Bellum Sacrumpunk can be found in "Ling Fei book one."

  • The genre of my life

    The genre of my life

  • Transmigrated Into A Reborn Genre

    Transmigrated Into A Reborn Genre

    Lin Huiyin, an orthopedic surgeon in the 21st century gets transmigrated into a novel with a reborn genre and became the villain with a sad ending. She decides to live her life on her own terms rather than becoming a character of the novel. Why would she snatch what belongs to the female lead when she herself comes from an aristocratic family with power and beauty. She becomes friends with the fourth prince who wantes to choose dreams over money but later, parental and social pressure comes biting at him. There is also the mystery behind a murder that needs to be unveiled. Lin Huiyin gets to make warm friends and enjoy a leisure life which she couldn't in her past life.

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