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  • The place of political insults in a democracy.

    The place of political insults in a democracy.

  • If you don't want to be insulted then don't do what's an insult.

    If you don't want to be insulted then don't do what's an insult.

  • Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School

    Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School


    In her previous life, she was humiliated and bullied every day. Her relatives despised her and her friends played tricks on her! Her mother and elder brother died one after another early. She gritted her teeth and survived the adversity alone, but only managed to live for twenty-six years! When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself back in time twenty years ago. To swallow insult and humiliation silently and let history repeat itself? If everything couldn't be changed, what was the point of her rebirth?! Who can stop her now that she defies her destiny and her abilities are emerging? In front of others, she is an ordinary student with an indifferent personality, isolated by her classmates. Behind their backs, she works step by step to build a brilliant and extraordinary business network.

  • When You Insult the Sea

    When You Insult the Sea

    A boat crash. Yes yes.

  • Pure Love x Insult Complex

    Pure Love x Insult Complex


    I fall in love with a girl when I get into high school, Yukino Shirasaka. I could only look at her from a distance. However one day I heard that she has a boyfriend. Even if I love her, I won’t get her. The devil sent me an invitation. I can make her mine!

  • Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

    Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities


    One day, after five years of living in the shadow of the popular actor—Mo Boyuan, Dr. Jiang suddenly decided that she had enough! Mo Boyuan: Why are you kicking up a fuss? Jiang Tingxu: I’m not. Let’s divorce! Mo Boyuan: Divorce? In your dreams! Jiang Tingxu's identity was later exposed and overwhelming insults began pouring in. Fan of King Mo: This woman isn’t good enough for my King Mo! The great Movie King Mo streamed live on the internet: Heh, the woman you claimed isn’t good enough for me is an all-rounded top scorer and was recommended to Peking University at 16. You’re wrong. She’s TOO GOOD for me and I’m out of her league! Also, she’s the little brat that I’ve been pampering and adoring for 20 years. I won’t tolerate anyone who lays a finger on her!

  • Married to his secret crush

    Married to his secret crush



    Enigmatic and wealthy, Jun Zixuan is the epitome of perfection. He has everything including a suicidal and scheming wife whom he hates to the core until one day when she pours a glass of juice on him, her poison-laced words and countless insults following behind. That's where it starts. He could not take his eyes off her. Was he a masochist? What just happened?! With beauty, brains, and an endless bank balance, she has been living her best life until she is assassinated on her birthday. Waking up in the body of a scheming and penniless woman was more unacceptable for her and to top it off, she has a husband who happens to be her old friend. Just that, he acts like an entirely different person. She settles on a master plan. Lose weight first, make money, get a divorce, settle the people who killed her, and find a way to go back to her brother. But wait...why is this cold and unapproachable husband acting like a white lotus? What is she going to do with her plans if this stunning husband refuses to let her go? ... "I want a divorce," She indifferently said. "Fine," the man coldly responded without any shift in his expression. One month later: "When are we getting divorced?" She asked calmly, not wanting to deal with a moody husband anymore. She just wanted to be done with her revenge first, then find her brother and live a carefree life like before. His gaze darkened, "The procedure is going on." Three months later: "Jun Zixuan, where the heck is our divorce paper?!" She finally lost her patience and snapped at him. One of his arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her closer, "Are you that eager to leave me?" he asked, sadness flickered on his face despite that indifferent look. "Yes." "Oh? So sad," The man narrowed his eyes, his lips tilted up in a crafty smile before he continued, "The lawyers said that our case is a complicated one, it might take them a lifetime to draft the divorce papers."

  • I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

    I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce


    She was born into an affluent family, but she was swapped at birth and got a different life. She grew up in a village. Just as she got the opportunity to transform her life, it got taken from her, and she was forced into a marriage to trade for a marriage for her mentally-challenged big brother. In the end, she died tragically. Gu Yan thought that if she could be reborn, she would make those who had bullied and insulted her regret everything! After being reborn with a superpower, her life became quite different. “With both the medical skill and the superpower, wastrels, shiver for me!” “Also you, handsome boy, I saved your life; shouldn’t you pledge to marry me?” Lu Ye smiled naughtily. “Of course. Just tell me, Yanyan, how many times do you want me to pledge per night?”

  • Pure Love X Insult Complex

    Pure Love X Insult Complex


    I fell in love. Her name was Shirasaka Yukino. I could only look at her from a distance. However one day I heard that she already had a boyfriend. Even if I love her, I can’t have her. The devil sent me an invitation. I can make her mine!

  • I'll Teach You, Marianne.

    I'll Teach You, Marianne.



    Marianne, a talented curator at a museum, caught the attention of Mrs. Chaterine Ganke, a painting enthusiast who was also a very wealthy lady. The lady liked Marianne so much that she insisted her grandson, Leonardo Ganke, to marry her. Leon didn't love Marianne, but he couldn't refuse his grandmother's request. On the night of her wedding, Marianne was insulted by her husband. "Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Ugly girl, don't expect you to sleep in the same bed with me!!!" Leon shouted to Marianne in contempt.

  • I like them big, do you?

    I like them big, do you?



    Crown Reylin loved three things; flames, fireworks, and bombs. He didn't spare any of these against those who insulted him due to his family. No, Crown Reylin wasn't born in a poor family. He was born into an outstanding family with every descendant prevailing in their industry! But as the first immersive game appeared on the market, Crown Reylin stepped in... to enjoy more of his hobby! Flames, fireworks, and bombs! Empresses, the kings and their princesses, and many more people will feel them! It was Reylin's time! *I, Sixth, have published this story solely for I am not responsible for other illegal copies on other sites* #Support authors on by reading their stories here or on the webnovel's app!

  • I’ll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!

    I’ll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!



    In the 15th year of Lolan’s independence, Luo En transmigrated to this world. But because his system needed six months to load, he had to make use of his own know-how to open a bar in the city and use the bar to familiarize himself with this new universe he was in. But the location of the bar was poor, so the only customer he had was a man named Charles. This man was a very strange one who enjoyed asking Luo En about the country. He would ask about matters concerning the military, the people, and any other topic that would have seemed potentially treasonous. “What sort of person do you think the current king of Lolan is?” “Which side do you think is more likely to win the war between Lolan and Waoh?” “Which of the king’s sons do you think is most suitable to be the next king?” Charles’ questions were always so bold. Luo En was always on the verge of rolling his eyes. As a top student of the 21st century who was well versed in military matters and history, these brainless questions were an insult to his intelligence. But since Charles always spent so much money here, he decided to just answer some of Charles’ questions. “The current king of Lolan is a good king who’s hard to come by. His legacy will definitely go down in history!” “Before him, Lolan was a divided nation where the aristocrats took control of everything, oppressing the people and making their lives difficult. White Horse City and Sunset City were filled with poor and hungry people, even selling their children to make ends meet and eating absolutely anything they could find. It was such a tragedy.” “Thankfully, the current king united the country and gave the people a peaceful and stable environment to live in. At the same time, he set new laws to help the people come out of their post-war poverty…” “So, I think the current king is a truly wise man, a good king who comes once every millennium!” After hearing these words, the king in disguise at the bar felt his heart palpitate. “You know me the best!”

  • Pure Love x Insult Complex[Not My Translation]

    Pure Love x Insult Complex[Not My Translation]

    Realistic Fiction R18

    I fell in love. Her name was Shirasaka Yukino. I could only look at her from a distance. However one day I heard that she already had a boyfriend. Even if I love her, I can’t have her. The devil sent me an invitation. I can make her mine!--------------------------------IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not my story, i just wanted to reupload it to here since i could not find the story here, if you want to support the translator of this novel, you can find him/her here:

  • The Fake Rich Daughter Shocks The World After Reincarnation

    The Fake Rich Daughter Shocks The World After Reincarnation



    After being adopted by the Su family for so many years, Su Yan had always been grateful to them for raising her. Within the walls of her family, she was filial, kind, and did everything she could to please her family. Outside those walls, she and her fiancé, Huo Nan, were on par with each other. They were an immortal couple that was respected by all. She loved Huo Nan to the core and even gave up her kidney for him. This continued until the real daughter of the Su family, Su Qian, returned. Huo Nan betrayed Su Yan and climbed into Su Qian's bed. He even allowed Su Qian to wantonly frame her and disfigure her! Su Qian even slandered Su Yan for seducing her fiancé. The Su family believed her and insulted Su Yan with the most unpleasant words in the world. However, they forgot that before Su Qian returned, Huo Nan was Su Yan's rightful fiancé! After she was killed, Su Yan was reborn to her 18th birthday and started her crazy path of revenge. Step one, inherit assets worth billions; step two, kick the scumbag to his death; step three, personally slice her white lotus of a younger sister. In this life, all she wanted was to live an ordinary life with her blind and lame husband. After all, this man continued to help her willingly in her past life even though she rejected him countless times while her dearest husband betrayed her so ruthlessly!

  • On The Other Side: I Quit Being Human

    On The Other Side: I Quit Being Human


    Layland Kleinhaus (17) suffers from hypogonadism that makes him less "manly" on top of having a girly face. He is bullied because of it, but he always remains strong ... At least, until he can't bear the betrayals and sufferings anymore.Filled with rage, indignation, and the lust for blood, he decided to end the life of his tormentors along with the bystanders before taking his own life.Alas, in the middle of his deed, a mysterious being intervenes the act by summoning him and the rest of the bastards he is killing to another world. He curses his bad luck for not being able to fulfill his revenge because of it, but much to his surprise, there is something much better than having his revenge waiting for him."Layland... Be a Demon King."Thus, his journey of becoming the unparalleled Demon King begins. --- Those who know me are already in the know of my "condition"—minor dyslexia. So, if you find any misspell or 'wtf does this even mean' words, I hope you can pardon me from the insult, and notify me instead. --- Disclaimer: The picture in the cover is originally titled "Final Judgement," which is posted on DeviantArt by CREADFECTUS.

  • how to became a successful in your life -dedication passion and insult

    how to became a successful in your life -dedication passion and insult

  • Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    I was the illegitimate daughter of Alpha Kris of Dark Moon. He raped a human slave 18 years ago and that was my mom. I became a disgrace and a shame to my family. They punished me and locked me up in the basement all day except to let me out to complete my daily routine as a slave. Yes. I looked like any common slave of the pack house. No one would expect me as the Alphas's daughter. As a hybrid, I hadn't been able to shift, but I could hear their thoughts. It's not a good thing though, for me, it's a nightmare. Most of what I've heard were my half-sisters' curses and insults. "CLAUDIA! Hurry up and get in here!" I knew Elly was going to scream my name long before her shrill voice echoed out of her room and into the hallway where I waited. This was the daily ritual, every afternoon. She would call for me, and while she sat at her vanity table, I brushed her long hair like a servant to her satisfaction. No one would guess she was my half-sister, nor Maria in the other bedroom..

  • Empress of the Entertainment World

    Empress of the Entertainment World



    “A wedding, yes, but not to this girl. You will go down because of this. I would make you pay a million times over. This is my promise to you.” Being drugged and unknowingly having a one-night-stand with a stranger, Andromeda Kai found out that losing her virginity was not as painful as being cheated on by her fiancé and co-designer a day before her wedding. Even with this setback, she refused to cower. She would repay her enemies’ schemes a hundredfold and stop at nothing till she stands on top of the fashion world! She is prepared to do it alone - but she gets help from someone unexpected! With the tale of a sweet romance hanging around her life, demanding her love and attention, Andromeda is confronted on all sides by the undying love of Liu Xueyi, the entertainment emperor, who would use all means to make the queen of the fashion world fall for him. So many secrets lay in the dark while her enemies try to steal her glory, ruining her completely. She had her plans. He had greater plans for her. He would make her rule and bring her enemies down, not as a queen but as an Empress! ***~***~*** This work is original and fictional. Mature Content! Hot Smut, You've been warned. Refrain from trashy comments and insults. It won't be tolerated. All characters are designed specifically. Do not expect perfection. Cover Mine & illustrated by @Laylee_hiu Read-only on WEBNOVEL ––––––––––– Discord server: http// Instagram: baevidaa Discord: BaeVida#7167 Patreon: Ko-fi: Youtube:

  • Capture The Blue-Eyed CEO

    Capture The Blue-Eyed CEO

    Contemporary Romance R18 COMEDY REVENGE CEO FAMILY


    "I don't look like a prostitute because I am not one." she coldly smiles at his questioning gaze as she sips her coffee. 'Jerk!!' she screams in her head."My apologies." he sincerely said, seeing the expression on her face. "But why do you have a key to this room.""Well, probably because this is MY room." she spat her words as she put down her coffee on top of the coffee table. She chose a magazine with the Kardeshians on the cover and put down her cup on top of it.He scoffed at this girl watching him with open distaste on her pretty face. He would admit that he felt insulted with how she acted now when just a while ago she was feasting on his body while he was on the phone."You change your mind easily, huh?" he said mockingly. "Just a few minutes ago, you said you like me.""Well, a girl sure can change her mind, as many times as she wants. If you want to change my mind, you could stand up and turn around so I could see you from behind because you see, I prefer a guy with a nice pair of ass."........................Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. When her flight was canceled due to a heavy storm, she had a one-night stand with a stranger that happened to be the future CEO of one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world.However, the next time they met, he did not remember her!But is it a reason enough to take revenge? If it was, how far would she go to soothe her wounded ego?Was it really just her pride that got hurt? What really happened that night? And how does a night with a stranger change Jess's life?[WARNING: Some chapters may contain mature R-18 content.]---------Book cover by Jushel

  • 36 Ways To Chase After My Wife's Love

    36 Ways To Chase After My Wife's Love

    Contemporary Romance COMEDY CEO FAMILY


    THE BEST WAY TO CHASE AFTER YOUR LOVE~ “You have to divorce my daughter in one week, or ... you will lose your job!” Dexter looked at him contemptuously, “Oh, yeah? Very scary! What if you come again, after successfully making me lose my job, father-in-law?” =================================== Synopsis... 5 years ago, just because she couldn't refuse the matchmaking her parents had, Kaili Goh went drunk and ended up having a one-night stand with someone she didn't know. On the wedding day, a few hours before the wedding ceremony, Peter Swan, the man who was going to be her matchmade husband, came throwing photos of Kaili night with a stranger. Just then, Dexter, who was only a mere surgeon at a private hospital, ventured to propose Kaili. His goal was to get back at all the insults that were often received when trying to chase after Kaili. His profession, which was only a surgeon, while Kaili, who was the only daughter of a rich businessman, was the main reason for Kaili to continue insulting him! Dexter wanted to avenge it. It was a must! However, Dexter couldn't even hurt her a little. During these 5 years, not even one second did he not love that woman. Every time he wanted to repay her, what happened was the opposite, he took care of her and spoiled her with his love. In the end, he instead decided to chase his wife's love! Could Dexter chase after his wife's love under the pressure of his mother-in-law who insists that he should finish the marriage in just one week? Then, what would happen if Kaili found out that the man in her one-night stand was Dexter? So what was Kaili's reason for always giving cruel insults to reject Dexter? ``````````````````````````````` Check out my other works, = Woman at the Lowest point = CRAZY FOR YOU (love that I can't Leave Behind) = CATCH ME, HUSBAND! ==================== The cover photo is not mine. I took it, from Pinterest. ...................................................... Follow my insta @nv.chrd